climbing babel

Climbing the Tower of Babel

I’ve been homesick for all I can remember, if homesickness meant being sick and tired of home. But what does it mean when I forget

the bad things because I’m with you? Psychology says we have a tendency to hurt the ones we love the most. And you wonder why I only loved you when we were strangers. But of course. Of course, it’s never okay to hurt anybody regardless of where they stand in your life. I guess the trouble is that no one ever really cries for help when it is a loved one who’s causing all the pain. But if it comes naturally, are we still obligated to apologize?

Tell me honestly: does the flower that wilt in Summer deserve an apology from the sun? Oh, how I wish we’d met at a different time.



Climbing Babel - Lullabies & Butterflies 
Perfect on a miserable day, who said indie couldn’t breakdown?