climbing axe

Nothing else has to be said.

//we can pretend Lara managed to snag the climbing axe off Mathias before he fell to his death. It really looks good on her.

I personally dedicate this to @asynca for her amazing fan fiction on these two.


Snowstorm Akali

Her kanas turn into climbing axes! Her mask is toggleable in-game by taunting. Akali has always shown skin in her skins so I thought this could be the first skin in which she’s fully clothed, yet stylishly cool.
The splash went through some iterations though. She was initially going to be fighting Tundra Hunter Warwick but it got scrapped. I’d like to think she protects the balance in a frozen mountain wilderness.


(via Been working on weapons for a Lara Croft/Tomb Raider cosplay, check out the behind the scenes here! 

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Things I need badly: bnha/gf crossovers.

Oh, what you mean like:


Dipper and Izuku meeting and being complete nerds, like trying to find out how they ended up in each other’s world, comparing notes, and Dipper taking a liking to super powers while Izuku is not so sure if he should be fascinated or terrified by the weird things and creatures to be found in Dipper’s world.

Izuku also helps Dipper train his body a bit, and it really reassures Dipper that there is someone who is awkward and shy and a bit skittish but still so strong.

Mabel, Uraraka, Mina and Tooru forming a group of “utter sunshine” and, armed with glitter, going to make the world a lot better. In their free time, they end up doing their hairstyles, and Mabel demands to take a closer look at their hero outfits so that she can make her own.

Wendy especially liking that there are female heroes, and wanting to learn all about it. In exchange for some cool fighting moves, she shows the girls how to throw axes and climb up trees freehanded.

Jirou doesn’t really take a liking to the boy bands Candy and Grenda are fans of, but she does know a few cool J-Pop bands that she and her new friends can listen to together.

Robby and his friends are utterly fascinated when they stumble upon a guy who can blow up stuff with his hands – aka Bakugou – and try to get him to hang out with them, but Bakugou doesn’t have the slightest interest.

Kirishima and Kaminari have an interest, though, and the swearing explodo-king ends up being dragged along.

Soos freaking out in happiness when he sees Mei tinkering around with some technic stuff that she brought with her. The two of them plus Momo end up performing handicraft work together before they know it.

The adults clash a bit at the beginning. Stan doesn’t really like the strangers suddenly stumbling into his nephew’s and niece’s life, claiming that they are from another dimension. Not that he doubts that this is possible – his brother spent 30 years in one – but he is just suspicious of those guys who can blow up stuff or lift tons around without as much as blinking. He relaxes slowly, though, because Toshinori and Aizawa may be a bit weird sometimes, but they are really good with the kids, and he is just, well, happy to see Dipper and Mabel having so much fun.

Also, the heroes kicked the ass of some forest creatures that Dipper run into while searching for mysteries again, so Stan may or may not find them more than okay.

Ford and Nedzu end up having tea while thinking of how this could happen and how they can get back into their respective world’s – they talked for hours, and both Stan and Toshinori were absolutely flabbergasted that there is someone who can talk that much apart from that one guy they already know.

That’s all I can come up with right now. Additions are more than welcome! =D


Toa Matoro (Alphaverse)

The calm, cool, and collected Toa Hunga of Ice. Making use of his dual ice climbing axes, he descends from icy mountain tops to guard the city of Ko-Rouka from any and all evils. He always learning, trying to be better than the day before. He aims  to live up to the legacy of another Toa of Ice, one from a world far away, who shares his name, and gave his life to save a universe. 

I love Ax. I really do. I want to wrap him in the softest, warmest blankets and sing lullabies to him in a safe, happy place. These are facts.

But he was just about the shittiest Andalite that Team Animorphs could have got.

Theatre of the Mind Time : What if they had found Gafinilan and Mertil first? What if Gafinilan and Mertil wanted to help, rather than being left alone?

Read more if you want to indulge my rambling, and it’s really rambling because this shit all hit me like… today.

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I've got a question that's been driving me nuts about Monster Kid. During one of his encounters in waterfall, he trips and falls off a ledge. What Baffles me is how he managed to hold on long enough WITHOUT ANY ARMS! Do you have any idea how they pulled that off?

Their massive front teeth sink into the rocky edge of the cliff like a climbing axe, but their teeth start to slip off the edge.

Gear Up Guide: Nightshade Outfit

“Hand-stitched leather bleached in the sun makes up the bulk of the Nightshade outfit, with a wolf-fur stole draped over the shoulders for extra warmth. Orange accents – such as the gloves, scarf, and sash around the waist – are a color shift from similar wilderness ensembles, making it the best choice for blending into an autumn environment. Leather and fur wrapped boots ensure pelt scraps are put to good use, layered over the top of gray trousers. Rounding out the look, Lara’s iconic red climbing axes are swapped for ancient Byzantine blades in this ensemble.“

- Art Director, Brenoch Adams

Get the full resolution on Flickr.


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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Play Arts KAI Figure

Looking for some new Tomb Raider merchandise? Check out the newly released Rise of the Tomb Raider Play Arts KAI figure complete with a range of accessories to equip Lara for any adventure - like the one above! 

“We aimed for a realistic construction in this figure, so of course we have honored the fine details, such as her jacket and other clothing, and her determined facial expression. Her hair, pulled up into a ponytail, is articulated by an orbital joint, making it possible to stage her in the dynamic poses characteristic of this fearless explorer.

The rugged finish on this figure, along with her many iconic accessories, such as her climbing axe, bow and arrows, and more, allow memorable scenes from the game to be recreated faithfully.” 

- Square Enix Play Arts KAI Team 

Product Details:

  • Fully-painted and articulated PVC action figure
  • Package: Window box with flap
  • PLAY ARTS KAI Display Stand included


  • 75mm W x  105mm D x  265mm H
  • Weighs 220 grams


  • Interchangeable hands
  • Interchangeable hand with arrow
  • Knife
  • Dual Climbing Axes
  • Handgun
  • Bow
  • Batch of Arrows

Pick yours up today in the Square Enix Europe Store and from various retailers in the US.

[E3 Ambassador Blog] Gear & Upgrades in Rise of the Tomb Raider 

Author: Rodrigo Martin Santos - Tomb Raider Collection, Spain 

Interview with Brian Horton – Game Director & Jason Botta – Design Director

About 20 years have passed since the phenomenon of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider came into our lives, a character who was born to stay with us and that certainly revolutionized the video game industry and popular culture. Today, with millions fans around the world, two movies, comics, over 15 games (console, portables, PC and mobile), and about 50 million units sold, Lara Croft is an unstoppable character. She is a character that can adapt to modern times and has evolved, and set to return later this year with her new adventure: Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I had the opportunity to be invited by Crystal Dynamics for an exciting adventure: Attend the E3 in Los Angeles to learn all the news about the new game, and incidentally, to meet with two of the great professionals in charge of this new release. Their names? Brian Horton, Game Director and Jason Botta, Design Director. We discussed the gear and the upgrades system in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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