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Snow clings to the jagged sides of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. This astounding geologic feature is considered sacred to the Northern Plains Indians and other tribes, who called it “Bear’s Tipi” or “Bear’s Lodge.” Hundreds of parallel cracks make it one of the finest crack climbing areas in North America. Devils Tower entices us to explore and define our place in the natural and cultural world. Photo by National Park Service.

Die Bastei is a rock formation towering above the Elbe river in the Sandstone Mountains of Sachsen, Eastern Germany. Reaching 305 m above sea level, its jagged rocks were formed by water erosion over 1 million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna near Dresden, and are the main landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the border into the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. The spa town of Rathen is the main base for visiting; the town can be reached from Dresden by paddle steamer on the river Elbe.

Long Island summers weren’t ever particularly bad, per say. Temperatures at camp usually hovered around low to mid 80’s, so it wasn’t ever totally miserable, or impossible to go outside.

Today, though, smack dab in the middle of July, the air was thick with humidity and the temperature had hit a record breaking 101 degrees. Activities went on as usual, though times were limited and there were water pitchers and coolers in every activity area. The climbing wall had been shut down, and most of the campers spent the day inside or in the shade.

While the classes in the sword fighting arena had all been cut short, 30 minute maximums with a quick water break every 10 minutes to insure everyone remained hydrated, Nico was teaching his fourth consecutive class. Some of the Apollo kids were doing rounds to insure that everyone was safe, but with the rules in place and the ridiculous amount of water jugs, everyone seemed to be fairing pretty well.

Will was on infirmary duty, and while he didn’t have a scheduled class, he sat in the shade somewhere across from where Nico was teaching. He’d come in sometime during the fourth lesson, unsuspecting of how long Nico had been in the sun.

The blond had been pretty preoccupied with his book, so he didn’t even notice how pale Nico had gotten until one of the campers shouted his name.

Glancing up and quickly setting the book aside, he frowned at the little girl, who looked at him then pointed at Nico. The son of Hades was sitting on the ground, his head between his knees, his sword abandoned at his side.

The healer shot the girl a reassuring smile, standing up and jogging to his boyfriend’s side. “Class dismissed- keep up with those fluids.” Will said, waving off the group of concerned campers and dropping to his knees once he reached Nico’s side. “Hey—are you alright?”

Nico gave a short nod, his eyes closed, his face ashen despite how badly he was sweating. Upon closer examination, Will found that Nico’s shirt was damp with sweat and that he trembled slightly with chills. “M'fine, just got lightheaded…” He croaked.

“Gods, Nico, how long have you been jn the sun?” Will asked incredulously. “Come on, you need to sit down in the shade. Can you stand?” His boyfriend just nodded, so with a firm hand under his elbow, Will helped him to his feet and watched, with only a little shock, as Nico bent over to vomit on the arena ground.

Sighing, Will held tight onto his shoulders, keeping him steady. “Just a little dizzy? Looks like heat exhaustion, to me, and dehydration.” He muttered, leading Nico off to where he’d been watching the class just a few minutes before. The son of Hades looked disoriented, but he followed Will’s moments, sitting without any fight.

Will wanted to make sure he was stable enough for the walk to the infirmary before they moved anywhere, so he coaxed Nico onto his back and stuck his medical bag under his feet so they were elevated slightly. “You should start feeling a bit better, but we need to get you inside and into the air conditioning.”

Nico mumbled a halfhearted thanks, eyes fluttering as Will laid his icy water bottle across his forehead. Rolling his eyes, Will chuckled.

“I can’t believe you.” Will teased, rolling up the hem of Nico’s shirt to expose his stomach and then fanning him with his hands. “You’ll cool off a bit soon. Drink some of the water.”

They sat there for only a few minutes, Will fanning Nico and doing his best to keep the son of Hades cool.

By the time they started their trek back to the infirmary, Nico at least had the energy to look sheepish about the piggy back ride Will insisted on giving him.


Anyways he’s a fan kid of HeavenHunter… a ship of @heavenfell-au and @huntertale-au‘s sans. 

His claws on his hands and toes are metal and he can remove them, but he mainly uses them for defense and Climbing rough and dangerous areas. His bone necklace serves as a small knickknack thing since he likes collecting animal bones. His  left pouch contains venom vials which he can coat on his claws and attack. His other pouch contains fletchstones or stones to sharpen his claws when necessary.

He’s a semi salty cracker, mostly keeping to himself. Once you get to know him he becomes a little more comfortable with talking, he’s a teddy bear once you get close enough. He is a highly curious soul so he snoops into things he shouldn’t be getting into. And wants to learn all he can about the world.

His name is pronounced Coal-seas~

Colsis and art belongs to moi


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This prompt screams Garcy: "I don't need your protection."

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Yes, it does!

A branch snapped. Leaves rustled. Lucy spun around, looking for the source of the noise. She hoped for an animal. She prepared for a human.

“Who’s there?” Lucy spoke. She tried to sound strong and confident, but in that, she failed. So instead, she played up her perceived weakness. “I’m… I’m unarmed.”

“Well,” returned a familiar voice, “that was a rather stupid thing to admit.”

Lucy sighed. She let bald relief hide behind a mask of irritation. “Come out, Flynn.”

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What Happens In The Guard Tower, Stays In The Guard Tower

btw Carl’s age is raised to 18 in this imagine :)

Guard shifts were always sort of boring, especially when you’re paired with people you don’t really talk to. I mean, I’ll talk to anybody, but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to talk back.

I’m glad that today’s shift is with Carl, since we always talk about anything and everything. He knows the most about me here at the prison. Right when Michonne saved me and brought me here, Carl and I instantly clicked, and we’ve been best friend ever since.

The birds chirp in the distant trees, the wind whistling through the guard tower. I’m a little early to my shift, since Glenn had to leave his shift early to get ready to go with Rick to scavenge the area. Carl climbs up the ladder about twenty minutes later, joining me at the front of the tower, looking out at the entrance of the prison.

“Wow Carl, you’re a little late to your shift. Tsk tsk,” I joke, nudging his elbow with my arm.

He gives me a weak smile and a short sigh, looking down. I look to him, instantly knowing something’s up with him.

“Are you alright?” I ask him, watching him watch the ground.

He looks as if he’s about to let it out, but stops himself. “It’s nothing, Y/N,”

I roll my eyes. “Carl, do you think I’m stupid? It’s obvious there’s something wrong.”

Carl looks up to me, meeting my eyes.

“You know you can trust me—”

Before I can even finish my sentence, Carl’s lips are against mine. He grabs my face gently but urgently, his lips attacking mine. I hesitate from the surprise, but kiss him back moments later, my arms snaking around him.

I smile slightly into the kiss as it turns more and more passionate, his hands slowly making their way down my body. My hands make their way up to his chest, my fingers fumbling down to unbutton his shirt. He grabs my thigh, wrapping my leg around his waist, grinding his hips into mine.

“I—uhh… Sorry,” Glenn’s voice sounds through the tower, surprised at the sight of us.

His voice makes Carl and I jump, and I instantly push him off of me, both of us shocked. Carl quickly starts buttoning his shirt back up, and I run my fingers through my messy hair in attempt to fix it.

Glenn cracks a smirk, grabbing the knife he must have forgot earlier. “You know, Maggie and I have a few leftover condoms if you want some.”


AHAHAHA okay I think I’m hilarious lmao this is one of the first twd oneshot I’ve written :) but I do have a fanfic coming out on wattpad so I’ll post a link to it as soon as I post the first chapter :) also we do requests! all you have to do is send in your name and the plot/description of the imagine you would like :)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada – only 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip – entices visitors with a 13-mile scenic drive, miles of hiking trails, rock climbing, mountain biking and more. With so many recreational opportunities, there’s something for everyone. After a few straight days of rain and dark clouds, the skies cleared to create this serene sunrise over the area’s unique desert landscape. Photo courtesy of Josh Packer.


Never a bad day on this boulder.

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I think my Pedro might have been pinioned. I'm trying to find images of what it looks like and I can't, but his flight feathers never grow in, he has shorter wings than his companion and I was told by his previous owner that he'll never fly because his feathers won't grow from a 'botched' wing clipping. Is there any way to tell?

It does sound like he has been pinioned. There should be no primary flight feathers, resulting in a sort of stubby looking wing.

A regular wing looks like this:

External image

Where the yellow slash is, and the blue feathers are, would be what is missing from a pinioned bird.

Once pinioned there is nothing you can do except help the bird navigate his world easier by setting up more ramps, climbing areas, and safety nets if they will be climbing too high. It is a bit frustrating to deal with and I still sometimes cry over it but it has been done so I’m making the most of the time the old men have left with me.

I hope this helped!

More adventures! So you think you’re flexible?
Here’s another shot from our last trip to the Arctic. Jürgen grabbing a quick first accent of Quarter to Bejoue (8a). The area of Geisenjarga is so full of unclimbed world class boulders it’s ridiculous! Jürgen Leonbacher was so psyched to climb in this new area and it really showed with an impressive and ever growing tick list. It took quite a lot of mental toughness and commitment for us to keep wandering round in 1m deep snow with Boulder pads, snow shovels and brushes on our backs. Not to mention all the filming gear.
In the end the whole adventure was well worth it. We found incredible boulders, shot cool film and photos and most of all had an amazing and memorable time.
It won’t be long before we head back up to the arctic circle for our next adventure!


Steph Davis & her trad / rad dog Cajun

I love my dog and I love traveling with her. In certain places it takes no effort at all, in other places it takes effort, and some places are impossible. But if you’re on a roadtrip having your dog with you makes it a lot more fun, in my opinion. My interest in climbing areas is definitely influenced by whether they are dog friendly or not.  I would suggest training your dog to wait at the base for you. One main consideration is wild animals. If you are in an area that could have coyotes, don’t leash your dog alone. It’s definitely better if your dog is good with waiting without a leash.

This is good advice, you hear that, Dean Potter?

Photo // @jimmy_chin
@alexhonnold climbing above Low’s Gully on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo. This, almost 6000ft deep gorge, is located on the north side of Mount Kinabalu where, in 1994, an ill fated British expedition to make the first descent of the gully ended up in headlines around the world. Recently, the incredible rock formations and climbing in the area have seen multiple first ascents from a new generation of adventurers and explorers. by natgeo