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Snow clings to the jagged sides of Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. This astounding geologic feature is considered sacred to the Northern Plains Indians and other tribes, who called it “Bear’s Tipi” or “Bear’s Lodge.” Hundreds of parallel cracks make it one of the finest crack climbing areas in North America. Devils Tower entices us to explore and define our place in the natural and cultural world. Photo by National Park Service.

A Sleepless Night

A story in which Roman can’t fall asleep and Anxiety might be able to help.

Roman sat on a stool in the kitchen, quietly sipping on his hot chocolate. It was nearly three in the morning and he couldn’t sleep. He had spent hours upon hours of tossing and turning, and finally gave up; it was going to be a sleepless night and he would deal with the consequences in the morning.He picked at the croissant that sat on a plate in front of him, his appetite little to nothing. He sighed and pushed the plate away. It was going to be a long night.

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Another amazing view from our most recent Arizona climbing trip.
“The Pit” climbing area in Coconino National Forest

Die Bastei is a rock formation towering above the Elbe river in the Sandstone Mountains of Sachsen, Eastern Germany. Reaching 305 m above sea level, its jagged rocks were formed by water erosion over 1 million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna near Dresden, and are the main landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the border into the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The Bastei has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. The spa town of Rathen is the main base for visiting; the town can be reached from Dresden by paddle steamer on the river Elbe.

Long Island summers weren’t ever particularly bad, per say. Temperatures at camp usually hovered around low to mid 80’s, so it wasn’t ever totally miserable, or impossible to go outside.

Today, though, smack dab in the middle of July, the air was thick with humidity and the temperature had hit a record breaking 101 degrees. Activities went on as usual, though times were limited and there were water pitchers and coolers in every activity area. The climbing wall had been shut down, and most of the campers spent the day inside or in the shade.

While the classes in the sword fighting arena had all been cut short, 30 minute maximums with a quick water break every 10 minutes to insure everyone remained hydrated, Nico was teaching his fourth consecutive class. Some of the Apollo kids were doing rounds to insure that everyone was safe, but with the rules in place and the ridiculous amount of water jugs, everyone seemed to be fairing pretty well.

Will was on infirmary duty, and while he didn’t have a scheduled class, he sat in the shade somewhere across from where Nico was teaching. He’d come in sometime during the fourth lesson, unsuspecting of how long Nico had been in the sun.

The blond had been pretty preoccupied with his book, so he didn’t even notice how pale Nico had gotten until one of the campers shouted his name.

Glancing up and quickly setting the book aside, he frowned at the little girl, who looked at him then pointed at Nico. The son of Hades was sitting on the ground, his head between his knees, his sword abandoned at his side.

The healer shot the girl a reassuring smile, standing up and jogging to his boyfriend’s side. “Class dismissed- keep up with those fluids.” Will said, waving off the group of concerned campers and dropping to his knees once he reached Nico’s side. “Hey—are you alright?”

Nico gave a short nod, his eyes closed, his face ashen despite how badly he was sweating. Upon closer examination, Will found that Nico’s shirt was damp with sweat and that he trembled slightly with chills. “M'fine, just got lightheaded…” He croaked.

“Gods, Nico, how long have you been jn the sun?” Will asked incredulously. “Come on, you need to sit down in the shade. Can you stand?” His boyfriend just nodded, so with a firm hand under his elbow, Will helped him to his feet and watched, with only a little shock, as Nico bent over to vomit on the arena ground.

Sighing, Will held tight onto his shoulders, keeping him steady. “Just a little dizzy? Looks like heat exhaustion, to me, and dehydration.” He muttered, leading Nico off to where he’d been watching the class just a few minutes before. The son of Hades looked disoriented, but he followed Will’s moments, sitting without any fight.

Will wanted to make sure he was stable enough for the walk to the infirmary before they moved anywhere, so he coaxed Nico onto his back and stuck his medical bag under his feet so they were elevated slightly. “You should start feeling a bit better, but we need to get you inside and into the air conditioning.”

Nico mumbled a halfhearted thanks, eyes fluttering as Will laid his icy water bottle across his forehead. Rolling his eyes, Will chuckled.

“I can’t believe you.” Will teased, rolling up the hem of Nico’s shirt to expose his stomach and then fanning him with his hands. “You’ll cool off a bit soon. Drink some of the water.”

They sat there for only a few minutes, Will fanning Nico and doing his best to keep the son of Hades cool.

By the time they started their trek back to the infirmary, Nico at least had the energy to look sheepish about the piggy back ride Will insisted on giving him.


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Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: Fluff, Rebel!AU
Word Count: 5.1k

“When you look back at this moment, what are you going to remember? The time you sat alone at the bar while your friends partied, or when you were taken on an adventure?”

You were dragged into an club by your friends in hope to increase your social life. Instead you find yourself sitting at the bar drinking alone. But everything changes when a handsome stranger pulls you into rebellion for a night. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can you make a scenario of hoshi? Make it super angst but fluff in the end. You can do whatever you want I just want to cry right now lmao btw I love your blog 😘

- kwon soonyoung is immortal
- he’s lived for over two hundred years now and he’s somehow still not bored??
- with every new era, he just finds something new to do and someplace new to explore
- he meets many different people and makes new friends
- and it’s just so easy for him because he’s so funny and cute and kind and everyone who meets him automatically loves him
- you may ask HOW is soonyoung immortal??
- we’re going to get into the magic now ok so basically when he was born, words were tattooed on his wrist which said the words “you’re my hero” and turns out they’re the first words his soulmate would ever tell him
- he would grow until he’s 22 years old and then aging would stop for him
- once he finds his soulmate, and if they loved him back, then he would age
- that was the contract. if he couldn’t find them, he’d be cursed to roam the earth forever
- so it’s the joseon dynasty and soonyoung is a foreigner to this little village where he sees this suspicious-looking person jump over a fence and he’s like well this should be fun
- he silently follows them and looks over the fence to see the person practicing their sword-fighting and he’s like WOAH THEY’RE SO COOL
- he overhears two guards approaching and one of them is like “hey we should probably go check if someone’s behind that fence, the queen specifically ordered that anyone found be brought to her”
- and soonyoung’s like NOT HAPPENING and he jumps over the fence and grabs the sword-fighter’s hand who looks at him like ??? UM WHO ARE YOU
- soonyoung’s like “shhh stay down!!” and he pulls them behind this stack of torn-up dummies and chipped wood the sword-fighter probably created while practicing
- they’re both down while the guards walk around the area, and they shift a little closer when one of the guards walks a little too close to the pile
- luckily the guards leave, and soonyoung and the person let out a sigh of relief
- they both sit up and look at each other before bursting into laughter
- soonyoung says “that was close huh?’
- the person nods and says “you’re my hero”
- and soonyoung’s world just stops
- he looks down at his wrist, at the words written on his skin….. and he SMILES because he found his soulmate!!!
- he doesn’t immediately tell them that in fear of scaring them off so instead he says “if it’s all right….. would i be able to meet you here every day?”
- the person just nods their head and says “i’ll be here. you can call me (name)”
- “i’m soonyoung!! it’s nice to meet you!!”
- and they both become acquaintances, meeting there every day, just talking and laughing and soonyoung even learns how to sword-fight a little
- one day soonyoung gets called up to the palace and he’s like WHAT DID I DO I WAS SUPPOSED TO LIVE A QUIET LIFE
- but then he gets there…… and sees the sword-fighter in royalty clothing….. and his eyes just go wide
- but instead the queen says “i’ve been looking for someone to watch over (name) for a while now…. someone who could keep up with them, that is. and it seems they’ve chosen you”
- and so soonyoung becomes their knight or bodyguard i guess you could say, and he even gets a nice little room in the palace as per his soulmate’s order
- he’s more like babysitter though because theY’RE ALWAYS KEEPING HIS HANDS FULL
- they’re pretty rebellious royalty
- they’re always escaping the palace to practice their sword-fighting in that restricted area, out climbing trees in the nearby forest, freely running along the fields under the bright sun
- and soonyoung admires their bravery, their adventurous spirit…. it’s refreshing to watch, really
- one night before soonyoung can even get some sleep, he overhears someone trip in the hallway and he already knows who it is
- he gets up and slides open the door only to catch his soulmate standing frozen in front of his door
- soonyoung laughs “what is it now?”
- his soulmate grabs his hand and says “shhh let’s go” while pulling him forward
- they sneak out of the palace and go to the nearby field, where there’s a beautiful view of the night sky sprinkled with shining stars
- soonyoung knows all about constellations so he points at each one and tells his soulmate all about them and they’re so fascinated by it all
- when soonyoung finishes, his soulmate gives him the nickname hoshi
- “why hoshi??”
- “it means star in japanese. every time i look up at the night sky from now on, it’ll remind me of this moment”
- and the nickname just….. sticks
- soonyoung starts introducing himself as hoshi after that
- one night after sneaking out to the field again, his soulmate says “let’s get out of here” and hoshi sits upright and looks at them like…. “what did you say?”
- they say “let’s get out of here. you know…. explore the world? i’m sick of this place”
- hoshi screams “what?! we can’t—anyone caught outside the village’s borders gets killed how could you even think of that?!?!?!”
- his soulmate says “i sneak out every night and don’t get caught, i’m sure we could do it. besides, my mom wouldn’t kill her own child, and she loves you too much to kill you too. the worst thing that could happen is that we get dragged back here. and it honestly wouldn’t even matter if i left….. my sibling could take my place. they’re more fit for the throne anyway”
- hoshi KNOWS it’s such a horrible, risky idea
- if they do manage to escape….. how would the village react to an heir disappearing?
- there would be CHAOS
- but the thought of living an adventurous life….. growing old with his soulmate…… he makes the selfish decision of “let’s go”
- the next night, they pack up some food and clothes and head outside to meet up, making sure to disguise themselves and sneak past guards
- “i can’t believe this is happening” hoshi’s soulmate says
- and when he looks at them….. for the first time since he met them…… they’re smiling genuinely, and he’s starting not to worry anymore about their decision
- they spend a few days walking in the forest, taking breaks for meals, and sleeping under the stars
- but everything goes downhill when they finally pass the border
- they’re caught by the guards of the neighboring village, and rather than giving in and being dragged all the way back to the palace, hoshi’s soulmate takes out their sword
- he’s like “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! YOU SAID WE’D JUST GO BACK IF WE GET CAUGHT” and his soulmate says “i lied, there’s no way i’m going back there”
- hoshi, who really doesn’t want to fight, knows that they can’t fight alone and so joins in on the fight
- but they’re no match against six knights
- hoshi is being held down by three knights, while his soulmate clashes swords with the three others
- one of the knights say “drop your sword now or die” and obviously the rebellious royal says “never” and kicks the sword out of their hand before sending a swing at them, injuring their arm
- hoshi screams for his soulmate to stop
- but the world stops instead when one of the knights stabs their stomach
- hoshi screams at the top of his lungs and escapes the knights’ grasp as he rushes over to them
- “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!?” he screams, punching the guard who stabbed his soulmate down
- he of course ended up getting really injured, but he faked being unconscious and was left behind along with his soulmate
- the guards though they were dead so they didn’t bother taking them to their queen
- when the guards are out of sight, he quickly crawls over to his soulmate and lies their head on his lap
- “don’t die don’t die on me come on (name) you’ll be all right i promise you’ll be all right”
- but he knows it’s a lie, and his soulmate knows that very well too
- “why didn’t i just stop you…. if i wasn’t so selfish you’d….. we…..” hoshi cries, covering their wound with his hands but the blood keeps pouring out and their breathing is slowing down
- they place a hand over hoshi’s and smile “hoshi…. i’m sorry it turned out this way but….. thank you for everything you’ve done for me…. thank you for this little taste of adventure….”
- and their hand falls
- hoshi’s eyes widen and he tries to wake them up but…… nothing
- he sits there with them on his lap while his tears fall on their face while he cries “i’m sorry” over and over
- when night falls, he looks up at the stars and recalls that night they first snuck out together to watch the stars
- unable to withstand that painful memory, he takes back his real name soonyoung
- and he starts to hate stars
- the next morning, he buries his soulmate and places the healthiest flowers he can find on top of their grave
- he whispers “i love you” before getting up and leaving
- he decides to start over in a new village because going back would bring back too many painful memories
- many lonely years pass after the death of his soulmate and while he’s out running some errands, he passes by a crystal clear lake, where he stops to stare at
- but then he sees his reflection in the water and realizes
- he hasn’t aged a day
- his soulmate…… didn’t love him back
- they liked him. they liked him A LOT. but “like” is different from “love” and it isn’t enough to break the spell
- this news hits hoshi HARD because this means he would never age because they died
- he hated it……. he hated knowing that he ruined his one chance and now he would be alone for the rest of his life
- because he knew that he’d outlive any friend he makes
- the happy, energetic and smiley hoshi we all know
- is now the sad and lonely soonyoung
- fast forward a few centuries and it’s now modern day, and soonyoung is living a relatively normal life as a part-time choreographer for a dance school
- and one day this person he’s never seen before enters the dance studio wearing sunglasses and a hoodie and he’s like oh well must be a new student or something
- so soonyoung’s class is normal as usual; he turns on some music and continues with where he and his students left off last class
- when suddenly these two bodyguards enter through the doors and one of them says “we’re looking for (name)”
- and soonyoung’s students are all like omg!!!! (name) is here????
- soonyoung’s like “(name)?? as in the idol (name)?? why would they be here—” and his mouth opens slightly when he sees you place a hand over your lips going shhh!!!
- that’s right you’re the person with the sunglasses and hoodie
- one of the bodyguards says “don’t lie to us, we saw them enter through here” and soonyoung says “you must have made a mistake because only my students are allowed to enter this place” and so the guards just give up and leave
- you let out a sigh of relief when they leave and you shoot soonyoung a thumbs up
- soonyoung lets class end early that day and while you’re packing up your things, he walks over to you and laughs “that was close huh?”
- you laugh and say “you’re my hero”
- the world stops
- and after hundreds of years…… soonyoung’s eyes light up again
- he looks down at his wrist and stares at the tattoo for a while before looking up at you who’s still laughing about the whole thing
- but that’s when you sling your bag over your shoulder and say “it was nice meeting you. if it’s no trouble at all…. would i be able to come back again?” and soonyoung just nods his head while staying silent
- you wave goodbye as you leave the school and soonyoung’s lips curve into a genuine smile for the first time in forever
- he found you
- so you start passing by more often and you notice how good soonyoung is at dancing and honestly he interests you a lot to the point that you even contact him to be your personal choreographer
- and soonyoung doesn’t know what to say because…. this is all too familiar….. he feels like he’d just lose you again
- but he makes the final decision of yes because he realizes that maybe he was given a second chance to find his soulmate
- and this time
- he’ll make it work
- so he goes to your company the next day and you meet him at the door where you officially re-introduce yourself and you both head to the studio to start practice
- but then soonyoung realizes “wait. you don’t dance. you just…… sing. or they’re simple steps?”
- and you grin “so you do know a bit about me. i can’t dance at all….. which is absolutely pathetic considering i’m an idol huh? i was recruited for my voice. my dancing skills are non-existent”
- and you tell him that you always escape the building to clear your mind off of it because it stresses you a lot and hiding is the only thing you could do for now
- soonyoung realizes just how similar you are to his past soulmate but he realizes just how different you guys are too
- you both like to run from things you don’t think you could do
- for his past soulmate, it was ruling as the heir to the throne
- for you, it’s performing like an idol should
- soonyoung grins “okay well i’ll teach you how to dance. your comeback is in about three months right? i promise i’ll help you with dancing until then!”
- and for once, you feel confident in yourself
- he goes through the basics with you with simple choreo but it gets especially hard when you have to sing while dancing
- “how do you dance so amazingly?? it’s like you’ve been dancing for centuries”
- and soonyoung’s like “HA you have no idea”
- you say “you should be an idol too. you can sing and dance?? you’re a born star” after realizing what you said, you laugh and say “hey, what do you think of the nickname hoshi?”
- soonyoung freezes
- you continue “it means star in japanese!! i think it matches you well—”
- soonyoung firmly says “no.” and you look up to see his eyes covered by his bangs and his signature smile isn’t on his face like it always is. he continues “i… hate stars.”
- he ends practice early that day and you just wonder what you said that was so bad that made him this upset
- soonyoung immediately feels the regret after saying because WOW HE JUST FOUND HIS SOULMATE AGAIN YEARS LATER AND HE’S PUSHING THEM ASIDE
- but he always feels bad…. you’re his soulmate but…. is he falling for you only BECAUSE you are?? only BECAUSE you remind him of his past soulmate??
- he wants to change that…… he wants to love you for you
- dance practices are kind of awkward now and you both HATE it
- after a long day of practicing, you and soonyoung both part ways and you’re on your way home when you pass by the park and decide to go to your favorite spot to kill the time
- but then you notice that someone’s already there you’re like whO THE FRICK ARE YOU
- the person then turns around to reveal soonyoung
- he says “oh (name)! what are you doing here??” and you say “oh i…. usually go here to kill some time…. not really in the mood to head back yet”
- you walk over and sit next to soonyoung and it’s quiet at first until you ask “if you don’t mind me asking….. why do you not like stars?”
- and he just smiles sadly and says “let’s just say i used to know someone who loved them.” you notice that he said “used to” and you don’t say anything after that
- but one thing soonyoung doesn’t like is silence so he starts a conversation with you and it goes so smoothly
- you guys even find out you have so much in common and you laugh as he goes off about how much he loves shinee and fried chicken
- he then brings up the thing about you dancing by saying “so have you been coming by my dance school to hide from those bodyguards??”
- and you shake your head and say “it may seem like that but no….. the first time i came in was to hide form them but after that, i came willingly….” he asks why and you reply “BECAUSE you’re just so amazing when you dance. you really inspired me to actually work harder in dancing”
- and that’s it. soonyoung’s face warm up and he smiles widely at the compliment
- this becomes routine for you guys: intense dance practice, dinner, park.
- you both become really close because of this and time goes by way too fast because before you know it, you’re already standing backstage for your comeback performance, ready to go up in about thirty mins
- you’re panicking like “what if i forget the steps?? what if i get backlash for dancing so badly??”
- soonyoung notices your stress and leaves the room only to come back with a cold drink in hand
- he walks up to you and holds it against your cheek and you jump in surprise
- you turn around and he grins “don’t stress!! i know you’ll do great!!” and you just kind of blush as you open the can and drink from it
- you finish your drink and you’re called up to perform a few mins later
- you turn to soonyoung for reassurance one last time and he grins at you and says “do your best!”
- you get on stage and the whole audience is AMAZED by your dancing!!! you’ve proven yourself to be a hard-working and good performer!!!
- after the show, you can soonyoung decide to go to your usual spot and by then the sun just went down and stars begin appearing in the sky
- you look up worriedly and ask “is this all right?” and he says “it’s fine.”
- you say “so? do you think i did good?”
- soonyoung teases “ACTUALLY you were a beat off in the second chorus—”
- you’re like “HEY” and he says “I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING YOU WERE GREAT LOL”
- you laugh and look up as stars start appearing in the sky and the moon is so bright and pearly that night
- you smile and tell him “it’s all thanks to you, soonyoung”
- and he’s as humble as ever and he says “no, you’re the one who worked hard to improve”
- you shake your head and say “without you, i don’t even know what i’d be doing now. it’s only been three months but it’s just…… been so fun with you…..”
- you turn to him and look into his 10:10 eyes while he gently places his hand over your cheek
- you both lean in and share a kiss under the night sky, pulling away after a while to look up at the stars once more
- and that’s when soonyoung realizes
- he doesn’t hate stars anymore
- you say “i think i love you, soonyoung” and he just grins and says “call me hoshi”
- one day, while you and hoshi are taking a walk in the park you suddenly run over to the little bridge connecting one part of the park to the other
- you’re waving hoshi over and when he makes it there, you point down at the water below you two and exclaim “i loved this place when i was younger!! i loved seeing all the pretty fish”
- while you’re watching the fish swim around in the lake, hoshi is just focused on one thing
- he aged
- he knows he did, even though the change is so small. he was shorter when you both first met, and now he towers at almost a head taller than you
- while you’re still watching the fish, he takes your hand which surprises you for a second
- you turn to him and see him still looking down at the waters, and you just smile and squeeze his hand a little tighter

thank you for your request!! ^^

Yuri!!! On Ice AU

Yuri!!! On Ice AU based off maroalpaca’s post

I loved this fanart and the idea for the AU. Please check out @maroalpaca!

Hope you like it Maro! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Hasetsu Japan, what an interesting place. So much different from St. Petersburg. Why did he come here again? Oh yeah, Yuri Katsuki that’s why. The not so secret dragon shapeshifter. He was quite the influence on the area. People had dragon symbols everywhere. Stuffed animals, figurines, anything you can sell had Yuri in his dragon form on it.

“Tch” He shifted the bag on his shoulder. That was going to change. He didn’t travel this far to see such a powerful entity disrespected. He heard people whispering as he passed.

“Look! It’s Viktor Nikiforov, the internationally famous Dragon Trainer!” That’s the good thing about working with dragons, you can understand any language. But he was out of his element. Yuri was like no other dragon he worked with. Yuri was a dragon shifter. He has human in him, he won’t be tamed in the same way. Viktor smirked. He likes a challenge.

There was a loud roar. Unlike any other he heard. It sounded lonely. He scaled a ladder and jumped roof to roof, until he got to Hasetsu Castle; he didn’t feel like walking through the crowd anymore. Yuri sat on the roof in his human form. The scales on his sleeves and his slicked back hair glowed in the moonlight. Viktor smirked again. “This will be fun.” He slid off the roof and walked towards the entrance to the castle.

Yuri had been watching him from the roof, the stranger seemed interesting. Just who was he? Yuri moved down the roof and stood on the balcony overlooking the entrance to his home. The stranger looked interesting, not like anyone from this area. He climbed over the gate, no one has ever dared to get this close before. Yuri was mesmerized.

Viktor climbed the fence and once he touched down on the other side a raspy voice echoed in his ear, the sound vibrating from all around.

“Who are you?” Yuri sat on the railing of the balcony. He laid on his stomach with his chin in his hand. Viktor was immediately caught off guard by his sparkling brown eyes. ‘He has a lot more human than I thought’ Viktor hadn’t realized he had froze. He stood up straight and bowed to Yuri.

“Viktor Nikiforov. You must be Yuri Katsuki, the infamous dragon shapeshifter.” He clutched his bag in one hand, a small golden ring in the other. Viktor was captivated by Yuri, but he wasn’t here for pleasure like he had told himself.  The emperor of Japan had contacted Viktor and asked him to tame Yuri. All Viktor had to do was catch Yuri in dragon form and slip the golden ring on one of the horns. He would be controllable and do as the emperor says.

“Viktor Nikiforov? That sounds foreign. Where are you from? Why aren’t you scared of me like everyone else?” He tilted his head to the side as he spoke. Curiosity dazzled in his eyes.

“I’m from Russia, plus I deal with dragons all the time so it is hard to be afraid.”

“I recognize you now! People talk about you, they say Emperor Celestino sent for you. It is quite the popular gossip.” Yuri rolled onto his back and kept watching Viktor. “But you can’t tame me, people have tried, but never succeeded.” A sly smile showing off his fangs rested on the half human half dragon man’s face.  

“I am not here for the emperor. I was curious about you. So, what are you going to show me?” The look Yuri gave Viktor changed everything.

A smirk grew on Viktor’s face. Yuri looked surprised, he didn’t believe what he heard. Then he is face grew a devious look. Joy sparkled in his eyes, mischief was written in his challenging smirk. Yuri Katsuki was going to be tamed by Viktor Nikiforov.

This is just a rough draft! I just wanted to see if everyone liked how I was writing it.

Find Part 2 here!  Find Part 3 here!

◟night in the woods — sentence starters — part 1.◝

a collection of sentence starters from the game night in the woods.

  • ❛ I mean, I didn’t expect a party or anything, but I figured someone would be here. ❜
  • ❛ Who steals a phone? ❜  
  • ❛ Gotta get political every now and then. ❜
  • ❛ I get spooked when I’m here by my lonesome. ❜
  • ❛ I always rig it when I’m here after hours. ❜
  • ❛ Guess I’m walking. Alone. ❜
  • ❛ Through the woods is home, my bed, and my negligent parents. ❜
  • ❛ Ugh, this is some dank nature. Dank nature and garbage. ❜
  • ❛ I could have died! That was amazing! ❜
  • ❛ I am not gonna die in this hole. ❜
  • ❛ Don’t think I have the upper-body strength to climb this… ❜
  • ❛ This entire area is so full of romance. ❜
  • ❛ I definitely remember barely growing since then. ❜
  • ❛ I say hi for no one! ❜
  • ❛ Eff the cops! ❜
  • ❛ I was so cute back then. We were all cute back then. ❜
  • ❛ I have a zombie resume. It’s dead, but somehow it’s still going all over the place. ❜
  • ❛ This isn’t even a restaurant. It’s a crappy food stand in a hole. ❜
  • ❛ You know what else has been in a hole for 50 years? Dead people from the 60s. ❜
  • ❛ Too bad you didn’t lose all your limbs in a freak soda machine accident. ❜
  • ❛ That’s not drums, that’s computer. ❜
  • ❛ I just wanna die anywhere else. ❜
  • ❛ Anywhere— just not here. ❜
  • ❛ Dudes, haven’t you heard of the pizza scale? ❜
  • ❛ Is that an arm?! ❜
  • ❛ Let’s poke it with a stick! ❜
  • ❛ You know me, with the bad memory. ❜
  • ❛ Okay, really ______, don’t poke dead body parts with sticks. ❜
  • ❛ No one’s forgotten who you are and what you did, you know. ❜
  • ❛ Small town polite’s all you got, kid. ❜
  • ❛ Well, that was really interesting, but I need to go listen to my cells die. ❜
  • ❛ This is an error so bad even I wouldn’t make it. ❜
  • ❛ I was thinking about the ocean, and then I put cups on my ears, and it sounds like the ocean. ❜
  • ❛ How does an arm end up on the sidewalk? ❜
  • ❛ Cute guys are overrated. ❜
  • ❛ Welcome to our apartment. I could have been in my underwear. ❜
  • ❛ Hey dude, don’t wear pants on my account. ❜
  • ❛ We’re just atoms, and our perception of reality is just chemical reactions. Take those away and poof— there goes the universe. ❜

i don’t even know what this is but … happy one year anniversary 🎈🎉

The air’s humid, makes Robert squint his eyes a little as he lays back on the chair and watches Aaron and Liv talking quietly together near the pool.

Robert feels a tightening in his chest, doesn’t know what to say as Liv reaches out and hugs her brother and then he sees Aaron coming back towards him. He’s promised himself thoughts of back home are behind him, for now, for now, for now. 

Aaron arches an eyebrow as he sits next to Robert, senses something and smiles faintly to his husband. “You were right, I did need to see her.” He says, has a hand through his hair as he talks.

Robert’s eyes flicker and then he’s pulling his hand out, holding onto Aaron’s and smiling. “Yeah.” He whispers, tries to shake off his own thoughts as he moves over and kisses Aaron hard on the lips, not caring that they’re hardly in a secluded area. 

Aaron climbs onto Robert, unashamed as he squeezes next to his husband and lies there, still for a few seconds before he begins softly making circles on Robert’s arm.

“Feel normal you know.” Aaron says and Robert knows he does, he’s laying closer, he’s more affectionate and soft and Robert’s all too grateful. 

“I’m so glad.” Robert kisses down hard on Aaron’s head and then suddenly he sees his husband spin around and stare at him, eyes a little bright. 

“You know what day it is?” Aaron says, eyes fluttering like mad.

Something inside Robert almost breaks, he’s only just remembered, only just connected the dots and he wants to cry because he should know all of this, he does. His mind has just been -

“Aaron, I can’t -” Robert tries but then Aaron’s pulling their hands together and laughing, laughing and Robert actually settles a little. 

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Never a bad day on this boulder.

Release: Namjoon Smut

Prompt: A stressful work week leads to Namjoon helping you de-stress.

Genre: Angst/Smut

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: This piece contains sexually explicit themes. Discretion is advised.

You sat heavily on the bed. The sickly bland feeling that grew in your chest began seeping into your limbs, poisoning them and rendering them useless. You allowed your form to slide down so that your head found the pillow. A deep sigh escaped your lips, and the rush of the day finally caught up to you as hot tears began to slide down your cheeks.

For awhile, you allowed the melancholy to inhabit your bones, a chill settled over your body even though you had long since wrapped the duvet around yourself. After keeping the feelings bottled in for so long, it felt exquisite to release the pent up frustration and anger that had been brewing.

A long week at work meant that your spirit had been essentially drained. It hadn’t been at the fault of your boss, or even your coworkers- they were lovely. It just seemed like everything that could have went wrong that week did. Little mishaps all contributed to the mess of a person that sat beneath the blankets.

You didn’t hear the door creak open later that night. You didn’t hear the scuffle of shoes being removed, or the soft call for you through the dark apartment. You were too busy still wrapped up in your own head and feelings to hear your boyfriend come home at nearly 9 o'clock.

You were shocked out of your stress induced stupor when he entered the bedroom, a soft sigh slipping from his lips when he saw you. He new what it meant when he came home to you like this. He hated seeing you like this. He hated that your dream job could cause you such stress sometimes, and he could do nothing about it.

“Jagiya,” he let out another deep sigh.

“Oh, hi Joonie,” you peered up at his form. He approached the bed slowly, like someone approaching a wounded animal. He gazed at you a few more moments before tentatively reaching out and swiping some hair away from your face, a move that had you leaning into his warm skin.

“I guess I don’t have to ask you how your day went,” he said matter of factly. He began undressing himself, tugging his shirt over his head, quickly followed by his jeans. He walked to the other side of the bed and lifted the comforter, sliding into the toasty bed and pressing his body against yours.

“Week, actually,” you began. You sunk into his warm body and allowed for him to reach his arms around you, holding you close.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured into you neck. He paused there to place a soft kiss. You only hummed in response as you let your eyes flutter shut. Already, his steady heart beat was calming your frantic one, and his presence began to soothe your anxiety. Still, the tension in your muscles seemed to stay stubbornly rooted, and Namjoon noticed. His hand moved from your waist to smooth up and down your arm.

“Let me help you,” he whispered and gave a squeeze to your bicep. You eagerly nodded at his offer, knowing where this was heading. Namjoon always knew the best way to take care of you. He placed one chaste kiss on you cheek before tugging your face back so that his lips could meet yours.

His lips were warm, soft, and plump against your own. It didn’t take much for you to sigh into the kiss, only spurring him on. His hand cupped your cheek and he ran a thumb over your tears, effectively wiping them away. The soft kisses soon turned into something heavier. The slow pace at which he took them made the pit in your stomach burn. He didn’t let the kiss get out of hand, every move calculated. This wasn’t about being hot and fierce. He wanted to make you feel better, and his every movement clearly showed that.

Eventually, his hand slid from your cheek and ghosted down your body. He released his hold on your lips, allowing your head to slip back comfortably. His lips moved to your neck, and he began to suck harshly on the tender skin. You knew there would be marks the next morning, but you didn’t mind. In fact, you relished in the idea of him marking you, and you keened into his hot lips.

The hand that had been holding your cheek only moments before now ghosted over the hem of your panties.

“I want to make you feel good, okay?” His fingers brushed lovingly along your lower tummy. You nodded quickly, his lips ghosting over your skin causing goosebumps. He placed a few quick kisses right behind your ear. His fingers finally dipped below your underwear line and found the slickness of your folds. His middle and forefinger swiped through them, spreading your arousal.

“So wet,” he commented, maybe to himself. You whined at his feather light touches, wanting to beg for more. “I’m sorry, I won’t tease,” he relented. The fingers he had used to scope out the area of your heat found their home as they sunk into you. Your hand flew to grip his forearm, guiding him in his ministrations. His fingers stroked the ribbed walls of your pussy, the delicious friction working your tired body quickly to a frenzy. You found that your hips began moving on their own accord, slowly rocking against each pump of his fingers.

As his fingers worked and curled inside you, his thumb rested on your clit. Every now and then he would apply pressure or lazily rub at the sensitive nub. He knew how these slow and heavy movements were what got you worked up when you were stressed. Others relied on furious fucking, taking their frustrations out on each other, but you preferred the slow, hot love making that if carefully executed, could last for hours on end.

Too soon, a thin layer of sweat had coated your forehead as the coil tightened in you belly. Your breathing came out in shorts puffs, and you fought to find your words to tell him to stop. This wasn’t how you wanted to end the night.

“Namjoon, please,” you mewled. As much as your mind was craving a different way of pleasure, you couldn’t stop your hips from moving on his hands. The basic thought of him having his fingers inside of you set your loins on fire, and your hips momentarily stuttered. It took all of your strength to tug his hand from your core, your body dreading the empty feeling that followed.

“What do you want, baby?” He cooed. Although his voice was affectionate, you knew he took guilty pleasure in hearing you say dirty words aloud.

“I want you, Namjoon,” you whined, not wanting to relent to his hidden request.

“You have me,” he replied simply. You could almost see the smirk on his face. His teasing was setting you off, the tension from work adding to your hasty reply.

“I want you to fuck me. I want your cock, Joonie,” you added the affectionate nickname. You knew you had him when his body stiffened behind you.

“Shit, baby. Okay,” he shuffled around a bit. He began by removing your panties, pulling them down to your knees, followed by pulling himself out of his boxers. His length sat heavy and hot between your thighs. You unconsciously bucked your hips back, earning a hiss from him.

His large hand gripped your thigh, lifting it up so that he could slide into you. At that point, you were so worked up that he sunk in easily. He gave you a few moments to adjust, and eventually he bottomed out in you, sighs escaping from both of your lips.

“You always feel so amazing,” he commented. All you could manage was a soft moan in agreement as he began to move. Your head fell back into the crook of his shoulder and he placed a kiss on your temple.

He kept his strokes long and slow. He made sure to rock into you completely with each thrust, and you were sure that he was hitting the deepest parts of you. The feeling of being empty one moment, and then completely full the next was enough to send your mind dizzy. Your hips met his every thrust, making the movements sharper and more pleasurable for the both of you. Each thrust brought a lewd smack of skin that echoed in the otherwise empty room.

“N-Namjoon,” you struggled to form coherent words. “Fast-ter,” your breath caught as he hit the spot in you, and you swore you saw stars at the edge of your vision. He picked up the speed, the sound of skin slapping hardly muffled by the cushion of your ass. He dropped your thigh from his hold, the movement making you that much tighter around him.

“Fuck, (Y/N), I’m close baby. I’m so close,” his voice sounded at least an octave higher than normal. All you could do was nod and encourage him by clenching around his length. His hand, now free, returned to your clit. This time, however, he swiped hard, fast circles that had you moaning loudly.

One particularly hard pinch finished you off. The heat had been pooling in your core for awhile, but all of a sudden the dam broke, and the white hot heat fled through your body. Namjoon could hardly hold on after that, your moans and clenching around became too much. His body stuttered as he gave one last thrust into you, stilling as his seed spilled into your core. His hand had lost all rhythm on your clit, and your intense orgasm was fading nicely, leaving you in a post sex glow.

The two of you stayed like that for awhile, too tired and blissful to move. Eventually, he slid himself from you, the both of you letting out a sound from your sensitive areas. He climbed out of bed, and you worried for a moment that he wasn’t coming back.

He returned a few moments later with clean boxers and a wet wash cloth. He climbed back into the bed and cleaned you off, wiping both his and your fluids from your thighs. Your body was sinking into a relaxed and hazy state, your eyelids drooped every few seconds.

He made himself comfortable behind you again, but pulled your body around so that you laid comfortably on his bare chest. He gazed down at you with a look that made your heart swell. Any thoughts of a stressful work week were long forgotten.

“Go to sleep, baby. I’ll have breakfast for you in the morning,” he cooed. Your sleepy state didn’t stop the snarky comment that escaped your lips.

“Just don’t burn the house down, Destructor,” you were already fast asleep by the time he replied with an equally witty remark. He placed one last kiss on your head before he drifted off as well.

Crack Fic! Winteriron Marman AU.

Note: You all have @mistrstank and my terrible spelling to thank for this lunacy of a fic. In case you missed it, I misspelled “mermaid” when I posted part 20 of my mermaid au. Mistrstank was kind enough to point it out and then my imagination came up with this “master piece”.

Enjoy your crack. 

Tony grumbled to himself as he trudged down the sidewalk to school. His windbreaker did little to protect him from the morning chill. The ocean mist was thick with the cloying smell of seaweed. The odor  caused something in Tony’s throat to wobble and tease like he would vomit. He told himself not focus on the smell–it was amazing how well that tactic worked most days like today.

He focused on the anger and indignation roiling in his stomach.

So he’d gotten a little drunk over the weekend, that was no reason for Howard to take away his car and make him walk to school. Everyone his age drank.

You are not everyone,” Tony could hear Howard saying. “You are a Stark. You are above your peers and will act like it instead of a spoiled and stupid brat.”

Tony rolled his eyes at the mental voice.

Fuck Howard. He was a hypocrite anyway.

Tony’s stomach growled.

Tony stopped and stared at his belly.

The growl came again and Tony touched his stomach.

Tony had stormed out of his house without eating breakfast that day. Stopping to eat would make him late to class though.

Tony shrugged, quickly dismissing his reservation. What did he care if he was late to class? He already knew all of the material. Also, Howard had already taken away his car. What else could Howard do to punish him?

Clutching his backpack’s shoulder strap, Tony strolled to the end of the block then turned left toward the bay. He traveled a few more blocks before he reached the beach, and even then he didn’t stop walking. He headed to the rockier areas and climbed the rocks until he found himself a strip of beach tucked away from prying eyes.

Tony flung his backpack onto the sandy shore then jumped off the rock he’d climbed to join his bag in the sand.

Tony plopped onto his butt and dug through his bag until he found the sandwich his butler Jarvis had made for him. When he saw the gooey and orange substance slathered generously between the two slices of bread, Tony’s mouth watered.

Marmalade, Tony’s favorite sweet and spread. He could eat marmalade for weeks and still never get tired of it.

Sweet, precious Jarvis must have decided on marmalade today because he knew Tony would need comfort after Howard’s lecture.

Tony silently thanked Jarvis and began to unwrap the sandwich from its plastic casing.

“Is that what I think it is?” Someone just a few feet away from him asked.

Tony jumped and almost dropped his breakfast. 

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