Albarracin is one of my favourite climbing areas I’ve ever visited. Amazing, powerful sandstone blocs, - beautiful historic little town complete with castle, and the little climbing shop(Sofa boulder) has everything you need. I already miss it. Throwback to @twags2 doing this little roof the hard way #bouldering #somewouldsaythecoolway #throwbackbecausereasons #climbeverydamnday @fiveten_official


Quick vid from Paul and my trip to the South! Sampled a lot of different areas, the sandstone there is beyond good!

Mega Man V11
Ninja Camp Low V9
Main Event V12
Big Gulp V11
Gross’s Roof Sit V13

Only been back a few days and already wishing I was still in the south on all the amazing sandstone blocs. Such a fun trip, but way too short. Here’s a shot from the send of Ninja Camp low #bouldering #climbeverydamnday #climbing @asanaclimbing @fiveten_official @prana photo @paulrobinson87