Just Give Me a Try

Supernatural Prompt Challenge
January: Emotions prompt: Courage
pairings: destiel
wordcount: 3.4k
tags: no warnings apply, meet cute at a rock climbing gym, experienced climber sam, newbie dean, dean is bi, tattooed hippie route setter cas,

beta shoutouts for @punkascas and @jhoomwrites x

On a chilly Thursday evening, Dean’s perspective on climbing nerds like Sam changes.

Sure, he’d seen some good-looking people at Sam’s favored gym before, employees and fellow climbers alike. But this guy takes the cake.

How the hell Dean had never seen him before he doesn’t know, but he’s ready to give thanks to all major deities he knows of for Sam wanting to go to this ‘setter’s meeting.’

Sam had explained in the car that the setters are employees of the gym who design and then install new routes on a weekly basis.

“They do all kinds of training and certification for it,” he’s saying, tapping his foot excitedly. “And it’s amazing to watch them work. Who even has the brain for that sort of thing?”

Dean just nods, pulling into the parking lot next to the warehouse which houses the gym. It looks so drab and inconspicuous on the outside, you’d never guess there’s a lively bunch of hippie rock climbers inside.

He’s uncertain about what possible contributions he could make. He’s only been climbing half a dozen times, he didn’t even know what a heel hook was until two days ago.

Sam has been rock climbing seriously for about two years, ever since he took a class at his college on a whim. Turns out it’s the perfect form of exercise for a Sasquatch, and he’s been raving about it to Dean ever since. Dean was wary at first but he finds himself enjoying it a little more every time they go together.

Kind of like California, actually. Dean had been nervous as hell to move away from Kansas, from everything he’s ever known. But in truth, there was nothing left for him in Lawrence. Just a childhood tinged with sadness. And Sam always sounded so damn happy on the phone and over Skype. He’d found a great place to be, but he still missed his brother. Dean couldn’t begrudge him that, obviously, since he’d felt the same way. Turns out the best solution for both of them was the same: that Dean move out to Palo Alto. He’d been scared, but so far it’s been worth it.

When they step into the gym, they greet Hannah at the front desk. Sam spots a couple of his friends right away and Dean sprawls out on the largest couch in the sitting area. His eye is drawn to where Sam is pulling on his favorite pair of climbing shoes. They’re completely flat on the bottom though if you look closely you can see the curve from heel to toe, where the shoe is pointed and made for a climber to perch on their toes, no matter how small the foot hold.

Should I even rent shoes? He wonders if other regulars come in to climb while the setters are working.

“You’ll need shoes, won’t you?” A gruff voice suddenly speaks from above him. Dean looks up and is momentarily mesmerized by striking blue eyes and a dark, scruffy jawline.

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22 Sam Heughan
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Let’s Over analyse! Beth Washington

So, I’ve been ruminating on making a post about all of my headcanons and meta for Beth, but then the anxious voice inside said “Betty, nobody cares.”. Then I remembered that people actually ask me to write these, so fuck it. Let’s go.

Just because a character is absent from a series does not mean they cannot develop within that series. Rather, we get to know them through what they have left behind, both in terms of objects, and their effects on others. 

Now, Beth is the character with the least content and development as she is the only character who dies regardless of the player’s actions. And, unlike her siblings, she is not a driving force behind the plot. She does, however, have a playable sequence, so we can get a glimpse at her characteristics. 

Thanks @jackthwagger for the screenshot.

Higher stats in Honesty, Charitable, Brave, and Curious, lower stats in Funny and Romantic. Close to Sam and Chris’s starter traits.

My headcanons are as follows:

  • Beth was the responsible sibling. She might have even been left in charge during the weekend of her death.
  • Beth was angry and resentful of her parents paying more attention to Hannah and Josh.
  • Beth was very strong. Probably a climber like Sam. –Though this is canon. Anyone who can dangle someone of their own height and weight is incredibly strong.
  • Beth was influential on the others, I think Emily in particular looked up to her.
  • Beth and Sam were gay for each other.

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The hat mystery solved!! Its almost a dead ringer for the MPC logo but it’s actually not an MPC item. It’s a hat available on the Patagonia website. Patagonia is a maker of outdoors performance clothing popular with hikers and climbers. And Sam, Marina, and Mackenzie are obviously customers. It is also not unusual for companies to give away items like this as premiums with the the purchase of popular clothing items from their product line. The fact that all three of them own the hat (if Mackenzie’s hat has the same logo) just means all three are customers of an extremely popular outdoor clothing line.
Thanks to @pog-ma-thoin for the heads up on this!!