climber muscles

Throwing a heel on the classic “Tree Problm” at Castle Rock State Park

Manami: “Shinkai-san, tell me about the little brother of yours that you mentioned before. He’s a climber, right?”
Shinkai: “Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you pushing a conversation topic so hard. You’re really interested in him?”
Manami: “Of course! I wonder what kind of person he is. I want to try riding with him. But I can’t really imagine Shinkai-san’s brother as a climber. Do you ride together?”
Shinkai: “Not really. Sprinters and climbers use different leg muscles, so I rarely ride with him.”
Manami: “How old is your brother?”
Shinkai: “He’s in ninth grade right now, so he’s a year younger than you.”
Manami: “He will be coming to Hakogaku, right?”
Shinkai: “I dunno. Even if he was considering it, there’s a chance that he won’t get accepted.”
Manami: “I wish I could ride with him. I bet he’s fast, since he’s your brother.”
Shinkai: “Your definition of fast is of a high level… If he does end up attending Hakogaku though, you’ll be his senpai.”
Manami: “Yeah, I can’t imagine it. What kind of person is your brother? Do you look alike?”
Shinkai: “Apparently our faces look similar, but I can’t really tell. Also, he’s a strange one.”
Manami: “Strange?”
Shinkai: “Since you’re strange too, it probably won’t bother you. Besides, when you’re climbing, it doesn’t matter what sort of person your opponent is, right?”
Manami: “You have a point. Aaah, I want to ride with him soon.”
Shinkai: “Just to be clear, we’re not sure yet if he’ll be going to Hakogaku.”
Manami: “I know. It’ll be something that I secretly look forward to.”
Shinkai: “Yeah, you do that. If he does join, please watch over him as a fellow climber.”