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minimalist earrings by mukastudio

delicate, everyday earrings are a must for the modern minimalist — and mukastudio has many shapes and styles that are perfect to mix and match. choose from chevrons, bars, faux rings, ear climbers, and more!

Nine Etsy Jewellery Stores You Need to See

Etsy is one of my favourite websites for finding unique items, especially jewellery. Over the last few weeks I have collected my favourite shops to share with you. All the prices are in Australian Dollars, so remember to convert if you’re from overseas. Continue reading to see the favourite stores!

LuvMinimal is one of my absolute favourite Etsy stores. Specialising in minimalist, dainty jewellery, there is so much I could buy. My sister came across this store in early 2015 and we’ve ordered lots of different pieces since. I purchased my formal jewellery which you can see buy clicking each of the words - necklace, earrings, rings. Each of the pieces were beautifully packages and look beautiful so I would definitely recommend!

MinimalGV is another delicate jewellery store which offers worldwide shipping. Offering a mix of minimalist jewellery and opal pieces, prices start from around $10 and go up to $100. My favourite items include this choker and these arrow themed ear climbers!

Another one of my favourite jewellers in London based, Wild Fawn Jewellery. These items are all handmade from eco friendly & ethical sterling silver and gold! Wild Fawn offers all my favourite minimalist jewellery including ear cuffs, and hammered geometric inspired earrings. Shipping is available within the UK, Europe, North America, and the Oceania region. You can follow Wild Fawn on Instagram here!

Seeflower is another Etsy store which creates handmade gold and silver jewellery. With numerous funky designs including astrology necklaces, ear jackets and fox bracelets there is something for everyone! These pieces could make super cute and unique gifts for friends.

Specialising in edgy, minimalist jewellery AIRlab is another store which you need to see. Based in Sweden, these handmade pieces are great for those who like to have stand out jewellery. AIRlab’s jewellery averages around $25 and offers worldwide shipping. These geometric line earrings are one of my favourites!

Another one of my favourites is GLDN Jewellery which specialises in all kinds of necklaces. Designs include V necklaces, Y necklaces and geometric necklaces. My favourite piece is the Friendship Necklaces, which comes in two, three and four pieces. Each piece comes with individual box which makes it a great gift for a group of friends! 

Happylittledainty is a Singapore based Etsy shop which makes fun and quaint jewellery. The store offers worldwide shipping for only $3.50 for the first item and $0.50 for subsequent items! Some of my favourite pieces include these Ball Ear Jacket Earrings and these Snowflake Earrings for $19.43.

Another store that I love on Etsy is Shazoey. Based in Sydney, shipping can be within 2 days which is fantastic! Whilst this store is relatively expensive it seems to be worth it, as the reviews rate Shazoey five stars! Giftcards are avaliable at $25, $50, $75 and $100 which are fantastic for presents for jewellery obsessed friends and family!

The final store on my list is RabbitsFantasyWorld, which is based in the Netherlands. This store is a mix of quirky, unique and minimalist jewellery. A few of my favourite pieces include these super cute and Christmas themed reindeer earrings (I would seriously buy these for the holidays!) and these eye stud earrings. In my opinion the store is really well priced, especially as pieces are suitable for sensitive ears. RabbitsFantasyWorld also offers worldwide shipping which is great for us living in Australia.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. What is your favourite piece of jewellery or store? If you have enjoyed this post, please like and reblog! x

In Your Eyes - Chapter 2

CO WRITTEN WITH @yellowflicker09011996


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Summary:  Felicity Smoak, IT expert for Queen Consolidated, is brilliant, independent, and blind. Through her friend Tommy Merlyn, she meets Oliver Queen, the CEO of QC with a dark past. Eventually, she must work with him to unveil a conspiracy within the company that runs deeper and is more sinister than it may at first appear. As they get to know each other better, emotions ensue.


In the life of Felicity Smoak, bad days weren’t uncommon occurrences. There was always that one variable - the one that couldn’t be accounted for - that inevitably fucked everything up. Sometimes it was her mother deciding to call at the worst time to check in on her - aka, to interrogate her about her nonexistent love life. Other times it was her so-called supervisor who felt it necessary to slide in compliments about just how good she was at her job - for a blind woman.

And of course, she couldn’t call it a day if she hadn’t stepped into a puddle of water yet. Or dog poop. Or some other questionable material lying on the ground of Starling City. Her dog always prevented her from walking into oncoming traffic, but he was a little lacking in alerting her of any imminent damage to her shoes.

Today, Felicity wasn’t sure what the ‘ick’ variable was. Nothing disastrous like stepping in dog poop had happened, her mother hadn’t called, and everything else was running as smoothly as possible. But there was something gnawing at her, a restlessness that she didn’t even know the origin of. Or….she did, but was determinedly not thinking about. Because if she thought about it, she would talk herself out of going to work.

And just like that, she was thinking about it.

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