climber chicks

Ay yo Pantene Pro-V, if you ever expand your outdoor chick dirt bag product line… i’m down.

Here is a picture of my tummy, because I think it’s nice. I have always been self conscious about my tumtum and “child bearing hips” but after hiding my body for many years I have finally begun an incredibly liberating journey of self love and respect.
The age old saying of your body is a temple is sometimes overlooked, what a shame…
By simply listening to what your body wants and finding a healthy alternative or providing that need you will begin to treasure what you have been given.
This care leads one into a more healthy and active lifestyle (in my own opinion).
I am grateful every day to have the opportunity to practice yoga and climb regularly. And now, I am given the gift of a bicycle for commuting.
Your body is a temple, friends, please honor the space you have been gifted.