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Drabble: Taehyung as a dad

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Genre: Fluff, humor

Member: Kim Taehyung

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Drabble requested by anon: a drabble of taehyung as a dad with many kids!!!! ;ooo

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“Tae, where did you put Sujin’s Barbie dolls???” you asked your husband while opening and closing drawers as you were looking for your daughter’s dolls. Taehyung was cooking dinner in the kitchen with Jinwoo, your son of three, scooped in his arms.

“I think I put it in the big white box next to the television in the living room,” Taehyung called out from the kitchen, making Jinwoo jolt slightly with his loud voice. You looked around the living room, searching for a certain white box. You clicked your tongue as soon as you found it, and you opened the box to grab your daughter’s favorite Barbie dolls out of it. You then walked to Sujin’s bedroom, putting her dolls on her bed before leaving the bedroom again as you closed the door behind you.

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anonymous asked:

Advice for raising indigo children as naturally and in tune with the earth as possible? :-) don't hold back - I would love to hear your advice!!

Sure thing love! =)

1. Feed them healthy foods. Do not give these great children meat or cow’s milk or food dyes or processed sugars. It’s irresponsible almost every single time and it is messing up their bodies and spiritual selves. Canning, microwaving, steaming, and cooking should be extraordinarily limited if not completely discarded. Give children foods that have great life force. Cooking, freezing, canning, and microwaving etc. destroy the life force in foods. Blending and juicing activities are your new best friend: consume soon after creating. Fruits and veggies lose their life force 20 minutes after juicing. Also, food coloring in and of itself can cause intense episodes of ADD… no one should be eating that garbage. What we eat has an immediate effect on our behavior, thinking processes, and consciousness. Empower children and set them up for success. 

2. Send them to healthy schools or better yet, homeschool! Let nature be one of the greatest teachers. Seek out Waldorf schools and the like so that the uniqueness of each child is truly nurtured and loved. Don’t send kids to schools where there is little flexibility in curriculum or where there is more than half an hour of homework given for after school hours. There’s so much I could say on the schooling subject. =)

3. Do not assume that you are wiser than these children. They may be in young bodies but they have great truths in them. Your job as a parent is not to indoctrinate them into your specific beliefs but to stay out of the way for the most part in order to allow them to assimilate all that they are. You can be a healthy part of their lives without being a dominatrix.

4. Do not jump at the opportunity to medicate these children. Many of them are diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, and a number of other things, when in fact, they are just free-thinking beings who don’t want to sit in a stuffy classroom all day. Just because a doctor is a doctor doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. Seek out homeopaths, naturopaths, and alternative doctors for other opinions. There are many fake homeopathic things on the market that don’t work and people think that natural medicine is ineffective. Don’t buy into hollywood’s jokes about natural healers… they are put in there to discourage people from seeking truth health (thus becoming much less reliant on big pharma and the government-controlled medical system). Keep their indoor environments as natural as possible as well… no toxic chemicals or cleaning products! Be careful what you use to clean your home. There are many healthy options out there. =) 

5. Find unique creative outlets for these kids. Many of them are very psychic and may be prone to visions and intense energetic experiences… help them channel those things in healthy ways. All children need plenty of exercise and the opportunity to be in nature as often as possible. Help them create art, make instruments, and rock climb. Show them how to care for animals, build a house, and plant a garden. Those are very important skills and creative activities that are neglected in most schools today.  =) 

6. Don’t put plastic toys into their hands. Toys like that are bad for the environment and they automatically draw a child’s attention away from perfection. Trees and leaves and plants were designed by Love and Source… do not cheat children by giving them a ton of cheap objects that were designed to distract them from Truth. Big companies don’t care about kids. They care about cash. You can always research Waldorf toys, but the best toys are the ones that form naturally- or ones that the child makes for himself/herself/itself. =) Teach them how to play freely without the need for unnatural stimulation. 

7. Learn how to love unconditionally. An Indigo child may seem downright strange at times and they may say things that don’t make sense. It isn’t your job to judge them. Learn how to let them be the god of their universe without you constantly interfering and slapping labels on their behavior. Physical punishment is archaic and rooted in mis-creation and immaturity on the part of the parent. This should never be used since its roots are always connected to fear and a lack of positive creativity. If you are a parent you are responsible for your behavior. Hitting a child is only proving that you are not up to the task of raising a wise being. I know that sounds harsh, but it is what it is. As a parent you are responsible for showing your child how to love learning and how to love gentleness, kindness, and nonviolent problem solving. Take this seriously… but don’t take life so seriously that you can’t get in the dirt and play like a child. Let your inner child roam free. Your kids will absolutely love you for it! =) 

8. This one may sound kind of silly but do not ever babytalk to these children. Not when they are in utero, not when they are infants, and certainly not when they are toddlers. Talk to them as the wise beings they are. I’m not going to make this post about pregnancy and sex/relationships but pregnancy and the love that exists between partners absolutely has an impact on the development of a child. When nursing and going through pregnancy, a mother must carefully watch her thoughts, lest she pass on fear or misbelief to her child. Perhaps we can speak about this particular subject in greater depth later on. =) 

9. Point blank: Live as an example. Your child is not here to be a carbon copy of you but they do learn habits from their parents. Eat healthy foods, exercise, create kindness in every moment, be honest, and create plenty of time for fun and play! Realize that your child does not belong to you. The child came through you but they have many parents through many lifetimes and they don’t need you to dictate what their every action should be. You need to be in touch with your child’s true wishes without developing a god-complex and coming in between child and source. You are not your child’s phone line to divinity. You are simply a midwife that allows them to become part of this physical world. Don’t be controlling or possessive. If your child happens to find a great mother figure in their healthy, balanced teacher at school then it is okay. You don’t have to be jealous and angry. Your child still loves you, but indigos naturally gravitate towards a more community-based lifestyle where they have many mother and father figures. Be the best that you can be. Show love. Be love. Be excited. Create happiness. Create a space of love that will be passed on for generations. Plant forests. Marvel at the greatness of a seed. Climb a tree (gently!) and ask for its wisdom. Nurture yourself. Make music. Dance. Laugh. Cry when necessary. Be authentic. =) Children are divine and they have their own spiritual compasses that lead them to their greatest excitement. Refuse to be an obstacle to that excitement and everything will fall into place beautifully as Creation intended. =) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

rythianity  asked:

I was reading about ur alien-xeph things and I started getting so into it but what if like... the planet is totally different for him too, and all the technology is really weird for him. So like.... he gets excited because of the noises bees make. And he's scared of balloons. And he gets confused because cats walk on four legs. Or like his race has never developed the concept of socks. Just thinking of stupid lil moments like that has had me in tears of laughter for ages holy crap


Everyone has their headcanons about Xeph, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to create my own world for him.

Buckle up, because I’m about to text wall the heck outa you.

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