climb that tree

Gryffindor is laughing loudly and not caring who hears you. It’s two AM truth or dare and giggling furiously. It’s complimenting someone’s hair and smiling when they smile. It’s climbing trees with your significant other. It’s standing up to your childhood bully. Gryffindor is being an adrenaline junkie who’s trying to do what’s right.

Ravenclaw is having existential crises at four AM and throwing things at each other. It’s having a small, interwoven group of friends. It’s having inside jokes that no one can understand. It’s wanting to see inside the soul of your significant other. It’s drinking tea and looking at art. Ravenclaw is being a person who expresses creativity and pours their soul into what they love.

Hufflepuff is giggling with friends in the middle of the night. It’s baking cakes and tossing flour at each other. It’s making flower crowns with your significant other. It’s the feeling you get when you compliment someone. It’s baked bread and sunshine flowing through the windows. Hufflepuff is being fiercely protective and loving until it hurts.

Slytherin is having story sessions at three AM in the morning. It’s willing to kill for the people you love. It’s looking at the stars and holding hands. It’s cuddling with your significant other and playing with their hair. It’s complimenting people and feeling your heart bloom when they smile. It’s putting up strong walls because you care so much. It’s an ambitious dream. Slytherin is being a constantly judged mastermind who loves too deeply.


Bear up a Tree by Tony

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Elias is too cute... I think I might die when I finally climb him like a tree. I mean his BLUSH I just he's adorable and really sweet

Please, be always careful when you see a blushing Elias close to you and don’t die :3

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1. Greed pair ~ =w=) (they probably have to call firefighters after the chaos 😂)

LawLicht {1: Cooking Together Gone Terribly Wrong}

“So, this is your childhood home?” They returned to Licht’s home in Austria for his mother’s birthday. Hyde sat at on the kitchen counter and looked around the quaint room. Considering that his parents were famous musicians, the house wasn’t what he expected. It was an elaborate countryside cottage but it was charming and cozy. He could easily picture Licht as a child climbing the trees near the small home and smiled at the image.

“If you’re so curious, go explore the backyard or something. You’re in the way here, Shit Rat.” Licht tried to pull Hyde off the counter. He wanted to make a special angel food cake for his mother’s birthday and borrowed the recipe from Kranz. He never baked before but he was certain that he could make an angel food cake, being an angel himself. But Hyde would most likely distract him so he tried to push him out of the kitchen again. “Get out, Shit Rat.”

“C’mon, Lichtan, can’t I stay? I won’t get in the way of whatever you’re making! I’ll just entertain myself by looking at these pictures.” Hyde jumped off the counter and went to look at the pictures of Licht hanging on the fridge. From the corner of his eyes, he watched Licht measure ingredients. His mother’s birthday was tomorrow so he could guess what he was making.

Watching Licht struggle to separate the yoke and egg white was too amusing and he couldn’t help chuckling. It was the determination on his face that made him adorable to Hyde. When Licht heard him laughing, he quickly turned and threw an egg at him. “Don’t distract me, Demon! I thought I told you to leave.”

“You know I can’t do that with our distance limitation. Let me help you. Instead of passing it, just break the egg into the bowl and scoop out the yoke with a spoon. It’s faster and easier.” Hyde wiped off the egg Licht threw at him and stood next to him. He leaned against the counter. “You can’t live as long as I have without learning things like this. So, what are we making?”

“… Angel food cake.” Licht answered him after a moment. “So, you can’t help me. If a demon touches the cake, it can’t really be considered an angel food cake. But you can stand there as long as you don’t try anything.”

“Me? Try something? When have I been anything but well behaved?” Hyde said in an exaggerated, hurt voice and Licht rolled his eyes. They both knew very well that Hyde enjoyed messing with him immensely. With a finger under his chin, Hyde turned Licht to face him. He leaned dangerously close and whispered. “Were you imagining me doing something like this?”

“Of course not!” Licht screamed with a rare blush and kicked him. Every time he gave Hyde an inch, he would take a mile. He didn’t know if his goal was simply to give him a heart attack or make him go crazy. Whichever it was, Licht was determined not to lose to him. He turned back to the mixing bowl and began to beat the egg whites. “Stupid demon.”

“Hey, Lichtan, beating egg whites isn’t an actual fight. Going that fast won’t give you the volume you want. Go slow at first and then build up to it.” Hyde stood behind him and placed his hand over Licht’s. He could feel his chest pressed against his back as he guided his hand and his heart began to beat wildly. “Your face is red, Lichtan. Don’t be angry, I’m not touching your cake. I’m only holding your hand.”

“You shouldn’t be doing either.” Licht muttered but he didn’t push him away. Surprisingly, he was a little disappointed when Hyde let go of his hand to add ingredients into the bowl. He didn’t take his hand again but hugged him from behind and rested his chin on his shoulder. Licht lifted the whisk for him to see. “Kranz’s recipe said to beat until they form stiff peaks. Is this good?”

“Yup. Now we need to sift in the flour, sugar and salt.” Hyde told him and watched him sift the ingredients into the bowl. He always loved Licht’s hands and how fascinating they were. They were strong and unyielding but they were unquestionably the hands of an angel. Once Licht was finished mixing the batter, he poured it into a tube pan.

Licht turned in Hyde’s arm and tapped his shoulder. “Let go of me so I can put this into the oven.”

“I’ll do that for you while you clean up.” Hyde took the pan from him and gently nudged him back to the counter. There was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he walked away but Licht decided not to think about it too much. If he wanted to mess with him, he would’ve done so sooner. So, Licht turned back to the counter and began to clean it. He was a little surprised that they didn’t make a bigger mess considering how much they fought.

Just as he picked up the bag of flour, a hot breath blew in his ear. Licht had to jump and dropped the bag, spilling flour over the counter. He didn’t need to turn to know that it was Hyde and threw a glare over his shoulder. “What was that, Shit Rat?”

“Revenge for throwing an egg at me. I behaved myself because I didn’t want your cake to get ruined but now that it’s safe in the oven, I can do whatever I want. Look at you. You’re as white as a ghost.” Hyde snickered and tapped the flour on Licht’s nose. Then he trailed his hands down to his hips and pulled him closer. “We have an hour until the cake is ready. What should we do while we wait?”

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Shit Rat.” Licht took a handful of flour and flicked it into Hyde’s face. That didn’t seem to deter Hyde as he laughed deeply and he placed his hands on the counter on either side of Licht, trapping him in his arms. Licht was expecting him to try to kiss him so he gasped when Hyde dumped flour over his head. “I’m going to kill you!”

“You can try.” Hyde challenged with a grin as he took off his glasses. He was confident that his angel didn’t want to kill him and he was right. Even though Licht would never kill him, he would do everything short of that. They threw flour at each other violently and the white powder quickly filled the air around them. Licht found himself laughing when he saw how silly Hyde looked and he knew he must’ve looked the same. “Don’t laugh when this battle isn’t over yet, Angel Cakes.”

He wrapped his arms around him and Licht could barely move. “I wonder if this is sugar or flour.”

Hyde traced his fingers over the white streak on his neck and felt Licht’s pulse quicken slightly. His tongue followed the path he drew and Licht tried to bite back a moan. It was obviously flour so Licht knew that Hyde’s words were only an excuse to tease him. The only question was why Licht was letting him continue. He placed his hands onto Hyde’s shoulders but didn’t push him away.

“Wait, Hyde, we can’t do this here.” Licht tried to protest but Hyde seemed to only double his efforts. He nibbled on his neck briefly before sucking on him to create a dark hickey. Hyde had to grin when Licht whimpered and tilted his head back for him. In one swift motion, Hyde lifted him onto the counter. Licht wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. His head was spinning when his hot tongue enter his mouth. Hearing his voice catch, Hyde let his hand roam and stroked his leg teasingly. He stifled the little gasp Licht made with another kiss.

Hyde only broke their kiss to let Licht catch his breath. His face was flushed and his eyes were clouded over with lust. Hyde ran his thumb over his kissed bruised lips with a soft smile, proud that he was the only one that could see Licht in such a state. When he seemed to have recovered a little, Hyde pressed a tender kiss to his neck. Licht melted under his touch and whispered. “Bedroom. Upstairs.”

“It’ll take too long. I need you now. Your parents are going to arrive tomorrow and we have this house to ourselves until then so no one’s going to catch us. Anyways, don’t you want this as much as me?” Hyde spoke between small bites. Licht hated how much power he had over him sometimes. Instead of answering, he pushed Hyde’s vest off his shoulder and began to unbutton his shirt. “God, you taste sweeter than any damn cake, Licht.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” Licht took his scarf and tugged him closer. Before they could kiss again, the door flew open.

“Surprise, Licht! Guess who came home early for her little angel?” Licht couldn’t be more mortified when he turned and saw his parents in the doorway. He screamed and pushed Hyde away from him. Before he could explain the situation, his mother smiled knowingly and closed the door. He couldn’t say anything for a moment and he could only stare at the door.

“Well, that was one way for them to learn that we’re dating.” Hyde tried to lighten the moment but he realized his mistake when Licht glared at him. He took a bowl and hurled it at his head. He dodged it but it was clear that Licht wasn’t going to stop with that one attack so Hyde quickly held up his hand in surrender. “Wait, Lichtan! How was I supposed to know that they’ll arrive early? Licht, put down the pan!”

“Die ‘til you die, Shit Rat!”

Sugar, spice and everything nice, these were the ingredients that she chosen to create a fluffy fanfic but she accidentally added an extra ingredient into the fanfic. Whoops. I know this is more baking than cooking but I get some liberties :P

[Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write a short fic for you]

dare me to swallow this love like a shot and i
dare me to reach and grab the sun,
dare me to paint the whole world and i will -
a field of ochre, a sky, cadmium, fuzzy.
if this days was a color id call it ‘ugly summer’
because of how open wound it feels to be living
how i am,
maybe 'open mouth’ because of all the sharp
things, or blackberry bush because of all the
dare me to open my mouth and i will, but
watch out for the words, laughs like
harmonica, a story about a boy climbing
trees, like boys do, and falling, like boys do,
and scraping my body like a matchstick
against a tooth - didn’t even know that was
possible until i met him and suddenly the
words in these songs make sense when he
sings them
through the phone everything sounds like love.


Digging through broken logs for frogs and climbing trees quickly became boring.

The girls ventured out further, brushing past brambles and skipping merrily until they reached a clearing in which sat a small pool.

They were not alone, however.

A group of boys were calling back and forth to one another, splashing about in the water and playing tag in the flowers. They froze when they saw the girls watching them.

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i cant see your remington post bc it's sensitive content f :(

:’( NOOOOOO, I drew him as a little boy! In the first picture he’s 5-12 and in the second 15? maybe, he’s cute and little and sweet! climbing trees and all this shit! NOOOO my sweet, sweet child T-T

I’m really sorry, maybe stupid tumblr will unblock it eventually…

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When I was a kid there was a massive tree in my parents’ backyard. It was huge, and wide, and the lowest branch was about parallel with the roof of the house so even a child of my considerable (and they were considerable) tree-climbing skills couldn’t really get up there. 

My dad decided to nail a couple of boards to the trunk so that I’d be able to climb to the lowest branch, and I’d sit up there for hours. I’d bring books and a blanket and drape the blanket over the branch to make it more comfortable for extended reading periods. I’m pretty sure I took a nap up there on several occasions. In particular I remember dozing off while up there and waking up because it had started raining. In retrospect I’m probably lucky I didn’t fall and break something vital.

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I imagine Little Spy Armitage first running into Poe and eventually becoming friends. At first Armitage is put off by the very talkative boy. But he does stay focussed on his mission. Over the next few years he begins to grouse to his dad that some little boy, Ben, never leaves him alone. Brendol questions him until he's certain Ben is the Organa kid. Then he orders Armitage to not let Ben out of his sight. Become friends with him.

Poe is a very daring little boy who likes climbing trees with Ben and getting dirty, all things which make Armitage turn his nose up but he remembers his father’s words and has to stay by the boys and report back what they let slip

But as time passes and the boys grow up, Armitage stars to get butterflies in his stomach when Ben touches him and smiles at him, his palms get sweaty whenever Ben is near…he’s fallen in love with his target

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Awww you have cats??

I do !! I have one cat named Annie, she’s a lil Maine Coon mix, she’s a rescue so we don’t actually know what her other half is but we got her around November 2014, she was supposed to be my Christmas present but she came a lil early and I’m totally fine with that, she’s almost three, she’s my tiny child, I truly feel like she’s preparing me for motherhood bc sometimes I’ll be somewhere with a closed door and I’ll just see this lil fluffy ass paw sticking underneath the door or she’ll follow me around or she’ll come sit with me in the kitchen while I cook, her arch nemesis is a squirrel bc she hasn’t figured out how to climb up the tree it lives in so it likes to climb down a lil lower and taunt her by making all the noises while she sits at the base of the tree getting pissed off bc she can’t get up to it, she’s really clumsy, she l o v es neck scratches and being scratched behind her left ear, she loves cuddles, she loves sleeping in inconvenient spots (like the middle of my bed bc no no Annie the human doesn’t need more room, it’s totally fine to take up the entire bed with your tiny ass self by sleeping in the direct middle so I have to choose a side) she loves attention, I can just blow her kisses and she’ll start doing the slow blink and get so happy (I think she just connects the kissing sound to being cuddled bc I give her lots of kisses) and she’s really soft and fluffy and bratty, she’s so smart and well behaved when she’s in my room and then she leaves my room and acts like she doesn’t know what a rule is but I love her with all of my lil heart it’s hers, she’s me in cat form in all honesty

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in regards to the gym analogy that anon used - just because sakura's specific level of chakra control would not be inherited, sarada would still inherit the capability to achieve that level of chakra control. also, considering sakura's chakra control was already pretty damn good before she started seriously training (ie. tree climbing) her knack for it could probably be passed on to sarada.

Yep, it’s all about the potential that the genes give, because obviously having them isn’t enough - you need to train and hone your skills in order to get them to the level required to realise your potential.

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What did you like doing as a child?

I grew up on the edge of a state forest, and my best friend and I spent hours exploring and climbing trees and other more ridiculous things. Things like pretending we were models and posing with fake flowers. (I’m not even joking. I wish we’d had a single yellow flower, but no, it was a bouquet.)

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Do you/have you ever (share stories, if they're fun): Danced the night away with no shoes? Listen to any podcasts? Take boxing lessons? Fought a bear? Sat on something sharp? Tan topless/nude? Paint or sculpt regularly? Rode horses? Gotten into a food fight? Dissected an animal? Fallen off a ladder? Done LSD? Wrestled an alligator? Been in a car crash? Piloted an airplane? Fought with a weapon? Participated in group sex/orgies? Had a concussion? Won a gold medal? Caught an STD? Kissed a frog?

I have climbed a tree, picked a coconut smashed it on a rock and drank its sweet nectar, I’ve slept on the front porch in a folding lawn chair of a vacant house on the Gulf of Mexico and watched the sun rise, I’ve skinny dipped under the moon light in the ocean, I’ve fought sharks on my fathers boat, I’ve rock climbed, I’ve kayaked five miles, I’ve taken molly and danced until 4 am, I’ve taken road trips, I’ve tripped to hard and cried in my girlfriends arms begging her to tell me detailed stories about our dog, I’ve found love, I’ve ridden raced poles and barrels (horses), in the granddaughter of a professional bull rider one of the greatest cowboys ever known, I’ve hidden from the cops in a random bush, I’ve chased the sunset more times than I could count… and the adventure list is just getting started.