climb that goddamn mountain

  • flying_foxoir Exactly 2 months ago I stood on the summit of Mt Everest. Here is the view from Camp 3 at 8300m. “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain ”. - Jack Kerouac.

drama queen bruce batman wayne just had to climb on the goddamn mountains with his special gear and special horse and then dramatically look down at the village aquaman is at to give the allusion of batman looking down the streets of gotham from the top of a rooftop despite being out of his element, meanwhile there are fucking roads all over the place that lead straight to arthur’s location the place has fucking tourism bruce you didn’t columbus your way to a brand new continent

sometimes i randomly burst of laughter thinking about how much of a drama queen Elsa is

like, when she had a panic attack she fled her kingdom and everyone she cared about, but she didn’t just walked a little hundred meters away and hid y’know, noooo


Gladiolus Headcanons:

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  • Definitely a big time snorer. Seriously, it’s like sleeping next to a goddamn bear #Gladdy Bear. How it is he still manages to get a good nights sleep half the time is beyond the rest of the guys. 
  • Will actually live off of nothing but cup noodles if you do not stop him otherwise. Ignis found this out the hard way after stopping by Gladio’s one day and offered to cook. Although he was more than aware of his friend’s strong love for cup noodles, it was obvious after opening the third and fourth kitchen cabinet that he had highly underestimated it. Gladdy, pls, a man cannot simply live off of cup noodles and beer alone. 
  • Despite being the big bad badass that he is, the moment allergies hit, this man is  d o w n. The man can take on a giant ass behemoth and magiket soldiers with no problem. At first it can seem like this guy is unstoppable. That is until allergy season roles around. Afterwards this unstoppable force is reduced to a sniffling, congested and sneezing mess of a man. Because of this, he’s always sure to stock up on allergy meds and kleenexes. He also knows what meds actually work and actually help relieve symptoms. He’ll usually recommend the behind the counter stuff, mostly since it’s usually the only good stuff that actually works.
  • He got stung by a wasp once and was down for the count. It didn’t take long for this mountain of a man to come crumbling down.
  • “Tell Iris I love her.”  “Gladio pls it was just one little sting.” “Remember me, Iggy.” “For the love of Shiva, Gladio, just get up and let me treat it, you over grown man-child.”  
  • Is secretly a big fan of romance novels. Especially the cheesy ones with Fabio on the cover. Yeah, those ones. Though he’ll typically cover them up with fake covers to avoid getting any odd looks. Guy’s gotta keep up some level of reputation. 
  • Two favorite things in the world: cup noodles and camping. Combine the two together and you have one happy ass Gladio. Should his s/o be there with him, the two sharing noodles while being alone together under the stars, and he wouldn’t think of place he’d rather be at that moment. He has his three favorite things all in one, how can he not be happy? 
  • Lowkey likes to sing in the shower. What he sings will depend mostly on his mood, whether it’s some form of rock, country or a song from a musical…
  • Also secretly has a love for plays and musicals. Being a big book worm, he really likes watching some of the plot and character development, and the music accompaniment only makes it better. Secretly buys himself the soundtracks and merchandise. He’d take Iris to a few every now and again, stating it was purely for Iris and to make her happy because she wanted to go see it, and totally for no other reason.  And he totally wasn’t humming the main overture on the drive home. Call him out, and he’ll just say he has it stuck in his head. Yup, sure, whatever you say Gladdy.  
  • Could definitely see him being a fan of Hamilton or Rock of Ages. Just saying.  
  • Definitely a dog person. Loves their loyalty and their overall affectionate nature. Plus they’re great for morning walks and exercise. If they’re able to be trained to fight alongside in battle, even better. Though they’ll definitely either have to be of the short haired or hypoallergenic variety because allergies.

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“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”