climb that goddamn mountain

drama queen bruce batman wayne just had to climb on the goddamn mountains with his special gear and special horse and then dramatically look down at the village aquaman is at to give the allusion of batman looking down the streets of gotham from the top of a rooftop despite being out of his element, meanwhile there are fucking roads all over the place that lead straight to arthur’s location the place has fucking tourism bruce you didn’t columbus your way to a brand new continent

sometimes i randomly burst of laughter thinking about how much of a drama queen Elsa is

like, when she had a panic attack she fled her kingdom and everyone she cared about, but she didn’t just walked a little hundred meters away and hid y’know, noooo


Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
—  Jack Kerouac

Some things I’ve learned: 

  • Try as hard as you can not to judge. Everyone is the way they are for a reason. You don’t know what happened in their past that made them that way.
  • It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to get comfortable with your daily routine, but this is the surest way to kill your spirit. Even if you don’t feel like doing something, you never know what could happen if you do. “You won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain” -Jack Kerouac
  • Be kind. In the end, people will want to be around you if you make them feel good about themselves. Not only that, but it will make you feel good about yourself too. 
  • Travel. Travel as much as you can afford to, and then travel more. You won’t understand why until you do, but it’s important.
  • Keep an open mind. You don’t know everything and you’re not always right. Take everything in. 
  • Keep a dream journal. 
  • The past and future aren’t real. There is only now. 
  • Learn to be happy alone. Learn to be happy with people. 
  • Spend time outside every day. Go on walks or lay in the grass or eat on your patio. It’s easy to forget how important nature is, but I think it has a lot to do with happiness. 
  • Don’t forget to breathe. 
  • Take care of yourself because you only have one body. Anything that is naturally bright blue, green, purple or red is magic food. Eat lots of it. 
  • Reading good books makes you happier and smarter.
  • Do what you want. Take what other people have to say into account, but then make up your own mind. 
  • Love.
  • Be curious. Everything is fascinating when you look close enough.
  • Do good. Always be nice, but beyond that, find something you deeply care about, and fight for it. I promised myself when I was little that I would dedicate my life to fighting for animal’s rights. Don’t let your life be about feathering your own nest. “You haven’t lived until you’ve found something worth dying for.” -Paul Watson, Sea Shepherds 
  • Life is funny. Don’t take anything too seriously. If you’re sad about failing a test, just think about how many stars there are in the universe. More than every grain of sand on every beach in the world. Your test is nothing.
  • You are perfect. The only thing left to work on is realizing this. 

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Protagonists: Min Yoongi X Reader

Genre: smut/fluff

Note: I’m baaaaaack! I’m sorry for posting nothing for a while, but school is a bitch and I had like TONS of things to do, but don’t worry cutiepies, I didn’t forget about this blog, and my second admin is also doing her best for this blog, so thank you Kayla, you’re awesome! Anyways, hope you like it~ N☆

Part: 1 2

Yoongi was not a patient man. He hated when things didn’t happen the way he wanted, nor when something unpredictable happened when he prepared absolutely everything for your second anniversary together. Tonight, just like every evening, you’d come home around six, take a shower or a bath, change in a cute pair of pajama and then meet him in his office to greet him with a kiss. But as a good boyfriend, he prepared a little surprise for his baby girl to celebrate the 730 days you shared together since he asked you out.

He took a few days off since he knew you had some too, and spent his whole day preparing the diner, composed of your favorite dishes and deserts, buying gifts and flowers for you. Yoongi wanted everything to be perfect for you, because it was his way to thank you for staying with him even with his hectic schedules and his shitty attitude during hard days of practice; You always supported him in his choices and never complained, which was something he loved about you. Tonight, he wanted to remind you that you were his one and only babygirl, his precious girlfriend, even if you already knew that after the steamy nights you spent together in your bedroom, the nights when he would totally dominate your body, grip your hair and spank you until your apologized for being a bad girl, but he always took time after your act to soothe your sore body with loving kissing, light caresses and praises.

It was now half past six and Yoongi started wondering why you were late. Were you blocked in traffic? Or maybe you had to stay to your workplace a little bit longer? As those thoughts invaded his head, he decided to take a shower before you got home, even if he knew that he’d get sweaty before the end of the night.


You, on the other side, were way too absorbed in your work to check the time. You started this project a long time ago, but couldn’t find enough inspiration until today, and it has almost been 5 hours since you started your new canvas, new designs and ideas were mingling and boiling in your head. You were a comic book writer and you absolutely loved it. It was your dream work since you were a kid and after being the assistant of one of the most respected for a few years, it was finally your turn to present your talent and stories to the world.

It was your last day of work before your little holidays so you wanted to finish some projects, or you’ll be drowning under unfinished work as soon as you came back. Also, since you wanted to stay concentrated on your job, you decided to turn off your phone for the day.


“The correspondent you’re trying to reach is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later or leave a message right after-”

It was the fourth time he tried to reach you since afternoon and it was 8 already. “Where the fuck is she?” He mumbled as he reached for his coat. If you weren’t there by this time, Yoongi hoped that you were still at your work place. So many scenarios were bubbling in his mind at each one more horrifying than the previous one: What if you got hurt? What if you’ve been involved in an accident? What if vou’ve been kidnapped? Or worse? He knew that you knew he hated when he didn’t know where you were, even if it was for a few minutes, mainly because Min Yoongi was a possessive boyfriend and he hated when unpredictable things happened. He quickly got into his car, before speeding off the avenue.

A few minutes later, he arrived at your work place, and parked his car in front of the imposant building. As soon he passed the large door, he directly went to the secretary, who was packing up her things of the day. “Excuse me, did you see miss ______ _______ leave?”

The middle-aged raised her head slowly, her fringe covering a good part of her face. She smiled slowly at the young man, straightening her long coat on her bony shoulders. “I saw her around half an hour in her office… Since no one left since, she must be on the 6th floor, 3rd door on the right. She looks so tired and it’s rare to see her stay this late! Please, if you could tell her not to overwork herself.”

“Thank you, don’t worry I will! Have a good evening!” He said before walking to the elevator. You weren’t hurt at all, you were just your clumsy and oblivious self. Since no one was in the building anymore, he’ll make sure to punish you for making him worried about your well being, and because you broke one of his rules: you always have to tell daddy when you’re running late.

The ‘ding’ of the elevator’s doors opening on the 6th floor pulled him out of his reverie as he slowly went down the hall, looking for your office. After a few more steps, he finally arrived in front of the only lit room, the door ajar, as slow music was playing in the background. As the man entered the messy office, his eyes fell on you, sleeping soundly on the drawings-covered desk. You looked so innocent, so pure, so oblivious of the punishment you’d get as soon as you wake up.

“Wake up babygirl, daddy’s here to play with his naughty girl” He whispered, his breath fanning against your neck as his calloused hand caressed your back.


Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
—  Jack Kerouac