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Mother Urbosa and Little Link fluff (between when she found him and the end of the game would be nice)

He was climbing the big stone tower above the palace with her, carefully following her handholds, giving a little whine and looking at her expectantly whenever one was too far and smiling as she’d climb back down until she could hold a hand out to him, using her as a temporary handhold to get back to where he could easily climb. When he got to the top, he gasped at the little pool, immediately running over and starting to splash happily. Then he felt someone splash him from behind and whirled to see Urbosa. Then he was grinning and splashing her, and she laughed, splashing back every so often. After a bit he got bored of that and just started jumping around. Urbosa sat at the edge of the pool and just watched him, smiling. When he ran over and climbed into her lap, sopping wet, she didn’t protest, simply wrapped her arms around him.

“Are you getting sleepy?” He nodded, and she stood. “Then we should go back down. It gets cold up here at night, and I might have trouble carrying you down.” He nodded, pulling away from her grip, waiting for her to start climbing down and then taking her offered hand gratefully. He used her as a handhold a lot more on the way down, tired from his splashing and scared of the drop. When they got to the bottom, he clung to her, and she started humming a soothing tune as she climbed down the wall easily and walked into their quarters, setting him on the ground near the bed and going to get a towel. She sighed as she came back and saw him asleep in the bed. As she feared, a sopping wet hylian made the blankets wet too. She walked over and wrapped him in the towel, changed the blankets, and then laid down next to him after grabbing fresh ones. She wrapped her arms around him, smiling at the way his ears drooped in relaxation. “Some people say the Thunder Helm is the treasure of the gerudo… I say it’s you.” She pressed a kiss to his mop of hair and closed her eyes, awake just long enough to feel him cuddle into her before sleep took her.


Ah so

I was watching the ML Orgins again, and you know how Adrien just fricken, runs in the locker room and transforms haphazardly? Well I suppose i wanted to try my hand at new dynamics if Marinette ran in looking for Alya.


Why did she run? Why did this girl just run into danger?? But this was why Alya would make a better Ladybug! she didn’t care she wasn’t scared! She wouldn’t mess everything up- Marinette caught movement in the locker room and she hoped beyond hope that Alya forgot something. 

Don’t worry Tikki…. Marinette was going to make this right and give you to a proper girl who could do the job of Ladybug better then screw up Marinette. The noirette pushed through the door and paused at voices…. She carefully walked over to see Chloe’s friend the model smiling into the locker. 

“Plagg! Claws out!” ….. No way…… She watched as the boy changed much like she did but green, the magic flowed around him and he looked so much more entusiastic about it… remembering back.. he was so ready to save people- how was he the same boy who stuck gum on her seat? The now Chat Noir smiled at the transformation and turned… green cat eyes catching Marinette and the girl froze…..

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majora mask: stone tower =)
“To return true light to this land, you must seal the doors of Stone Tower where the winds of darkness blow through. But Stone Tower is an impenetrable stronghold. Hundreds of soldiers from my kingdom would not even be able to topple it.”

el ambiente de este lugar me parecio musica es bn pegadiza xD
y esto de escalar me llamo la atencion…
pero vamos ..solo link podria escalar algo asi jejje