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Pull Me Closer


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter visits reader after a particularly bad day and lets his feelings slip out.

Warning: Light swearing

It had been a long day for Peter. First, the argument with Flash at school was seriously embarrassing for him. To have him watched by everyone while he tried to defend himself that he really did know the Avengers was absolutely mortifying. Then, Liz had invited him to that stupid party which he just had to go to in order to sort his feelings out once and for all. Peter had been pining after both you and Liz for months on end and he finally needed to decide between the two of you just so that he could make a move.

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Battered and Bruised Ch. 1 (Bucky x reader)

Hey everyone! I hope you all have been liking what I’ve been writing. You can message me with feedback, requests, or even just a simple hi to have a conversation. enjoy!

Sidenote: I continued this into a series. You can find the rest of the chapters here , along with my other pieces.

Description: Bucky sees all the damage he’s physically done to you because of what H.Y.D.R.A. did to his mind.

Warnings: sad, angst, unintentional physical harm comes to the reader, nightmares, ptsd, barely any fluff


The night was cool and even through the closed window you could hear the passing of honking cars in the busy street. You’d become accustomed to it, it no longer interrupted you sleeping schedule. The apartment you lived in was shared with your adoring boyfriend, Bucky.

Getting into this relationship, Steve wanted to remind you that because of what was going on in his brain during his H.Y.D.R.A. days, that it could manifest itself back into him without any trigger. He described Bucky as, “a bomb just waiting to go off.” You could tell it hurt Steve to have to describe his best friend that way.

People were giving you the whole spiel about “how you can’t change people”, that “he’s never going to be a normal person.” Even Bucky was scared for you, he didn’t want to put you in harms way.

But, you were headstrong. You loved Bucky with all your heart. You knew what he could do. The thing was, you weren’t afraid. You weren’t scared of him. You never were.

Bucky was haunted with vivid nightmares about the awful torture and killing he had been through and done. Almost every night he relived through something different. Sometimes, they were so realistic that he would get on top of you and restrain you, cursing you in his sleep. This was a normal occurrence when he had nightmares of the doctors that tore apart his mind.

He would always wake up of no recollection of what happened, and you never told him. All he remembered was the nightmare itself. You didn’t want to make him feel guilty, it didn’t bother you actually. You knew what he went through was traumatizing, so you never blamed him for what happened when he was in his sleep.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning and you woke up next to your most favorite person in the world. Bucky was sound asleep, his arm wrapped around you, his scruff brushing your bare shoulder.

You raised your arm behind you to run your fingers through his hair and you felt him smile against your skin.

“Good morning babe.” His raspy voice breaking the silence. You loved the way he sounded right after he woke up.

“Good morning Bucky.” You chuckled as he placed an array of kisses along your shoulder, neck, and face. “Hey, I’m gonna take a shower. Then I’ll make us breakfast, okay?” You rolled over onto him, both of you giggling, his hands on your back. The coolness of his metal arm sending shivers up your spine.

“You’re gonna leave me here in the absence of your warmth? How could you?” He had a huge smile on his tired face as you leaned down and kissed him one last time before making your way to the bathroom.

You turned on the water and stripped off your crinkled pajamas. Before you got in, you saw yourself in the mirror out of the corner of you eye. Turning towards the mirror, you saw yourself in full for the first time in a long time. You realized in that moment how much your body was covered in bruises; new and old. Your hips and ribs slightly blue and purple from when Bucky gripped you hard during a nightmare that scared him to tears. Your thighs were expressing the same coloration and your arms had little scratches from his fingernails where he had dug them into you. You never noticed them before. You weren’t angry or upset, you understood this is what came with the nightmares he had.

“F/N, I hope you don’t mind if I join you for your shower.” He opened the door with a smirk on his face. “I’d like to love you some m-” he stopped mid-sentence as he looked up and saw your naked body and all the marks on it. “Baby, what’s- what happened?” You turned to face him and him placed his hands on your shoulders. You didn’t make any attempt to cover them up, he already saw. You just had to find the words to tell him. “Tell me. Why do you have all these bruises… a-and scratches?” He spoke softly, but his voice with filled with concern.

“Bucky.. it’s fine. I’m okay.” You gave him a shy smile as you looked up at him. His gaze fluttered up and down your body. “Bucky..” You didn’t know what to tell him, or even how.

A sudden realization hit Bucky and it felt he took a blow to the gut. “I- I did this..” He voice cracked and the hurt in it made you wince. “I did this.. didn’t I?” The thought of him hurting you and damaging your beautiful body brought tears to his eyes.

The water was still running, but you ignored it. “I’m okay. I know you don’t mean it. We’re going to be okay. I love you. That’s all that matters to me. I love you so god damn much, that guess what? I’m willing to go through this pain with you.” You pulled his forehead down to yours, gripping the front of his t-shirt to bring him down to you.

“I’m so sorry F/N. I’m- I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you and I can’t believe I did this. It won’t ever happen again.” At the point Bucky was sobbing, holding onto you for support.

He was so upset, and you were his support system. You placed a kiss on his lips and helped him undress. You helped him get into the shower as he was stumbling from the emotional pain. There was no love making. You helped him wash his hair, having the water just warm enough to feel calming against his skin. He was silent as you wrapped yourself in a towel went into the bedroom to grab some clothes for you both.

When you returned to the bathroom he was out of the shower, looking at the ground. You got him dressed and brought him back to bed. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to make some coffee, just the way you like it.” You kissed him on his head and gave him a sad smile. As you were turning away, he gently held your hand and didn’t let go.

“Don’t go… please.” He whispered at you with hurt eyes. It made you feel so broken inside.

“Okay.. I won’t go anywhere.” You climbed back into bed with him and snuggled up to his chest. “I’m never going to leave you. We’re gonna be okay.”

He whispered into your hair, “F/N, I’m sorry.” You told him how happy you were with him and that things were going to get better. The soft fabric against your skin and the warmth of your bodies brought both of you back to sleep.

As you fell asleep, all you could think of was that everything was going to turn out alright. You loved and trusted Bucky and that was all that mattered.

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Could you make a reaction of Shownu, Minhyuk and Jooheon when their crush's cat is an ass when they are over for the first time? Like it scratches and bites them and all

Originally posted by hyungnu

Shownu - “So is this how it’s going to be?”

Shownu might as well ask you to put your cat in another room because he wouldn’t really put up with it. Sure, maybe a couple minutes as he tries to be friends with him/her, but eventually he’ll give up and just wait for him/her to warm to him. If he could hold a record for the most bites and scratches, he’d have more than twenty-four. 

Originally posted by celes-tae

Minhyuk - “I will make him like me. If he wants it that way, challenge accepted.” 

Minhyuk will do whatever it takes to make that cat like him before he leaves. He’ll lowkey prepare himself with a jacket and his face mask if he has to, but otherwise asks you how to make your cat like him. With Minhyuk’s game face on, there are going to be times where he feels dejected by your cat and becomes serious, sincerely wanting your cat to like him. Well, at least stop biting and scratching him by the end of the day. Scratch and bite count: 18. 

Originally posted by sonhvunwoo

Jooheon - “Ouch. It hurts. Both mentally and physically.”

All he wants to do is pet the damn cat. Secretly wonders if your cat is secretly Satan’s cat but hopefully you can bring his spirits up when you show him how to pet your cat, giving precautions along the way. Jooheon will run away at times, freaking out even more when he realizes the cat is chasing him up the stairs, and knowing that cats could climb almost anywhere, he won’t have a lot of options but to shut the door on him/her. He’ll flinch and whine a bit as well. It’s okay. Scratch and bite count: 23

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the world is cold and life’s not fair, baby [Yoongi x Reader]

Demon!Yoongi x Reader - Angst

Rated M (for violence, blood, strong language*)

*more warnings will apply in future chapters

Words: 6.7k

Pt.1 of 3

       Curling up inside a dusty wardrobe and struggling to maintain steady breathing despite fear bubbling up with every noise is not how Y/N pictured the day going when she woke up this morning.

       One particularly loud creak just outside the door sends a spike of panic through Y/N’s chest. She tries to make herself even smaller in the pitch black darkness of the wardrobe, but thankfully the footsteps wander close for only a moment before they fade away into another room. Y/N risks a soft sigh of relief, the ridiculousness of the situation almost forcing an incredulous laugh from her as well.

       How did this even happen?

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Zodiac Wars IV


“We have gathered here today,” Aries spoke to the group of people sat in a row in front of him as he paced up and down the wooden room, “because I just got and idea. Yesterday, Libra told me that they’re taking pictures of the area. This could only mean that they are trying to map out the field. One of the problems we face with that is they could get near our bridge, and figure out it’s actual state through close observation.” He paused dramatically, as they all waited. It was six in the morning, and Aries was trying hard to keep them energised. He could tell that Libra wished he would hurry up so she could get back to sleep. Taurus, who sat on her left, was leaning on her, barely awake. Leo, on her right, was glancing at him, trying to signal him to go faster. Cancer was completely zoned out, on the far right.

“I’ve decided,” he went on, ignoring their state of mind, “that we’re going to mess with their plans a little. Change the environment. No one knows the field like I do,” he smiled proudly.

“We get it,” Leo rubbed her eyes, pushing her thick, golden hair out of her eyes, “can we go back to bed now?”

And let them get ahead?” Aries turned to Leo. “Absolutely not. We meet down here in half an hour. Get ready.” He dismissed them with a quick hand gesture, and watched them leave. Aries was already fully dressed in gear, and ready to go; in fact, he’d already hung up a bunch of maps on the only wooden wall in the room. He liked their meeting space: it was situated right at the highest point of their treehouse base, with wooden flooring and one wooden wall. The other three walls were woven together with big, empty squares, going around the floor in the shape of a semi-circle. It allowed him to get a nice view of the entire forest without getting seen by anyone.

After half an hour, the four of them returned grudgingly to the meeting area. Aries handed them each a knife, rope, spray paint, a very thin string and a sack of fruit.

“The knife,” he said, “is to cut, carve and change. You will be cutting down some plants, branches, and carving a few holes. Anything that looks useful. The rope is to help you climb anywhere you need to. The spray paint should help you change the way something looks. Please use it carefully, if it looks to fake then it’s pointless. The thin string and sack of fruit is for you to change trees entirely. See a regular looking tree? Hang a few apples on its branches. Throw a few on the ground. Whatever. Just make it look different.”

“Won’t we get lost if we change everything?” Cancer asked him.

“No. I know this place too well, trust me,” Aries smiled, “it’s the one advantage we have that they can’t take from us. Now, Libra and Leo, you’ll be heading north. Taurus, you’ll go east. I’ll be heading west, and Cancer, you’ll be keeping guard. Remember Cancer, if anything goes wrong, light up the treehouse, and head to our backup shelter. Sag can figure out what’s going on, she’s smart enough. Let’s go.” Without waiting, Aries headed out of their base, and started running east.

After a few minutes of running, Aries stopped to rest. He set down his things, and sat on a nearby rock. He loved being out here, and often he’d come here to spend some time alone and just feel free from everything. He used to come during the night as kid; walking through the forest until this point was always considered as something “scary” to do, but Aries had done it anyways. The fear he got from the dark, from the dimly lit surroundings by moonlight, the feeling as if there is something more waiting beyond the trees excited him; it made him feel alive. Besides, the rock was right next to a river that reminded him that it wasn’t really that scary, once he came. Back when they were friends, Aqua had always called him fearless for coming here, and Aries would smile and say it was his thing. Truth was Aries wasn’t fearless– he just liked the feeling of fear. He loved the thrill and the adrenaline that came with it. He sat down, and smiled, breathing in. Suddenly, he heard some footsteps. Surprised, he grabbed his pocketknife, and carefully stepped towards the noise. He spotted a small, shadowed figure right behind a nearby tree. The figure was watching him. He walked slowly towards it, and when the figure turned away slowly, he ran towards it and attacked. He grabbed the figure by the arm and pushed it to the ground. The figure fought back, but Aries had the advantage of being on top of it; pushing down was easier than pushing up. He took his knife, and held it to the figure’s throat. It stopped moving, and he was able to make out shoulder length, straight brown hair: Cap. He smiled,

“You thought watching me would lead to my base? Well think again, because you’re wrong.”

“I’m not wrong,” Cap smiled, “you’ll take me there eventually anyways. So how about you do that?”

“No,” Aries pushed the knife against her throat, “that’s what you want me to do. I have a better idea.” He got out the piece of rope, and tied her hands together behind her back. He took her knife off her, and used some remaining rope to tie her to the tree. Then, he cut off a piece of his shirt and tied it against her mouth. Cap didn’t budge. She simply smiled, and waited.


“Hey, what do you think is down that cliff?” Aries said excitedly to Aquarius and Pisces. It was one a.m., and the three of them were on a midnight adventure. Aquarius had agreed to come along because he was bored, and Aries had incessantly begged both him and Pisces for the past hour. They had been exploring one of the forbidden caves by Aries’s request, and after an hour of wandering around in the dark with a flashlight, Aqua felt bored, and Pisces seemed rather worried. Staring down the cliff in the cave however made Aqua want to turn back. It didn’t look safe to him, and as fun as it seemed, he’d rather come during the daytime. There was a limit to how dangerous things should get.

“Well?” Aries asked them, “are you coming after me? Or you wanna go before?”

“I think we should go back,” Pisces said shakily, adjusting his glasses, dimly lit by the flashlight. “I can’t see anything, and I’m scared.”

“Scared? That’s the best part!” Aries said enthusiastically.

“I think he’s right,” Aqua said casually, “we should head back. Before we get lost anyways.”

“You’re both such buzzkills. Whatever, go back without me.”

“There’s only one flashlight,” Aqua pointed out. Aries threw it to them.

“I don’t need it.”

“Stop being ridiculous,” Aqua pulled Aries by the arm, “we need to go back.”


“Aries, please,” Pisces said shyly, “just for once–”

“This is one of the coolest things ever, and you’re just not going to come? Why won’t you just let me go?” Aries was starting to get angry.

“Because we care about you?” Aqua stormed. “We’ve spent this whole night out because you couldn’t be bothered to sit inside. We’re tired, and bored. We gave you all our time tonight. Don’t you think it’s time to stop? Can’t you just think about, I don’t know, someone else for once?”

“Why did you come along then?” Aries screamed, “I’m so bored of you two. All you do is sit around and talk, all you can ever do is sit. You never live. You never take risks.”

“Okay. We don’t take risks. Maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore,” Aqua turned around to leave. “And by the way, you’re not living. Living isn’t the same as trying to die.”

“And you?” Aries glared at Pisces.

“I’m with him,” Pisces said coolly, and they left, leaving Aries to explore the pits of darkness by himself.


“Is this far out north enough?” Leo asked Libra, pushing her thick, golden hair out of her face. Libra always thought Leo had an interesting type of beauty: grandiose and golden, but also with a hint of something that seemed to be a little bit more delicate behind her soft brown eyes. She’d always wanted to touch Leo’s hair whenever she pushed it out of her face; she found it so mesmerising. If she’d had Leo’s hair, she wouldn’t have the heart to shave it off.

“Well?” Leo looked at her, an eyebrow raised. Libra smiled,

“I suppose it is.”

“Shall we take a small break?” Leo smiled, with a quite lion-like air.

“Why not?” Libra laughed and sat against a tree with her legs out in front of her.

“So,” Leo said, “I hear you want to start a little art studio with Taurus.”

“Oh come on,” Libra rolled her eyes, “I’ve told you a million times, Taurus is just not my type.”

“You keep saying that,” Leo sat next to her, “and you never tell me what your type really is. Who else am I going to pair you with? The beautiful Libra, with no one to date. Surely that sounds wrong?” Leo laughed lightly.

“Maybe because I don’t know myself.” This was true. Libra hadn’t come across anyone who she’d really want to date or fall in love with. Except one person–

“I’m sure you have an idea,” Leo nudged her, “like at least you’d want to date me, right?” Leo winked, laughing.

Libra laughed nervously. “No, you’re too ugly for me. Ew.”

“That sucks, I’m a pretty good kisser.”

“I’d be a lot better than you,” Libra smirked. “At least I’ve kissed people before, you’ve been chasing Sag for years, and still no kiss.”

“Shut up,” Leo hit her gently. “The only time you’ve kissed was when playing truth or dare. At least if I kiss anyone it’ll be real.”

“So you’re saying my was imaginary?”

“No, but it wasn’t exactly someone you liked was it? That doesn’t count. It needs to be someone who’ll really make you feel special when you do.”

“True. But at least I don’t fall for people I can’t have,” Libra smiled. But on the inside, she knew that wasn’t true. Because sometimes, she felt like she had.


again, thank you for all the positive feedback on the previous parts!

i’m sorry to announce that updates will be slower because I’m back in school:(

if you would like to read part I, II and III, check find them under the tag #zodiac wars 


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sorry i didnt mean to confuse you so i will explain. that was suppose to be in text post format, but tumblr's ask box doesnt allow you to use indents or change the boldness or font of the text, so it looked sort of weird. anyways, my pet mouse always escapes his cage, but he is extremely intelligent and good at climbing and doesnt go anywhere when he is out. i trust my mouse out of his cage, but who i dont trust is my cat. my cat knows better, but its also instinct and thousands of years of

oh no no i understood the what happened, we’re good there lol 

but ah, i see. be careful, rusty

Day 1

This week we will be sharing Dave Culver’s top ten favorite core exercises for climbers. 

A personal trainer and setter, Dave Culver has spent 10 years as a gym bunny, flexing and posing in front of a mirror before falling into climbing 3 years ago. As everyone does, Dave became completely obsessed, climbing everywhere and anywhere. He changed his training, by focusing on climbing-specific movements and exercises, resulting in the loss of 2 stone (28 pounds) in weight and an increase in core strength and power. Dave went on to study sports conditioning and then setting up Blocfit—training climbers in strength, power, and endurance.

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More baby gon head canons pls?

:-0! Hmmmm! these aren’t exactly all baby headcanons, just Gon childhood headcanons hahaha

- Gon learned how to walk very early on his life ie around 9 months old or so by the time Mito took custody of him, he was well adept at climbing pretty much anywhere his height allowed.

- Mito took Gon on a lot of walks around the surrounding forest when he was young and taught him about all the animals and plants she knew about. Abe sometimes came on the walks too and taught Gon even more.

- By the time he was 5, Gon was already displaying abnormal strength/agility/coordination, so Mito let him go exploring the forests by himself (that and he was a very sharp kid too)

- Gon also wandered around the island a lot and talked to everyone. He learned how about fishing from the fisherman who worked at the port.

- the “dates” Gon went on when were just him trying to get a lot of the women to tell him stories about things or to teach him whatever random knowledge they had. In exchange he acted as a tour guide around town if they were visiting from another island, whereas the local women just played along on these dates and let Gon hang out with them because he was a cute kid (and also one of the few kids around, so many of the women wanted to baby him anyways).

- Gon had a terrible habit as a baby of putting everything he found in the forest in his mouth which never really went away, which also often gave Mito many near heart-attacks whenever he ingested anything of a poisonous nature. Somehow though, Gon never had any truly serious reactions to anything he ate (at worst an upset stomach or throwing up).

In My Arms

Hello My Lovelies,

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories.


In My Arms

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could you possibly do a DeanxReader where she takes a pretty nasty hit to the head and ends up with a concussion with basically every concussion symptom possible? Dean has to keep waking her up every few hours to check on her and she’s abnormally clingy and it’s ridiculously fluffy? I could use some Dean fluff in my life right now.


Authors Note: Sorry for the wait. I think my brain died. I am struggling to finish a story atm. Beginning it is fine but ending them just isn’t happening.



‘Y/N!’ Dean screamed at the hunter, in a vain attempt to give her some kind of warning.

Y/N turned towards him, her hair blowing around her face as she looked at him wide eyed. Nothing could be done to stop it.

In that moment time seemed to slow down and yet at that same moment everything happened so fast, nothing could be done.

The werewolf collided with her, knocking her off her feet as a shot rang out through the air.

Dean knew it was risky and he hoped like hell that bullet went through the mutt and not Y/N. But he couldn’t have it bite her.

Blood spurted through the air and he knew he had hit something vital. He ran over towards them, praying to God it wasn’t her.

He yanked the werewolf from her, holding his breath as he he looked down at her. She wasn’t moving and there was blood covering her shirt.

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Holiday Challenge: 12

You crouch down into the snow before gently sitting down on the cold wet surface. You lay back and hiss softly as the snow hits your exposed neck.
“What are you doing?” Spencer asks as he catches up to you at the top of the newly snowed on hill. He’s got the sled behind him, he’d insisted on dragging it up the hill.
“Making a snow angel.” You inform him flapping your arms and legs back and forth a few times. He opens his mouth, probably to give you some fact about angels and you cut him off with a hand. “Please just let me have this one Spence.” He chuckles.
“Alright fine.”
“Help me up?” You ask sitting up and holding your hands out to him. He takes them and pulls you to your feet leaving a perfect impression behind.
“Looks good.” Spencer says with a smile, still holding your hands. You press a kiss to his lips, “What was that for?”
“Looked like you were cold.” You tease and he chuckles again. “Let’s do this.” You tell him nodding at the sled whose rope he’s still got in his hand.
“You wanna go in front or back?”
“Front.” He nods the climbs into the sled before spreading his legs apart and using them along with his arms to keep the red plastic from going anywhere. You climb in in front of him and settle back into his chest before putting your arms out too to help keep the sled steady.
“Ready?” Spencer asks his voice humming though you where you’re pressed together.
“I’m ready!” You tell him and he pulls his legs in wrapping them around you a bit. You’re both too grown up to be sharing a sled this size but you’ll take the opportunity to be pressed against him like this.
“One,” The pair of you slide the sled forward a little before going back again, “two,” You repeat the action, “Three!” You both shove off then continue to push the sled until gravity takes over and you go zipping down the hill. Spencer wraps his arms around you and leans slightly to the left causing the sled to curve in that direction. It slows to a stop and you let out a breathy laugh. “Again?” He asks.
“Again.” You agree. You end up climbing the hill and flying down it for the next hour before your wet snow pants, hat, gloves and jacket force you inside.
You curl up with him, some hot chocolate with more marshmallows than any respectable cup of hot chocolate should have in front of the gas fireplace in your new house. The house you and Spencer had bought together. It’d been a big step in your relationship, for him to be able to let go of his apartment and find a house to move into with you. A house that his best friend Derek Morgan had restored, though you’d convinced Derek to put in a gas fireplace instead of restoring the old one. It’d be safer for those future nieces and nephews of his you’d argued and he’d caved at the thought of little Reid’s running around with his son.
“Did you have fun today Spence?” You ask him softly as he turns the page of the large book in front of him.
“I did. I never got to go sledding as a kid. Did you have a good day?”
“The best. Any day you’re home safe and sound is a day that I like.” You tell him honestly before snuggling further into his chest. He hums happily and places a kiss on top of your head before going back to his book. You meant it though, any day that you know he’s safe, that no one is going to be shooting at him is a good day in your book.

How to Tell She's a Climber

I read the recent posting on “How to tell your girlfriend is a climber” and I found myself cringing a bit. So, here is my take on the how to because, well, there is nothing healthier than a different perspective.

  1. Nail polish is a thing of the past.
  2. Shopping is EMS, REI, North Face, and any other available outdoor outfitter.
  3. Carabiners have become an accessory. They can be found attached to everything.
  4. Vacation or trip planning revolves around, “Well, is there anywhere to climb?”
  5. A harness and climbing shoes can be strategically placed in any purse, pack, or bag. They also determine what can and can not be packed.
  6. A helmet has been worn on a plane…more than once.
  7. Hiking socks, pants, and thermals are wardrobe staples.
  8. Climbing tape has been and can be macgyvered to fix anything.
  9. It’ll always be funny to give and receive chalk prints.
  10. Crux is easily inserted into daily conversations. And if it’s a great day, climb on.
  11. Jokes about nuts, racks, and finger holds are cliched but manage to worm their way into some climbing sessions.
  12. Banff. Is. Christmas.
  13. Coiling rope is a mastered art.
  14. Bruised knees, banged elbows, and scratched, calloused hands are worn with pride.
  15. Most importantly, with or without you, she climbs.
    She climbs because she loves it; because nothing feels better.
    She climbs simply and absolutely for herself.

Mountain GoatAugust, Tongass National Forest, Southern Alaska

No mammal is more sure-footed on steep peaks than the mountain goat. Its agility and traction surpasses even that of wild sheep. Among the goat’s advantages are muscular forelimbs to help brake on downhills and race upslope.  This climber can gain 75 feet (23 meters) of altitude in only a minute. 

In fact, a young mountain goat can climb anywhere its mother can within a week after birth.   The kid in this scene is about three months old  and was probably born on a high cliff.  

This diorama is located in the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals.

Quick question for all you beautiful people. I’m thinking of branching away from Tumblr and starting my own Adventure / Lifestyle blog with somewhat of a focus on the Pacific Northwest but not limiting myself obviously, for there are other amazing areas to explore. 

To me adventure is anywhere from climbing a mountain to exploring different parts of a city. Adventure has no limits. My goal is to share these experiences through a beautiful clean minimalist aesthetic and paint the places I visit in a light that guides locals to follow my lead and inspire others to explore their own back yard. 

As for ideas for the blog I would like to occasionally feature amateur photographers that I’m personally inspired by, focus on occasional dining, product reviews, eventually branch out to health and fitness and also start selling my own product.

But before I get this little project going I would like to hear what my tumblr followers would enjoy seeing on an Adventure / Lifestyle blog. If that’s something you would be interested in seeing at all. I would love to hear any tips and tricks, guidance and constructive criticism.

It would be much appreciated :)

No mammal is more sure-footed on steep peaks than the mountain goat. In fact, a young mountain goat can climb anywhere its mother can within a week after birth. The Museum’s mountain goat diorama was photographed by @jnsilva #InsideAMNH

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