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Ok just a few "What if"-s (from that anon): 1. What if Az had taken Kaden when he was a child and raised him he would have been so happy and emotionally well adjusted ugh 2. What if Feyre hadn't been able to fix Eleana's wings she would have been RUINED 3. What if Eleana had told Kaden they were mates when they met what a mess that would have been 4. Or what if she'd told him that night in the barn what a mess (1/2)

5. What if they hadn’t been interrupted by the Colloden on Starfall those horny little shits would have done it and then what? 6. Or if she’d told him they were mates then 7. What if the Impeath had killed Felix it would have been a mess (also: 8. What if the adults weren’t beeing such idiots and listened to their smart talanted wonderful children UGH) (2/2)


I should preface this by saying that I wrote this at a time when I’d only posted up to chapter 18, but had written these what -ifs as though acohad was finished. Soooo, without a further ado, here are your what-ifs anon, I hope you’re not too scarred afterwards. 


1.     Kaden’s whole life would’ve been different if Azriel would’ve been the one to raise him. He would’ve grown up and trained along-side Felix from the very start, his skill so immaculate that he and Felix would’ve always been (lovingly) competing to be the best. More than that, Kaden would have been Eleana’s first kiss. She would’ve been 15, and he 18, and they would’ve just been wandering along Velaris to dance like they do every Saturday, when she just kissed him randomly and out of the blue. Kaden would’ve kissed her back. He would’ve pushed her away though afterwards, because it was clear to him that the Heir to the Night Court was his mate, and she was so young. He wanted her, that was certain, but he also would’ve wanted her to live her life. So he stayed away from Velaris, and Felix joined him, and together they formed the Elite. Kaden then would’ve went to serve in the Autumn Court for a few years, occasionally winnowing to see Mor and Azriel (who he refers to as his mother and father) but staying away from Eleana. It would’ve been years until he saw her again, 5 to be exact. He went to her twentieth birthday, and was too stunned to speak. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and as they made eye contact across the ballroom the bond would’ve snapped into place for both of them. They were inseparable ever since. When Mor and Azriel started having children, they were raised to think Kaden was their brother, and what a wonderful brother he was. Never would he be unsure of himself, or not the most confident he could be.

2.     If Feyre had never been able to heal Eleana’s wings, she never would’ve returned to camp. Firstly, because she’d lost the only thing she was passionate about, that she loved endlessly and that she was respected for. Secondly, her mental health would’ve deteriorated to state where she would have to be with Feyre or Rhys 24/7. As for Kaden, they would’ve ended up together anyway when Azriel ultimately told Kaden the truth, and got him to come to Velaris to stay with them. Eleana never would’ve gone to the wedding, never would’ve made out with Kaden on Starfall, but she still would’ve gotten all those letters from him. When he would’ve come to Velaris, it would’ve been like they had been with each other every day, more so, Kaden would’ve started healing with the help of Azriel and Mor. It would’ve taken time, but eventually they would’ve collided together, and depending on when you’re reading this, the end of ACOHAD would’ve happened anyway.

3.     It would’ve been so awkward if she’d told him when they first met that they would’ve ended up just skirting around each other – only seeing one another when they both happened to be with Felix. Because make no mistake, Kaden would’ve been best friends with Felix no matter what, that is set in stone. They would’ve become friends though, maybe even lovers, and the events surrounding the antagonist in acohad would’ve been the same, but their relationship never would’ve built on love and trust, but more so confusion and obligation.

4.     Imagine this: Instead of telling Kaden in the barn that she loved him, she told him that they were mates rather than how he actually found out. He would’ve been in shock, and they would’ve ended up just sitting there while he thought, and then they would’ve left. Eleana would’ve gone back to Feyre, and Kaden would’ve gone to the Mortal Lands to join the Elite. Kaden would’ve gone straight to Felix, and within the next few days he would’ve submitted to Eleana, not because he wanted to be there, but because he felt obligated to be. Her worst fears would’ve been realised, and eventually she would’ve left him. It wouldn’t be until he had healed from his past that he would’ve been able to actually be with her, but because of how scarring the first experience of their relationship was it would’ve taken years for them to feel comfortable together again, rather than in acohad when it only took the time it did.

5.     If the Colloden had not interrupted them on Starfall, they most definitely would’ve had sex, right there on a bloody cliff. Their relationship would’ve been like it is around chapter 17-19ish, where they kind of act like a couple but aren’t one. Eleana, though, would’ve found out about everyone knowing the Colloden was alive, and the betrayal would’ve cut even deeper. She gave this boy her body, her soul, and he had lied to her through it all. It would’ve made her even more bitter towards her parents and Felix, and they would’ve had to work a lot harder to gain back her trust. As for Eleana and Kaden, he would’ve told her first that he loved her when in acohad it’s the other way around. She would have forgiven him, seeing his intentions for what they were, but this would’ve taken a reallllly long time to happen. In acohad it took 8 months for them to become a couple, if this happened it would’ve taken well over a year.

6.     If she had told him they were mates the night of Starfall, it would’ve ended the same way as if she’d told him the night of the wedding. Except even more awkward because she hadn’t even admitted to herself yet that she loved him.

7.     If the Impeath had killed Felix, that would be it. Kaden and Eleana wouldn’t have been together for over a century, because that’s how long it would take for her to start healing from his death. Eleana wouldn’t have cared about herself, or anyone else, and Kaden would’ve never have met Azriel as an adult. He would’ve stayed in the Elite, but under new leadership and the whole squadron would never live up to its full potential. In the end, they would’ve just been like any other war-band. Kaden would’ve lived in his tent until one day he ran into Eleana by pure chance, after Cassian invited him to Velaris so he could train him for a promotion in ranks. After they’d seen each other, he would’ve spent the rest of the day together, because for the first time in a long time, they both felt something. They would’ve just wandered around Velaris, and Eleana would’ve looked longingly at dancers before Kaden offered to teach her some moves. She would’ve said it was pointless, but he would’ve done it anyway and that was the moment that she decided to give the mate she had forgotten about a chance. It would have been a slow progression, Felix wasn’t there to show Kaden he was worth something more than fodder, but eventually they would’ve showed each other how to love life again.

8.     If the adults just bloody listened the events towards the end of acohad, specifically the final climax, never would have happened. Simple as that. a

Strawberries & Chocolate ~Phan~

Oneshot. Fem!Phan. Pippa thinks her sex life with Danni has lost its spark, so Danni decides to spice it up a little. Smut but also hella fluff.

Rating: M. Oh you know just a few swear words and it’s fem!smut do you think this was gonna have a low rating?

This is my first smut ever so please, please tell me what you thought xxx

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I get really upset when I find an amazing fanfiction or doujin and it’s incomplete. I even try to imagine my own ending. The worst part is I’m always left at some form of climax and then I never get to know what the authors ending was going to be. Most of the time the story was abandoned at least over two years ago and even if the author went back to finish I feel like they would not write the same story they were trying to write.