“No limit, gon’ touch the sky.”

MY FIRST iKon edit!! OMG, i LOVEEEE THESE BOYS. I can’t wait for them to debut. I’d make tooonsss of art out of their beautiful faces. Junhwe and Jinhwan are my favorite buuut I love all of them equally. It was hard ‘cause Bobby and B.I. has more HQ photos to edit than them, buuut I really love these two and I’m satisfied with these edits :”)


sports car week … ready to race

Graham Hill in the Bill Sturgis Cooper-Climax Monaco T57 at the 1962 Pacific Grand Prix, Laguna Seca

Hill qualified 7th but wouldn’t finish in heat 1 with gearbox problems & couldn’t get his car ready in time for heat 2
next to him we see UDT Laystall Lotus-Climax 19 of Masten Gregory