Blue lakes are appearing in Antarctica – and that’s a bad thing

In a new study, scientists who study the largest ice mass on Earth – East Antarctica – have found that it is showing a surprising feature reminiscent of the fastest melting one: Greenland. More specifically, the satellite-based study found that atop the coastal Langhovde Glacier in East Antarctica’s Dronning Maud Land, large numbers of “supraglacial” or meltwater lakes have been forming – nearly 8,000 of them during summer months between the year 2000 and 2013. Moreover, in some cases, just as in Greenland, these lakes appear to have then been draining down into the floating parts of the glacier, potentially weakening it and making it more likely to fracture and break apart.

Ron Johnson- 2016 Update

It was this time last year that we shared our first “Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" profile of Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Johnson’s more colorful campaign discussions included pushing back against calls to increase the statute of limitations on sexual abuse in Wisconsin, labeling Social Security “a Ponzi scheme”, saying that the 97% of climate change scientists who say the phenomenon is man-made were “crazy”, the real cause of climate change was sunspots, and that Greenland is covered in snow and ice because we’re actually witnessing “global cooling”. Johnson also was against marriage equality, and was pro-life to the extent where he considers that life begins at conception (which means he’s also against most forms of birth control). Or perhaps he showed a great deal of personal bias for attacking the Obama administration for trying to take BP Oil to task after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill for the environmental damage he caused, by categorizing it as “launching an assault on BP”. Since reaching office, Johnson has voted against increasing the debt ceiling, the new version of the Violence Against Women Act (which he said was “unconstitutional), and disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Heck, he voted for the 2013 Government Shutdown and then voted to keep the government closed when the time came to end it. Johnson also warned Americans that ISIS might deliberately infect its own followers with Ebola Virus and send them to the United States to deliberately spread it (which is not a viable form of suicide attack because of how the disease works). Sen. Johnson was one of the “47 Traitors” in the GOP who tried to meddle in the State Department’s negotiations with Iran, and wasted time in a Senate hearing asking Secretary of State John Kerry and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz questions about an “EMP Bomb” that doesn’t actually exist outside of movies. And speaking of movies, Johnson even went on record to rail against, of all things, The Lego Movie, because he felt the villain, Lord Business, was a demonization of rich corporations.

Oh, we missed the time in 2013 that Ron Johnson answered criticism from the League of Conservation Voters that he denied climate change by accusing them of waging “environmental jihad. So there’s that, too.

Currently, all polls in the Ron Johnson vs. Russ Feingold rematch here in 2016 indicate that Feingold has a comfortable double-digit lead, well above the margin of victory, and that a waste of space like Johnson will no longer cloud the halls of the U.S. Senate here come January. Even the Koch brothers think he’s a lost cause, at this point, and have pulled millions of dollars in ads to abandon him to his fate. If that holds, Feingold will be the first person to re-take their own Senate seat by defeating the person who took it from them in an election since Rhode Island’s Peter Gerry did it in 1934, and when that happens, hopefully Johnson takes a hint, calls it a political career, and wipes his tears away with the huge wads of cash in his fortune, because he’s been nothing but toxic as a participant in our country’s legislative branch.

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