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Could i have an angsty madara scenario pretty please?

Is this okay? I don’t really like it??? Also it’s modern if ya cant tell

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Mindlessly lighting a cigarette, you held the gentle killer close to you, allowing the small escape to invade your chest as you looked out onto the city below you. Though it was getting rather late, the scene under you was still in constant motion, the sounds car engines and overzealous voices and humming machinery never ceasing to fade. There was something you liked being above it all, pretending that you weren’t victim to the same life that those beneath you led; it had always been nice escape from the world around, a moment to pretend that you weren’t as pathetic as you actually were.

Though, as everything in this world, it didn’t last.

“This was alway the most disappointing thing about you.” a voice commented from the doorway, watching as the smoke left your lungs.

For the most part you ignored the remark, turning your phone on and glancing down at the small screen, but you did give the acquaintance the recognition. “And what makes you assume that I am here to you proud?” you countered before kissing the cigarette again.   

He didn’t respond at first, too aware of your defense mechanisms to actually give a reply that wouldn’t result in an insult of a similar fashion being thrown at him. There was also the small fact that he knew better than to say something as such, but he still liked to think that he had sway over you, years after his control had been relinquished. And so, all he did was walk out onto the balcony and stare down at the same scene that you were gazing down at, almost as if you two were still tolerant of each other.

Side eyeing him, you raised an eyebrow at his presence. “I thought you would have already gone home by now?”`

Never allowing his gaze shift from the city, Madara answered, “There’s nothing to do there. Might as well kill some time here.”

Almost snickering at his reply, you rolled your eyes. “Kill time here? You work here, aren’t you sick of this place yet?”

“It’s all the same. I could ask you the same.”

“I just wanted a smoke before I went back to my place.” you replied, looking back down to your phone, your lips pursing as you saw multiple small notifications of a text continuously dropping down. Shaking your head, you followed through with your statement with a murmur. “If I wanted some peace and quiet away from everyone, is that really something that should be taken away from me?”

Hearing that shift in tone, Madara glanced over to you, seeing your eyebrows knit together as you stared down at the small screen in your hands and read through the different message from the same person. “So it’s come to this already?” he asked, having a rough idea of the relationship that you were currently in and all of the various texts, accusations, and threats that were being displayed across your screen at that very moment. He was a smart man who knew you more than you would have liked to admit, so he knew exactly why you were stalling up there on the rooftop before leaving.

“Hmm?” you shifted your view away from the phone. “I don’t know what you’re trying to say.” you lied.

“You sense of denial was another thing that always disappointed me.”

“Good thing I don’t need to prove myself to you any longer…” you murmured, bringing to square to your mouth. And as you did that, you felt your phone begin to vibrate, as the signal of an incoming call came into view. Looking down, you saw it and simply locked the phone and placed it in your pocket without a second thought, ignoring the call, not yet ready to hear the voice on the other end.

Seeing this small action, Madara raised his eyebrow again at you, “So, is he not enough for your demands either?” he questioned.

Instantly snapping a glaring, you hissed.“Be quiet.” you demanded. “The fact that you feel you have the authority to compare yourself to those I am with now is incredibly ignorant. You were replaced when you made the decision that you wanted something more than me. When you placed a job and an image above me, you were replaced. Simple as that.”

Hearing the statement, his gaze sharpened. “Don’t blame me for all that. You were at fault too-”

“Bullshit.” you snapped. Shaking your head, you continued your glare. “I don’t want to get into all of that, and I know that you don’t either, so I don’t understand why you do this, Madara. Just leave me alone. Don’t act like we were ever anything. You destroyed that, and so I left. I don’t know how else I can make it clear that I don’t want to be anywhere around you.” you continued.  

“What even happened to you? You never used to be like this-”

“Right, there was once I time where I adored you. You were absolutely everything in my eyes; I would have done anything for you, cared for you, loved you, anything. You were everything that I wanted, and I don’t know where I went wrong with you, because one day you just broke my heart like it was absolutely nothing at all. You threw aways years of a relationship like it was nothing at all. So I left, because even though I still loved you more than anything else, I am not someone who comes second to anything, and that was something that you should have realized.” you admitted, recalling the truth.    

And as you finished, you were certain he was angered that you were pinning the entirety of your relationship failing on him as he combated harshly, “Well, it’s obvious that you found someone else. So I don’t know why you are still so bitter.”

And while that was true, you weren’t about to tell him that you were still in love with him and that you were simply with others to fill that void that he had left. Your pride wouldn’t allow you that. You weren’t about to tell him that every time you were with another man, you thought of him. If you closed your eyes, everyone looked the same in the darkness, and so you could pretend. It was pathetic, but that was truth- a truth that you would never admit to him no matter what chance at redemption if gave. And so, you just shook your head at him. “He won’t stay…” you murmured, taking one final drag and that cigarette before dropping the brunt end down to the garden below. “They never do, just like you…”


Your OTP grew up in very different climates, and when they visit their significant others hometown they are in for a shock:

  • Who is ecstatic when it starts snowing, who scowls and gets a shovel.
  • When it starts raining, who gets buckets out to collect the water, who is bewildered by their behaviour. Bonus: The person who collects water never gets used to being able to take more than 30 second showers. 
  • Who turns into a mother hen when it gets sunny, applying many coats of sun screen to their loved one, knowing they’re not used to the heat. 
  • On their first trip to the beach together, who expects a relaxing day out, who is too excited to even sit still (“Look - the sea! It’s never ending!”)
  • Who never realised how high their lovers tolerance was for the cold until they went out in just a T-Shirt despite the ice cold winds because they’re used to it. Bonus: They’re actually no longer used to it, but are determined to look tough.

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I am so glad this blog exists. Helping writers who struggle with understanding how different scenarios can be translated into a political problem, be it fictional, fantastic in nature, or otherwise, is a great idea. Bless Morgenthau and Kant for your efforts. Might as well also ask something, while I'm at it, what kind of scenario would you imagine might lead to a 'world republic' , and do you think it would be necessarily dystopian in nature or might it lead to a stable regime?

Thank you! We are glad to be of help! 

Regarding what scenarios may lead to a ‘world republic’ - there are endless options. At least two of which I (Mod M) could see as being relatively imminent possibilities, within the next four or five generations. The first being the widespread increase of international institutions and the second being threat of climate change. The latter would probably be a catalyst for the creation of stronger multistate institutions, so they fairly related.

Regarding climate change and institutions, agreements like the Paris Agreement would not be what launches a global government. Rather it would be the result of attempts to halt the damage. Right now, there are some pretty cool ideas about how we could significantly slow down or halt climate change’s effects and I’m not just talking about industrial and lifestyle changes. Geoengineering may have the solutions we are looking for, but they may not always be pleasant. Particularly, I’m talking about pumping extreme amounts of aerosol sulfates into the air over an extended period of time. Even in the best case scenario, there are potential traumatic side effects. Many, if not most, people will most likely not agree to the implementation of such a solution. They will be even less pleased when the regional climate side effects set in, potentially destroying towns and livelihoods. I know that is just one highly contested extremely example, but the idea is that an organization, state, institution, or maybe even an extremely powerful individual, may make the decision to combat climate change in an extreme measure. Whatever method used will most likely need to be maintained in some way for, well, maybe forever. If you can control the climate, you can control the world. Maybe not quite a world republic, but potentially could lead to a form of world governance.

A slightly more realistic climate-related scenario instead of a geoengineering supervillain idealist would be that multistate organizations start taking more extreme approaches, such as sanctions or military action, to enforce climate standards. This may lead to the establishment of a world republic. 

Alternatively, a world republic may emerge from a devastating superbug, resistant to modern medicine, as populations plummet and bottom out. The World Health Organization (WHO) or a similar future institution may begin to use their resources to heavily enforce new health protocols amongst those remaining; likewise, rich or powerful nations may come together to impose their health-related orders on the rest of the globe, possibly with a joint task force that could later take over, similar to how a junta happens. Due to the severity of the global health crisis, those protocols may dictate every person’s day to day activities, including where they could go and who they could communicate in person with. This would create a dystopian world regime but one out of necessity to keep the human race alive rather out of malice. After all, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I’ve painted several bleak scenarios on a potential world governance but I do not think they the only ways, or possibly even the most realistic ways, to a world republic. As I initially stated, the increase in scope and number of international institutions are setting the stage for a potential world republic born from diplomacy and cooperation rather than blood and smoke. The European Union and the African Union are great examples. Their successes and failures of their governance and monetary blocks will provide models for what a future global government may look like. Many economists believe these blocks will be more effective the more closely they are integrated both financially and politically. Regional blocks may become the norm and they may act together in a global council while still maintaining regional autonomy. While I do not see this future happening anytime soon, the nationalist movements demonstrated in recent years worldwide are signs that this future may be on the way. The nationalist movements are resisting the change currently upon us - whether or not they will be successful in changing the tide is still yet to be seen.

So in summation, a world republic could come to be a variety of ways and does not necessarily have to be dystopian. I think one of the reasons why the dystopian world government trope is present because there is a legitimate fear about the loss of autonomy, which is what our current global political system is founded on. The situation surrounding the formation of the world republic will set its tone and will highly influence how it is perceived by the general population.

When creating your world government I would ask the following:

  1. How did this come to be? Was is out of necessity or convenience?
  2. How is power controlled and resources allocated?
  3. Who holds the power? Where is it concentrated?
  4. What degree of autonomy, if any, is retained by regional governments?

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CHINA, BEIJING : This photo taken on September 17, 2015 shows a Chinese labourer sorting out plastic bottles for recycling in Dong Xiao Kou village, on the outskirt of Beijing.  China is the world’s biggest emitter of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change, and a crucial player in the global gathering finishing on December 11 in Paris, where nations have been trying to thrash out a plan to limit dangerous global warming.  The 195-nation UN climate rescue talks in the French capital have been billed as the last chance to avert worst-case-scenario climate change impacts: increasingly severe drought, floods and storms, as well as island-engulfing rising seas.      AFP PHOTO / FRED DUFOUR     

Imagine going on a stroll with Woozi during cold winter mornings, holding each other’s hands with a tight grip as you two walk down the snow-covered street.


An entire island nation is planning to evacuate before being swallowed by rising seas

The citizens of the island of Kiribati are planning for a worst-case climate change scenario: The Pacific island nation will likely sink underneath the sea in 20 to 85 years.

In a record deal, the country has purchased a 20-square-kilometer chunk of forest on the Fijian island of Vanau Levu for $8.8 million in case it needs to evacuate some of the 103,000 residents due to rising sea levels. Though the islands are separated by over 2,000 kilometers, the people of Kiribati may have no choice but to move if large stretches of their homeland are swallowed by the ocean.

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Imagine staying in bed and cuddling with Woozi all day long when the weather is cold outside.

BONUS: Whenever you try to get out of bed, Woozi will pull you right back and tightens his hold on you because he doesn’t want you to leave.