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The Women’s March, the Peoples Climate March, Science March, and countless others have come and gone. But how effective are marches? And are they worth going to? 

I’d also love to hear your thoughts, have you marched recently? Did you find it effective or valuable?

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Just so we’re clear, the reason a lot of people protest climate change isn’t because they like trees and hiking. It’s because we’re making the Earth unlivable for all humans, and that humans in the poorest countries are the ones worst hit.

Protesting climate change ain’t a white privilege thing. The people protesting climate change the hardest are Indigenous people, Island nation people, and poor people in hot countries. They’re terrified.


23 photos from Trump’s first 100 days show the true power of the Resistance

  • The day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration wasn’t just the beginning of an unprecedented presidency. It was the launch of one of the most sustained protest movements in American history.
  • Over the past 100 days, immigrant communities showed the force of their protest, anti-fascists have lashed out violently at the rising tide of white supremacy and anti-war coalitions long dead have come to life with renewed interest and energy.
  • Here is a concise look back at some of the most significant marches, disruptions and protests that pushed back against Trump’s agenda at every opportunity. Read more. (4/29/17, 10:55AM)
  • British taxation on America without sufficient representation: *results in Boston Tea Party, revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: These acts of property damage and militant resistance are justified and good =) because Britain was clearly tyrannical =) liberty needs to be fought for sweaty =)
  • Eight people control more wealth than half the world's people, climate change threatens to bring catastrophic damage to the planet, and a proto-fascist sexual predator was just made most powerful man in the world: *results in some shattered windows and limo bonfires, calls for revolution, etc.*
  • White reactionary: Um =\ violence is never the answer =/ protest is good and all =\ but this is taking it too far =/ can't you see you're just hurting any credibility you had =\ protests shouldn't interrupt my day =(

The March for Science DC is happening this weekend

  • Since taking office in January, President Donald Trump has not only started a rhetorical war with the media and potentially real wars with North Korea and Russia-backed Syria, but he’s also engaged in what critics call a “war on science.”
  • This weekend, members of the nation’s scientific community are battling back with an Earth Day March for Science at the nation’s capital.
  • The March for Science initiative is a cooperative partnership between more than 200 scientific and academic institutions as well as nonprofits, uniting to “defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies and governments,” according to the campaign’s website.
  • What exactly are they protesting? Read more the quick breakdown. (4/19/17)

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21 photos proving just how big the Climate March really is

  • Gathered on a very hot April Saturday, people in Washington, D.C., are marching through the streets to show that they believe in working toward a solution for climate change.
  • Only one week after the like-minded Science March, the Climate March brought people together in hopes of sending a message to those in power in Washington — there’s only one earth, so we better take care of it. Read more. (4/29/17, 4:18PM)

Everything to know about the People’s Climate March

  • On Saturday, thousands around the country stood up for science at marches around the country.
  • Just one week later, those who care about science and climate change will now have an opportunity to march once again.
  • The 2017 People’s Climate March will take place on Saturday in Washington, calling on those worried about the devastating effects of global warming to stand up and be counted.
  • The march is a follow-up event to the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York City, which coincided with the United Nations Climate Summit and drew hundreds of thousands of attendees. Read more (4/28/17)

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These are the best signs from today’s nationwide climate action

  • Tens of thousands of activists marched in Washington, D.C., and across the country at the People’s Climate March on Saturday, protesting President Donald Trump and his administration’s refusal to acknowledge the scientific consensus on climate change or enact policies to prevent catastrophic global warming.
  • Trump himself has flouted climate research and repeatedly referred to global warming as a Chinese hoax, and before becoming president was fond of suggesting the occasional bout of cold weather disproves the entire notion of a warming planet.
  • Here’s some the best signs, costumes and banners from the marches in Washington, New York, Chicago and elsewhere. Read more. (4/29/17, 5:01 PM)

Tonight we marched and had a queer dance party in front of Ivanka Trump and Rex Tillerson’s houses to protest the cutbacks to environmental regulations, defunding of the EPA, erasure of LGBTQ questions from the census, taking away of protections for LGBTQ federal employees, and the administration in general.


Happy Earth Day! 

But, really everyday is earth day. If we are going to save Mother Earth, we all have to make a conscious effort in our own lives everyday. Recycle, ride your bike more, eat less meat, pick up that piece of trash that isnt yours, be an advocate for environmental policy, and believe in science.


Ivanka Trump’s neighbor — with her fur coat and wine glass — is now a style icon

  • Move over, Ken Bone. The current political climate has gifted us an unlikely style icon once more. 
  • This time, it comes in the form of a woman named Dianne Bruce, who happened to be photographed smiling broadly while watching hundreds of LGBTQ climate activists protest her neighbors, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, by holding a dance party outside of their home. 
  • Rather than wearing something as standard as a robe while standing on the front steps of her house though, Bruce took this protest as an opportunity to personify glamour, wearing a large fur coat and holding a wine glass (full of white wine, it looks like) in her hand. Read more. (4/4/2017 2:30 PM)


Watch dozens of Notre Dame students walk out in protest during VP Pence’s commencement address (For a related video, click here