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“Let them Drown - The Violence of Othering in a Warming World”

Naomi Klein delivers the 2016 Edward W. Said London Lecture. 

Edward Said was a giant in the study of “othering” – the process by which large swaths of humanity are cast as sub-human, a status used to justify violent expulsion, occupation, and invasion. The Edward W. Said London Lecture series gives his legacy a public platform in the very heart of cultural and intellectual life in the UK.  This year’s lecture built on Said’s legacy to examine how these same tools of racial hierarchy, including Orientalism, have been the silent partners to climate change since the earliest days of the steam engine, continuing to present day decisions to let entire nations drown and others warm to lethal levels. The lecture looked at how Said’s bold universalist vision might form the basis for a response to climate change grounded in radical inclusion, belonging and restorative justice.