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American democracy has entered a new era, one that’s defined by widespread fear and anxiety among marginalized communities and their allies. Now is an important time for the Harry Potter Alliance to reaffirm its commitment to these communities, their civil rights, and the advancement of policies that serve true equality for all. Our staff stands with wands at the ready, and we are prepared to meet the challenges that the next four years are sure to bring. There is so much that’s worth fighting for, much more than a small nonprofit like ours could possibly tackle. Nonetheless, we will transcend our limitations and make measurable impact on the following critical issues...
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Today in things I ordered to make my life easier: thank you notepads! I wish I’d thought of this sooner, but now I don’t have to print and cut (and constantly run out of) thank you notes!💜 And as a bonus these are printed on recycled paper in climate neutral production ✨⠀

[Image description: A hand holding a notepad with a rainbow pastel design and the words “Thank you. I’d love to see snapshots”. A pile of the notepads are lying in the background on colourful paper.]

christy7m  asked:

Right, my question. I'm assuming that there are different climates in this world. Do the people's animal forms they're born with fit the climate they live in? That would make sense. Since there are animals that would only survive in a specific climate. A Bengal tiger or a snake in a cold climate would be, well...

The answer to this is a blend of Yes and No. :o

Humans can live basically anywhere apart from under water, but like you pointed out, there are restrictions to where (naked) animals can make it. That is why people who live where the climate is brutal in different ways then they will makes sure that their offspring are born with a favorable animal form. 

Let´s say that there is a village in a desert - The women there will give birth while in animals so that their children will inherit their form. Because if you take the risk and give birth as a human then there is nothing stopping the child from being a polar bear for example. 

Because faith/destiny/luck/whatever-people-call-it does not care where you live. You might be lucky and get a perfect fit for your surroundings, but you may also have the worst luck ever. A dolphin can be born thousands of miles away from sea. A monkey can be born far away from any trees. And a snake can be born in freezing temperatures. 

If this is the case then your would have two main options: 1. Stay where you are, but you very very rarely change your form because it would bring you discomfort. 2. Move somewhere else. ((Because of this the capitals in different countries tend to be where the climate is neutral.))

At least that is how I picture it. I hope that this made at least some sense. :,3