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Sometime around when Donald Trump started winning state primaries a year ago, the national mood went from, “Damn Daniel,” to “oh fuck we’re actually going to die in a rain of nuclear hellfire.” That happens when a sitting US President attacks an almost-nuclear state on Twitter, as was the case a few weekends ago.

With climate change, market instability, loss of privacy, the rise of fascism and a hair-triggered President all coming to a boil around the same time, it’s understandable for images of apocalypse and dystopia to weigh heavily on the mind.

THIS WEEK: The Cracked Podcast is doing an apocalypse grab-bag. Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked’s Alex Schmidt and Saundra Sorenson to talk about bizarre apocalypse-level events that already happened and stories from places like Nigeria, Iraq, the Philippines and even Canada, where either natural disaster, terrorism or totalitarian government have turned everyday life into a dystopia.

Why Every Billionaire Is Becoming A Doomsday Prepper

A Story of Delayed Thanks

My grandfather was a very successful businessman. He started off as an engineer, but moved to sales to management to executive over a long career. For a while, before I was born, he was the CEO of an oil and gas exploration company. Long enough that, hanging on the wall of his basement, there was a picture of an offshore oil rig that bore his name.

I was ashamed of this.

My father was the Florida state director of The Nature Conservancy. I was and am an ardent environmentalist and I am terrified of the instability that climate change will bring. And the idea that my grandfather’s money (and thus, some of my money) came from the most environmentally impactful industry on Earth was a little disgusting to me.

And, likewise, my perspective was a little bit disgusting to him. After all, he had worked his entire life to help provide not just happiness and health for his children and grandchildren, but to provide the raw materials for the success and prosperity of our entire nation. You can say all the nasty things you want about the fossil fuel industry, but the fact is…we all benefit from it. It enables every single other industry. Wind turbines are shipped across the US on trucks powered by diesel. And yet I, a direct beneficiary of his decades of hard work, couldn’t talk about anything but how his hard work was destroying the world for my generation.

What a little shit I was!

It has taken me a really long time to come to terms with the fact that the problems my grandfather helped cause were a byproduct of the much more significant problems he helped solve. He wasn’t even misguided. Certainly he was unaware of some of the consequences of the industries he worked in, but so are we all.

Today I would like to say something that I didn’t know enough to believe while he was alive, I am thankful for his work. Not just because he was my grandfather and he worked his whole life to make life better for his kids. But because he was a man who worked his whole life to make life better for everyone.

Study Serves Huge Blow to ‘Any Remaining Climate Change Deniers’
By Hannah Osborne April 14, 2014   International Business Times

Climate change deniers have been dealt a huge blow following the release of a study that says the natural warming hypothesis can be ruled out with 99% accuracy.

Scientists at McGill University, Montreal, have said they can say with overwhelming confidence that climate change is the result of man-made emissions. Published in the journal Climate Dynamics, the researchers analysed temperature data since 1500. Their findings almost completely rule out the possibility that global warming in the industrial era is a natural fluctuation in the planet’s climate.

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IMAGE: Scientists are seen during a study of Arctic sea ice in July 2011 Reuters/NASA