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The CEOs of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Intel, GE ... asking Trump to stay in Paris Climate Deal

The CEOs of more than 30 company including Tech giants, Apple, Tesla, Intel, Microsoft, have been trying hard to influence the US president decision, hoping to make him stay in the climate change deal.

A television ad cites 10 of “America’s biggest CEOs,” including JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Jamie Dimon and General Electric Co.’s Jeffrey Immelt, as backing the climate pact “because it will benefit American manufacturing and generate jobs.

Twenty-five other companies, including Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp. and PG&E Corp., have signed on to a letter set to run as a full-page advertisement in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on Thursday arguing in favor of the climate pact.

And Elon Musk, said he would drop from the tech council for the US government if Trump drop from the climate change Paris deal.

Stupid lucky. I mean… I’m always continually humbled, even going into Season 3… It feels like yesterday I was a hungry, starving, actress living in LA, hoping for a job. And so, I always have kind of in the back of my head, knowing that this could be taken from me at any moment. So I’m really grateful. I’m grateful that I can come to conventions in Baltimore and people will come to listen to me talk. I’m terribly boring when I don’t have a script. So, I’m really, really blessed to be in this position. And, you know, I wanted to be a part of a job that would help change the future of television and just being in this role I feel like I’ve had that opportunity, just watching the climate change in television and seeing more Black women be leading ladies and ingenues. It’s really–I feel proud to even be a part of that.
—  Candice Patton. Q: How lucky do you feel to be on the show? Because it’s gotten such great reception. I mean, it’s an amazing show.
Texas Flood Survivor Follows Senator Cruz To New Hampshire Primaries

KXAN, a local Austin news channel, reported on Renee Boschert’s story as she traveled to New Hampshire to confront Ted Cruz directly on his climate change denial. Renee lost her home in the devastating floods last May in Wimberely, TX, which were fueled by the effects of climate change on extreme precipitation. However, Ted Cruz continues to deny climate change, claiming that the scientists, not the politicians, are the ones with a “political agenda.”