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Just so we’re clear, the reason a lot of people protest climate change isn’t because they like trees and hiking. It’s because we’re making the Earth unlivable for all humans, and that humans in the poorest countries are the ones worst hit.

Protesting climate change ain’t a white privilege thing. The people protesting climate change the hardest are Indigenous people, Island nation people, and poor people in hot countries. They’re terrified.


and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

climate change isn’t a hoax. it’s very real and it’s killing us. all over the globe.

it’s already late but we still can take action. this is our home, y’all. we need to take care of it.

[edit: earthquakes AREN’T caused by climate change, but it does affect them.

and as for any other natural events: climate change doesn’t necessarily means there are going to be more of them, but it does mean that they will be more intense, and therefore more destructive]

I’ve never met someone who was raised vegan.

The majority of the people I have met who are vegan made the change gradually by eliminating one or two products at a time.

Even if they couldn’t eliminate everything, like certain medications, they still made a conscious effort to make a change.

That’s all veganism is, not supporting an industry that can hardly be defended, ethically, morally, or environmentally as best you can.

I am hoping we all realize we are one people under one sun. We are all on the Earth together. There’s no place else to go. Let’s all get along, let’s be nicer to each other, and let’s take care of the Earth.
—  Bill Nye, on the 2017 solar eclipse. Read more. 

one of my fave things about australian politics is that it’s almost entirely made up of old white men who have no idea what they’re doing, no-one trusts them, they’re all racist fools who put us in debt, every single one of them has been thoroughly humiliated on tv at least once

and then there’s penny wong, a left-wing malaysian lesbian who is quite literally the only australian politician i know of never to have made a fool of herself. she’s never lost a debate. she is five feet of rage, climate change action, and whoop-ass. everyone i know wants her to be prime minister but she’s literally said she doesn’t think australia could handle it. i love her
South Australia to get $1bn solar farm and world's biggest battery
System will include 3.4m solar panels and 1.1m batteries, with operations set to begin by end of 2017

A huge $1bn solar farm and battery project will be built and ready to operate in South Australia’s Riverland region by the end of the year.

The battery storage developer Lyon Group says the system will be the biggest of its kind in the world, boasting 3.4m solar panels and 1.1m batteries.

The company says construction will start in months and the project will be built whatever the outcome of the SA government’s tender for a large battery to store renewable energy.

A Lyon Group partner, David Green, says the system, financed by investors and built on privately owned scrubland in Morgan, will be a “significant stimulus” for South Australia.

“The combination of the solar and the battery will significantly enhance the capacity available in the South Australian market,” he said.

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If anyone is near Kamloops, BC, my university Thompson rivers university is hosting a panel discussion with indigenous land/water defenders in regards to the fight against oil pipelines. There’s some big names presenting (I recognize a few of them).

It’s a free event, and is happening this Monday, February 6th.

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What are some of the best career fields to pursue if you want to help find solutions for climate change?

The career that you are passionate about. The career that uses your skills and abilities to their fullest. What are you good at? What do you love? This career can range from journalism and communication, to law to becoming a scientist. This all depends on you.


If you’re opposed to this oil pipeline, there is only one major party (NDP) you can support in the BC election this May (or the Greens but their chances of winning seats isn’t great). The election takes place May 9th, 2017.

The BC Liberals have shown they aren’t serious about tackling climate change, respecting indigenous rights or protecting the BC Coast.
The 11-Year-Old Suing Trump Over Climate Change
When Avery McRae decided to take on the government’s environmental policies, she had no idea who she’d be up against.
By Ciara O'Rourke

Unlike most tweens, Avery is suing the federal government.

She’s the second-youngest of 21 plaintiffs, ages 9 to 20, in Juliana v. United States, a case filed in Eugene in 2015 on the grounds that the federal government has knowingly endangered them by promoting the burning of fossil fuels. If climate change threatens their future, they reason, the government has violated their constitutional right to due process.

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I'm going to the Scientists' March on Washington this weekend and I want to be sure that I help this march be inclusive of all people. What are some intersectional environmental issues that I can address in the signs my friends and I bring?

What an awesome question, and a great thing to be thinking about. For me, without overstating, nature is just as much about a way to “world peace” as anything else. Because it is one true common denominator for every person on earth. Wildlife conservation can become a unifying theme for people all over the world from all walks of life and all political beliefs because the wildlife conservation we need HAS to include the human element. A wild planet is good for all of us. We all need the things nature provides - clean air, fresh water, natural resources - so at the end of the day we’re all environmentalists and we’re all ecosystem neighbors. John Muir said it best….“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it is attached to the rest of the world”. I believe that includes people. We’re all in this together. So walk for the wild in all of us and send us a picture of you in action with your signs :).
Renewables provide more than half UK electricity for first time - BBC News
The National Grid says alternative fuel generated more electricity than coal and gas in the UK on Wednesday.

Renewable sources of energy have generated more electricity than coal and gas in the UK for the first time.

National Grid reported that, on Wednesday lunchtime, power from wind, solar, hydro and wood pellet burning supplied 50.7% of UK energy.

Add in nuclear. and by 2pm low carbon sources were producing 72.1% of electricity in the UK.

Wednesday lunchtime was perfect for renewables - sunny and windy at the same time.

Records for wind power are being set across Northern Europe.

The National Grid, the body that owns and manages the power supply around the UK, said in a tweet: “For the first time ever this lunchtime wind, nuclear and solar were all generating more than both gas and coal combined.”

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is it too late to start trying to stop the effects of climate change? what can i do to help? what is the biggest issue that is leading to global warming? would using renewable energy make a difference? and what are countries around the world doing to help?? i'm sorry to ask so much, but climate change and the earth are important issues for me!! thank you for this opportunity!

Published scientific research shows that carbon pollution from cars, power plants, deforestation, and other human activities cause climate change. Research and practice also shows that existing behaviors and technology can reduce climate change and limit the damage to nature and human well-being. The countries of the world agreed in 1997 to reduce the carbon pollution from cars, power plants, deforestation, and other human activities that causes climate change. Solar, wind, and other types of renewable energy use the natural energy of the sun and wind and produce almost no pollution. In California, USA, renewable energy now provides one-fifth of all electricity. In 2016, the amount of renewable energy capacity added around the world could replace the equivalent of 640 coal-fired power plants. You can do your part by walking, biking, taking public transit, recycling, and anything else that can reduce waste and improve energy efficiency.
Most cars sold in Norway are now either electric or hybrid
Norway already has the highest per capita number of all-electric cars in the world

Norway said that electric or hybrid cars represented half of new registrations in the country so far in 2017, as Norway continues its trend towards becoming one of the most ecologically progressive countries in the world.

According to figures from the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV), cited by AFP, sales of electric cars accounted for 17.6 per cent of new vehicle registrations in January and hybrid cars accounted for 33.8 per cent, for a combined 51.4 per cent.

Norway already has the highest per capita number of all-electric cars in the world and the experiment shows every sign of accelerating.

The milestone is also particularly significant as a large proportion of Norway’s funds rely on the country’s petroleum industry

“This is a milestone on Norway’s road to an electric car fleet,” Climate and Environment minister Vidar Helgesen told AFP.

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Trump is going against science. He’s going against reality. We can’t stand by and give aid and comfort to that. We have to do what’s right.
—  California Governor Jerry Brown, who is in China to affirm a global climate alliance.  Read more. 

Photos from the Peoples Climate March in Washington D.C.

Flood Trump (4/29)
It Takes Roots: Red Line Action (4/28)
Potatoes Not Pipelines at the FERC headquarters with Beyond Extreme Energy (4/28)

Resistance takes many forms. It’s going to take more than mass mobilizations.
Support front-line communities resisting the fossil fuel empire. Support the roots.