Your favorite coffee could be going extinct thanks to climate change

  • Ethiopia, the birthplace of the coffee bean, is poised to lose up to 60% of its suitable farming land by the end of this century thanks in large part to climate change, a new study published in the journal Nature Plants reported.
  • The coffee bean, specifically Arabica coffee, provides the African nation with nearly one-quarter of its export earnings, totaling more than $800 million, according to the study. 
  • But soon farmers will have to find new land at either higher altitudes or cooler temperatures to produce the coffee the world over knows and loves.
  • The pathway will ask farmers to move into the mountain regions and bring their crop to a higher altitude where temperatures are more stable and more friendly to the fickle crop.
  • And while moving the crop into a more habitable climate would save production, it would ultimately change the taste of coffee forever. Read more. (6/21/17, 6:21 PM)

Powerful words from Neil, on the denial of science in America.


The mayor of New York City is standing up for the planet, and has signed an executive order committing the city to honour the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

It seems that Trump’s actions to remove the U.S. from the climate accord has had the opposite effect. Now governments across the U.S. are redoubling their efforts to combat Climate Change.