climate cats


“Petals” is our animated thesis film about an idealistic bunny, a cynical cat, and a flower that ties their lives together. It was designed as a tool to promote moral and environmental values in children.

Created by my partner Kay Dominguez:

And myself, Andie Gallo:

Music composed by Stijn van Wakeren:

If you’d like to see a more detailed breakdown of the development for Petals, feel free to visit our animation blog!

Can I Haz Tomorrow?

My cat had a vision the other day
Of a future, not long away
She stood on the moon
Gazed into the gloom
Where once a planet spun
Fresh air, naps and scratches, oh what fun
Food abounds for every taste
Till wolves overcame and all was a waste
Wars were fought over piles of trash
And our once cozy home now a ball of ash