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Can you lay out a day in the life of your boarding school?

You wake up at 7 AM your woken up by the night staff who stay in the dorms all night with you you have an hour to get dressed put on make up pick showers and do whatever before you walk up to the dining hall for breakfast
Next to walk to the Emerson building which is where you have four classes
Then you walk back up to Clifty which is the dining hall and have house around where they do rollcall on all 50 students
Then PE or group therapy Then you have mandatory study hall where if your grades are below a certain level you are obligated to stay in the computer lab and Emerson to do homework otherwise you can go to the main house and play Magic the gathering boardgames sit around the fire in the pit (a circle of couches and hearth with a giant fireplace)
Then we all walk up to Clifty lodge again do another house around and announcements(ie next dorm checks, off campus trips you can apply for, home visits etc)
Then you have the night floor where you spend three hours in the main house most of the nerds play dungeons and dragons or magic the gathering for the other people hang out in the game room and play ping-pong or Foos ball
Then last light where sombody (a staff or student speaks) and one last house around Then we are walked up to the dorm lights out at 10

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