So I only just managed to finish this season and I have a couple of things. 1) Snotlout represents the hiccstrid part of the fandom for the most part (except when he says it’s gross and stuff) 2) I knew Vigo was alive I just knew it. 3) ohhhhh my goood those hiccstrids moments were beautiful 4) I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Johann much. I mean I might be wrong he might be double crossing us but he just seemed off when he was on Windshear and Hookfang (as well as any other time a Dragon goes near him.) It makes me think that he doesn’t like them not that he’s scared but almost like they’re beneath him in a way. But also when he said the king of all Dragons my mind immediatley went to a bewilderbeast because if that is the alpha currently then it would make sense for him to call it the king. 5) last one I know I’m probably not the first one to think this but I think the skull Hiccup, Fishlegs and Daggur found was of a bewilder beast. Because it sort of matches the design there was a reference to Drago and they said it was bigger than a Red death which I’m fairly sure the Bewilderbeast was.

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Could you like not rip my heart into a million pieces. I hate clifhangers! But I love your blog so much!

THANKS ANd SORRY I need to chill out on the hangers but alas im a slut for them

Let me corrupt you

Chapter six: Drunk confessions and long conversations

Keith wrapped his arms around Lance “Keith…” Lance said “please Lance don’t leave me…at least not because of such an asshole like him” Keith said his mind and his heart where fighting now they both wanted something different his mind wanted to be free and without ties while his heart wanted to be with Lance and no one but Lance Keith was basically fighting with himself while he hugged the blue eyed boy who was know crying on his shoulder.

‘How can I make you hate me….when sometimes I feel like I’m dying without you? Ugh fuck what the fuck is fucking going on with me?! Fuck’ Keith thought as he hugged Lance tighter he eventually pulled away and stare at those blue wet eyes “Don’t ever let that motherfucker being you down again ok? Never” Keith said and Lance nod looking at Keith violet eyes then someone knock the door “Lance…Lancey are you alright?” It was Allura calling him “in alright Llura” Lance said “we should go out maybe they got scare for all the yelling” Lance said “yeah probably” Keith said giving Lance a final squish and letting him go.

When they got out Allura hugged Lance “do you want me to call the cops? Inform them what happen today?” Allura said Lance shook his head “That’ll mean have to see him again” Lance said “what where you two doing in there? We heard a lot of yelling” Shiro said “Nothing bad Keith was cheering me up” Lance said “Keith?…Cheering someone up?” Shiro said and turned at his brother “did the fight affect you bro? Are you feeling alright?” Shiro said placing his hand on Keith’s shoulder with a sarcastic concern “oh shut the fuck up you know I can be gentle when I want to be” Keith said “Yeah happens every blue moon” Shiro said Lance and Allura chuckle “we should get going” Allura said “I’m so sorry again Keith” Lance said “it’s alright nerd don’t work yourself with this” Keith said “Can I still get tutorials with you?” Keith ask “is the less I can do after today” Lance said.

While the two boys chat Allura and shiro shared a look followed by a smile and then get their eyes back to the boys “Well Lance c'mon let’s go” Allura said “ok bye Keith I’m sorry again” Lance said “Bye nerd” Keith said and Lance and Allura left when they did Keith turned around to find out his brother staring at him “ummmm?” Keith said “so…you still want the tutorials huh?Shiro said in a smug tone “ummm yeah I mean aren’t you happy my grades came up” Keith said “Yeah but why do I have the feeling I should be happy for something else?” Shiro said sitting down on the couch “Shiro…you’re starting to creep me out” Keith said “Keith…no never mind bro I’m glad you like the tutorials” shiro said and while he walked to his room “or should I say the tutor?” He said loud enough to Keith to hear and blush “IS NOT LIKE THAT!” He yelled and shiro laugh entering his room.

Keith went to his own room and recall how he pin Lance to the door and told him to not abandon him “ugh I’m such an IDIOT!” Keith said Keith grabbed his phone and “Rolo? Yeah what’s up? Hey pick me up tonight and also call Nyma I wanna party” Keith said ‘need to shut my mind off’ Keith thought hopping this will solve his problems.

(Boy was he wrong)

Keith sneak out like he always did and went to said party “Sup dude” Rolo said and give Keith a high five “Keith omg you’re alive haven’t hear of you in like 5 days” Nyma said “yeah my tutor been draining the life out of me” Keith said “should we ask for the black eye?” Rolo said “Guess the answer” Keith said “Well no questions let’s get wasted” Rolo said “I’m dying to get drunk been sober for too long” Nyma said and the group start drinking and drinking and drinking.

Rule of the drunk number 1 the rule Keith knew like the palm of his hand…never get you phone if you’re drinking for emotions.

2am on Saturday Keith party a long time he was taking a rest on the bar when he felt his phone on his pocket he pull it out and found “Tutor” on his contacts Lance saved himself like that the night Keith ask for his number after he woke him up from a nightmare Keith tap on the name and it start calling it ring 5 times until someone picked up with a sleepy voice “hello?” Lance said through the phone “hey nerd” Keith drunk voice said “…Keith?” Lance ask “does anybody else call you *hic* nerd beside me?” Keith ask “Keith why are you calling me at…2am? Are you…are you drunk?” Lance ask “probably” Keith said “Keith where are you?” Lance ask his voice more awake “I’m not gonna tell you you’re gonna call Aniki” Keith said “Aniki? Who’s Aniki?” Lance ask “My brother dumb dumb” Keith said.

“Keith listen tell me where are you I’m going to pick you up” Lance said “I don’t wanna see you” Keith said “…” silence came out of Lance line “Keith I need to get you home” Lance said “no…I don’t wanna see your stupid beautiful eyes” Keith said “Kei-did you-what?” Lance couldn’t finish “I say I don’t want to see your beautiful eyes because I start to think about things I don’t want to like how fucking soft your skin is or how your hair feel like cotton and I feel weird with you around and I want to push you away but when I do I feel like I’m dying and I hate it but I love it” Keith said “I hate you….but I love you” Keith said “Keith…where are you?” Lance ask “imma drive home” Keith said “NO! No no no don’t drive Keith you’re way to drunk to do it don’t drive!” Lance said in panic.

“Lance…” Keith said but got answer with silence or well some silence with muffle noises “Lance…are you…” Keith said and heard a hiccup “crying?” Keith ask “please…” Lance said with sobs “please tell me where are you…d-don’t drive Keith…don’t…Drive” Lance said “you big crybaby” Keith mock “I’m on the bar I took you that time” Keith said “I’ll go get you right now!” Lance yelled “Lance!” Keith said before Lance hang “yeah?” Lance ask “don’t tell Aniki I’m here” Keith said “…I won’t” Lance said and then hang.

Lance walked in the bar moving dodging the drunk people and calling “Keith!” Lance said and someone raised his hand Lance moved to a drunk Keith who was resting his head against the bar “There you are” Lance said placing his hand on Keith’s shoulder “Lance?” Keith ask “the amazing and only one” Lance said “c'mon mullet let’s get you home” Lance said putting Keith arm around his shoulder and standing up “wow you’re heavier than expected” Lance said lifting Keith “Keith please help me I know you’re drunk and all but try to support at least 30% of your weight” Lance said “I’m bad at porcentaje” Keith said and Lance laugh “don’t make me laugh I lose strength when I do” Lance said “HEY!” Nyma yelled “wait a minute…I know that face” Nyma said “yeah this is the guy Keith brought last time” Rolo said “no I mean yes but I know him from other place….” Nyma said and then gasp “you’re the asshole that spill my coffee and then ran” Nyma said and Rolo looked closer at him.

“Yeah GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF KEITH!” Rolo said and pull Keith away from Lance “Hey no I need to get him to his house” Lance said “Fuck off” Nyma said then Keith moved away from both of them and walk to Lance “he’s my tutor” Keith said “WHAT?!” Nyma yelled “do you need us to knock him out?” Rolo said and Lance step back “No” Keith answer and then he threw up “oh my god! KEITH!” Lance said and that was the last thing he heard then everything was black.

When he woke up he was on Lance bed and Lance had multiple bruises on his face “Lanc- agh my head” Keith said and place his hand on his forehead “what happen?” Keith ask “you got drunk as fuck and called me at 2 am” Lance said “fuck…did I say something weird?” Keith said 'how much you love me’ Lance thought “how much you like going to school and that you actually wanted to go to Altea” Lance lied “pfff shit I was drunk” Keith said “yeah…you were” Lance said Keith extend his hand to Lance face and pass his thumb gently on top of one of the bruises on Lance face “What happen here?” Keith said “well…pulling you out of the bar one of your friends a girl and a boy recognize me from the coffee accident and weren’t letting me help after you passed out I had to fight to get you out” Lance said “didn’t hurt him good dodging” Lance said Keith pass his hand to his head “fuck I’m sorry” Keith said.

“Nah it’s alright” Lance said 'Im sorry I had to tell shiro’ Lance thought “I’ll get Shiro so you can go home” Lance said “ohhh men I’m gonna get peep talked” Keith said “you deserve it for getting that drunk” Lance said and walk off the room and go downstairs Shiro was already sitting on the sofa of the house and saw Lance bruises “oh my god Lance I’m so so sorry” Shiro said “hey it’s ok your brother got beat up because of me eye for eye” Lance said “how is he?” Shiro ask “he’s fine he’s ok and awake” Lance said “but last night he told me "Don’t tell Aniki I’m here” so I kinda betray him” Lance said shiro felt his heart skipped a beat “h-he hasn’t called me Aniki in years…” shiro said falling in the sofa again “fuck” Shiro said.

“Love?” Allura said walking to shiro “I…I miss who Keith used to be…I miss my Otouto” Shiro said “I miss the kid that could fall on his knees stand up shake the dust and go play again” Shiro said “oh shiro” Allura said hugging “I’ll leave you two alone” Lance said and went back to his room.

“How?” Shiro ask “huh?” Allura ask back “how did you manage to turn Lance into the kid he is now when my Keith turned into this rebel who’s about to get kicked out of the worse school in the damn state” Shiro said “I’m such an awful big brother” shiro said “oh no Shiro no no no no no” Allura said “I did nothing actually” Allura said “what?” Shiro ask “when our parents die I was too busy taking actual care of us food and then we went to our grandparents house but when I was 17 they died leaving me and Lance alone again when you saw me being a good student I spend night without sleeping taking care of 6 years old Lance who was an attention craver but Lance thought himself how to be a good kid he is who he is because of himself” Allura said “I wish I could say Lance is who he is because of me but I know that if it was for me Lance would be worse than Keith” Allura confess.

“You’re not a bad brother Shiro you just have problems have you ever sit with him and talk and long detail talk?” Allura ask “…n-no” shiro realice 'I’m a fucking idiot’ shiro thought “then try it maybe that’ll work” Allura say “but don’t yell don’t get mad and if you do don’t show it to him let him open to you and feel he can talk to you without the fear of being judge by you” Allura say “no matter what are his reason to act like the way he does listen to him and don’t judge him but yes help him” Allura said Shiro scoff “how are you so good and giving advices?” Shiro ask “heh 8 years of physiology do something on your live you know?” Allura said.

Keith and shiro went back to their apartment after apologizing once again with Allura and Lance and once in their apartment, Keith was walking to his room “Keith…come here” Shiro said “here we go again with the alcohol talk” Keith said and sit on the couch “No is not the alcohol talk” shiro said sitting beside Keith “wow the shit turn serious” Keith said “you never sit beside me you always sit in fort of me” Keith said “Keith i want to talk” shiro said “ummm Talk?” Keith ask “yes…talk about you anything you want to tell me you can say it now and I swear on our mothers grave that I won’t judge you or get mad or yell at you so if you killed someone you can say it now” shiro said Keith wanted to joke but then he saw into his brother eyes and saw he wasn’t joking “I’m…”


((DAMN!!!! That cliffhanger well you know when the next episode comes out? THIS FRIDAY ON THE MARATHON!!! Yep you heard well there’s gonna be a marathon this Friday followed by my voice reveal which don’t forget to add your question for me if you have any more information [] so the fics that are gonna be part of the marathon are Numb Gifted and Let me corrupt you and next week I have fall break from school so more fics and I’ll try to post blameless which is taking a ridiculous amount of times to come out well that’ll be all

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Honestly that ending would've been so much better bc they could've left us on a huuuuuge clifhanger and opened season 5 with Lotor saving Keith

honestly if i were a writer and i was hoping to incite drama and excitement for a new season, ending on us wondering if keith was fucking alive vs us being like ‘oh lotor’s here now…..great’ – there’s no competition between those two, the sheer fucking terror that the first ending would incite would be incredible. like, i’m personally glad they didn’t because i would have a stomach ulcer rn and the amount of angsty fics would probably quadruple from what they already are, but i honestly wouldn’t have blamed them for doing it – it would have been insane. my stomach is in knots just thinking about it 

Wanting More {Calum} part 3

You guys actually requested for more! I’m so happy!! Please request and feel free to talk to me! 

p.s: i dont bite :)

p.p.s: does anyone actually read this part?

part one | part two



The frost of the night bit at my skin, causing the hairs on my arms to stick up, but that didn’t distract me from the game. My dad had handed over the clipboard to me, expecting me to lead the rest of the game. This happened so often, I was so familiar with the game that I was the assistant coach, basically.

Most of the plays that I had been shouting were working, and we were currently tied with the opposing team, with only three minutes left. My tired and dried out eyes looked over the piece of paper, not seeing anything that was going to work and the players were on standby, waiting for my command. 

Standing up, I tossed the clipboard to my chair and glanced over to the coach. He was giving me that ‘do you want me to take over?’ look and I just shook my head, turning back to the field. I pulled a strategy from my head, knowing the boys were going to fight me on it. 

“Star Drill, five on two!” I yelled the play towards the boys, only for Calum to whip his head towards me in a concerned motion. He called for a time out and ran to my side, panting. 

“Star Drill? Are you high or something?” He asked, clearing the sweat off of his forehead. 

“Cal, what did I say? Follow my instructions, okay? We have less than five minutes, and it’s time to take this game home,” I said, crossing my arms. He just shook his head in response. 

“There’s no way I’m putting my mates through that play, (Y/N).” He was getting frustrated which only fueled my impatience. 

“Follow through with the play, or sit this one out, Hood.” I looked at him with a glare and he swallowed. I only ever called him by his last name when I was in my ‘coach’ mode. He simply rolled his eyes and ran back onto the field. 

“Do you always let your girlfriend call the shots? Looks like she wears the pants in the relationship!” Jake, the captain on the opposite team yelled. Cal’s head turned towards the blonde, and I could see his eyes practically turn red with anger. He had been taunting him during the whole game, and he had finally had enough. He began to walk towards the cocky player, only to be stopped by Nate.

He shook it off, getting in position for the play I had ordered. When the timer started, Calum sprinted forwards, passing the ball between himself and his teammates. We were down to the final seconds and the ball was kicked towards the brunette and he swung his leg with all of his power towards the net. 

In that split second, time stopped. Parents were on their feet. The cheerleaders had their pom poms ready. My dad was on his feet and I gripped the clipboard with all of my strength. Scouts were on the edge of their seats. I could feel a bead of sweat tickle my hairline, but I didn’t dare move or even breathe. 

Suddenly our cheer squad was yelling with victory while the sound of the buzzer rattled everyone’s bones. We made the shot. He made the shot. I jumped upwards, hugging my dad tightly around his torso. 

“I have to say, Sport. That was a risky play,” He said, looking at me with a hesitant eye, but he smiled with pride. “But once again, you pulled us through,” He said, tugging me in for another hug.

Before I knew it, hands were around my waist and spinning me around. I was off the grass, twirling in the night air. Below me, Calum was smiling with vibrance and hollering in victory. He set me down only to pull me into another hug. 

“I can’t believe we won! We won! (Y/N), we won! All thanks to you,” He smiled down at me, the crinkles by his eyes becoming prominent. I blushed, shrugging off the compliment, but I didn’t dismiss the feeling of accomplishment running through my veins. The rest of the players gathered around, congratulating each other and yelling about how we needed to celebrate the victory. 

“Party at my house!” Nate yelled over the crowd and he turned to me as I rested under Cal’s arm. “And you better be there,” He said with a wink. 


Nate’s parents were out of town, once again and the music was just as loud as it always was. The only difference was the fact that all lights were off and everything was glowing. It was a blacklight party. Hell fucking yeah

Girls around me danced in minimal clothing, the heat causing their hair to stick to their necks and the paint dripped down their cheeks. I pushed through the thick cloud of marijuana smoke and sweat. I could see Cal on the other end of the room, with his shirt off and he was being painted. For a split second my heart skipped a beat when his eyes met mine, they were traced with a line green color, causing his features to be masked. 

“Why the hell aren’t you painted?” He asked over the music once I reached his side. Due to the small space and lack of ability to hear, we had to stand super close, his bicep rubbing against my clothed arm. 

“I don’t have any place where I can be painted,” I laughed, looking down at my leggings and jersey. He chuckled and shook his head. He reached forwards, gripping at the hem of the shirt and asked me with his eyes. If I wasn’t slightly tipsy, I probably wouldn’t of let him remove my clothing. But, considering I was about two beers into the party, I helped him take it off. 

Once I was in my black bralette, he reached for the same colors he was dressed in. Green white and blue rested in his hands and he bent down slightly, caressing my face. Swirls and lines began to disguise me until a body came bumping into mine from behind me. 

“(Y/N)! I’ve been looking for you erverywhereeee,” Nate cooed into my ear, but I ignored him and tried focussing on Calum’s eyes. He struggled to keep a steady hand when Nate threw his arm over my shoulder. 

“Mate, do you mind?” Cal said, wiping away a mistake he made under my cheekbone.

“You’re painting in the wrong area, you’ve gotta get right …” He reached for some paint in Calum’s hand and began to trace the line of my cleavage. “Here,” He smirked but Calum just scowled. His glare was so strong when he began to trace it up to my neck and he reached forwards, grabbing his wrist and pulling it away. 

“Walk away now, Nate. I’m not kidding,” Calum seethed and I stood with a heated expression. In this lighting, with the bright colors highlighting his face, he looked beautiful. I never thought I would find my best friend attractive, ever. But in that split second, I couldn’t contain the butterflies fluttering through my veins. 

“Sorry about that,” Cal said, turning back to me when his drunk teammate walked away. I shrugged as I tried wiping away the bright blue streak in between my breasts. 

“It’s okay, you were right about him,” I said, trying to rub off the luminescent. “C’mon,” I groaned, rubbing even harder. Calum just laughed, watching me struggle.

“Here, it has to be taken off with something wet,” He quickly licked his thumb and reached towards my skin and began wiping away the substance. My breath hitched in my throat, the feeling of his hand on my body. My hands rested on his chest due to our proximity and in reaction to his touch, I looked up to his eyes. 

His smile had disappeared and he had now been watching his movements with such precision. I could tell he was trying not to overthink our situation, but it was when his eyes met mine that I realized he, in that moment, felt what I was feeling.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or the coolness I felt along my chest, or the sexual music, or the way his other hand held my hip. But I could feel myself inching closer to his face, feeling his hot breath fan onto my cheeks. My heart was in my throat, all of my nerves on edge and I could barely breathe. He could tell I was beyond hesitant, so he held my face with both hands, inching our bodies closer together to the point his lips barely brushed over mine. That was until Michael, one of our best friends ran up to the both of us, oblivious to our position and started shouting in excitement. 

“Spin the bottle in the living room! And you two are playing!” He clung onto our shoulders, resting in between us as we carried him over to the sofas. Most of the players and cheerleaders were sitting in a circle, surrounding a beer bottle and I took a seat next to the captain herself, Jessica. Calum sat across from me, with his best friends, his eyes not leaving mine, a smirk plastered on his face. 

This is going to be interesting. 

Actual stuff  in ‘‘Captain America: White’‘
  • Bucky is referred as Steve’s ‘‘little girlfriend’‘
  • ‘‘Maybe I did come down too hard on you that first night… or maybe I didn’t come down hard enough… and you’d still be alive, Bucky…’‘
  • When they show Steve waking up in the future, the first thing he says is ‘‘Bucky!’‘
  • ‘‘I still can’t believe he’s gone.’‘ Steve talking about Bucky with Fury in a church
  • ‘‘The mission was going down in flames and we hadn’t even started - but at that exact moment, you wouldn’t have believed what I was thinking about. […] But, I couldn’t get out of my head that the last real conversation we had was the fight over whether or not you could go to the club. It’s a terrible thing to have to learn. That sometimes you don’t get to say everything you need to before someone you love… dies…’‘
  • ‘‘In the deep it got darker and darker. But I never felt alone knowing you were there. Somewhere.’‘ Steve about the time he was drowning in the mid-Atlantic
  • Bucky saves Steve from drowning even though Fury told him he had little chance to find him in the water
  • Bucky and Steve are referred as lovebirds
  • ‘‘A clifhanger. That’s what you called it just to get me to smile. In that moment, despite all the odds against us… knowing you had my back, Bucky, I had the strangest feeling.’‘
  • ‘‘Captive. Not something I was used to. But to make it worse, you were there. Bucky Barnes. In harm’s way. Unacceptable. And yet… your faith in me. Unshakeable.’‘
  • ‘‘With you gone… without you to back me up… what has my life become?’‘
  • ‘‘You used to believe in me’‘ Bucky says to Steve (after Steve finds him spying on him and a girl)
  • ‘‘But on that fateful night in Paris - all that mattered to me was saving your life, Bucky.’‘ (Red Skull wanted to force Steve to either save Paris or Bucky)
  • Red Skull calls Bucky Steve’s soft spot
  • ‘‘Keeping you safe, James. In some ways, that’s all I ever wanted to do throughout the war. I hope you’ll understand why your death will always be my greatest failure…’‘
  • ‘‘You’re not going to die. Not on my watch.’‘ Steve tells Bucky. Steve’s thoughts about this: ‘‘I wish… I wish I could’ve made good on that promise.’‘
  • ‘‘I miss you, pal.’‘
Attention all you wonderful people:

I love the Corso fandom. Like, seriously, I *love* you guys. We’re not a huge or widely-known fandom, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in passion and friendliness. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but everyone I’ve interacted with has been supportive and encouraging - even when I abandon my poor stories for months at a time or end chapter after chapter on a clifhanger! So I just want to thank you all for being so awesome.

To make a long story short, corellianred suggested a fic exchange or big bang or something. (That’s right, Clix, blame someone else!) Which is a great idea… Even if I’m nervous that people will be too busy to submit anything. Fingers crossed, y'all!

So here it is: “As Long As You’ll Have Me” - the FYCR Valentine’s Day Creative Challenge! Whether it’s fic, art, a thematic playlist, a recipe, or an embroidery sampler, if you can create it, we want to see it. Submit it to the blog and tag it #vdcc (please place anything NSFW behind a jump). I’ll take submissions through midnight February 13 and then begin posting them on Valentine’s Day.

Any and all romance-themed creations are welcome, but to get you started, here is a list of 14 prompts:

Firsts -

1. The first flutter of something-more-than-partnership
2. The first hug
3. The first kiss

Early days -

4. The crew secretly trying to get them together
5. The crew making bets on when/how it happens
6. The crew chaperoning / spying on a date

Rough patches -

7. The solo mission when they can’t save the other in trouble
8. The smuggler’s reluctance to “settle down”
9. The ex who, logically, would be a much better fit

Long-term -

10. The wedding - crew/friend/family reactions, or as guests
11. BABIES (come on, you didn’t see that coming?
12. Their home together

Later years -

13. Looking at old holovids and thinking about what’s changed… and what hasn’t
14. Retirement - do they raise a family? travel the galaxy? take up knitting?

Anyone else notice how the people who run Paradox Space always schedule the longer stories to have the last page on a Monday?
Leaving us with a cliffhanger over the weekend every damn time!? like really!?
I know cliffhangers can be good things to use and all, but every damn time!!?
That just makes things infuriating rather than “leaving us wanting more” or whatever!
Is it really too much to ask to have something wrap up nicely before we go to the break!?
Because that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do as well you know, other people do it all the time, it’s not that hard!!