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book lovers’ scented soy candles by frostbeard

my sister katherine introduced me to frostbeard’s genius candles inspired by books, movies, famous libraries, and more earlier this season — i just can’t get enough. whether you’re a ‘game of thrones’ nerd, a potterphile, a fan of all things hobbit and middle earth, or straight up bibliophile, you’re sure to find a scent tailored to your literary preferences!! they’ve also got wax tarts for you scent-melters :)


This Etsy shop is one of my favorites! They sell candles based off of books and movies. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Dr. Who and more.


So, this is very exciting news for me…last week, the nominating ballot for the 2016 Pegasus Awards (for excellence in filk music) was released, along with the results of this year’s brainstorming poll. (The poll is just a list of ideas generated by other filkers to assist with the nominating process.)

Anyway, the exciting part is that our song “Cliffs of Insanity,” a parody of “Green Hills of Harmony” about The Princess Bride, was mentioned in the “Best Adapted Song” category. Sweet!

This is yet another instance of a seemingly simple scene to which I find myself hugely overreacting. In any other show with any other couple, you perhaps wouldn’t give this a second thought. It may even be looked at as mundane. But this is not just any couple. And this is certainly not just any family. This is Booth and Brennan sitting on a couch with THEIR six year old daughter. A daughter we have known since birth. A daughter we have watched grow up over the years. All of them together, just watching TV one morning. They are truly a family in every sense of the word now (minus a couple boys). It is so precious. These moments are honestly anything but normal. They are extraordinary. Because this was all earned. After everything these two have been through over the past decade+, they deserve this life. And I treasure little “nothing” moments like this, each and every episode. Because I know all that it took to get here. And it really has just been a pleasure to be a part of “everything that happens next.” Booth and Brennan finally reached their “eventually.”