Princess Bride: The Shoot From Hell That Made A Beloved Film.

The Princess Bride is one of the most popular heartwarming films of all time. But the story of its production was no fairy tale. Here are just a few of the events that happened on set:

  • The lead actors didn’t get along. Robin Wright and Cary Elwes fought constantly, often refusing to kiss each other on cue. In one instance, the actors refused to be on set in the other’s presence, necessitating many scenes to be shot with doubles, or one angle at a time. 
  • Director Rob Reiner made the film while suffering from brain parasites. Picked up from bad catering on “Stand By Me,” Reiner frequently collapsed on set, losing the shooting day as a new worm was found and removed from his cerebral cortex. He was finally cured of the disease only days after filming ended.
  • The “Cliffs Of Insanity” shoot lasted well over 7 months. Weather refused to cooperate with the dangerous stunt of climbing the rope. Every time the actors were in place they had to come back down before a storm hit, and seven stuntmen were killed when they couldn’t get free in time. Due to the dangerous conditions, many of their skeletons remain on the Cliffs of Moher where the sequence was filmed.
  • Author Donatien François who wrote the book on which the movie was based was furious over the adaptation and often showed up on set despite a restraining order. He managed to burn down the castle sets twice, kidnap Billy Crystal for two days, poison the craft services table with Iocane powder, shoot Werner Herzog, steal most of the horses and viciously bite off Christopher Guest’s sixth finger for which he had been cast. He remains in jail as of 2016.
  • The budget soared from an intended $16 Million dollars to a record $98 Million, and its planned two month shoot lasted well well into 1987, the film having begun shooting in 1983. During this time numerous roles had to be recast, and many crew were replaced, including ten cinematographers, four directors (Reiner was preceded by Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, and Werner Herzog), and had to reshoot many scenes when the movie took so long to make that the first footage shot had decayed by the time it made it back to the developer lab.
  • The large rats used as “ROUSs” were real rats that had been specifically bred upward in size to be in the movie. Taking 4 years to breed, the giant rodents were uncontrollable on stage. In a single day, they ate all the catering, splattered the swamp set with noxious feces that caused sickness among the handlers, tore up most of the costumes, killed an alligator which was to have appeared in the scene, and seven of the beasts were lost into the streets where they caused a massive traffic accident and plagued the Fox Studio lot for decades. One can be seen hiding in the background of a shot in Alien 3.
  • Wallace Shawn stubbed his toe on a rock while shooting the famous battle of wits scene. He tells the story in “My Dinner With Andre.”
Hamilton (Lams) Princess Bride AU

Hear me out tho

  • Theo jr. is sick, so Burr comes in to read her a story.
  • Alexander is Buttercup, the orphan who lives on a farm with adoptive parents (George and Martha) 
  • John is Wesley, a sweet farmhand whom Alex falls deeply in love with
  • Alex is promised to King George III, who is a complete douchecanoe 
  • Meanwhile, on the cliffs of insanity, we’ve got Laf as Inigo Montoya, Herc as Fezzik, and Charles Lee as Vizzini 
  • “I’m a general! WHEEE!” “I do not think that means what you think it means…”
  • Laf being a sexy swordsman who can do flips n shit :3 
  • Hercules trying to bash Alex backward against a rock as they have a pleasant chat 
  • Alex outsmarting Lee with the iocane powder, then being kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roberts (John the BAMF) they are ecstatic to see each other
  • “I thought you said there wasn’t any kissing, dad. When are we gonna get back to the action?!” “Wait for it, Theo… wait for it.” 
  • King George takes Alex back to the castle, but John is determined to get him back 
  • He ends up getting tortured by the six fingered man (Seabury gone dark) 
  • Laf and Herc find a weakened John, bring him to James Madison the Miracle Worker, who figured he may as well use his natural gift to not only heal himself of his perpetual colds, but to help people (ft. his witchy bf, Thomas) 
  • they save Alex, but Laf needs to avenge his father’s death
  • “Hello. My name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” 
  • And they all lived happily ever after!!!111!!
As you wish (Dwalin x Reader)

Disclaimer: I have no rights to the Princess Bride, or J.R.R.Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s work.

Word Count: 1599

Dark was the night. Silent and eerily empty as the dwarves all sat side by side, staring out into the forest or sharpening their weapons.

Not the soft crunch of a falling leaf nor the whistle of wind was heard in the encompassing and never ending emptiness surrounding you. The silence seemed to last for hours before it was broken by a sudden voice. A strong vibrant tone belonging to that of Bofur as he asked; “Lass, could you tell us another one of your stories?” Immediately, excited murmurs of agreement sprung through the air and you felt a tender smile stretch across your lips.

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Meeting the God of Mischief

 I felt an unfamiliar sense of unease graze my flesh as I laid across the bed of my dungeon cell. The sudden discomfort poisoned my being with fear that, much like the bit of a venomous snake left me paralyzed in terror. I’ve never felt like this in all my time wasted in this prison of solitude. These air tight walls robbed me of all the things that made life worth living and stripped my being bare of all emotion, leaving no gaps for anything good nor bad to either leave or grace my presence. The constant state of desperation and loneliness had been all I’ve ever known in my newly found seclusion. 

It all felt so strange, so polluted by an unknown being that had plagued my mind from the moment i tore open mu eyes in fear. The numbness of mind had been the only thing that was still pulling me from the cliff of insanity, and now even that had been taken away from me. I was afraid, after all this time I was feeling something and it had been the most crippling emotion of them all. Something was not right. My eyes still struggled to get used to the darkness that embraced my form in it’s hungry manner, yet i managed to notice the clear difference from my previous surroundings that I had been accustomed to. The realization hit me like a bolt of lightning - this was not my usual cell. Somehow even after the conclusion that was supposed to clear the venom from my veins I still wasn’t at peace, I was overtaken by confusion.

 It wasn’t an uncommon practice for prisoners to be extracted from their cells under a veil of darkness and sedation, only to be placed in another hole and sealed shut. It happened once before, and it will happen many more times as long as I don’t prove my innocence, which already seemed like a fading dream, I got so lost in my midnight ramblings that reality had already lost it’s grasp on me, but as soon as I was reminded of the existence of  world around me I was plagued by terror once again. Then it downed upon me like a vulture above it’s decaying feast; i was being watched. 

‘‘Well well well, aren’t you a frightened creature’‘ - a strangers voice spoke in a mocking tone. ‘‘sadly your fears have no use, for I can’t actually hurt you while we are behind these walls.’‘ - the voice spoke again not managing to hide the sound of amusement that had been caused my appearance and the language of my body.

‘‘Come on dear, I don’t bite, unless you wan’t me too.’‘

I haven’t heard a human voice in months, I had always been secluded since I arrived in this facility, and being in the presence of another being was somehow comforting and disturbing all at once.

‘‘What is your name if I may ask?’‘ - the stranger spoke up once again, clearly not enjoying my silence.

‘‘Y/N’‘ - I said in a shaky chirp whilst turning to face my fellow prisoner who, I assumed had been equally as desperate for human interaction as I was.Upon meeting his piercing gaze with my frightened eyes I realized just how wrong I was.

His blue icy eyes dug themselves into my shivering being like daggers, and the fear that lingered upon me before gave me the kiss of death. It felt like he found out my deepest darkest secrets just by watching me from underneath his curtain of black locks. It felt like he was breaking the every bone within me while being meters away and although his motives were foggy i knew that the need for company wasn’t the only thing on his mind.

‘‘Y/N, Hmmm.. Y/N, I love the sound of that, and it sure helps that such a pretty name is attached to that breathtaking face of yours.’‘ - he said whilst flashing me a smile before freezing upon realizing that he hadn’t introduced himself just yet, -’‘ I am Loki of Asgard and i am burdened with glorious purpose.’‘ said the man who suddenly wasn’t a stranger any longer and now had a name and a face attached to his abilities to strike unease upon me.

Still trapped in the icelands of his eyes I managed to just nod to the sound of his words almost in a trance like state.

-’’ OH Y/N…we’ll get along just fine.’’ 

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Andavs, I've been sick as a dog and feeling like death :( will you tell me a story to make me laugh? But seriously not on the same caliber as The Portrait bc then I literally will die!! (I have the flu + cold +asthma= not too intense laughing!) If you can't that's okay. You can give me an update on saso ;) and if not that either at least let me know if you are having a better day than I am :)

I happened to be watching The Princess Bride when you sent this, so there was really no other way this could go. I hope you feel better!

Once upon a time, there was a boy.

Around the same time, there was another boy.

These two boys knew each other very well, and in fact, loved each other deeply, but refused to admit it. They lived to impress the other, lived for the other, but were determined to die before the other actually knew this. They hid their feelings behind bickering and insults, sneers and eyerolls, always threatening to leave, but never meaning it for a second.

The two boys were all each other had, living at the very edge of the kingdom of Beacon Hills, where there was little more than thieves and orphans like them scraping to get by. They could survive there, but they wouldn’t be able to live happily, not with the hand life had dealt them.

One boy realized that to be together in the future, they would have to part for the present. He’d heard tales from the thieves that roamed the forest, of men crossing the seas and returning with wealth and status, and knew what he had to do.

They said their goodbyes at the shore, parting without confessing their love, both too proud to be the first to give in and silently promising to say it when they were together again.

But the boy never returned to his love; his ship was attacked by the Dread Pirate Hale. There were no survivors.

Five years later, there was to be a wedding. A royal wedding the likes of which had never been seen before, because the prince of Beacon Hills, Prince Jackson, was to marry a commoner—a boy from the outermost reaches of his kingdom. That very same boy who lost his love all those years ago.

The boy named Stiles.

Now this wedding wasn’t happening because the prince found this boy to be particularly beautiful or charming—even though he was, in a weird sort of way.


He’d chosen Stiles under the incorrect assumption that he was little more than a country bumpkin who could be easily manipulated in the complex world of the royal court, if not just shut up in a locked room for the rest of his life without protest.

The prince wasn’t thrilled to find just how wrong he’d been, and quickly came to hate his fierce and clever fiancé, who fought him at every opportunity, about everything from the dinner menu to international treaties.

As much as the prince hated Stiles, Stiles hated him even more, but the wedding had already been announced to the kingdom, Stiles publicly introduced, and to call it off would cause an uproar.

The people loved Stiles, the way he wasn’t really royalty, he was one of them—he didn’t have the grace or charm of the prince, he broke out of the castle on a regular basis, and he often wandered away in the middle of official processions and banquets to local shops, feigning ignorance when caught. He’d won the people over in all of a day.

Prince Jackson may have been a pompous dolt, but he knew a political advantage when he saw one, so the wedding was planned, the excitement overtaking the castle, and Stiles resigned himself to—


Derek paused and turned towards his very sick boyfriend lying next to him, cocooned in no less than four blankets. “Yes, Stiles?”

“I have a complaint.”

“Of course you do.”

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Amazing Places to Visit at least once in lifetime. 

  1. Portaledge Camping at Yosemite
  2. Swing at the end of the world, Baños Ecuador
  3. Sky walking on Mount Nimbus, Canada
  4. Bike riding on the Cliffs of Moher
  5. Insanity, Las Vegas
  6. Cliff Diving, Islet of Vila Franca do Campo, Portugal
  7. Trolltunga, Odda, Norway
  8. Willis Tower (formally Sears Tower), glass floor, Chicago
  9. The Edgewalk, Toronto, Canada
  10. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

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You hated Prince Humperdinck with a passion. When he had asked you to marry him, you said yes only because you didn’t have much of a choice. Your one true love was dead and you had lost all purpose to live.

It didn’t take you long to find out what sort of man Humperdinck really was. He was conniving and cruel. He longed for power and he would stop at nothing to get it.You could never love a man like him.

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It’s wrong pt 4

“Please make part 4 of its wrong happen. Your cliff hangers are driving me insane😭😩”

“Part 4?”

  • Warnings : None apart from swearing
  • Word count : 1210
  • Prompt : Geraldine Grundy is your older sister and you find out about her relationship with one of your friends Archie Andrews and you are desperate to get them to break up for their own good

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3 

You ran to Geraldine’s classroom, ripping the door open, she looked up from her phone eyes wide with realisation,

“Y/N it’s not what it looks like” She said sheepishly, putting her hand sup in front of her, placing the phone on the table, her eyes never leaving your stature.

“Not what it looks like! Geraldine you are having a relationship with someone who not only is my age, not only goes to this school, but is one of my friends! It’s illegal.” You shouted anger bubbling inside of you, your face was getting redder and redder by the minute, you couldn’t believe the audacity that she was having.

Will you keep your voice down please? And it isn’t like that, I truly do care about Archie I wouldn’t lead him on like that, it started out innocent-”

“Innocent you approached him Geraldine and lead him on? You’re an adult for god sake you’ve been married. Does he even know that?” You said your arm reaching out behind you point in the direction of the door.She shook her head in response.

“I can’t believe you…” you said laughing at the her responses.

Will you please let me speak?” You looked at her with hooded eyes you didn’t answer her, you grabbed a seat and sat there with you arms folded waiting to hear the bullshit that she was about to tell you.

“You know what happened with my ex, I didn’t want to have a serious relationship, and at first it started off as a mistake, after that night I knew what we did was wrong and illegal, but it’s like I’m in a trance I really do like him and I trust him with all my heart. After you guys graduate then it will be perfectly fine. I know it sounds pathetic, but I got lonely, countless movies by myself in the sitting room, I just wanted someone to talk to.” She looked at you pleadingly.

 You understand that her relationship with her now ex-husband has scared her, that’s a no brainer- he was violent to her and mentally abusive. It was so difficult to see your sister in hospital all bruised, when she left your hometown you wanted to go with her. You had to change how you treated her, and your relationship was strained, but this situation was wrong.

 “You had me to talk to Geraldine, I would’ve spent nights with you. And I know it was hard on you, I saw you go through it and I never want to see you go through something like that again. But what you’re not getting is that, that “relationship” if you can even call it that isn’t right. It will get you in so much bother. It will destroy the whole life we’ve built up here.” At this point you were standing up walking towards where she stood head hung down low.

“I get you didn’t want a serious relationship, but like you said it started off a mistake and if I’m not mistake Geraldine, you approached Archie first, it wasn’t like a child fancied his teacher you made the first move. That in itself is wrong. He’s still a child, we’re in high school for fucks sake. I know you don’t want to hear this but if this continues it will ruin his life  and yours never mind everyone’s around the pair of you. this infatuation is wrong, why can’t you understand?”

“He isn’t a child Y/N.” She mumbled at this point you could tell that she was getting annoyed.


“I said he isn’t a child Y/N” She glared at you staring over her glasses

“Yes he is, if you want to admit it or not, he is a child, he is the same age as me, and like you say every time we have an argument you are the adult Geraldine and I am a child. That is why it’s wrong! You even went on dates with his father. What was that about? Huh? Were you trying to make him jealous? Or was it a cover up?!” She didn’t dare answer you.

I want an answer Geraldine”

“I never meant it to go this far.”

“Then why don’t you end it?”

“Cause I love him.” She mumbled

“Love! You’re talking about love! This is ridiculous. You need to realise how selfish you are being right now-”

“Me being selfish, what about you Y/N! You don’t want me to be happy, be with the person that can do that for me”

“Of course I want you to be happy your my fucking sister. And as for em being selfish I’m looking at the bigger picture. If you get found out, you go to prison, Archie gets expelled, he would lose his potential scholarship, I would get sent back home and I don’t want that and you know why. I came here with you for a fresh start and here you are messing it up and you then have the cheek to tell me that I am being selfish. You’ve already been seen Geraldine. Jughead saw you and Archie kissing in here the other day. If you want it to be a secret at least try to keep it as one.”

“Wait- people saw us.” She said eyes going wide with panic, eyes immediately diving to the window that was situated in her wooden door of the classroom.

“Yes, people saw you, how are you going to keep it a secret until he graduates if you do it in plain sight? That’s right you can’t. Are you understanding how unrealistic this situation is.” She didn’t even look at you, you sigh and shake your head, turning so your back is facing her, you run your hands through your hair, not knowing where to go from here.

“I’m sorry but i’m not finishing with Archie for you.” she said tears rolling of her face.

You turn around, tears threatening to fall,

“Whatever Geraldine, keep having this disgusting relationship, but when it all goes tits up about not only the fact that you’re hiding evidence from Sheriff Keller about Jason’s murder, but when the perverted relationship gets exposed and you are hauled into a back of a police car don’t cry down the phone to me when you want bailed out, cause I’m not helping you. You are on your own.” You wiped a stray tear off your cheek, not looking at her, you grabbed your bag of the floor and slowly walked to the door, you glanced over you shoulder to see her standing there head down shoulders hunched, small sounds left her mouth. Once you open the door, Archie is ready to go in, you laugh at this desperateness.

You know what Arch you’re welcome to her, cause if the pair of you don’t end this relationship then soon enough everything will get exposed, just remember that.” You don’t even wait to here his response, you turned on your heel and walked away hearing the door open, and the muffled sobs that would echo in the corridor. You were fuming at this situation. This relationship is toxic and if they aren’t going to end it, you are going to have to find a way.

Hi guys! So this is part 4, hope you guys like it, if you would like a part 5 then send it in. Requests are open so you can send some on as well. I have two more posts that I’m going to write within the next few days so if you’ve requested something it is on its way don’t worry!

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Oh man, I would love to see your take on Supercorp for “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

13. “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

(Original meme here.)

Kara’s alone, at home. It’s nine at night, and she’s got a busy day planned tomorrow and she’s trying to be an organized person who doesn’t need to use super speed to get through their morning routine, which is a lot more work than it seems. The knock on her apartment door is a surprise, so much so that she almost misses it.

There’s a second knock, and just as Kara’s x-raying the door to see who it is, there’s a soft voice on the other side. “Kara? Are you home?”

It’s Lena. She sounds like she’s been crying.

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Fishlegs: Hey everybody, Happy Snoggletog!

The Gang: Sshhhhh!!!

Fishlegs: What, are we keeping Snoggletog a secret this year?

Hiccup: We’re playing this game Gobber taught me. You have to name all of the 50 islands in six minuets. 

Fishlegs: What? That’s like, insanely easy.

Hiccup: No its a lot harder then it sounds. You always forget at least one or in some cases fourteen.

Astrid: Its a stupid game and I wasn’t playing against other people so technically I didn’t lose. 

Fishlegs: You forgot fourteen islands?

Astrid: Nobody cares about the marshes!

Hiccup: Okay times up.

Heather: Alright, I got forty-eight.

Hiccup: Hey, that’s not bad. Ruff?

Ruffnut:Oh, I got tired of naming islands so I decided to list types of celery instead. And I have one, Regular Celery.

Tuffnut: And I forgot the names of the islands so I just started making up my own. Like, Island That Looks Like A Face Island! The Cliffs of Insanity! Motun'ui! The Cliffhanger Isla-

Hiccup: Alright, so Heather has forty-eight and Ruff has the lead in…vegetables. And Tuff has the lead in imaginary islands. Snotlout?

Snotlout: Say hello to the new champ of Hiccups dumb island game. 

Fishlegs: Wow. How many you got?

Snotlout: 56!


Fishlegs: DONE! With time to spare!

Hiccup: OH! This may be a new world record!

Fishlegs: You know I hate to lecture you guys, but its kinda disgraceful that a group of well educated adults, with the Twins and Snotlout, can’t name all the islands in the Archipelago. You ever seen a map? Hiccup has hundreds of them, he can show you them any time you need a refresher. 

Ruffnut: REGULAR CELERY! Uch, I already have that.

Hiccup: Uh, Thor Bonecrusher? You got forty-six.

Fishlegs: What?! That’s impossible!

Snotlout: Forty-six. Who’s well educated now mister “I forgot ten islands”.

Even later…

Hiccup: Times up Fishlegs.

Fishlegs: Hang on, just give me another minuet.

Hiccup: Look Fishlegs, If you don’t know them by now you never will. That is the beauty of this game it makes you want to kill yourself. 

Ruffnut: REGULAR CELERY! Wait, I already have that one don’t I? Yep I do.

Fishlegs: This is crazy! I can do this! I bet I can get all 50 before dinner. 

Hiccup: Alright but if you can’t then no dinner.

Fishlegs: You’re on.

Snotlout: Don’t look at my list Fish-face, cause there’s a lot on there that you don’t have.

Much later…

Tuffnut: Fishlegs you need some help?

Fishlegs: From you? Ha ha! Yes please.

Tuffnut: First of all, “Itchy Armpit”? Dude you can’t just make stuff up.

Even later…

Fishlegs: I HATE THE ARCHIPELAGO! When I finish this I swear, I am moving!

Ruffnut: UHG! I can’t think of any other types of celery!

Tuffnut: Did you try Regular Celery?

Ruffnut: No! I haven’t tri-oh, no wait, false alarm, It’s the only one I have.

Even later then before…

Fishlegs: Okay maybe this is so hard because there aren’t 50 islands! Let me tell you something, I have 49 islands and there are no more! Now I think I should be able to eat something.

Astrid: Its up to you.

Fishlegs: AAAAHHH!!!!!

Late that night there is a knocking on Hiccup’s door. He gets out of bed and opens it to find Fishlegs. 

Fishlegs: Caldera Cay.

Fishlegs: Caldera Cay.

FishlegsI want my Yack chopps now.

Hiccup: You got it.

Fishlegs starts eating the Yack chopps while Hiccup reads his list.

Hiccup: You got Storehouse Island twice.

Fishlegs: *pause* I know.

Hiccup goes back to bed and Fishlegs keeps eating the Yack chopps.

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The Cliffs of Moher. I was so afraid the whole time (I hate heights) but the beauty made up for it. I could smell and see the ocean which was so so blue green. The air was so clean and cool. I loved every minute spent here. I also felt pretty excited since the cliffs of insanity scene from the Princess Bride was filmed here ☺