This is long overdo seeing as I meant to post this when I hit my first k. But now I’m well past 1k and this is to celebrate 4k+ so yay. My birthday is in an hour and a half so i figure it’s okay to post this.

Thank you all for having kick ass blogs and feeding into my 5sos addiction. 


The Fab Five:





I love all of you so so much, and claire you need to get your phone fixed so we can all reunite. 

Everybody Else:

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and yeah i guess 5sos-official are kinda cool idk

helloo!  So, as you can see from the picture this is my 2nd follow forever, and i wanted to do this now since im finally done w my first year of college and i have more free time in my hand. (i might have forgotten some ppl so if you think you should be here dont be scared to tell me!!)


bold = favorites/friends
italicized = people who i admire (writing/art/attitude/personality)

if you’re not bolded or italicized you’re still awesome and are formally invited to be my friend :)


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This was supposed to be done over the summer oops but anyway it’s only appropriate that I take a while and give a shoutout to all the people who make my time on this damned website worthwhile. This is not in alphabetical order and bolded mutuals are extra extra special. I’m sorry if I forgot you, I still love you a lot. (i apologize for the crappy edit just enjoy the fetus bc michael’s hair isnt coming back)


i know you don’t use your tumblr anymore but oh well you’re still one of my best friends and you’re so busy not that you’ve all but forgotten me jk ily i know you have a lot going on but please tell me your kik or something i can’t just fly out to london all the time okay? ok good now get lost


you’re an asshole but you make me laugh harder than most people so good job A+ for you keep calling me ham and not loving 1d  that much so i can bug you about something and use the “you’re a bitch” picture okay i should stop you’re ok to be friends with sometimes oke bye (look)


ok now this is weird bc i haven’t don’t anything like this for you before and i don’t see you on my dash that much but who cares you’re awesome and i don’t even need to do this bc you know it all but hey it’s cool you’re awesome i’ll see you soon but in the meantime this is for you


ok i cant even kylie i’m such a shitty friend but you’re so precious and such a sweet person i’m glad i know you and had the nerve to start a conversation even though i’m still a horrible friend i’m sorry ily i really hope we can talk more check this out


alright i think i’ve given you every compliment that i possibly could so i don’t really have anything new but i’m glad i met you in real life first bc i would not have been able to talk to you if i’d found your tumblr first bc it’s perfection but so are you but that’s besides the point ok have a good day and laugh at this

hella rad mutuals:

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admired from afar:

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