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heartbeat | l.h.

pairing: luke + reader

word count: 2007

summary: everyone can hear their soulmate’s heartbeat since they were born, but as long as you can remember, you couldn’t hear any heartbeat.

a/n: this writing is dedicated to maria, @lukesafallingstar


Someone was calling you at 3 AM.

At first, you had ignored the buzzing of your phone on the bedside table, turning over in your half-awake-half-asleep state. You assumed that it was a prank call or a call from a wrong number, but the person seemed to be adamant on making sure you would pick up, calling again after their first attempt had failed.

On the other hand, Calum and Luke was outside your door. The Maori boy was tipsy and exhausted, desperate for you to pick up.

Luke had been a handful the whole night, and no one didn’t bother to help Luke go home; either they were too wasted or just didn’t want to handle him.

“C’mon, pick up,” Calum muttered, tightening his grip on Luke’s shirt sleeve when he tried to pull away from Calum. The drunk boy made grabby hands at the elevator, whining about how he wanted to drink more. He pouted when Calum shook his head at him. Luke’s head was buzzing with alcohol, and he was unable to think clearly.

At the third attempt of the call, you gave up trying to ignore it. You realised that whoever was calling was just not going to stop no matter what, so you sat up, furrowing your eyebrows in frustration. You glanced at your dim phone screen, seeing that it was Calum who was calling.

“There’d better be a good reason as to why you’re calling me at 3 AM, or I’m kicking your ass,” you groaned as you answered the call, and you could hear Calum snickering from the other end.

“Why—” Your words died on your tongue as you heard someone that wasn’t Calum. More specifically, Luke. He said something incoherent from the other line, and your eyes widened at his voice.

“Is that—” “Yeah, that’s Luke, and we’re outside your door, so open up!” Calum interrupted you before you could finish your sentence. He abruptly ended the call, before bringing his hand up to knock at your apartment door. You got out of bed, lightly patting Petunia as you walked out of your bedroom to open the door. The moment you had opened it, you were greeted with the sight of Calum holding on to Luke’s sleeve tightly, with Luke whining.

Calum let go of Luke’s sleeve, gently pushing him in. He stumbled in, and you caught a hold of his arm before he could trip and fall. You let go of his arm, and he starts to carelessly pull off his shoes, weariness evident in his actions. Petunia ran over to him, and you saw his eyes light up. He sat himself down onto the floor, giving Petunia all the attention he could give.

Calum saw the fond smile on your face as you watched Luke hugging and patting Petunia.

“Right! Take care of him, will you?” He smirked, and you rolled your eyes at the expression that was on his face. For the past two weeks, he had been insisting that you and Luke were soulmates for sure, but you didn’t believe his words.

Everyone had a soulmate, and everyone was able to hear the heartbeat of their soulmate. When they do meet their other half, their special one, they wouldn’t be able to hear their soulmate’s heartbeat anymore.

Some people thought that the reason why people couldn’t hear their heartbeats once they met them was because since they already met, they already have them by their side. No need for a heartbeat in their minds, because whoever they are would already be with them from then on.

But, you couldn’t hear any heartbeat.

And you were so certain that the universe probably did you dirty, leaving you alone with no soulmate with no one to love. Left alone for the rest of your life.

Coincidentally, both you and Luke couldn’t hear any heartbeat. You were grateful, because at least you had the greatest best friend right by your side.

You two had been best friends since you were babies, spending almost all your time together. Heartbreaks and failed attempts in trying to date someone; you both were there for each other. For some reason, Calum was so sure that you two were meant for each other, and he kept saying that the reason why you two couldn’t hear any heartbeat was because you two had met each other since you two were babies.

Calum’s theory did make sense, but you never did bother to ask Luke about it because there was such a high chance that you just do not have a soulmate, and that you don’t have anyone to be with. You left that thought in the back of your mind, afraid that you’d embarrass yourself if you ever talked to Luke about the whole soulmate situation.

“I’m heading home now, and no, don’t even try giving him any more alcohol. He’s gonna wake up with the worst headache tomorrow. And just kiss him! I swear that you two are soulmates. Don’t have to thank me once you do realise,” Calum said, as he gave you a sly wink. You rolled your eyes at him again. He smiled and gave you a small wave, before turning around to leave.

You gently closed the door, letting out a tired sigh as you turned to face Luke. He stopped petting Petunia, and pulled himself up. He immediately pulled you into a hug. You relished his warmth, as you turned your head the side, your ear against his chest. You could hear his heartbeat, and in all honesty, it could lull you to a peaceful sleep.

“Hey you,” he elongated the ‘you’ part, and you hummed, reluctantly pulling away from his hug. You had always loved hugging Luke; the way he pulls you in and holds you tightly, and the way his warmth seeps in and makes you all sleepy. He gave one of the best hugs, and it was always so comforting.

“Lu, you should probably go to bed, yeah?” You asked rhetorically, and he nodded sleepily, turning around to walk to your room, stumbling slightly as he struggled in taking off his shirt.

By the time you had reached your bedroom, Luke was already in your bed, eyes closed, seemingly already asleep. When he heard your feet padding softly on the floor, his eyes fluttered open and he reached his hand out, making grabby hands at you.

“Cuddle?” he mumbled, exhaustion lacing his tone as you got into bed. Luke placed his arm around you, and you buried your face into his chest, breathing deeply. His scent filled your nostrils, and you could hear his heartbeat.

His warmth engulfed you. You closed your eyes, Luke’s faint heartbeat almost lulling you into a deep and peaceful sleep, until you’d heard him mumble out something. At least, you thought you’d heard him say it.

“I love you. Not in a friend way.”


You woke up to the smell of burningp>

It was alarming, and you initially had thought that your house was on fire.

“Oh fuck!”

In the kitchen, Luke had burnt his second pancake, due to him getting distracted with Petunia and leaving the pancake on the stove unattended. The pancake had blackened, and he wasted more pancake batter than planned. He switched off the stove, hearing footsteps behind him.

“Luke?” You asked, walking over to pet Petunia before raising an eyebrow at him and crossing your arms.

He smiled sheepishly at you, pointing at the plate of pancakes on the countertop.

“I was making pancakes and I kinda burnt two of them,” he chuckled, grabbing the plate of pancakes and cutlery before setting them onto the middle of the table.

You stared at the stack of pancakes, unable to get the thought of Luke saying “I love you” the night before, and you weren’t even sure if you were just hallucinating and that your mind was just playing mean tricks on you, or that he actually said those words and meant it.

You wanted answers, and the million-dollar question was right at the tip of your tongue.

It was really a make it or break it, because it may have been just your mind playing tricks on you; which would mean embarrassing yourself in front of Luke.

Or, Luke really did say those words.

And yet, even if he really did say those words, you weren’t sure what you’d even do or react if Luke admitted that he said “I love you” to you.

And then you realise, that you weren’t even prepared for both the outcomes, and both outcomes were pretty terrifying.

“Do you remember what happened last night here?” You blurted out.

Oh, fuck. This is where it ends. You thought, and you wanted to hit yourself in the face so badly, because you’d just blurted out the question without even thinking about the two possible outcomes, in which only one of them would happen.

Luke shook his head. “Uh, it was all vague and fuzzy. Wait, did I do something questionable or stupid last night?” He asked, and he seemed oddly calm about the possibility of him doing something stupid the night before.

“I-I guess questionable would be the right word…?” You trailed off, unsure of whether you should bring it up or not. Luke smiled, and he seemed like he was holding in laughter. You furrowed your eyebrows, giving him a weird look as he pushed the plate of pancakes to the side.

You thought: This is it, this is when he’ll tell me that whatever he said was just a joke and that he doesn’t love me in a not friend way and in like the normal best friend way and I don’t have—"

“So you heard me say those words right?” His voice broke into your train of thoughts, and you slowly nodded your head. He gave you a ‘so?’ look, and you bit your lip, confused as to what he was trying to say.

“Yeah. B-but we’re not soulmates, ya know, like it may not even—”

And he kissed you.

You were caught off guard, and your eyes widened the moment his lips touched yours. Weirdly, you did feel shocked at the sudden kiss, but at the same time, you also felt at home. Like as if you were used to him kissing you, like as if it was nothing new, like as if it was what you were meant to do.

People would ramble and talk about the first time they met their soulmate. They’d talk about it with sparkles or with a burning passion in their eyes. For years, you had absolutely no idea as to what they were saying.

They’d talk about how meeting their soulmate changed their life from better to worse.

They would say how they felt entirely changed, almost like a new person.

Some people would talk about how they finally felt complete, like finding a missing piece to a puzzle you’ve never been able to complete, and fixing that missing piece of puzzle into the hole felt like a victory, and that the puzzle would be like both of them, a masterpiece only completed with the other.

Others would describe it like fixing two broken hearts. A broken heart that couldn’t even be heart, considering that it was broken into two and it was just left in half, all broken and torn up. Patching them up, which made them feel complete, filling up all the empty holes and healing all the scars.

But to you, it was like coming home.

Most people take years to find their soulmate, whereas you literally had your soulmate right by your side all these years, spending time with you, making memories. Kissing him was like as if you’d come back to the place that you’ve wanted to be in for the longest time.

Luke pulled away, grinning wildly. “Was that enough to make you believe?” He asked, and you nodded your head eagerly.

Like what they all say, “Home is where the heart is.”

Best Friends Part 2 || l.h.

This is the second part to Best Friends? that so many of you have asked for! I’m planning on making this into a short series, so there will be a part 3 to this and maybe a part 4, depending on whether or not you guys like it.

As always, if this gets to 100 notes with some feedback, then I’ll post part 3 since it is written and ready!

I’m too lazy to link part 1 in here right now, but I’ll link it later. However, it should be right under this post on my blog so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Enjoy!

After the coffee shop incident with Ashton, you decided that maybe he was right. So you tried to move on as best as you could; got a promotion at work, started having girls’ nights with your best friends again like you used to, and all around being good for yourself. Not for anyone else, just you. You stopped going out with guys who didn’t treat you right and decided that you’re happier single.

Now, it’s mid-October and you haven’t spoken to or seen Luke since July. It’s Girls’ Night, and you’re surrounding by all your friends in your living room as a romantic comedy plays on the TV even though nobody is really watching it.

“David has been so sneaky lately. He comes home later than usual and has been taking secret phone calls.” Sarah, a girl from your work says nonchalantly, as she paints her toenails a bubblegum pink. She’s in her mid-twenties and has light blonde hair that almost looks white in some sunlight. She’s never been one to take risks, always keeping her ideas to herself. That was, until you discovered how brilliant she actually is and hired her on as your partner after you got promoted.

“Maybe he’s cheating.” Emma, the fiery red headed intern who always has a cup of coffee waiting for you in the mornings says. She speaks her mind and doesn’t care if she hurts anyone’s feelings (Sarah says she’s just mean and insensitive, you think that having that quality will make Emma a great boss someday.) Sarah huffs. “I told you about it because I want to be assured that he isn’t.” She says, causing Emma to shrug. She pulls her hair up into a messy bun, since face masks are starting soon. “Sorry, I’m blunt. It sounds like he’s cheating.” You almost want to laugh at the exchange, because it’s true, it sounds like Sarah’s boyfriend of ten years has been cheating on her and there’s no way you can assure her that he isn’t.

“Or maybe he’s just planning something sweet for you.” Veronica, a girl you all met while shopping pipes up, ready to make things better. She’s a sweetheart, always offering help to anyone without a second thought. She’s shy, but she’s starting opening up more lately. You let out a small laugh. “Ronnie, you have a heart of gold, I swear.” You say. Veronica smiles a little. “You guys are such a great help.” Sarah says sarcastically. Before anyone can reply, the doorbell is being rung.

“Oh! That’s probably the pizza. Here, use David’s card to pay. He won’t mind.” Sarah says, handing you a credit card. “This is probably why he’s cheating on you.” Emma says, getting a pillow thrown her way from Veronica. “What? It’s true.” Emma says, causing all of you to burst into a fit of giggles. You open the door with a smile on your face, but that falls once you realize that it isn’t the pizza guy at the door.

The first thing you notice is his hair. It’s long, down to his chin now so the golden locks have started to get wavy. You also notice that his lip ring is gone. He’s taller now, way past six feet, you’re sure of it. The only thing that hasn’t changed are his eyes. They still make you feel like they’re piercing through your soul and learning everything about you.

“Luke,” You finally breathe out, his name caught in the back of your throat. He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“I’m guessing by all the cars in your driveway that you’ve started up Girls’ Night again?” He asks, and you almost roll your eyes, because of course that would be the first thing he would ask.

“Uh, yeah. Sarah thought it would be good for all of us.” You reply. Luke nods, glancing down at your outfit of choice for the night. You’re wearing light pink pajama pants with little penguins all over them and a white tank top.

“Cute PJs.” He comments, his lips turning up at the corners. “Thanks.” You say quietly. “(YN), you better not be flirting with the pizza guy again because we agreed that I-” Emma appears in the foyer behind you and stops mid-sentence.

“Oh. You’re not the pizza guy.” She says to Luke. “I’m afraid not, sorry to disappoint.” Luke says, turning on the charm and flashing her a grin. Emma glances at you and gives you a look, one that you’re sure means, ‘why the hell haven’t you introduced me to him already?’ You sigh. “Emma, this is Luke.” You explain. Emma’s mouth drops open a little.

“Wait, the Luke? As in old best friend Luke?” Emma asks, never one to be subtle. Luke chuckles. “So she’s talked about me, huh?” He asks, glancing back at you. “Oh, she has. I’m definitely not a fan of you, hot shot.” You snort, holding back a laugh. “Go back to the other girls, Em. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Emma shrugs, gives Luke one last glare, and then takes off back to the living room.

“She’s like a little fairy.” Luke says, chuckling. “Trust me, she isn’t. She takes boxing lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. She could kick your ass if I asked her too.” You say, smiling a little at the thought of Emma. She’s the youngest of the group, so you’ve always felt like you had to take care of her. She’s become more like a sister to you than an intern.

“Anyway, why are you here?” You ask. Luke bites his lip. “I shouldn’t have come, I’m sorry.” He says, taking a step back away from your doorstep. “What?” You ask, your eyebrows furrowing. “You seem like you’re doing well, (Y/N). Which is great, you deserve that.” He turns on his heel and goes to leave.

“Do you… do you wanna come inside?” You ask quietly, your voice so low that it comes out as a whisper. Luke looks at you over his shoulder.

“Don’t wanna crash Girls’ Night. Can I call you tomorrow?” He asks, his eyes searching yours for any sign that things between you two are okay, even though he knows it isn’t and that there’s a lot of talking that needs to be done.

“Yeah, sure. I get off work at seven.” You tell him, which makes him frown. “The boys and I are doing an acoustic show outside the studio then. We probably won’t be back in our homes until ten at the earliest.” He says, pulling out his cell phone to rearrange his schedule.

“I’ll wait up.” You say, making him glance up at you. “Huh?” He asks, not quite sure if he heard you right. “I’ll wait up for you. I know there’s things we definitely need to talk about, so I’ll wait up for you. Call me when you get home tomorrow.” Luke grins, nodding his head.

“Alright. Bye, sweetheart.”

“Bye, Luke.”


The next day comes sooner than you expected.

You work from eight in the morning until seven that evening, so for most of the day, your mind is preoccupied. Except for during lunch, when Luke’s name pops up in the conversation.

“So, is he coming over tonight?” Emma asks you, pouring dressing onto his chicken salad. “Who?” You ask, grabbing a Gatorade from the vending machine in the lunch room.

“Luke.” She states, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Ooh, yeah, I wanna hear about that if he does.” Sarah pipes up, sipping some weird health-kick smoothie she’s trying today.

“(Y/N) has more self control than that.” Veronica says quietly, highlighting some notes on a sheet of paper instead of eating. “Thank you, Ronnie.” You say, smiling. She nods, biting on the end of her pen. Emma scoffs.

“(Y/N) does not have self control when it comes to him.” She says confidently. “Okay, we’ll see about that. He’s supposed to call me when he gets back from some acoustic show outside the studio.” You admit. “Oh! We should go to the show, and then afterwards, you guys can just go home with each other and talk.” Sarah says, her eyes shining brightly. “No, bad idea.” You mumble. Emma bursts into giggles, pointing at you. “No self control. That’s why you wanna do it over the phone.” She says, giggling. You shrug, mumbling, “I’m only human.” This sets off another fit of giggles.


You know you said that you would wait up for Luke to call, but waiting around is so nerve-wracking. You’ve cleaned your entire house already in just an hour even though it was already clean from two days before and have already ate through two bags of potato chips. Now, it’s almost eleven and you’re pacing through your bedroom, phone in hand.

You’re just starting to doubt that Luke is going to call when your phone rings, his name popping up on the screen for the first time in months. You go and practically jump into bed and get comfortable, answering the call.

“Hi.” You say breathlessly, a small smile on your face.

“Hey, angel.” Luke says quietly.