clifford table

Country Club × Calum Hood

Warnings: smut

Summary: Fun under the table at the Country Club

Author: Jess

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It was a Saturday morning and you were currently getting ready to go to the country club with your parents. You hated going and couldn’t play any of the sports there but you went for one reason and one reason only:

Calum hood

He was the son of the people that owned the club,he wasn’t your typical boy he was covered in tattoos and always wore black jeans with band shirts. You always had a thing for bad boys

You got dressed into a short white shirt and your polo top with tennis shoes.

“(Y/n) come on we’re gonna be late” your hear your mum shout as you rush downstairs. “We’re having a meal with the hood family today so be good” your dad says starring at you

Your dad and Mr hood have been friends for an extremely long time so you’ve known calum pretty much your whole life.

You and your parents make your way to the car and made your journey to the country club

The sun gleamed down as you got out of the car you could already feel the sweat dripping down your forehead it was that hot.

“It’s such a hot and lovely day isn’t it (y/n)?” Your mum asks getting out of the car with your dad and heading over to you.

“Speaking of hot” you mumble to yourself as calum walks around from the corner coming over to you and your family

“Calum it’s nice to see you again” your mum says pulling in him for a hug.

You could tell that Calums hair had been freshly cut although it was messy, the slight of sweat dripping from his forehead and the thought of a sweaty calum underneath you naked made you instantly wet.

“(Y/n) it’s good to see you again” calum says looking you up and down biting his lip, which made you fall out of your day dream.

The rest of the hood family head toward you and lead you into the country club

You slowly walk behind calum as the take you into the small restaurant they have there

Everyone takes a seat your mum and dad opposite each other at the end of the table, Calums mum and dad sitting next to each other and you and calum sitting opposite them.

You were half way through your meal and joy was asking you about school.
“So (y/n) tell us what are you thinking of studying?” She asks smiling at you

“I’m thinking about-” before you could Finnish you could feel a hand slowly moving up your thigh you look over at calum who just smirks at you then turns back to his food

“Are you okay?” She asks as you stare at her blankly

“Yes um sorry I’m thinking about taking english literature” you say smiling at her

“Excuse me I need to use the restroom” your mum says leaving the table

As she gets up and leaving Calums hand gets closer to your now dripping heat

He’s inches away from your core and your pretty sure he can feel the wetness soaking through you lace underwear

“We wanted calum to take english but he dropped out to start his silly band” his dad says

“Dad it’s not silly you even said yourself were good I like bass I’m good with my fingers”

That last part make you shiver and calum let out a deep chuckle.
His hand pushed aside your panties and he began moving his fingers in a figure of eight of your clit

You try to move his hand away but it stays put.
You try your best not to moan as calum picks up the pase and inserts a finger into you pulling in and out reaching your g-spot every time

You bite down onto your lip so hard you start to draw blood.

“I’m close” you scream out.
Everyone looks at you confused as Calum keeps going

“I’m uh I’m close to finishing my food” you say smiling at your dad who gives you a confused look

Your mum comes back and sits back down at the table.

Calum now going harder and faster Rubbing your clit.

You Close your eyes as your orgasm hit scrunching up your fist.

You open your eyes as calum pulls out his fingers and licks them dry.

“We’re all going to go play tennis now (y/n) you and Calum come join us when you’ve finished your food okay” you mum says standing up with everyone and walking out

You turn to calum who just smirks at you “I’ve wanted to do that for so fucking long” you lean closer to him and your lips press against his

“Me too” you whisper against him as he leans in to kiss you passionately.

I’ve Been In Love With You My Entire Life. - M.C.

“Y/N, could you come help set the table? The Cliffords will be here any moment now!” my mom yells up to me, as I am sat in my room checking myself in the mirror for the hundredth time today. Growing up so close, we always considered each other as “best friends”, but I always had such a crush on Michael. He never knew, and never will. I’ll just let it slowly kill me inside watching him get bigger and seeing him on magazine covers and online articles all the time.

           “Coming, mother!” I say, fluffing my curls over my sweater one last time, hoping I’ll look this good through the entirety of the night. I set the table, and the doorbell rings, making my heart beat so fast I feel as though I could fall over in an instant.

           “Daryl, Karen! So good to see you again, and you too Michael, of course. The rockstar!!” my mom beams as she welcomes the guests into our home, where they’ve been a million times before. Her comment to Michael makes me blush and want to facepalm as soon as she says it. But then I see him. He’s grown and matured so much I don’t think my heart can handle it.

           “Y/N! You look so beautiful, darling. So grown up!” Karen says, engulfing me in a hug, Daryl sending a wave my way, as he makes his way to my father, who is sat watching sports in the den.

           “Hey, loser.” Michael finally says as he pulls me in for a friendly hug that will surely break my heart.

           “Hey, dumbass.” I reply into his shoulder, the hug lingering and making my heart flutter, which is short lived as he releases me and makes his way also to sit with my dad and his. I catch myself staring, and so does Mrs. Clifford, how unfortunate.

           “He’s grown so much, hasn’t he?” she smirks and wraps her arm around my shoulder, taking me completely off guard, embarrassing me to no end.

           “I-I, uh, yeah, he has hasn’t he” I laugh uncomfortably and move to assist my mom in putting the dishes of food on the table.

           “Y/N, would you grab the boys? Dinner is ready.” My mom asks, and I nod. Walking into the den, I take a deep breath, calming myself.

           “Dinner is served, boys.” I say and turn quickly on my heels, hesitant to make any eye contact with the boy who I know is following directly behind me. We eat our dinner which is filled with conversations, laughter, and childhood memories.

           “So, Y/N, how’s university? Any boys??” Karen asks, and as if on cue, Michael clears his throat and keeps his eyes focused on his plate.

           “Oh, uhm, it’s not too bad, busy is all. And no, no boys. No interest in any of them, really. Not the kind of people I’d like to keep myself surrounded with.” I say, taking a glance at Michael who is now blushing and trying to hide a smirk.

           After eating, I help my mother clear the table when I hear my name.

           “Hey, Y/N my mom told me you redid your room, can I see?” Michael says, looking almost nervous. I nod and guide him around the house reaching the stairs, making our way up them. I open the door to reveal my fairy lights on the perimeter of the room, pale white walls and a black and white bed, a few scattered band posters, and some records by my record player.

           “Wow, it’s so different from the old one, haha” he laughs, looking around and wandering.

           “Well, I decided my room should probably grow up with me, I needed a change. I couldn’t keep looking at the bright blue walls and Zac Efron posters.” I begin to chuckle too, embarrassed that he had seen my old disastrous room.

           “Hey, can I talk to you about something? My mom has been bugging me all week leading up to tonight” he says, sitting on my bed, patting next to him signaling me to join him. I nod, and make my way over.        

           “She says I like you, and I never really thought about it until I went away on tour, when I realized how much I missed you. I missed you in a way that I didn’t think was possible. I would dream about us, living together, lying in bed watching movies, it was like I missed all these things that had never happened.” His words shock me, I try to hide my shaking and rising blush. I feel like I’ve been waiting for years to hear him refer to us as us.

           “So I guess what I’m just trying to tell you is,

I’ve been in love with you my entire life

.” That sentence brings tears to my eyes, which he notices as he begins to look concerned, until he sees the gigantic smile on my face. I don’t even have to say anything, as I bring my hands to cup his jaw, and I bring him in for a kiss, so he knows I’ve felt the same way.


For @puckerupmikey and @hemmocrat‘s First “I Love You” Blurb Night

When Michael had asked you to join his family in their annual Christmas Eve dinner you were a bit taken aback. It’s not that you didn’t want to meet his parents because you did, it was just you had Michael had only been dating for three months and you couldn’t help but think maybe things were moving to fast. Nonetheless, you couldn’t say no to the vivacious red head, especially not with his beautiful green eyes baring into your own eyes. And that’s how you found yourself in the Clifford’s home on Christmas Eve helping Mrs. Clifford set the dinner table. 

“It’s so nice to have another lady around the house,” she smiled. “Usually I’m stuck with those two over there.” 

“I know what you mean,” you laughed, glancing at your boyfriend who was currently glued to the television beside his father. 

As the night progressed Michael and you seemed to switch places, him helping his mother wash the dishes while you accompanied his father in the latest Christmas special that was playing on the television. And it was nice, getting to spend time with both of his parents but soon his father dozed off to sleep, leaving you alone while the Grinch played out on the television. 

Though you tried to lose yourself in the film, you couldn’t help but notice the whispering that was going on in the kitchen. Your curiosity soon growing out of hand, making you vacate the couch and trek towards the kitchen. But the closer you got the quieter their whispers got. And even though you knew it was wrong to spy – especially on your boyfriend and his mother’s conversations, you couldn’t help but hide behind the wall of the kitchen.

“What do you think of her?” Michael whispered, his soapy hand coming up to rustle his already messy hair. 

Michael was nervous. 

“I think she’s lovely,” his mom smiled. “You did good.” 

“Really?” he asked, earning a nod from his mother. “Good, cause I think I love her.” 

You couldn’t stop the gasp that from your lips, your cover being blown as both Michael and his mother turned to face you. Your cheeks getting hotter under their intense stare and yet you didn’t care, Michael’s words echoing inside your head. 

“I’m going to go make sure we got everything off the dining table,” she said, leaving both of you in the kitchen. 

Michael’s own face as flushed as yours, soap dripping down his forehead as he continued to run his hand through his hair. You moved closer to him, careful not to overstep any boundaries this was clearly foreign territory for both of you. 

“Why were you spying?” 

“I didn’t mean too, your dad fell asleep and I could hear you guys. I was coming to say hi,” you mumbled, ashamed of getting caught. 

“Oh,” he said, fumbling with the bracelets decorating his arms. 

“You love me?” you whispered, eyes glancing up at your boyfriend. 

“I do, Y/N,” I confessed. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” 

Michael Clitford.

Buried in paperwork, you sit at the dining room table trying to sort out documents for a company trip this weekend. You’ve created quite a mess getting everything off your checklist and now comes the stress of getting everything divided into their proper places before turning it over to your boss in the morning. You hear the front door open, but knowing it’s only Michael you don’t pause from your work.

“Hello there love,” Michael says as he breezes past you kissing you quickly on the back of your head. “Finding enough time to tie up those loose ends for the trip?”

“Shouldn’t be too much longer until I’m finished.” You say, your hands moving around the table as if they have minds of their own. “I’m just worried I’ll get it all turned over and something will be missing.”

“I’m sure you’ve done a wonderful job. I know how big this is for you, but try not to let it stress you out too bad.” He says returning to the table, placing his hands on your shoulders. His hands begin massaging your tense muscles and you feel yourself relax a little. Then suddenly you pause and tilt your head back to look up at him.

“I’ve completely forgotten to get dinner started.” You say.

“Not to worry. I’ve already ordered us some pizza.” He says grabbing your face on either side and leaning down to kiss your lips.

“I’m truly spoiled to have a man like you in my life.” You respond as your lips separate.

“That you are.” He says cheekily and heads off to the television.

About an hour later Michael returns to the table, this time with two plates of pizza. He sets one down near your spot and the other in front of where he sits. Still trying to finish up your task at hand, you look up when you feel him staring at you.

“Take a small break. Eat.” He says.

“I just realized I’ve been stuffing all the wrong forms in all the wrong binders. My boss is going to kill me if I don’t get them right. I’ll eat later.” You say frantically.

Michael doesn’t say another word and instead begins eating his dinner. You feel terrible that you aren’t able to enjoy a work free evening with your boyfriend, but you also know how important it is for your career that you get this project done correctly. You imagine Michael has to be frustrated, the two of you haven’t had sex in over a week. Hell, you’re frustrated, but as this trip grows closer you both knew how busy you were going to be. Michael finishes his pizza and takes his plate to the sink. He sets your slice back in the box and leaves it on the counter, then washes up. He pulls his chair from the table out completely and crawls in it’s place.

“What are you doing?” You ask.

“Dropped my napkin and fork, just grabbing them quickly.” His voice sounds muffled beneath you. Without any further questions you continue your work.

“Michael. What are you doing?” You ask forcefully.

“Just relax. I’ve got this.” You can feel his hands drifting up the sides of your thighs over your sweats. Once he reaches your hips his fingers tuck beneath the waistline and he slowly tugs, causing you to sit on your chair with a bare ass.

“Michael. Seriously. I’m trying to work. What are you doing?” Your voice isn’t convincing even to yourself. You want this just as bad as he does.

Without responding, Michael pulls the sweatpants from your feet and drops them aside. His hands return to your thighs, this time he touches your skin. Your hands drop to the table as Michael’s lips meet your thighs and follow his hands traveling upward. The soft kisses make their way up just below your bellybutton as his long fingers shift your shirt out of the way. His hands then travel south once more and stop themselves between your thighs as he lets his fingers slowly slip inside you. Your hands shove the remaining paperwork across the table and your body slides a little forward in your seat. You let your head fall backward, tapping it a little to hard on the chair.

“I have so much work to get done.” You force out.

“You’ll get it done. For now, I’m calling a mandatory break.” He says, lifting his lips from your stomach.

His mouth returns and he begins dancing his fingers around inside you a little harder. Your thighs tighten and you unavoidably shift in your chair once more. Placing your hands on Michael’s head, you push your fingers through his hair. He begins moving his mouth downward and lets his tongue make some small appearances. His lips kiss you between your legs and your body starts to tingle. He drags his tongue just between your slit and your hands slightly grip to his hair as the mix of his tongue and breath send goosebumps across your body. Michael continues massaging his hands inside you while he moves his mouth up near your clit. He again releases his tongue and aggressively brushes it along you. Your glutes tense and he uses his teeth, biting gently on you. Your hands squeeze tightly in his hair as you let out an ungodly scream finding yourself on the edge of pleasure and pain.

Your mouth hangs open and your breathing quickens. Your hands grip the sides of your chair and you bite hard on your lower lip as you try to regain control of your body. Michael’s mouth leaves you and he moves his hands to your hips slipping you under the table with him. Lying you on your back, he awkwardly shimmies out of his pants and returns with a hand full of penis between your legs. He kisses your neck and guides himself inside you. Once his hand is no longer occupied, he returns it to your clit and starts a quick circular motion. Your bodies stay close together to avoid injury beneath the table and Michael rolls his body into you. Your breaths are still short as Michael begins breathing unsteadily himself.

Finally you emit another long loud shout and Michael falls to your side. His body rests against you and he drops his head on your chest, causing it to rise an fall as you catch your breath. You move a hand to his head and toy with his hair a bit.

“Sorry to distract you from your work, but I think it was well worth it.” He says breathing heavily.

“Definitely worth it. I needed a break. Thank you.” You respond.

“Did you just thank me for sex?” He asks.

“I think I just thanked you for sex.” You say laughing. “Clearly we need to change some things so that can happen more often.”

“I’ll help you finish you paperwork if it means more sex.” He says.

“I’ll hold you to that.” You laugh. “Help me finish these binders and maybe I can pay you for your work before bed.” Without missing a beat, Michael lifts his head from your chest and crawls from beneath the table.