clifford berryman

It’s weird reading about how influential and famous political cartoonists used to be. Of cartoonist Clifford Berryman, Harry Truman once said:

“You are ageless and timeless. Presidents, senators and even Supreme Court justices come and go, but the Monument and Berryman stand.”

Christ, imagine Trump saying that about Ben Garrison

Cartoonist Clifford Berryman reminds his readers on Christmas of the vast difference between the prosperity in America and the devastation in Europe as a result of the on-going war, 1915.

From: The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

DC Voting Rights Amendment Fail

Item from: Berryman Political Cartoon Collection, 1896 - 1949

“No Taxation without representation!” cried many colonists in response to the 1765 Stamp Act. The cartoon above was created by Clifford Berryman on November 20, 1920. It shows that many DC residents have felt a kinship with the early American revolutionaries.  

The DC Voting Rights Amendment proposed in 1978 would have given the District full participation in the United States Congress, the Electoral College system, and the process by which the Constitution is amended. It expired in 1985 with fewer than half of the necessary ratifications. 

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