Well, at least NEXT episode looks interesting. Wonder if they’ll torture them or something, I mean, chances are (or if the boys’ll find a way to communicate to eachother while locked up).

How about parallels to the panic room w/ Sam? Quite frankly, it seems like Sam gets locked up A LOT lately. 2 mid-season finales in a row, plus the season 12 premiere…

anonymous asked:

I think the episode titles for the next two eps explain what we're getting with Laurel. The one titled Who Are You? is going to cover them discovering that it's not THEIR Laurel, it's BS, and there will be some big cliffhanger thing about her running off or something. Then the following episode called Second Chances will literally be about BS getting a second chance to be good and it'll set her up as BC. I really don't see this Tina as BC either, I think she replaces Billy as a cop connection.

That’s definitely what I want to see. I’m glad I’m not the only one. We know for sure that she’s in episode 10. Not much has been said about the other episodes, but I do think it’s Black Siren and I think that’s the character we’ll see Katie playing in a more permanent position in the future :) 

“The scar had not pained harry in nineteen years. All was well.”


Wow Rowling really took that to heart


You know, women don’t riot.