Things that make for a good cliffhanger:

  • Defeating the badguy and then realizing there’s another badguy
  • Rescuing the kidnapped prince but realizing the badguy got away
  • Solving the McGuffin puzzle and then finding out there’s two more
  • Fighting in the final battle, losing, and having to regroup for next book
  • A dramatic reveal on the final page that puts a downer on the celebration party

Things that are NOT a cliffhanger:

  • An entire book of set-up and backstory and more set-up and did we mention set-up and then NOT EVEN A SMIDGEON OF PAYOFF OR CONCLUSION

Stop selling me half a book and then calling it a ‘cliffhanger.’

When You Binge Read A FanFiction & Realize the Author Doesn't Plan to Ever Finish Writing It

Starting the New FanFiction:


Realizing the Last Update Was Months Ago:

Becoming Highly Frustrated at Never Knowing the Ending of the Story:

Markson - Charisma
  • Jackson:hey mark, yugyeom is asking if we wanna go to chuck e. cheese’s with him
  • Mark:wtF no that’s way too wild for me
  • Jackson:*sighs* mark…we need to talk
  • Mark:about what
  • Jackson:to tell the truth…you’re boring
  • Mark:excuse me
  • Jackson:we need to work on you. your image
  • Mark:my image??? um someone already worked on my image, it was GOD cuz have you seen my face
  • Jackson:yeah sure you’re beautiful but you need more…
  • Mark:what is it, conditioner?
  • Jackson:more…
  • Mark:it’s face cream isnt it
  • Jackson:…charisma
  • Mark:umm ok but where do i buy that
  • Jackson:listen mark, look at the rest of the members. Each of them steal the show, with their CHARISMA
  • Mark:if you're suggesting I turn into them then sorry I refuse to act like a dumbass
  • Jackson:ok. let’s try different images. let’s start with bad boy
  • Mark:hell yeah i was made for this
  • Jackson:ok GO
  • Mark:yo whaddup jackson
  • Jackson:hey mark w-
  • Mark:shut the fuck up…what is this ugly piece of shit??
  • Jackson:umm a hairbrush??
  • Mark:*throws it across the room* disgusting
  • Jackson:do you even know what a bad boy is
  • Mark:do yOU??? ugh i cant even hang out with you, where’s your leather jacket ??
  • Jackson:where’s yOURS
  • Mark:um
  • Jackson:ok we’re done with bad boy. hmm…maybe being FUNNY is your thing mark
  • Mark:did you just discover that??? im hilarious
  • Jackson:ok, let’s see if you can make wild and sexy jackson laugh
  • Mark:ok so the other day in an interview, the guy asks, “who’s the face of the group?” and guess WHAT??? JB raises his hand ahahAHHAAH
  • Jackson:how is that funny
  • Mark:like he’s actually preTTIER than me omg i was DYING
  • Jackson:so funny isnt your thing
  • Mark:why cant you just accept me for who I am??
  • Jackson:well-
  • Mark:im just the cute, super hot and sweet natured guy ok
  • Jackson:…you’re right. im sorry i tried to change you mark. i love you for who you are. even if you are uglier than me
  • Mark:Jackson, I- wait what
  • Jackson:you heard me
  • Mark:that’s not funny jackson
  • Jackson:it wasnt a joke. im the visual now.
  • Mark:*passes out*