“The scar had not pained harry in nineteen years. All was well.”


Wow Rowling really took that to heart

Who likes seeing the other wearing their clothes:

It’s Dean. Dean loves nothing more than seeing Castiel dressed in his clothes. He discovers this when Castiel spends the night at his house for the first time

Dean and Castiel have been friends since grade school but they’ve been neighbor’s since they were born.

It wasn’t hard for them to mesh together despite what everyone always said. “Winchester and Novak? They’re complete opposites.” But one class together and it was history in the making.

It wasn’t unknown to who these two were. By high school, Dean was known as the guy who was friends with everyone. Friendly smile, pretty face, and reputation of having a liking for pretty eyes, dark hair, and a nice body. Male or female.

Castiel was the smart kid with a weird sense of humor that was pretty well liked. You’d think those two ran in different circles but they still found one another.

So it wasn’t really a surprise when everyone heard rumors about Castiel and Dean being a little more than just friends.

But that was just what they were- friends.

Until Castiel is standing in the middle of his bedroom wearing nothing but Dean’s Led Zeppelin t-shirt. Just his Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

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What’s in a Name: Part 4.

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Master List.

Anonymous said:
Can you continue what’s in a name? I found it and simply adore it! Your work is great :)

Soon, it had been time for Murtagh to truss her up once more; she’d shut her eyes tight as he’d tried to tie the bindings in such a way that it wouldn’t irritate the already inflamed skin. He could only do so much, though, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before they were bleeding again.

Mercifully, they were close to Leoch now; only a few more hours. Claire kept her head down and marched silently onward, refusing to even make the tiniest sound. Not that Dougal didn’t try and elicit a response; he’d tug at her even when she was keeping up and cause her to fall forward, but still, she kept her lips sealed. Her hands were shaking with the effort of this, and ropes had tightened significantly rubbing more severely at the raw skin of her wrists.

As the west tower of Leoch came into view, Claire took a deep breath. She had no clue what awaited her inside. Dougal led her up the slight incline and under the old portcullis like a lamb to the slaughter. It was late and there weren’t many people milling around in the small courtyard, but there were enough. She kept her chin up as he led her to the right, up the main outer staircase to Colum’s main chambers. Her heart was in her throat.

Dougal put his hand on the back of her neck and squeezed hard as he pushed her forward.

“I found her,” he announced. His brother was sat at his desk looking more angry than Claire had ever seen him. She was determined not to lose her head.

"Aye, so ye did. And what do you have to say for yourself, Mistress?!” he barked. Clearly he wasn’t in the mood for this.

“I just wanted to get home! I have done nothing wrong!”

“Weel, we can just beg to differ on that point, can’t we…Mistress Randall.” She had no clue as to how he’d got that information seeing as all of the men who knew about it had been on the road with her, but she didn’t dare make comment about it. All the blood seemed to drain from her as he turned to face her, his eyes harder than Dougal’s had ever been. “I offered ye our hospitality! Our friendship! And this is how ye repay us. By lying about who ye are.”

“I am not a spy!” she reiterated, knowing her weak words held no weight but having no other counter-argument.

“No? I dinna have time to listen to yer lies, Claire. Put her in the dungeon. We’ll take council on the matter and decide our next course of action. Ye, mistress, can find out what it’s like in our prison cells. Dinna get any daft ideas, aye?” With that, he dismissed them. Dougal took hold of her once more, digging his long fingers into the skin of her neck as he forced her back into the corridor.

“I’ll see to it ye get a nice place t’ rest. Dinna ye fash about that.” His words sent chills down her spine, the hate that seeped into every word seemed to cling to her as he led her deep into the recesses of Leoch’s dungeons.

Two guards stood on either side of the large barred doors as they pulled back the thick metal, causing the screech of it to echo around them. Claire shuddered as Dougal thrust her inside, the soles of her feet scraping against the threadbare material of her ruined shoes as she almost fell into the dank cell.

“Enjoy yer new quarters, Mistress Randall,” Dougal spat, enjoying the scene that lay before him a little too much. “I dinna think they’re as warm as the wee room Collum had ye in before, but I think you’ll become –accustomed– to them in time.”

With that the door slammed shut, leaving her to the mercy of the vermin that scuttled at her feet.

Wrapping her arms around her middle, Claire slunk backwards until her legs hit the solid cot that had been built into the wall.

No bedding.

Nothing of comfort, she noticed, her eyes adjusting to the darkness now the door between the prison and the stairwell had been closed and locked tight.

Small slits broke the solid brickwork, allowing the tiniest amount of light to penetrate the jail. For that, Claire was eternally grateful. She watched, sitting on the rough wood of the bed slats, as the sun passed from one side of the room to the other, counting the minutes as they passed her by.

Murtagh, she was sure, knew that something was amiss. He’d alluded as much in the their short conversation. With Jamie’s trust completely obliterated, Murtagh was her only hope.

Booming sounds woke her, the grim march of the heavy footsteps plodding towards her made Claire sit bolt upright and pull her skirts correctly around her waist.

It had been three or four days, by her estimation. Over seventy-two hours alone with only the brief squeaks of the rats and mice to keep her lucid.

Her mind, bleary from the almost constantly grey hue that hovered around her, felt clouded and grim.

She didn’t expect what awaited her as the door slid open, revealing a very tired looking Jamie with a plate of warm food and some bannocks.

“Dinna think we’ve gone soft, Mistress,” he scoffed, a hint of fatigue lingering in his voice as he spoke. Though his words were harsh, his tone was not, which made Claire feel even more guilty. “Mrs. Fitz just took pity on ye. Said you should have something of value in yer belly afore Collum and Dougal haul ye before them.”

“Jamie, I…” she began, hoping to level some sort of explanation his way, but the snap of his head in her direction and the look of ire that blazed behind his eyes as he looked at her stopped her in her tracks.

“I think that we dinna have much else to say to one another, Mistress,” he replied, a sense of finality to his words as he placed the meal on the floor and began to back away, a sadness swirling around him as his fingers gripped the iron girders that made up the impenetrable barrier created to hold prisoners securely.

“Try and stay warm, Claire,” he sighed, tapping his fingers lightly against the bars. “It’ll do ye no good t’ catch yer death.”

I Can’t Swim 2/? (Boys Suck)

@beccashaf123 asked: (An extension to ‘I Can’t Swim’) Can she end up making out with Carl somewhere when they didn’t realize Ron was there, and Ron and Carl get in fight.

A/N: Part two in the ‘I Can’t Swim’ series. Also I’m switching this to first person just because it flows better, sorry. I hat doing it, but I must. 

Also sorry it’s short, I wanted to make it short since the first part was long. Tell me what you guys want to happen next, this journey will be lead by you guys (we can even crash the car here if you want.) 

The Rarl fanfic will be out soon btw, just have to put it off. Sitting on it as I think.

A week has passed, Carl and I have not left Alexandria since I nearly drowned. I haven’t talked to Ron at all, and I’ve been hold up with the Grimes family. Fortunately, Jessie did fork over my belongings after she realized I was no longer coming ‘home’. She handed my a duffel bag of my clothes with a, “I’m sorry, my boy is not exempt from the whole ‘boys are stupid thing’.” I really don’t know what she meant by it, but I’m sure it was supposed to be something nice considering she gave me all my clothes back. Now I can stop stealing Carl’s clothes, not that I want to though. His clothes are way more comfortable than mine. Plus, they smell like him which is oddly reassuring. 

“Hey, (Y/N), wanna go hang out by the gazebo?” Carl peeps into my room (well technically it’s his too since the Grimes house only has three rooms).

“Sure just let me change into some of my clothes,” I smile, sliding from our bed. 

“Why? You look fine in my clothes,” he scoffs. I feel my cheeks heat up as I stand.

“Yeah, okay,” I can feel a timid smile play on my lips, “Lets just go then.”

As I pass him I feel his hand link with mine and I blush again, but I know he doesn’t understand why. Carl has never had a girlfriend before, he doesn’t get it.

“Sooo, why the gazebo of all places? We could have just stayed home,” Ii laugh lightly nudging his shoulder as we sit.

“I dunno, thought you might like to leave the house for a bit,” Carl grins, “Carol is watching Judith today so we can have some time to ourselves.” 

“Okay, well what do you wanna do?” I ask, leaning over to rest my head on his shoulder. He tenses beneath me, but I ignore the sensation as he easily relaxes.


I sit up straight again, giving him a confused eyebrow raise. My head tilts to the side as I quickly study his face with growing confusion.

“What do you mean ‘talk’ Carl we can do that inside-,” His lips press to mine before I can finish, and my eyes widen. I did not expect him to be this bold, since he had never kissed before. Relaxing into the inexperienced boy, I lift a (s/c) had to cup his cheek and lean forward. Honestly, for a first timer Carl really isn’t a bad kisser. Plus his lips are really soft despite their chapped appearance. I lean into him as I climb into his lap legs on either side of his waist. Our lips move in sync and in this moment the only thing on my mind is the feeling of Carl’s lips against my own and the butterflies bouncing in my chest.


The clearing of someones throat snaps me back into reality and I pull away from Carl. My (e/c) eyes meet his momentarily before I glance over my shoulder to look behind me. I don’t like the sight I’m seeing.

Ron is standing behind us, arms crossed. He looks like he is on the verge of throwing a hissy fit, not that it’s really my problem anymore.

“Why the fuck are you making out with my girlfriend, Grimes?” Girlfriend?

“Last time I checked you kicked her out. Guys don’t do that to their ‘girlfriends,’” Carl sasses from beneath me. I look back to him, cringing as he motions for me to stop straddling him so he may confront my ex. 

As much as Ron deserves it, I really don’t want to see his ass get handed to him today. I’ve got better stuff, things.

“Why don’t you say that to my face,” Ron yells, hands balling into fists. The brunet looks to me apologetically before he stands to face the other boy.

“I just did, dumbass.” Carl states, rolling his eyes.

This is where all hell breaks loose. Ron jumps on top of Carl and they both go rolling down the stairs of the gazebo, shouting things at each other that I can’t comprehend. By the time I am able to run down and catch up to them Carl is on top of Ron and they’re both struggling with each others hands. I can’t tell who did what first but Carl has a busted lip and Ron’s eye is starting to go red. Amazing, it hasn’t even been three minutes and they both damaged each other.

“What the hell is going on,” Rick is next to me now, looking for answers. I try to explain, but he doesn’t waste time on that and instead goes to pull his son away from Ron who is scooped up by Glenn (woah didn’t even see you there Glenn). Once separated Ron continues struggling to get to Carl who has let it go now.

“(Y/N), what was going on here?” Rick looks to me again, Carl’s gaze drifting to me too.

“Ron wanted to fight Carl, I dunno why.” Hey, if I told him I wouldn’t be able to share a room with Carl anymore. No thanks, he’s really warm.

“Ron, why don’t we go have a chat,” Rick states releasing Carl and moving over to Ron who glares at me for lying, “Mind helping Carl clean his lip up (Y/N)?”

“No problem Mr. Grimes.” I smile.

I bend down to dab at Carl’s lip as he sits on the toilet seat. His eyebrows are furrowed with confusion as I work, but I choose to ignore the confusion. He looks fairly fine aside from the lip, he must’ve gotten Ron good.

“Why did you lie to my dad, (Y/N)?”

“Did you not want me to?”


Characters: Mark Tuan X You 

Genre: Super Angst 

Length: 1817 

LOL So here’s “ Closure “ oophm Good luck 


Originally posted by yugyeom

You’ve been dating Mark for about a year but recently you guys broke up. You were head over heels for Mark. You truly loved Mark Tuan but he never believed you, he never acknowledged it. After the incident with your break up with Mark, you’ve been depressed and just have been a total emotional wreck. What’s worse was you and Mark ended on bad terms which wrecked you even more. Weeks have passed and your feelings for Mark still linger. You had this habit stalking his SNS. One day you couldn’t help yourself but to look at Mark’s SNS. You saw a picture of him with your best friend, you tapped on it and read the comments. “Oh my god you guys are so cute!! Just start dating” one person said. You scrolled down reading his recent comments and you saw your best friend reply to the person  “We’ve been dating”. You instantly dropped your phone and fell on to the ground. You felt so betrayed and anger was filled within you. Picking up your phone you sent this long message to your now ex best friend. You sent a long message filled with anger and hate, after you finished typing that whole long message you didn’t realize you were crying until wet drops appeared on your phone screen. You were crying and couldn’t stop. You were still angry and you sent a long message to Mark asking him repeatedly what the hell you meant to him. What did a year mean to him? Was it nothing to him? You completely lost control and said mean and hateful things to Mark because you were so overwhelmed with everything. From there on out, you never contacted your ex best friend and Mark Tuan ever again.

You never contacted or tried to reach out for your ex best friend or Mark. After a couple of months you finally accepted the fact that they were dating, but you really hated yourself for still having these feelings for Mark. Although those feelings were there, you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away those feelings. Compared to your ex best friend you threw away your friendship with her like it was nothing. There’s not a day where you were thinking about Mark. You still cared about him and worried about him, and you still wished for his happiness, even if he pulled a dick move on you like that with your ex best friend, you still loved Mark Tuan and you hated yourself for it. Everyday you bring self-hate towards yourself because you thought it was your fault for how you and Mark’s relationship ended.

It’s now October and you are lost. You were on your SNS and you saw a random SNS person messaged you. You clicked on the message and messaged back who the person was. Turns out it was Mark Tuan. You couldn’t believe it. Mark Tuan decides to message you? You were in shocked and replied back to Mark.

Mark Tuan: We need to talk.

(Y/N): There’s nothing to talk about, your dating my ex-best friend now, what more is there to talk Mark?

Mark Tuan: We need to talk about us.

(Y/N): There is no us, there was never an us, and there won’t be forever. You pulled a dick move, and although I still have feelings for you that doesn’t mean I’d take you back.

Mark Tuan: So there’s no chance for us? Look I still love you.

Y/N: If you loved me, you wouldn’t do this to me. You still love me Mark? You’re dating my ex best friend?? What do you mean you still love me??

Mark Tuan: I waited for you to change, but it was too late, I started growing feelings for her over the summer a little.

Y/N: But you’re saying you still love me? I’m not the one Mark. You’re dating someone else, you can’t tell me you still love me when you’re seeing someone else already.

Mark Tuan: You’re right.. I’m sorry (Y/N). I just, I still have these feelings for you still, but your best friend has helped me tried to get over you.

Y/N: So she’s a rebound? Mark seriously go talk to your girlfriend then, and go get your shit together.


Tears were falling out of your eyes because you still loved Mark, but what even hurt you was that he had feelings for your ex best friend. You knew something was fishy between them over the summer but you didn’t want to suspect it. But now you for sure that it was true and you felt pretty pathetic. You were lost and confused and from there you decided to go lay in bed and organized your thoughts.

Thoughts     -

I don’t know how I feel about Mark? I mean I still love him but would I even date him? I don’t know, he’s hurt me and I can’t trust him or anyone anymore. But what the hell am I suppose to do with these feelings of love for him? Why is this so unfair? he’s not even suffering. Just why the hell would he even tell me he loves me. This isn’t funny, I ain’t playing games here. Love is not a game at all. I just, I love him but I won’t take him back. What the hell am I suppose to do? I guess there’s one thing to do and it’s to get over him, fuck… That’s gonna be hell even more.

End Thoughts   -

Just thinking of Mark and the situation you’ve been put in made you lose all your energy and and motivation to, you decided to just go sleep because it’s not like you were gonna do anything any time soon.

< Time Skip >

You woke up from your sleep and you felt tears coming out of your eyes. You had the most intense dream about mark and about your ex best friend. You were in shock and paralyze, you couldn’t move for a good five minutes. The dream you had about Mark was unbelievable. Was it closure? Was it telling that you it was best to move on? You contacted Jinyoung and asked him if he could meet at a cafe. Good thing Jinyoung agreed, because Jinyoung was the only one you could talk about Mark too. You went to go get ready and of course you looked terrible, but you still needed to get ready to go see Jinyoung.

You arrived at the cafe and you already saw Jinyoung with two Mocha lattes, blessing for Jinyoung. Anyways you sat with Jinyoung and he looked at you. “ You’re eyes are red. Did you cry again?” Jinyoung asked with concern. You replied and nodded. “I have an explanation. It was my dream. Okay here me out”. You said. Jinyoung looked at you and he sighed heavily.

“Okay, it started out being at home, and all of a sudden Mark showed up at my house. I didn’t know what was going on but we acted like we were dating and so that meant we were doing couple stuff, hugging, kissing, cuddling, etc. I enjoyed everything until my parents came home.. And you know how my parents aren’t a fan of Mark right? Well me and Mark heard the garage open and Mark panicked and went to go hide, but he went to go hide at the most stupidest place ever and it was my parent’s room. My parents arrived at home and my mom went into her room and noticed something weird, she saw Mark and she yelled out ‘ GET OUT OF HERE’ Mark ran out of the room and I saw him. My mom screamed and my dad heard her and he saw Mark running. All of a sudden my dad starts chasing Mark and I went after Mark too because I got triggered out of nowhere. I went outside and I saw Mark just standing there outside out of my garage. My dad saw him and was about to throw food at him but he didn’t because I told him not too. I go up to Mark and he stands there silently. I started going off on him, saying things like ‘What the hell was I to you?’, ‘Did I mean anything to you?’ He was silent and all of sudden raindrops were falling down, I started going off about how much he hurted me. I asked Mark all these questions and he just stood there, I was so angry at him, I started hitting him and I started yelling at him and told him to reply to me. My parents saw me hitting him and they ran to me and tried holding me back but I told them to let go of me. Mark then decided to turn around and walk away from me, but I pulled his jacket and brought his face to mine and told him this, ‘You hurt me so bad, just go kill yourself, you don’t deserve anyone’ Was what I told Mark, my parents made me let go of Mark and he turned around again and started walking away from me. I started crying and I collapsed to floor realizing what I had just said to Mark, and I regretted it. I stood up and started sprinting to Mark, I called out his name but he kept walking. I finally caught up to Mark and pulled his jacket, but he took off his jacket and kept walking, I ran and pulled on to his shirt and turned him around and made him fall on to ground. I sat on top of Mark so he wouldn’t be able to escape. I saw Mark’s face and I saw his eyes filled with tears, he saw me look at him and he took his hands and covered his face. I asked him to move his hands away from his face and told him to look at me, and he actually did it. I asked him, ‘Do you love her?’ he responded and nodded his head, and my heart sank and shattered. I told Mark, ‘ If you love her.. Then go to her. If she makes you happy then go,’ So I got off of Mark and pulled him up from the floor. Mark asked me for a goodbye hug and I agreed to it. We hugged and said our goodbyes. I walked backed home and I saw my parents, they looked at me and said nothing. I walked to my room, I closed the door and locked it. I slid down against the door and started crying. Then I woke up and there were tears falling out of my eyes and I was paralyzed,” You explained to Jinyoung.

Jinyoung was just sitting there trying to take all the information that was just given to him in. But you asked Jinyoung. “Was it closure?”.


Emotions and trashiness everywhere.