“The scar had not pained harry in nineteen years. All was well.”


Wow Rowling really took that to heart


my top three frustrating hangers from teen titans. anyone have more?

-edit- 1: terra was frozen on rock, why, how, when, did she come back? 2 : I know what slade is supposed to look like. What I meant is would have they shown his face ? 3: they never did show what was in there I seen this show multiple times. And lastly that was brought up, who is wearing robins Red X suit?

Things that make for a good cliffhanger:

  • Defeating the badguy and then realizing there’s another badguy
  • Rescuing the kidnapped prince but realizing the badguy got away
  • Solving the McGuffin puzzle and then finding out there’s two more
  • Fighting in the final battle, losing, and having to regroup for next book
  • A dramatic reveal on the final page that puts a downer on the celebration party

Things that are NOT a cliffhanger:

  • An entire book of set-up and backstory and more set-up and did we mention set-up and then NOT EVEN A SMIDGEON OF PAYOFF OR CONCLUSION

Stop selling me half a book and then calling it a ‘cliffhanger.’

Forget the ambiguous solution to the Fall. Put the baggy, mawkish wedding episode behind you. Because Sunday night’s Sherlock finale is a scintillating return to form that will melt the Internet and drain the Monday-morning water-cooler within half an hour.

His Last Vow ticks all the boxes. For Sherlock Holmes sticklers, the episode is based solidly on an original Arthur Conan Doyle story and also makes meaningful use of plot devices and characters from elsewhere in the canon.

Sherlock fangirls will be squeeing throughout at twists, turns and revelations – and the cliffhanger ending might just make their heads explode.

Meanwhile, general viewers in search of a smart, thrilling adventure and great performances will be satisfied too.

Lars Mikkelsen manages to be simultaneously magnetic and repellent as master blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen, the man who believes he can own anyone he chooses. It’s a scene-stealing performance from the Danish star better known to fans of The Killing as mayoral candidate Troels Hartmann. Look out for the shockingly casual way in which he desecrates Sherlock’s Baker Street sitting room.

In an interview earlier this year, Martin Freeman joked that “the show’s not called John yet”, but after this episode it almost feels like it should be. The idea that Dr Watson is simply the everyman foil to the more flamboyant characters is called into question with a neat bit of analysis of John’s psyche.

If there’s a let down, it’s the denouement of the main story, which serves Mikkelsen’s character badly and makes Sherlock appear rather naive – but that will quickly be blasted out of viewers’ brains by the mind-boggling final moments.

—  Paul Jones, “Sherlock season 3 finale will melt the internet” (x)