“The scar had not pained harry in nineteen years. All was well.”


Wow Rowling really took that to heart

Rockabye (pt.6)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin 

word count: 3.3k 

You still couldn’t believe Jae-Eun called Jimin dad. That was his first word. Yeah, he’s mumbled words here and there but never once called you mom. He normally just screamed to get your attention and that seemed to work pretty well.  The fact that Jae-Eun called Jimin dad shocked you. It was so unexpected and crazy because the two haven’t even been together much and even when they were, it was for only a couple of minutes.

Jimin felt so bad, not because Jae-Eun called him dad but because he still hasn’t called you mom. You understood, though. He was only around 7 months old and you figured his brain hasn’t quite figured everything out yet. As much as it hurt your feelings, you knew Jae-Eun would never understand, let alone do anything on purpose considering his age.

Your phone buzzed you out of your thoughts and you looked down to smile at who it was that was texting you.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 30: Memories

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1750 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Jensen’s P.O.V.

Seeing her there, in her beautiful swimsuit, her bruises showing, I wanted to sweep her into my arms, and never let anything else happen to her. They were fading, but it still made my hands clinch at the thought of someone laying a hand on her, and I had to force myself to calm down.

Once she joined me in the pool, I pulled her into my arms, voicing my thoughts of beating the shit out of Brad. After she calmed me down, I spent the next hour with her, splashing about in the pool, watching as she interacted with Jared’s children. It was easy to see how good this trip had been for her. Her eyes had a certain sparkle to them that had been missing, and there was color to her cheeks once again.

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Jealousy Pt4

Word Count: 1111

    A/N:  this one is cute and I like it! Also I decided that what the hell, I’m gonna keep going with this series because I have a few more ideas I have for it. Also please let me know what you think and if you have any requests let me know! I’d be happy to write some of them! Much love

    “I’m going to give you a week to fix things with her before I come in and take her for my own. You better hope she takes you back.” Archie said before leaving.


    Jughead seemed desperate to get Y/N back, or to at least get her to talk to him. He had called her nonstopFriday through Wednesday and she ignored all of them, even though it hurt her. She ignored him in the halls, and didn’t sit with her friends at lunch, although Archie told her that he stopped sitting there after Monday. He said something about Jughead saying he’s not going to be the reason she didn’t see her friends.

    Betty had already apologized way too many times and Y/N was quick to forgive her. Betty was just confused about Archie, although apparently Betty knew that Archie and her almost kissed. Y/N blushed when Betty brought it up, and apologized as well, but Betty said it was fine. Although Betty seemed to still tense up at the mention of Y/N and Archie, but Y/N just blew it off.

    Laying on her bed, Y/N replayed memories of her and Jughead together. Their daily trips to the diner, nights at the drive in before it shut down, lying down next to him in bed binge watching their favourite tv shows together. She missed his sarcastic sense of humor, the way his hair curled out of his beanie, his smirk he’d give her before they were about to break some laws in the name of justice to find out what happened to Jason. She missed the way he’d blush when she called him handsome after he jokingly bashed on himself, the way he’d hold her when she was sad or upset, the way he’d look in her eyes and stare just a little too long. She missed Jughead, terribly.

    As she thought back on their friendship, Y/N started to realize all the signs she’d missed, all the things that pointed to the fact that Jughead truly did love her, and he had for awhile. He was always there for her, he was her rock and without him beside her the past week she felt like she was slowly losing her mind. She didn’t know how much longer she could stand it. She needed Jughead, and she needed him now.

Fuck it. She picked up her phone and opened up the messages under Jugheads name. As she started to type, a text message popped up.

Juggie: who are you texting there? ;)

    Y/N turned to the door in her room and there stood Jughead.

    “How the hell did you-”

    “I still have the key you gave me, I used to live here with you, remember?” he teased. She sat at the edge of her bed and stared down at her hands, suddenly feeling very awkward.

    “So why’d you come over?” She asked breaking the silence.

    “I wanted to talk but if you want me to go I-”

    “No!” she practically yelled. Her face turned red at the realization of how desperate she sounded. “I mean… I-I don’t mind if you want to stay-you know if you” she stammered, and Jughead laughed. He sat beside her on the bed, and for a minute they sat in silence again.

    “I’m sorry.” he said. Y/N looked up at him and found him staring at her. His eyes pierced into hers with a gentle and loving passion, one that she had seen many times and mistaken it as a friendly look, but knew now it meant something more.

    “There’s no need to be.” she said, grabbing his hand.

    “Yes, there is. I hurt you not once but twice in a week. I’m a shitty friend and I’m scared that if we go any further with this relationship I’ll be a shitty boyfriend.” he confessed.

    “So you don’t want to..” Y/N trailed off.

    “That’s not what I mean, I guess…” Jughead stammered over his words, trying to push himself to say what was on his mind. “I love you, Y/N. I should have told you that a long time ago, and I totally understand if I’ve waited too long to tell you.” Y/N sat on the bed in shock. She was unable to speak, or move. She just stared at Jughead.

    “I-uh. Erm…” Y/N shook herself out of her trance, and grabbed Jugheads face and pulled his lips into hers. One of Jugheads hands flew to cup her cheek and the other landed itself on her waist. Neither of them wanted to break the kiss, but finally when the need for air became too much, Y/N pulled away. She opened her eyes to find Jughead with a smile on his face. It was the happiest she had seen him in awhile.

    “So you’ve got nothing to say to me?” Jughead teased.

    “I love you too, Juggie.” Y/N said, smiling up at the raven haired boy.

    “So does this mean we’re, like together now?” Jughead asked, quite shyly. Y/N leaned over and kissed him again, and Jughead pulled her so that she was laying on top of him. He was the one to break the kiss this time, and Y/N laid down beside him, looking up at him.

    “Sure, I mean if you’re even sure you want to be my boyfriend still.” she jokingly said. Jughead wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into him.

    “Trust me, I do. And I have for a long time now.” he leaned down and kissed her forehead. Y/N sat up at the sound of the front door opening, and looked down at Jughead.

    “Did someone come here with you?” she asked him. Jughead sat up as well, and looked at her with a confused expression.

    “No, are you expecting someone?”

Y/N shook her head and jumped off the bed, grabbing the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon. Jughead got up as well, and stood in front of Y/N by the door. They both heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall, and Jughead took the makeshift weapon from Y/N and held it up.

    “Stay behind me.” Jughead whispered. The door handle to the bedroom door started to turn and Jughead got ready to swing. The door flew open, and Jughead dropped the makeshift weapon and Y/N put her hand over her heart, gasping.

    “What the hell! You scared the shit out of us! How’d you even get in?” she yelled at the intruder.

    “And what are you doing here?” Jughead asked coldly.

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Female: Part 2

Disclaimer: Gif originally posted by @thatonekimgirl (Just pretend that Stiles in the gif is a girl for visual purposes during the story)

Author: @cynicallystiles

Prompt/Request: Request for the second part to Female I guess.

Warning: Girl x girl makeout, swearing, hella long. Totally teased some smut but decided to make that a different part! 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Lydia x Reader

Notes: @fandomsstolemylife00 asked me to tag them in this, so here you go! Also, thanks for all the wonderful things you guys said about the first part and actually wanting me to do the second part! It means a lot!! Shout out to my little gem @sassysweetstories for constantly believing that I could get this done! So sweet!

Abbreviations: Y/D/N = Your dog’s name.

Words: 8,741…haha

Originally posted by thatonekimgirl

“I’m not like other boys.” I say, reluctantly.

She arches an eyebrow as she smirks, “Why’s that?”

I sigh, realizing that there is no other way out of this. I look her dead in the eyes and use my regular girl voice. “I’m female.”

She giggles and scrunches her eyebrows together at me. “Ha, ha. That was a good impression. It almost sounds like this girl I met today. She’s….new….too….” Her voice trails off as a look of realization spreads across her face, and all the while I just keep looking around to make sure no one heard that. “Wait, so that’s why there was no new guy at school? Because you were the new girl??” I shush her gently and wave my hands at her a bit, looking around once more. She drops her voice to a whisper. “So, you’re Y/N. But, why are you acting like a guy to be on the lacrosse team? They allow girls.” She states, confused about my motives.

I roll my eyes and cross my arms, before answering back in a hushed yell, “Can you ask one question at a time, please? I don’t even know where to start, and I don’t have time for this. I’m supposed to be on the field before everyone else!” She looks taken back but nods in understanding. I look around and gauge that I have a few minutes to fill her in before the rest of the team comes out of the locker room. I sigh, totally preparing myself to lose the friend I had made today. “Can we start over? Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N. I’m masquerading as a guy to be on the lacrosse team even though they allow girls because I don’t want to be known as the girl who plays lacrosse. I don’t want to be known as a great player, for a girl. I want to be known as just a great player.” I sigh after I finish and close my eyes as I wait for her to tell me that I’m completely crazy and that she doesn’t want anything to do with it and probably that she’s going to tell Scott and Stiles. I take my helmet off prepared to be outed to them team when they walk out, which should be any minute now.

I continue to look down until I feel a hand on my shoulder and another on cups my jaw to move my eyes from the ground. I look into her eyes and she has a sympathetic look on her face. “Hey, I’m Lydia Martin. I used to pretend to be dumb and bad at things I was good at, and I don’t really know why.” I give a small smile, and I realize that tears had begun to form. I close my eyes and place my hand over the one she has cupping my jaw. She grasps it and removes our hands from my face to where they are relaxed at our sides, still holding each other. “I understand why you’re doing this. And I know that we’ve only known each other a day, but I will support you. However long you want to keep doing this.” She squeezes my hand, a signal for me to open my eyes. I open them and when I look at her she has a wicked grin playing on her lips. “But, if you’re going to keep doing this, you’re gonna have to be better at lying….and not flirting with Stiles.” I contort my face in a silly way and open my mouth to protest, but she interrupts. “You heard him today in class! He thinks you’re gay. And eventually, he’s gonna find out that it’s not you being gay. It’s you being straight.” She laughs and removes her hand from my shoulder after shaking me.

I let out a relieved laugh and the breath I didn’t know I’d been holding this whole conversation. “I knowww,” I say as I throw my head back and groan. When I look back at her, she has her bottom lip between her teeth. I don’t know why, but at that moment I felt either a weight on my chest or a pit in my stomach. Both in a good way, not the kind like something bad is gonna happen. More like something good will. “So, um,” I clear my throat as I realize it’s time for the other players to come to the field, “how do I get them to think I’m not gay?” I bite my bottom lip as I wait for her response. Her eyes flick from mine to my lips, then back to my eyes. I can hear the guys hooting and hollering as they make their way out of the building.

We never break eye contact as she asks me, “Do you trust me?” My hand grows sweaty and I realize that I’m still holding hers. I’m embarrassed that my sweat is getting on her, but I don’t want to let go of it for some reason. I gulp and nod my head. She flashes the most beautiful smile, and for a moment, my eyes flick to her lips. But, they return to her eyes just as fast. “Good.” She sighs. She lets go of my hand and moves both of hers to my waist, over my gear. I look around wondering what she is doing, and I notice her looking into the crowd of boys for someone. As soon as she sees that Scott and Stiles are looking in our direction, she tightens her grip on my jersey and pulls me closer to her. My breath hitches as she leans her face closer to mine (we are relatively the same height), and brings our lips together.

I let out a minor squeak of surprise and my arms move around awkwardly while I try to figure out what is happening. Eventually, my eyes close of their own volition, and I bring my hands to cup her face. After being so stiff, my lips react to hers, and they fit perfectly together while they move against each other. This goes on for a few seconds, and then she pulls her face back a few inches. I sigh at the loss of contact. She looks back in the direction of the team, who have all stopped a good distance away just staring at what just happened. Stiles is looking back and forth between us and Scott, and Scott just has a stupid grin on his face. One of the guys breaks the silence, “YEAH, GET IT Y/L/N!!!” All the rest of the guys start cheering as well and I let out a chuckle, slightly blushing. The team makes their way to the field, while Scott is dragged over to us by Stiles.

I remove my hands from Lydia’s face as she quickly leans down to get my helmet. I push it down on my head and look back at her. “Well, uh, that was like, nice?” I say, not really sure what was the appropriate answer. Just at that moment, the boys reach us and Lydia throws her arm around my waist, then gestures for me to put my arm around her shoulders. So, I do.

“Hey, Lyds. Y/L/N.” Stiles grinds his teeth as he addresses me. “What’s, uh, what’s going on over here?” He questions and comically puts his hands on his hips and leans forward, waiting for an answer. Scott just stands next to Stiles, covering his mouth as he stifles a laugh. I whip my head towards Lydia because honestly, I have no idea what is going on.

She clears her throat and addresses the boys. “Well, as we were discussing in class, I’m proving that he’s not gay.” Stiles removes his hands from his hips and flails them around trying to cover Lydia’s mouth. I stare at Scott, and we both chuckle at his attempts to keep the secret. Lydia moves her hand in between his hands and her mouth to prevent him from touching her face. “Stiles, he already knows. Besides, you’re gonna smudge my lipstick.” He widens his eyes and steps back. He looks between the two of us.

“Wait? You told him?! Well, now this doesn’t prove anything! He could be lying after you told him!” He acknowledges me for a second, “No offense.” I scoff, and he returns his attention to her. “Also, don’t worry about your lipstick, it’s already fricking smudged!” He flails his arms around and looks accusingly between us again.

Lydia and I both blush, and she tentatively touches the corner of her mouth. I could have sworn I saw her mouth flick upwards when she looked at me. I shake off the buzzing feeling I got from that and address Stiles in the flat tone that he addressed me. “First of all, I said yes to a date with this beautiful girl before she told me about your ‘suspicions’. And secondly, I would’ve said no if I had realized that I was stepping on your toes because clearly you have a thing for her and you’re just jealous!” I huff at him, not knowing where that outburst came from. That mole speckled boy just gets under my skin. Lydia stares at me, a slight blush on her cheek.

“You-you think I’m beautiful?” Is all she asks, and I can’t place the tone in her voice. But, I know I want to hear it all the time now. I look at her and swallow air before nodding. She smiles and looks at her shoes to compose herself. Stiles just stands there with his mouth slightly agape and a crazy confused look on his face. Probably thinking of how to come back at that. The silence between the four of us is broken when Scott clears his throat.

“Oookayyyy….” he begins to break the tension. “As much as I’d love to watch this go on for hours, we have a practice. And I’m the captain, so I have to be there.” He begins to walk away and stops when he sees Stiles still frozen in place. He slams his hand on his shoulder and pulls him towards the field, ignoring his protests. Lydia and I are left alone under the bleachers.

I remove my arm from its place on her shoulders and turn to face her. “Well, I should, uh, get to practice. I’m already gonna be in trouble for not being early. I don’t need to add being late to that list.” I chuckle and scratch the back of my neck as I look at her. My eyes flick to her lips, where the lipstick is smudged and smile. “Are you still watching practice?” I ask, hopefully. She bites her lip and nods. And I bite my lip at the sight of it. What am I doing?  "O-okay.“ I stutter. “May-maybe we can talk about this after?” I say to her. And again she just nods. She grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze before shooing me off to practice. I jog out onto the field just before coach appears at the sidelines. He whistles to get practice in gear. I glance up to the bleachers as Lydia takes her seat, and leans forward placing her chin in her hand to watch the practice. Her eyes mainly on me the whole time.

Suffice to say, I did not focus well that day.

Coach blows the whistle, and practice ends. The team heads in for showers and I stay behind like I’m supposed to. Although today, I really deserve the extra work for not focusing on practice. I begin to redo the drills while waiting for everyone to leave. Stiles saunters up to me, lacrosse stick in his hand. I sigh and prepare for another verbal beating. “What do you want Stilinski?” I ask frowning as I continue to shoot balls at the net. He barely dodges one and glares at me. I chuckle and set down the next ball I was about to shoot. “Sorry bout that. But, if you wanna talk, you’re gonna have to get out of the way of my shots.”

He moves out of the line of fire before coming to stand next to me. “Listen, I-” He begins but is cut off when I grunt as I throw my stick forward launching the ball into the net. He huffs and begins again. “I just wanted to say-” Once again, I shoot, doing the same as before. He huffs and grabs my lacrosse stick out of my grip and chucks it across the field towards the net before I can stop him. “WHAT THE FUCK, STILINSKI?!” I step towards him and shove his chest, slightly knocking him backward. I go to shove him again, but he regains his balance and captures my wrists in my hands.

“I’M TRYING TO FUCKING APOLOGIZE FOR BEING AN ASS TO YOU BEFORE, BUT YOU’RE BEING AN ASS AND NOT LETTING ME!!” He yells back. And I stop trying to attack him and yank my wrists out of his hands, rubbing them. I notice Lydia out of the corner of my eye, who had gotten up and rushed down to the field when she saw us fighting. I raise my hand at my side to let her know that it’s fine. I cross my arms as I continue panting from all the rage that is dying down and raise my eyebrows at him to continue. He sighs and also crosses his arms at me. “Listen, I was wrong to go around saying you were gay just because I didn’t like you. I felt threatened by a new kid coming onto the team and being better than me. And for what it’s worth, I was into Lydia a long time ago. But, I’m not anymore. So, you can date her if you like her.”

I laugh a little at how sincere he’s being and punch his arm playfully. “For what it’s worth, I don’t really care if people call me gay if I know I’m not. But, I accept your apology. And also, Lydia is a grown ass woman and neither of us need your permission to date each other.” I see her giggle out of the corner of my eye. He looks astonished and begins to stutter an apology about that, but I stop him. “But,” I say and I look at her before continuing, “we appreciate the sentiment.” He sighs, relieved that he got across what he wanted. He begins to walk away but hesitates. He turns around and before he can ask, I answer his question. “Yes, I’ll help you with lacrosse. You get the same deal I got from coach. You’re on the field before everyone else is, and you’re on the field until everyone else leaves.” I stick out my hand and he shakes it. His hands are significantly bigger than mine. He nods and smiles appreciatively. “I’ll see you next practice,” I say, before nodding at him as a cue to get the hell outta here. He takes my cue and heads to the locker room.

I watch as he exits the field and goes to the building. Lydia strides up to me and plants herself in front of my gaze. I snap my eyes to hers and blush, as I just got caught staring at his ass. “So,” she says coolly, “you like him?” I scoff and she laughs. “I’m just teasing. So, we’ve convinced him that you’re straight. But, we have to keep it up so he doesn’t get suspicious. And trust, he is a naturally suspicious person.” She giggles and I smile at her laugh.

I squint my eyes at her and tease back, “So, I assume you already have a plan to keep him from being his naturally suspicious self?” I smirk and look into her eyes as I wait for her answer.

She breaks into a wide grin and takes my hand. “As a matter of fact, I do! I’ll just be Y/L/N’s girlfriend until he decides to come out as a girl.” She strokes her thumb over my hand.

“O-oh, Lydia I couldn’t ask you to do that. I mean what about all the real guys that want to date you?” I say, shocked that she would pretend to be off the market for me, considering we barely know each other.

Seeming to read my mind she squeezes my hand and I look at her again. “Honestly, I could use a break from all the ‘real guys’ chasing me. At least this way, I can get a break and also spend time with my new friend.” She smiles, and I don’t know what came over me, but I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her tight. I buried my head in her shoulder as she threw her arms around my neck, surprised. “Thank you,” I mumble into her neck and take in her perfume, “I will pay you back somehow.” She laughs and tightens her grip. “Oh, you just be the best damn player on this team. That’s payment enough.” And weirdly, we stood like that for a while. Not noticing that the whole team had gone home, and ours were the only two cars left in the parking lot. Not noticing Stiles walk out of the building and glance in our direction to see us embracing, looking down at his shoes, and then continuing to his jeep.

That was the beginning.

Over the next few weeks, things were great. Lydia was still my fake girlfriend, but because of that, she became my very-much-real best friend. It’s like I’d known her forever and we clicked. We had half of our classes together, mostly because they were advanced. So, we’d make plans for what to do after practice and on the weekends. She came over to my house just as often as I went over to her’s. She got to know Y/D/N, and I got to know Prada. We took selfies of me in guy clothes with my face obscured (usually me hugging her from behind, with half of my face in her hair as we looked at the camera) as evidence of our “dates”. We had sleepovers, like, every other day of the week. It was great. I still couldn’t shake this feeling I got around her, and I didn’t know what it was. But, it wasn’t a bad feeling, so I didn’t mind letting it be there. Stiles showed up for all of the extra practices, albeit, he whined half the time he was there. But, he was improving and the more practices we did, the less he hated me as Y/L/N. He began to ask if I wanted to hang out with the four of them. The four of them meaning him, Scott, Lydia, and me. So, of course, I had to decline. Homework. Chores. Babysitting. Whatever I could think of. But, I could tell the excuses were beginning to not work. The few weeks was already longer than I had intended pretending to be a boy. But, weirdly, the situation was fun and I got to experience more. I don’t think Lydia and I would have become as close as we did if she didn’t volunteer to help me in this situation. And my relationship with the boys would be different. During practice, I got to know them as the would act around guys, which is naturally. As Y/N, when we would all hang out, it was different. They were less natural and more on guard I guess around us girls. Which is ridiculous. Each week, Stiles became weirder around me as a girl. I don’t know what it was, but he stuttered more, he was more spastic, and I began to catch him staring at me in classes and at lunch. I brushed it off as maybe he was suspicious of all the times I kept leaving last period. Which, I basically had to skip all together now that he was arriving at practice as early as me. I gave more excuses. Nurse. Library. Got sick and went home. But, he looked at me differently than just suspicion. We spent a lot of time together outside of class when I wasn’t hanging out with Lydia or them as a group. I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy it. We got to geek out together while watching movies, he showed me his conspiracy theory board about the crimes in Beacon Hills. It was fun, and I loved hanging out with him while not being in disguise. But, I always felt a pang of guilt when he tells me he’s glad we are such great friends. Would such a great friend really be lying to him about something so stupid?

Things began to get complicated.

It’s the week of the first game that I’m playing with the team, which happens to be Homecoming week. I had come into the season after the first few games and it was a brief hiatus before the next one. Well, the hiatus was over and I am so nervous. I have no idea why. I know that I’ll do great. But, I just have a bad feeling about it. Monday and Tuesday went by quickly, and the closer we get to Friday, the longer the days seem. I’m walking down the hallway with Lydia to our lockers, talking about something funny that had happened at our last sleepover, and I notice something weird. We arrive at my locker and I open it before asking Lydia a question. “Hey, Lyds?” She leans on the locker next to me and hums in response. I smile at the sight of her. “Um, uh, why are all the lacrosse guys giving away their jerseys? Don’t they need them for the game?” I finish grabbing my books and close my locker to face her.

She looks around and answers, “Oh! I forgot to tell you!” I scrunch my eyebrows at her. She giggles and links her arm through mine as we make our way to class. “We have a tradition here, that if you’re on the lacrosse team and you have a girlfriend, significant other, special someone, whatever,” she exaggerates and continues, “you should ask them if they will wear your jersey on game day during school for good luck. Then, before the game, they give it back and it brings you good fortune.” We arrive at class and take our seats. The room is almost empty besides a few other early birds. “Is there a specific day you’re supposed to ask them?” I ask hesitantly. She looks at my serious face and grins, taking my hand. “No silly. Usually just by the end of Thursday.” I sigh a breath of relief and open my textbook. She does the same.

I look around and rifle through my bag for the item that I know I stuck in there this morning. Lydia notices me searching and laughs, “What are you doing, Y/N?” I poke my tongue out of my mouth as I focus on searching. “Just….give me….oonnne….second!” I say and I pull the maroon article of clothing out of my bag. Her eyes widen and she looks around quickly. “Y/N, put that away! What if somebody sees?!” She whisper-yells at me and I giggle at her protectiveness. I keep it crumpled up so that even if someone does see, they won’t know what it is. “Lydia Martin,” I begin and she looks between me and the jersey. “Would you do me the honor of wearing my lacrosse jersey on game day for good fortune?” I smile as I hold it out to her waiting for her to take it. Her expression softens and almost seems a bit sad. I panic for a second because I think she won’t accept it. “What’s wrong? Am I supposed to ask differently? Did I do it wrong?” I whisper at her in a panicked hush. She gives me a soft smile, so small I almost didn’t see it. “No, no, you did it exactly right.” She takes the jersey from me and puts it in her bag. “Of course I’ll wear it for you.” The way she said that last part made me think that she didn’t want to take it. And for some reason, my heart sank. Like, maybe, all the feelings I got around her were wrong and I made it all up in my head. “Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?” I ask quietly, my voice threatening to give away my sadness. “No, Y/N, it’s just-” She begins, but is interrupted by Scott and Stiles jostling loudly into the room. As they make their way towards their seats behind us, I sigh shakily and turn to my open book and start to read the intro to the chapter. “Y/N, we’ll talk about it later, okay?” She asks hopefully. “Yeah, whatever,” I mumble as I continue reading. Her shoulders slouch briefly before she puts on her smile for the boys. I internally roll my eyes. How can she just act like whatever just happened, didn’t happen?

The boys plop down into their seats, rustling around as they get their things ready for class. Lydia addresses them and they begin to make small talk like every other normal day. The conversation shifts to the game Friday. “So, Y/N,” Scott tries to grab my attention, “are you gonna go to the game this Friday? It’s Homecoming, so it’s a super big deal. And you didn’t go to the last one?” He’s always nice. He’s never suspicious of me and unlike the complicated whatever I have with Stiles and Lydia, my relationship with Scott is simple. It’s breezy and nice. I feel comfortable around him, almost like having a big brother. I talk to him about anything and everything, well, almost everything. “Hm?” I mumble and then I realize that he asked me a question. “Oh, yeah, no, I know that it’s Homecoming, but I can’t go,” I say apologetically and shift in my seat. He smiles a bit and tries again, “C'mon, Y/N! Don’t you want to come support your favorite player?” He puppy dog pouts at me and I laugh slightly. “Who said you were my favorite player?” I quip back. He mocks being offended, but his bright smile just returns again. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. But, seriously. Whatever you’re doing can’t be as important as watching us play the big game?” He pushes the conversation. I take a breath, trying to stay calm. “Listen, Scott, what I’m doing is actually really important. So, no, I can’t go. I’m sorry.” My heartbeat picks up a bit as I feel guilty for having to lie to him. He scrunches his eyebrows and looks at Stiles briefly before returning to his cool demeanor. “That’s okay. You’ll just have to go to the celebration party with us afterward.” He says and leans across his table to squeeze my shoulder before sitting back down in his seat. “Yeah, um, I’ll try,” I say and start to turn back around. No longer wanting they eyes of the three of them on me. Especially, not Lydia’s after what happened a few minutes ago.

I feel a tap on my shoulder before I can begin reading again. “Hey, Y/N?” Stiles says, and I turn back around in my seat, audibly sighing. “What is it, Stiles?” I ask as I rub my temple. He takes note of that but brushes past it. “I was wondering if-” He begins, but is interrupted by the teacher starting class. He drops his voice to a whisper, “Can we talk after class?” I scan his face trying to see what this is about but just give up. “Yeah, sure,” I say flatly and turn around in my seat. I’m all of a sudden just so tired and not in the mood to do anything. I wish I could just go home. We continue through class quietly, no one seeming to want to break the tension we knew was there. Luckily, we didn’t have to do partners today. So, I didn’t have to talk to anyone and just did my work in peace. The bell rang, and I gathered up my stuff, quickly but not noticeably. Before anyone could say anything to me, I walked out of class and towards my locker.

I feel a hand on my shoulder and I slow down so the person can catch up. I remember that I told Stiles that I would talk to him after class, so it must be him. He catches up and tries to keep in step with me as we go down the hallway. I glance at him and he’s looking at me already. “What Stiles?” I say exhaustedly. He forms and “o” with his mouth and searches my face. “Are you okay? You didn’t seem yourself during class.” He states his observation concernedly. I grip my books tighter, trying to think of an answer. I don’t really know what’s wrong, but I’m tired of people trying to get in my business. “Oh, really Stiles? And what is myself? Hm?” I say angrier than I meant to. He stutters as he answers, “Well, I, uh, I don’t know what you think yourself is, but it’s, um, it’s not the way you were in class or the way you’re being now.” He states as we reach my locker. I sigh, mentally kicking myself for taking out my problems on this sweet, goofy boy. I open my locker and put my books in, and I pause before responding. I look up at his amber eyes and relax a little. “You’re right, Stiles. I’m sorry for snapping at you.” I pause, and he nods for me to go on. “Lydia started acting weird towards me in class, and I don’t know why. It all started when I-” I seal my lips and then start over. “I can’t exactly tell you when it started, I’m sorry. She said she wanted to talk about it later, but I don’t know.” I frown and bite my bottom lip to stop from tearing up. He notices and just takes me up in his long arms. “Oh, Y/N. I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” He soothes me as I wrap my arms around his waist and he cups the back of my head with one of his hands. “I’m sure she will tell you what happened. I see the way you guys are together. She didn’t even take to Allison this fast. You guys are the best of friends I’ve ever seen. But, you won’t know what’s wrong unless you let her explain it to you.” He pulls back and cups my face to look at me. “Okay? Say you’ll let her explain. I hate seeing you like this.” I nod as I sniffle. “Yeah, okay.” He smiles and it makes me smile too. I slightly laugh and pull out of his arms wiping my face to make sure my eyes aren’t wet. “This isn’t what you wanted to talk to me about is it?” I lean against my locker as I watch the whole expression of his face change from calm to nervous. “Oh, uh, um. No, we don’t have to talk about that right now if you don’t feel well.” He says scratching his shoulder. “Mischief Stilinski. Do not lie to me.” I squint up at him, pretending to try to be intimidating. He laughs and rifles through his bag. “Okay, fine. So, the school has this, um, lacrosse tradition-” I finish his thought for him, “Where the guys on the lacrosse team give their jerseys to someone special to wear on game day for good luck?” He stops rifling through his bag and drops his voice to a whisper, “Are you psychic, Y/N?” I laugh out loud. “What? No, Stiles. Lydia told me about it this morning.” I shake my head, still laughing,  and he seems relieved. “Oh, okay. Good. Then, you don’t know what I’m about to ask you.” He says finally as he pulls a maroon article of clothing out of his bag. The smile is wiped from my face, and my eyes widen as I stand there frozen.

“Stiles,” I say cautiously, “what the hell are you doing with that?” He looks up at me and sees the look on my face. “Oh, no, it’s not what you think Y/N.” I will my lips to move. “Annnd what do I think it is?” I laugh dryly. He has the jersey balled up in one hand and he waves the other around as he answers. “You think that I’m about to ask you out or something right?” I shrug because I don’t know what I thought. “Okay, well I’m not asking you out.” He blurts. I regain my composure and scrunch my face at him. “Gee, thanks, Stilinksi. Everything a girl wants to hear.” I say sarcastically before grabbing my books for the next class. “No! No, I didn’t mean it like that! I mean I would ask you out-” He starts and I raise my eyebrows and giggle at his rambling, so he stops. He takes a breath and starts again. “Yes, I would ask you out, but I would do it a hell of a lot more originally than asking you to wear my jersey.” He huffs out. I stand there like I’ve just been struck in the head and I feel my cheeks heat up. “But, that is not the point of this conversation.” He rolls over the fact that he just said he would ask me out. “The point of this conversation is that it’s good luck to give it to someone special to wear. And, well, Y/N you’re pretty special to me because you have become one of my best friends and if you can’t come to the game to cheer me on, then I hope you would at least wear this on game day.” He finishes rambling and thrusts it out in front of him. I raise my hand to take it hesitantly. “Okay, I’ll wear it because you’re one of my best friends too,” I say, but I’m flustered internally because Stiles is hot and I kind of hoped he was asking me out. “But, are we gonna gloss over the fact you said you would ask me out?” I ask as I put the jersey in my backpack. He clears his throat. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, we are because I did not mean to say that. I mean I didn’t mean to tell you. I mean-” He begins rambling. “Stiles! Just answer one simple question.” He nods and gulps. “What’s stopping you from asking me out?” I ask quietly, looking up at him through my eyelashes. I see his cheeks turn pink. “Because um, because this isn’t my moment. When it’s my moment, you’ll know.” He answers quietly back. We stand there staring at each other, the tension extremely thick, and I think I might start choking on it. The warning bell rings and we both jump out of our daze. I close my locker and we head to our classes. But, before we split up for our separate classes I say to him, “By the way Stiles,” He turns to me and I continue, “I never said I wanted you to ask me out.” I wink playfully and begin to walk away. “Wait! What do you mean?” He yells after me. Without turning around I raise my arm and wave at him. “Gotta keep you guessing, Mischief.”


I got a text from Lydia during last hour letting me know that she wouldn’t be watching practice like always, but I could come by her house after to talk about what happened during class. I message her back saying I would be there as soon as I could. I’m on the field when Stiles comes out. “Hey, Stilinski?” I say when he reaches me. “Yeah, man?” He responds. “I gotta talk to McCall after regular practice, so we aren’t gonna have our extra one afterward,” I say, silently hoping he won’t ask me what I want to talk about. Well, my prayers were not answered when he opened his mouth. “Yeah, sure. But, what do you want to talk to Scotty about?” I just glare at him and respond flatly. “None of your business, dude. Personal stuff.” He throws his hands up in mock surrender. “Okay, okay. Sorry, man.” I nod at him, and we start our mini-practice. The rest of the team joins us and eventually, practice is over. The team starts to leave the field, so I call out to Scott before he can leave with the rest. “Hey, McCall! Can I talk to you for a sec?” He looks at Stiles, who waves before continuing off the field. He jogs his way back over to me as I fiddle with my lacrosse stick. “Yeah, man. What’s up?” I look around making sure the field is empty before I take a breath and blurt out what has been weighing on me for a long time. “I’m not who you guys think I am.” His smile doesn’t falter, but he scrunches his brows at me. “Sure, you are. You’re an amazing lacrosse player.” I sigh, as he’s not getting my point. I look down and try to continue, “No, Scott. I mean I’m not the person you think I am. I’m not-” I’m cut off by him putting his hands on my shoulders and saying something completely unexpected. “You’re exactly who I think you are….Y/N.” I whip my head up him and he laughs. “Wait. How did you know? How long have you known? Why didn’t you tell anyone? What is happening?” My thoughts spiral as I say them out loud and he waits for me to calm down.

“Let’s sit down, okay?” I nod and sit down on the field with him. We take our helmets off so we can see each other. “I’ve had a suspicion since the first practice. I just didn’t get the sense that you were a guy. But, the more you ‘dated’ Lydia, the more I could smell you guys on each other. And today in class? I heard your heartbeat when you lied about what you were doing Friday. It was slight, unlike, you were really carefully on how you were lying. But, I heard it.” I just stare at him with my mouth agape. “Scotty, what the fuck are you saying to me right now? You smelled us on each other? Heard my heartbeat? Are you on drugs right now?” I question grabbing his face and widening his eyes to examine for being bloodshot. He laughs and carefully sways my hand away. “No, Y/N. Listen, I was waiting for you to tell me your secret before I told you mine.” I lean back and quirk one of my eyebrows up. “What secret?” He takes a deep breath. “Do you believe in the supernatural?” I nod because I’ve always found the subject fascinating and hoped there were things out there greater than being human. “Okay. Well, that makes this easier.” He closes his eyes and I try to question what he’s doing, “What-” I stop speaking when he opens his eyes and they are a brilliant hue of red. “Scotty….” I whisper. He blinks again and the red is gone. “I’m a werewolf. More specifically, a true alpha. Do you want me to tell you about everyone and everything else?” I close my gaping mouth to swallow and I nod my head slowly. “Okay, then let’s go get changed and we’ll grab something to eat and I’ll tell you.” He helps me off the grass and we go change. We put our bags in my car and then get on his dirt bike. We drove all around town, stopping at places where he would tell me something new. We stopped for pizza and I listened to him explain everything to me in a really calm manner. Before I knew it, it was dark, and I had forgotten that I told Lydia I would stop by. He takes me back to the parking lot to get my car. Once we get his bag out of my car, he turns to me. “Are you okay?” He asks, placing his hand on my shoulder. I place my hand over his give it a squeeze. “Yeah, I think I am.” He smiles and we say goodbye. I get in my car and text Lydia, asking if it was still okay for me to come over and that I had gotten caught up talking to Scott. She responds quickly, saying that of course, it was still okay. I start my car and head over to her house. Dreading the conversation we are about to have.

The talk.

When I pull up to her house, all lights but her bedroom one were off. I park behind her car in the driveway and make my way to the front door. Using the extra key she had given me, I slip in and lock the door behind me. I tiptoe up the stairs, trying not to wake her mom. After rapping my knuckles on her door quietly, I whisper. “Lydia? It’s me.” I don’t hear an answer, so I slowly open the door. After closing the door quietly I turn around to find her asleep at her vanity. I set my bag down next to her dresser and kick my shoes off next to it before crossing the room. I kneel on the ground next to her so I can be level with her sleeping face. I brush a strand of hair off of her cheek and she stirs. “Mm, mom?” I giggle and whisper back to her, “Yes, Lydia. I came to say you’re grounded for falling asleep at your vanity again.” I stifle a laugh, and she slowly opens one of her eyes to look at me. “Y/N? Oh, shoot. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I promise.” She sits up and rubs her eyes. “It’s okay, sleepyhead. I can leave and come back tomorrow?” I say, knowing that it’s my fault that she was up this late waiting for me to begin with. “No! No, I said we would talk and you being a little late doesn’t change that.” She sleepily smiles at me. I stand up nervously and help her from her chair and over to her bed. As she stands, she stretches and I can tell that gave her some energy. “I’ll get you some coffee, Lyds,” I say, and before she can protest I leave the room to make the coffee. After it was done I carefully brought two mugs back up to her room. I hand her the mug with her caffeine. “Don’t tell your mom, but I think I used the last of the coffee grounds.” I chuckle into my cup before taking a sip and sitting down next to her on the bed. After taking a gulp of her coffee, she looks at me. “Oh, don’t worry about that. She’s out of town, I’ll just replace it before she gets back.” She sips her coffee some more. “Lydia!” I exclaim at her. She jumps and almost spills her drink. “What? What’s wrong?” I laugh as I say, “I’ve been tiptoeing around your house, trying not to wake her up, and she’s not even here!” Her face relaxes and she laughs with me. “I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you.” She pokes her bottom lip out. I laugh and lean into her laying my head on her shoulder. “It’s okay. But, you gotta make it up to me.” I feel her turn as she tries to look at me. “Oh, yeah? And how do you suppose I do that?” I sit up and finish the rest of my coffee. “I have absolutely no idea. But, it has to be extremely great.” She finishes her coffee too and takes our mugs to set on her nightstand. “Oh, I’ll make sure it is.”

She smiles at me. I scoot back on the bed so that we are facing each other with our legs crisscrossed, backs towards the edges of the bed. “So, um,” I clear my throat, afraid to break the happy mood we had been in, “you said we’d talk about that thing later. Well, it’s later..” I say fiddling with my fingers. She sighs and covers my hands with hers. “Y/N,” she whispers so low that I almost didn’t hear it. I look up into her hazel eyes. “Yeah,” I whisper back, more of a squeak than a word. “Promise me that no matter what I say to you right now, we’ll still be best friends?” I search her face for the answer to what she could possibly think would make me stop being her best friend. But, all I see is worry. “Nothing could ever change that,” I say and turn my hands over so that I can intertwine my fingers with hers. She closes her eyes and sighs. “Okay. You asked me if I would wear the lacrosse jersey for you because I’m pretending to be Y/L/N’s girlfriend and it would help keep up appearances.” She starts slowly. I shake my head because I know where she’s going. “No, Lydia. I didn’t mean-” She cuts be off before I can explain anything. “Just let me finish. Okay? This is really hard.” I nod and she gulps before continuing. “But, Y/N, I realized in that moment of you fake asking me to wear your jersey, and I wanted it to be real. I wanted you to be asking me to wear your jersey because I was special to you and not because we were fake dating.” I think back to how Stiles asked me to wear his jersey because I was special to him. She sighs shakily, and I wait a few seconds to see if she’s done before responding. “Hey, Lydia, look at me.” She looks into my eyes sadly and I squeeze our intertwined fingers. “I was asking you to wear my jersey because you’re special to me. I wasn’t even thinking about us fake dating.” I say and hope she understands what I’m saying. She doesn’t. “No, Y/N. I don’t mean special like best friends. I mean like, I like you romantically.” She averts her eyes again. My heart stops. Hearing her say that made me realize that it wasn’t all in my head. I try to figure out how to respond correctly because I know the silence is probably giving her the wrong ideas about my feelings. I let go of her hands and I hear her sigh at the loss of contact. Instead of returning my hands to hers, I move them to under her ears, my fingers lacing through her strawberry blonde hair and my thumbs pressing her cheeks. She rests one of her hands on one of mine and leans into it, seemingly preparing for me to tell her we’re just friends.

Well, she was wrong. And I am going to make sure that she knows it. “Lydia. For such a genius, you are so oblivious.” She looks at me confused and before she can ask what I mean,  I lean forward and push my lips to hers. This time, she’s the one too shocked to move at first. Finally, she grabs my waist and pulls me closer to her as I slant my lips against hers. My hands tangle in her hair as the kiss intensifies, both of us feeling the need to be closer. Even though that was not physically possible. We switch our legs around so that we are on our knees with our bodies pressed together. My heart races, and I grudgingly pull our lips apart to catch my breath. My lungs burned almost as much as my lips did from not kissing her. I touch our foreheads, and our breath mingles together. “Lydia, I don’t want you to wear the jersey as my fake girlfriend. I want you to wear it because you are special to me, romantically.” I bite my lip and wait for her to respond. She giggles and presses a chaste kiss to my lips. “Does this mean that you’re gay?” I laugh and quirk my eyebrow up. “Does this mean that you’re gay, Lydia?” She rolls her eyes and sighs. “Fair point.” I pull her closer to me as we kneel there. “How about, for now, we just say that we’re best friends who like each other romantically?” I say and I press a kiss to her nose. She hums and agrees with me. “I like the sound of that.” She smiles and I smile back. “Oh, yeah?” I say and press a kiss to her forehead. She nods. “Okay, good. Now, can we go back to kissing? Because I really enjoyed that.” I press a kiss to each of her cheeks. “Yeah, we can definitely do that.” She sighs, and then without warning, pulls me down onto the bed with her so that we are lying with our heads on the pillows. We both laugh loudly before looking at each other again. When our eyes meet, something sparks and our lips mesh together again.

The story of what happened next is for another time.

I flip my hair out from under me as I lay my head back on the pillows. Still panting and glistening with sweat from what just happened. Lydia lays beside me in the same state that I am. I look over at her and she’s already looking at me and I smile. “Well, that was..” She sighs happily. “Yeah..” And I giggle. “I mean, wow. Suffice to say I think you’ve made it up to me for falling asleep.” She laughs, and it’s the most beautiful thing to hear. “Well, good.” She says and rolls over to press a kiss to my lips before getting up from the bed. I roll over onto my stomach and rest my hands on the cool side of the pillows. I lay my head down and look at her walk across the room. “Where are you going, Lyds?” I whine at her playfully. She laughs and turns back to me. My face flushes as I relive all the events of the past hour or so at the sight of her. “I’m getting us something to wear to bed, silly.” She laughs as she continues searching. “Oh, am I allowed to stay the night? I mean, do you want me to? It’s a school night.” I say worriedly. I don’t want to overstay my welcome. “Of course I want you here, Y/N. Just text your parents and tell them you’re staying the night with me. You can borrow something to wear tomorrow.” She smiles, always having the solution for everything. I go to text my parents when I realize that my phone is in my bag. “Hey, my phone is in my bag. Can you grab it, please? Oo and a pair of my underwear?” I ask and laugh. Still giddy from being with her. I lay my head back down on the pillow, my eyes drooping sleepily. After she gets a T-shirt and some underwear on, I hear her rifling through my bag. “Yeah, of course, although if you didn’t have so much shit it’d be eas-” Her voice stops and I lift my head back up to see what she’s doing. “Lyds, what’s the matter?” When I focus my eyes more in the dim light, I see that she’s holding a wad of cloth. “Did you find my phone?” I ask trying to decipher what was wrong. She flips the light on and holds out a maroon article of clothing so I can see it. I look closer and I can make out the number “24” on it in white. My eyes widen as I realize what she found.

“Why the fuck do you have Stiles’ jersey in your bag?!”