“I need a room.”

“I, um… I’m not sure we’ve got one.”

Can we talk about this moment for a second? Because this is the moment that made me fall completely in love with Assumpta Fitzgerald. Look at her - she isn’t just denying him a room because he’s a priest. She saw something different in him up in the hills with the mountainy man, and she wants so much to believe that perhaps someone is finally getting it right in the Church that she has been so deeply disillusioned to. She wants to believe in him. She wants to protect that rare, genuine purity. So she brings Jenny’s keys over to Peter’s place - and so she denies Peter a room. Because right in this moment, for a split second, she thinks he could let her down. She thinks he intends to spend the night with Jenny (in her hotel!) and therefore end up as much a hypocrite as every other priest she’s encountered. And the last thing she wants is for him to be just like every other priest. She won’t let him be.

This scene is so important. I can’t even stress it enough. 

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