Post Card No. 108: Coron Adventure Day 3

The third day involved visiting the Twin Lagons, Coral Reef Garden, Secret Shipwreck, Banol Beach, Green and Blue Lagoons, and Barracuda Lake. Just by personal choice, my favorite sight was the Chinese fishing boat which sunk in between 1950 and 1960 and my favorite activity was cliff diving in Barracuda Lake. 

This feeling keeps me going! 📷 @travissims
A call for action!

This one is for all you BMXers, skaters, skiers, cave-divers, surfers (kiting or otherwise!), bungee jumpers, rock climbers, parkour fanatics, FMXers and BASE jumpers alike!

Inspired by Vietnam’s sand-boarders turned Asian Winter Games heroes, Warm Slidings, this Mission is all about showing just how extreme you can be!
Strap yourself in and capture the feeling of the G’s to be in with a chance of winning a Polaroid Waterproof Action Camera!

This photo was taken off of the northeastern coast of Madagascar on the island of St. Marie. While watching a group of local children jump off the cliff into the crystal waters below, I was reminded of why I took my own leap to join the Peace Corps. Every day is a thrill navigating this very different culture and language as an American, and each risk that I take as a Community Health Educator and as a person is worth every second. Whenever I am feeling low, or unsure of the next move to make, I will remind myself that it is OK, just jump!

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This is a video from my summer 2014 trip with just my 3 sisters and me in Cefalù, Sicily. Made with GoPro Hero 3+.

Film and Editing: giovannisalami - Giovanni Ranzino

Song: Klingande - Jubel (Original Mix)