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22 meter high Baker’s falls in Sri Lanka. Original caption gives more details:

This 22m fall is noted for the tremendous noise created by water pounding the large rock formation at its foot. Forming part of the Belihul River, it is surrounded by copious giant ferns.

Baker’s Falls derives its name from Sir Samuel Baker, a British man who discovered it in 1845. However, Baker is also credited with the short-sighted achievement of having shot 50 elephant, five deer and two buffalos nearby.

Despite the presence of warning signs (that are often removed by confident bathers), the fall, and more specifically the 12m death trap of a plunge pool, has claimed numerous lives.

Changes -- Garfield Logan x Reader, platonic!Tim Drake x Reader

Here is my attempt at this request! I wasn’t sure if you wanted Teen Titans Beast Boy or Young Justice Beast Boy, so I went with Young Justice. I’m sorry if it falls short of what you wanted and I’m sorry for how it ended. I might be persuaded to continue it if you want me to. Again, sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted! 

Word Count: 641

You had been Garfield’s best friend for years now. The two of you were practically inseparable, so it came as no surprise that when he joined The Team you came along too. Having no powers and little to no prior training didn’t deter you in the least. Where Garfield went so did you. Your skills with a bow and untapped potential had attracted the eye of both Green Arrow and Black Canary and soon you were giving even the new Boy Wonder a run for his money.

The newly named Beast Boy was somewhat protective of you. He knew you could handle things on your own, but he was determined to keep any last vestiges of his previous life safe. Having lost his mother, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you too. This had put a strain on your friendship for a bit, but there was nothing you two couldn’t handle.

That’s why Garfield was so hesitant to tell you how his feelings had changed.

The change had been subtle at first. He had never been jealous of you spending time with other members of The Team, but every time he saw you with Robin or Jamie, he felt a strange knot form in his stomach. He had ignored it at first, chalking it up to being overprotective. The more time you spent with Robin, however, the more he understood what was going on.

How could this have happened?

M’gann had been persistent to know why her adoptive little brother was sulking so often, but he had denied acting strange. You hadn’t seemed to notice anything different between the two of you, so who was he to point it out? You were his best friend! He didn’t want to ruin the relationship the two of you had. He would just smile and act like nothing had changed, like it didn’t bother him how often you had to cancel your plans with him to hang out with Robin. It had nearly crushed him when he heard from Lagoon Boy that you had a crush on someone.

“How do you know that?” The green skinned boy demanded, his tail flailing in anger.

The Atlantean shrugged his shoulder. “I overheard (Y/N) talking to Boy Wonder about it. I’m surprised she didn’t tell you first. Aren’t you two like best friends or something?”

“I thought we were.”

Downtrodden, the teenager slowly made his way to the main room. There was a mission coming up and he had been selected to be a part of the team to handle it. As he got closer, Garfield could hear voices coming from his destination. He immediately recognized your voice and that of Robin. He strained to hear what the two of you were discussing.

“…doesn’t feel the same?” Your voice asked nervously.

“Don’t worry so much (Y/N),” your companion assured you, “everything will be fine. Just tell him how you feel and let things go from there.”

The two of you were talking about your crush. Garfield felt his heart drop into his stomach.

“Since when does Robin not come up with a plan for a situation?”

“You can’t plan for everything. Oh, hey Beast Boy!”

He waved half-heartedly at the two of you. He noticed your frown of concern and quickly perked up. The last thing he wanted was for you to be worried about him.

“Hey Robin, (Y/N)! You guys goin’ on this mission too?”

“I’m not. I just needed to talk to Robin about something.” You started to make your way out of the room. When you had reached his side, you stopped and gave him a hesitant smile. “Can we talk when you get back? I want to talk to you about something important.”

He swallowed around the lump in his throat. “Sure, no problem.”

“Great! Be safe out there!!”

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Yukako upped her pace so she was able to walk a few steps behind Reimi, looking around at the new area that she knew wasn’t seen by others. She stared at the large house in the distance for a few short seconds before she was talked to once again by Reimi.

When she spoke of using pocky to determine her fortune, she was, at first, completely uninterested. There was a saying about that, she knew, but she didn’t care too much of it. Knowing that it must be one of the only things Reimi was able to talk about, she replied, reluctantly,

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Yesterday at Point Lobos i saw harbor seals, just laying around on a secluded cove. They’re the most sausage-like animals i have ever seen.