Just got done with the most epically fun shoot with this fabulous goddess of a woman Shaun Tia Photography.

Hiked naked, waded in freezing streams, battled nature, got eaten by bugs, was threatened by an angry cow, traumatized some hikers, climbed a cliff face in 8 inch heels, and had the absolute best day ever!

Behind the scenes photos to come. 💕

#shantiaveney #shauntia #shauntiaphotography #photoshootroadtrip #amydoesthings (at Phoenix, Arizona)

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Twisted by Design ( V5 ), Calabogie, Ontario, Canada.

Photo by Philip Quade @philip_quade [ Rock Climber • Alexandra Pierce ] @alexandra__pierce

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amessymint  asked:

Yes i do want more of nicky and matts friendship tysm

pls ok im gonna post this and probably cry at the same time but 


  • matt and nicky go grocery shopping together whenever they can 
    • it’s mostly so they can ride the cart down the aisles. 
    • bonus old meme: matt asks if nicky wants doritos, nicky rides the cart up to him while yelling “I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR DORITOS” 
    • vegetables? what r vegetables? 
  • they’ve both gone to concerts together before just because they could
  • matt comes to visit erik in germany sometimes, with or without dan
  • to expand on that: matt and erik get along GREAT 
    • (s/o @delphyc
    • they end up being gym bros lbr 
    • and they both love adrenaline rushes 
    • so whenever dan and matt come to visit it’s this big ordeal and they all go travel places right??? 
    • matt and erik climb mountains. bungee jump. zipline. climb cliffs 
    • one time, they even decided it was the perfect place to dive from 
    • so dan and nicky were just left there when matt and erik literally ran and dove off the cliff, like the idiots they are 
    • when they did, dan and nicky both yelled “THATS IT WE’RE GETTING A DIVORCE” at the same time 
  • matt goes to clubs with nicky when erik can’t and it’s beautiful 
    • one time they went and 20 guys hit on matt and nicky had to fend them off a drunk and bisexual matthew boyd to save matt from becoming a corpse when he went home to dan
  • nicky and matt have coffee dates too lbr 
    • they go to the library and get coffee then go tan in the grass and drink coffee or smoothies
    • sometimes they split a giant cookie or something
  • nicky’s arms are freckled and the first time matt notices he yells “FRECKLES” and it becomes his goal to poke every single one on nicky’s arm
  • also, i know i mentioned this earlier, but i feel like it deserves some elaboration….
  • whenever matt walks in on nicky and erik skyping he runs into the shot and yells “ERIK DID U KNOW UR BOYFRIEND IS GAY” 
    • nicky: “SHUT THE FUCK UP MATT” 
    • erik: “nicky? really? is he telling the truth? are you gay? why didn’t u ever tell me?” 
    • nicky: “i hAT E YOU BOTH”
    • erik: “that means he loves us, matt.” 
    • matt: “aw we love u too nicky!” 
    • nicky: “i’m serious. i hate u.” 
    • matt, squishing nicky’s face with one hand, leaning over nicky’s shoulder: “he’s so adorable, isn’t he, erik?” 
    • erik: “very.”
    • by now nicky’s frowning but blushing and matt’s grinning and he kisses nicky’s forehead and shoves his head 
    • erik: “no kissing, matt.” 
    • matt: “sorry, erik. he’s just so kissable. and gay.” 
    • erik: “only i can kiss him.” 
    • nicky: “well-”
    • and that’s how erik started to be a little jealous of matt, even tho he loved him still
  • look. matt and nicky are the purest bros to ever bro (aside from matt and neil. nothing can beat matt and neil. but matt and nicky are a close second.)

anonymous asked:

Don't you think the (potential) five year gap in s3 will mean Hardy and Miller will definitely NOT be in a relationship yet? Like I'm just saying, Hardy probably moved away and only now at the start of s3 knocked up on Miller's doorstep.

To clarify, I am terrified that Hardy and Miller have not seen each other for 5 years and will turn up in relationships with OTHER PEOPLE


Writing Tip July 26th

Writing Realistic Injuries:

Characters climbing cliffs with broken arms or getting knocked out for an hour or so and then running around like nothing happened, bug me.  It doesn’t take much longer to get it right, and I’ve found that getting doing the research to get it right can often lead to whole new story possibilities I hadn’t thought of before.

I’m not any sort of medical expert - research for this article has come from a variety of sources from medical texts to personal experience – (I’m just a teeny bit accident prone…)  I do historical reenactment and a large part of information here comes from the ‘traumatic injury’ (or ‘the nasty things that can happen to you in combat’ information we give the public and new members to make them go ‘urggh , I’m glad this isn’t for real’.

There’s a lot of ‘relatively’ and ‘probably’ in this article because everyone reacts differently to injury.

Oh and before I start - one pet peeve… ‘laceration’ does not mean ‘a very bad cut’ – it is a term for a specific type of wound caused by the tearing rather than the slicing of the skin.  It’s the sort of cut you get from being hit with a blunt object (or a fist).

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