cliff tea

Delightful tea-related discovery: the visitor center at the Celestial Seasonings factory will give you as much free tea as you want.  When you sign up for a tour (also free), your tour “ticket” is a teabag, and you get to walk through a factory floor that smells amazing, and stand in a room stacked to the ceiling with literal tons of tea leaves and TEA TEA TEA TAE TEA TEEEEEEA tea tea tea tea

.So as I was in the ‘health’ store to buy the Chinese herbs I needed for Hisako’s curry. I was delighted as it carried a number of Japanese and Korean products, now instead of an hour’s travel, it’s now 5 minutes. I BOUGHT A WHOLE JAR OF UMEBOSHI FOR $5.90, I’VE NEVER BEEN SO ALIVE. Then, I stumbled upon this..Cheesecake kitkats.

Oh my god, move aside and fall off a cliff, green tea kit kats. I took a single bite of this and immediately had a heavenly, out of body experience. God dammit, why are they so small?



Apparently, you bake it as well in order for it to mimic the appearance of n actual cheesecake.

Challenge bloody accepted.

Grill for 1-3 mins 

… Challenge ackowledged. The outside becomes crispy whilst the chocolate within melts luxuriously. This may not definitely imitate the texture of an actual cheesecake but it’s an incredible novelty.

But you know what’s the best way to eat it?

All 13 at once.

Stop, Tie Luo Han time!
This Tuesday’s Tea-Off is Tie Luo Han.
This roasted oolong with a lovely texture is not so well known, but usually those who know it like it a lot.

Come taste Tie Luo Han this Tuesday at 6 pm Sharp.
If you have a Tie Luo Han of your own, bring it to the Tea-Off to compare it to the others.
Admission is $10 or $5 if you bring a tea.

Tuesday Tea Off is Today!

After a week hiatus the Tuesday Tea Off is back!
This week we will be comparing Shui Xian Cliff teas. 

If you have a Shui Xian cliff tea, or any cliff tea bring it down to Tea Drunk tonight at 6 pm to see how the taste differs from other teas of the same type. 

The Tea Off starts at 6pm and is $5 if you have a tea and $10 if you come tealess. 

See you there!  

Tea Drunk is located at 123 E 7th, between 1st and A, New York City.