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If marathons exist for people to prove that they’re intrinsically better than you, ultramarathons exist to shame you for drawing the same air as their participants. And Australia’s Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Ultramarathon is the pinnacle. The event consisted of a 544-mile run – we’d give up on driving that – across brutal and unforgiving territory. So imagine everyone’s surprise back in 1983, when a 61-year-old potato farmer named Cliff Young lined up right alongside the strapping young gods and goddesses that normally go in for this sort of thing. Literally toothless, dressed in gumboots and long trousers, he ran in a weird old-man shuffle. Cliff further revealed that he was a virgin who still lived with his mom – as though that needed elaborating.

By the end of day two, Cliff was not only markedly less dead than everyone expected, but had a sizeable lead on his competitors. This was largely due to his coach/insane friend Wally Zeuschner who, after an exhausting first day of running, accidentally set Cliff’s alarm clock for 2AM. For the remainder of the race, Wally was right there, informing Cliff that sleep was for pussies, and hacking off foot blisters with a rabbit knife. When Cliff shuffled his way into Melbourne, he wasn’t just ahead of his competitors – he was miles and miles ahead, having knocked a good two goddamned days off the previous record for the course.

5 People Who Ruled At Things They Had No Right to Even Try

Using Photoshop's "Black & White" adjustment vs. rough blue line art.

When I draw a thing, I often first draw it rough using Col-Erase™ blue pencil. Then I go over top and make it look NICER using a dark pencil.

I used to remove the blue pencil from the image in Photoshop by selecting the “blue” channel of the RGB scan and turning that into the line art. That was the old way! This is the new way, and it is better!

Look at this drawing. This is what a raw scan usually looks like. See the faint blue lines in there? Ick.

This is what it looks like when I select the blue RGB channel:


It’s pretty effective, but not a critical hit. I can still see faint traces of the blue lines:

Normally I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d just blow ‘em out by increasing the contrast (through the Curves or Levels adjustment). BUT WHY SETTLE FOR THAT?


I don’t know when Photoshop introduced the Black & White adjustment tool, but it’s my new best friend. Let’s make a Black & White adjustment layer above our raw scan.

You’ll get this fun palette popping up:

… but you’ll still see the faint blue lines. They’ll be in black & white, but they’re still very visible. HOLD ON, that’s because we haven’t DONE ANYTHING yet.

CLICK! I select the “Blue Filter” preset:

Now look where those blue lines used to be:

You can even jack the sliders up to make your old blue lines look BRIGHTER, which is no big deal because our goal in the end will be to make that light-grey that used to be my white paper actually look white.

I'ma add a Curves adjustment layer.

Fiddle with the curves til your paper surface is white and your lines look about as good as they can look:

YOU CAN STOP NOW IF THAT’S ALL YOU WANT. Here’s some bonus shizz. I’m going to show you how to make the most useful line art you can have. Go to the Channels palette and command-click (or CTRL-click if you need your instructions to be that specific to your own personal life experience) the RGB channel’s thumbnail:

You’ll get a selection in the shape of your lines. Important : INVERT SELECTION. Don’t “invert” the contents of the selection, use the INVERT SELECTION menu thing or just press command-shift-I. Then make a new layer to accommodate your line art:

Fill the selection with your colour of choice:

Ta-da! You have useful line art. Why is this more useful than simply setting your line art layer to “Multiply?” Well, give it a try and see if you can’t come up with your own reason. Or just trust me. It’s MORE FLEXIBLE.



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Do I even need to send you this prompt? HARRY SITTING IN LOUIS' LAP, THAT IS THE QUALITY CONTENT WE DESERVE.... also inspired by that petnames gif post, PET NAMES TOO Your writing is fantastic, thank you and I love you💛

(it’s fucking 4am and i can’t sleep lmao? i don’t even know what this is i wrote it on my phone and i am sorry if it sucks sorry there r no caps hope it’s ok xoxoxoxo i love you)

“clifford, you little fucker,” louis hisses the third time cliff nearly yanks his shoulder out of its socket for the sake of going after a squirrel. cliff’s an idiot, gangly and uncoordinated at the best of times, and louis thinks he should know better than to even consider chasing the poor thing up a tree. in fact, louis thinks cliff could stand to be more considerate in general.

“he’s quite big, actually,” harry comments mildly, the corner of his mouth twitching because he, too, is inconsiderate, and the fact that he thinks he’s hilarious is always written on his face as a precursor to every one of his stupid jokes.

“thank you, darling, you’re always so… insightful,” louis says. he tried for a more caustic tone, really he did, except it only comes out fond. cliff falls back in line at louis’s side, harry wraps an arm around louis’s shoulder, and everything is settled in louis’s world again.

things like this — midday walks with their shitty dog and, earlier, ice cream dates when their throats already scorched with the cold — are treasured, for louis. he watches as harry tries in idle frustration to worm a finger between his bandage and his wrist so he can relieve an itch and bites the inside of his lip on a smile. maybe it’s just harry he treasures.

“let’s sit down,” harry says, veering off the path to collapse at the base of a tree, and then moaning, “my bum is wet now.” he looks at louis like he expects immediate eradication of all the grass and the rain and the earth that had caused such a thing, so ridiculously indignant that louis has to snort.

he tugs cliff over, hands the leash to harry, and sheds his jacket to sit on.

“it’s a bit cold,” louis says. “we could’ve gone home, you know. lots of places to sit there. inside.”

“this is nature and all that,” is harry’s argument. he sidles over, only bothering to be sneaky about it for a moment before he clambers sideways into louis’s lap, the damp seat of his lazy joggers on louis’s thigh. with his hands free of cliff’s leash, louis can wrap them around harry’s waist.

they watch cliff sniff around for a while until he flops down in disinterest, and harry sets his chin on the top of louis’s head, his breathing gone deep and steady. harry does that — just rests, whenever and wherever he can. it’s the most endearing thing. he’s peaceful — he’s louis’s calm.

“darling,” louis murmurs, squeezing harry’s hip tight.

harry hums quietly in response, and then pipes up, “what?”

louis’s leg is rather numb and cliff is possibly trying to eat a rock and louis’s not all that cold anymore, with harry in his lap, wrapped around him like this, but it is drizzling a little.

“nothing. just missed your voice, baby,” is all he says, and tilts his head back so harry can give him a kiss.

The Heart - Part Two - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

Part One

“I’ll see you at six, nerd,” he said, giving you a playful grin. You rolled your eyes as he walked off, people gawking at you as you turned back to your locker. Like always, you didn’t care that they stared. You could care less. All you were thinking about was what to wear.

After tutoring Roman, with a degree of success, it was time to complete the deal you made. It was time for your date.

A/N: Thank you for all the kind words on the first part! Roman is hella smooth btw (sorry for the horrible ending.)

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You studied your reflection in the bathroom mirror, making sure your outfit was orderly. Your hair was fixed up, after what felt like hours of manipulating it. For once in your life, you felt that you looked great. The outfit you changed into after school was comfortable; dark pants and a light tee shirt that paired well with the jacket you had resting over your shoulder.

Maybe it was too simple. The nerves you had felt during the school day returned. You could still hear Roman’s voice in your ear telling you to “wear something nice.” This outfit wasn’t nice enough, you thought to yourself. You rushed back into your bedroom, throwing clothes everywhere in the search of just the right outfit. You settled on a soft sweater, voting to keep the dark pants you already had on.

Making your way back to the bathroom, you felt more content with your wardrobe choice. It was a bulky sweater, making you look small and keeping you warm. It’s soft, colored hue made your eyes pop. Much better. You fixed your hair again, repairing the damage you had done when you changed into the sweater.

You had started walking down the stairs of your home when you heard a honk. You leaned over a chair and peered out of the window. You saw a small, old-fashion car in the driveway. It’s top was down and you could see Roman waiting for you in the driver’s seat.

Nearly tripping out of the door, you made your way to Roman’s car. He was now standing outside of the car, waiting for you so he could open the passenger side door. When his eyes fell on you, his lips parted for a moment.

“Hi,” you said, your shyness showing through. You brushed a hand through your hair and Roman smiled softly down at you.

“Hey, you ready to go?” He pushed himself off his car, which he was leaning against. You took in his attire; dark pants and a navy blue button up. His hair looked styled, up more than down. The most attractive feature however, was his soft, close lipped smile.

“Yeah,” you said and Roman opened the car door. Before you sat down, Roman leaned towards you, his breath tickling your neck.

“You look great,” he whispered lowly. You blushed and smiled at him, hoping that you seemed even the slightest bit confident.

“So do you,” you replied, surprised your voice didn’t falter. Roman grinned and bit his bottom lip as you sat down in his car. He shut the door and walked back over to the drivers side. “So what do you have planned?” You asked, trying to remain calm.

“You’ll see,” Roman said with a smirk. He started the car and backed up and out of your driveway. He put on the radio, tuning it to a light rock station at low volume. The now sunset colored sky of Hemlock Grove soared above you as Roman drove through town.

“You did great on your test,” you said, turning to face Roman. “I’m proud of you,” your words brought a wide smile to his face.

“I have you to thank for that grade,” he said, his hands tightening around the steering wheel as he spoke. “I would’ve failed without you.” You blushed at his statement, turning to look outside the car. You were on a country road, at least it looked like one. Towering trees loomed over the road ahead of you, spicing the air with the scent of pine.

The rest of the car ride went on without a hitch. You did your best to deal with awkward silences and Roman was just Roman. He was flirtatious and, or so it seemed to you, happy.

“So you’re not going to tell me where you’re taking me?” You asked as the terrain around you seemed to grow more unfamiliar by the second.

“Nope,” Roman said, popping the ‘p’. You turned to look at him, brows furrowed but saw that he was grinning at the road before the car.

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As soon as life returns to normal, so will you. Back from the dead.
Not without you.

The second kiss- Reddie

Hey guys! Since I got a lot of popularity on my last fanfic, I thought I would take a crack at it! Hope u like it! (Also I got the bubblegum and cigarettes line from a fanfic I read a long time ago, if someone knows who wrote it could u contact me? Thanks!)


It’s just Richie!

Eddie thought to himself as he was walking from school alone. It had rained earlier that day, and all the best parts of a rainfall had been at their peak in that moment. The grass was so green and pungent in scent, the sky was grey with a thin rainbow reaching from one side of the horizon to the other. And puddles.


Eddie anxiously thought as he was trying to not step in the germ infested puddles. But a few patches of muddy water wasn’t the only thing getting to Eddie. It was an anniversary of some sort. It’s been one month since they fought…it, which was something Eddie would like to get out of his memory. It was the anniversary of something sweeter, that made him blush a bright pink in the afternoon humidity.

His first kiss.

After the blood pact, everyone went back to their own houses. Needed some time to recuperate, and assess the fucked up shit that just happened. But Mike wasn’t quite done with the gang that night. He invited everyone up to his place. They had an abandoned farm on the edge of the property and it’s a great place to have a snug sleepover. Everybody brought as many blankets and pillows as they could, making an epic fort. The whole night Richie wasn’t himself. He was cracking jokes, and being a goof, but when nobody was looking, Eddie was. He had only one facial expression; fear. Eddie ignored it until at night (Eddie couldn’t sleep, the clown may have been defeated, but his dreams were still fucked) He heard Richie yell out in his sleep. Eddie went to help him, Richie just hugged him, and sobbed into his thin shoulder. Then, in the moment, Richie thanked Eddie by kissing him. It was longer than what Eddie thought it would be, but he remembered every moment.

Eddie bit his lip, trying to remember how Richies lips felt like in that moment.

“Bubble gum and cigarettes” Eddie whispered to himself

Eddie didn’t mean to say it out loud, it just slipped. He let out a small giggle as he accidentally stepped in a shallow puddle. He was about to curse to the gods for doing that to him, but he just let out a small exhale.

Ah, fuck it.

He steps in another with the other foot.

He shakes his head, remembering back as to why he was so scared.

After the kiss, him and Eddie cuddled all night. But in the morning, Richie didn’t say anything. He didn’t say anything for the rest of that month for that matter. It’s not like Eddie could either. They were always with the losers. Alway getting in the way. Eddie was full of doubt.

Was he just vulnerable? Was he just so tired he didn’t care who? Did he immediately regret it in the morning and is that why he never talked about it again?

Fuck fuck fuck!

Eddie, out of habit, grabbed his inhaler from his fanny pack. He knew it was a gazebo, but it was more of a safety net at this point. He let out a small puff and put it back.

This was the first day that him and Richie would actually hang out alone after the clown… alone. Richie asked the whole Losers club if they wanted to come for a sleepover, but everyone had their own plans. So Richie turned to Eddie, like he was the most normal person ever and said,

“How bout it Eds? Maybe I should invite your mother?”

“Beep Beep Richie” Eddie replied with a smirk.

The two would be alone.


“So what will it be Eds? Nightmare on Elm street or the Goonies?” Richie said, with the two movies placed on the couch, separating the friends sitting opposite of eachother. Eddie was conflicted. He hated any kind of horror, not for the scary factor, (Pennywise made him pretty confident in that department) but the gross blood, and gore and,

He shivered, just thinking about it, but he could tell by Richie eyeing The Nightmare on Elm Street which one he favoured.

“Nightmare on Elm”

He said without hesitating.

Why does this boy have such a toll on me? Eddie, you can’t, he probably doesn’t even have those feelings. Don’t give in.

Richie smiled, and discarded Goonies onto the side table.

“Let’s get some snacks”


“Come on Eds! Jump!”

Richie yelled from the water below.

Of course, of fucking course. My goal was to not get close to Richie and somehow we’ve ended up at the quarry and i’m about to jump into this freezing ass cold water because of him! We were just supposed to get some snacks, but of course Richie got inspired and suggested the idea, I had to just tag along cause I’m a damn fool!

Eddie inched closer to the edge. The sun was beginning to set, everything was coloured a cool orange, from the tall pine trees lurking over the cliff that lined the still water, well, almost still.

“Beep beep Eddie spaghetti!”

Richie yelled as he splashed the surrounding water.

Eddie took a quick breath and jumped off the cliff

“Jesus fuck!”

Richie yelled as he made space for Eddies huge splash, getting water all over Richies pale face.

“That was amazing Eds!”

Eddies face appears from the water.

“Next time, bigger splash.”

Eddie starts to hyperventilate

“Hey Eds, you good?”

His throat starts to close, he feels faint

“Eddie? Eddie!”

He was starting to fall in the water, when he was caught by Richies grasp.


Eddie starts to regain consciousness. His eyes flutter open, when he fully opens them in time, he sees Richie’s freckled face, with his long lashes, and grown out hair. His eyes are sparkling, but keep focused on the smaller boy. Eddie starts to hear sound again, it’s slow, but fuzzy.

“…Breath in… and out… in… out”

Eddie locks eyes with the boy cupping his face, he’s sitting on Richies kneeled knee, in shallow water.

Richie probably realized he couldn’t pick me up so just dragged me as far as he could, wow. Macho man

Eddie snickers

Richies eyes lite up, the small boy was conscious again, breathing fine, the attack past. He was back.

“Oh Eddie…”

Richie said, the two were holding each other, Eddie had played this moment out a million times ever since the first. He would grab Richie by the shoulders and swoop in. But in this moment, he was rendered useless, he was out of breath, too weak to make a move, he was under Richies grasp. All he could do was stare. Eddies breath was quiet, the water was still. Not a bird in the sky. That’s when Richie suddenly brought Eddies to him and they kissed. It was a shorter second kiss, but it ended up being a third kiss, and a fourth, and a fifth. The water was freezing, but the two boys were so blushed they didn’t feel it. Eddie wrapped his hands on Richies shoulders.

“What does this mean Rich?”

Eddie croaked out the question the two boys were thinking.

“I think… what it means, is that… I like you Eds”

Richie said timidly, looking up at the boy who had leverage since he was on his knee, he continued

“Eddie, ever since I kissed you last month, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I doubt you even remember…”

Richie loosened the grip on the boys face, getting ready for a rejection.

Eddie tightened his grip on the boys shoulders and focused on him, for once in his life, he didn’t feel nervous anymore. He knew what he actually needed to do.

“Bubblegum and Cigarettes. I haven’t been able to get you outof my memory!”

Eddie excitedly says as he kisses him on the cheek with a huge smile from ear to ear. Richie can’t help but blush.

“Eds, are you sure you’re ok?”

Eddie rolls his eyes

“I’m sure Rich”

“Positive?” he raises one eyebrows.

“Certain!” Eddie yelps!

“Okaaay!” Richie says as he dunks the smaller boy in the quarry water.

“You Fuck!” Eddie yells as he tackles Richie. The two laugh and play in the Quarry until sundown. Then they decide to go back and cuddle as they watch The Goonies. They were more in the mood for it. Richie would lay his head on Eddies, lying in his locks of hair, Eddies fragrance embedded in his hair.

Lilac and Coca Cola

Richie thinks as he smiles and nestles his head into Eddies. They drift asleep.

I am not human, are you?

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 /

A/N: I am back ladies and gentlemen.I finally found time to finish up this Au, part5 is very long I know. I want to thank all of you for the support and sweet words. I will do my best in the future for all you guys. I might be a bit slow with the ships though, sorry about that. Nonetheless I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open. 

Word count:  5,009

Warnings: Blood and swearing.

    The woman had escaped in the last moment, you were standing there, looking at the big wound on your father’s hand. The blade was from silver, which meant that it was going to heal slower that it normally would take.

“Jungkook.”said your father looking at his arm

“Dad!”you yelled out and was about to run over to him, when Jungkook lifted you up and took you back to his room “Dad!”you looked down at the person holding you “Jungkook let me go! He is hurt!Jungkook!” you were squirming onto his shoulder

“Stop!”he yelled out and you flinched, noticing this, he moved you from his shoulder into his arms ,where you could look at him “It’s because he is hurt. Y/N,your father is a strong werewolf, he doesn’t want you to see him like that.”

  In a way, you felt that what Jungkook was saying was right. You let him take you back to the room, where you laid in bed, enveloped in his embrace. So warm and full of hope and happiness. You drifted off in a far place, a place where thoughts ruled…your dreams.

  You opened your eyes and saw yourself floating in the air, at first you panicked ,but after you relaxed you noticed the world around you. It was covered in the brightness of the color white. 

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?”a voice asked, but you didn’t think too much of it and answered

“It is.”

“Look down child.” the voice said 

  In front of you was a big cliff, also covered in the bright white color of purity. It was very high up, but in a way you felt like if someone fell from there, they would land on something fluffy. As your eyes were taking in the beauty, they landed on something walking towards the edge of the cliff. A long red line made from someones clothing. 

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