cliff line

Percy: Hey Annabeth, can i say something?

Annabeth: Percy you know you can tell me anything

Percy: You may fall from the sky

Percy: You may fall from the tree

Percy: but the best way to fall


Percy: is in love with me

Percy and Leo:

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OnyxDraws Presents -

Steven Universe: Into the Darkness - Final Poster

Steven’s world is about to take a dark turn when an old enemy returns, intending to unleash his wrath upon the planet. A super weapon with the power to end all life has been discovered, and this dark enemy intends to use it to complete the mission the Cluster failed to accomplish. Can the Crystal Gems stop him from succeeding, or will they fail… and let the world fall into darkness…?

Collab Artist Contributions:
Me: Rough sketches, solid colors, gradient sky, stars.
@sketchapod: Line work, cliff colors.
@aqua-the-rock: For her valiant efforts to help me color this project, but her computer kept crashing, I still thank you from the bottom of my heart.

All Canon Characters and Gems
My gemsonas Onyx and Agate, as well as Tanzine, Taaffeite, Orthoclase and Almandine as dark silhouettes.
@sketchapod‘s Rhodochrosite and Peridot’s Manager as a dark silhouette.
@flower-thorns‘s Vanadinite
@vt-scribbles‘s Phire (I wanted to give him a bigger role so I put him on the poster to emphasize that.)
@sonicgirl95′s Pyrite
@norklostheart‘s Wulfenite as a dark silhouette.
@namelessphantom‘s Sodalite as a dark silhouette.
and @gemcrust‘s Ice as as a dark silhouette.

(Reminder: I was given permission to feature all of these characters in this upcoming story, but if you were one of these people who gave me permission and have either forgotten or feel the need to talk to me about them being featured, let me know. I would never want to do something without permission.)

it’s a cold night to be kissing concrete
Supporting the heavens

When I close my eyes
I am still on that stone bridge in Taiwan.
A hundred meters above a ravine
The water long run dry.
I am looking at the grey stones paving bottom,
Worn smooth once by a river,
Looking at the high cliffs lining the drop,
The mountains surrounding;
I am still on that bridge in the sky
Stopping to listen to the call of the void
And quietly considering 
If it would be worth it

Sometimes I feel like the only thing that exists
And then the next moment doubting I exist at all
Forgetting that I’m even here,
And then as if jerked harshly awake
Aware of my surroundings,
And desperately not wanting to be.

The worst is being unable to leave

Even at home again,
As I sit in my chair
And the bridge is only a memory
It is still there
The bridge is many things
Now that I know where to look.

Long stretches of black tin roof in the summer sun
As seen from the third floor window, up the mountainside
If I swung my legs out this window and slipped off the sill
Would it kill me?

Yes, the bridge is not gone from my thoughts.