cliff is amazing

As you enter Zion National Park from the east, Mt. Carmel Highway offers spectacular views and ever changing landscapes as you zig-zag your way down into the park’s canyon. Ian Barin captured this pic from above the winding road at sunset this past June. Photo courtesy of Ian Barin.

Stone Forest - Madagascar

Madagascar is famous for its biodiversity. 90% of the species of flora and fauna found on the island are not found anywhere else in the world. 

The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park sits on the west coast and and is characterised by its sharp limestone formations that create what is known as the stone forest. These rocks make the forest nearly impenetrable, and are razor sharp, cutting easily through protective clothing and flesh. 

I was able to extract smol cliff from big cliff thanks to the amazing process of twinkification, isnt science incredible?

Non-Maxis/EA Sims OTPs?

Inspired by the current totallymaxis challenge and @katatty‘s post asking people to reblog and share their Maxis/EA OTP’s in the tags, I would love to learn about people’s non-Maxis/EA OTP’s from populated user-made ‘hoods or sims that are available for download. For example, OTP’s from Widespot, Polgannon, Meadow Creek and so on!

So, if you have any that you would like to share, please reblog this with your OTPs in the tags! :-)

Trolltunga - Hordaland, Norway 

Hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet, Trolltunga, or The Troll’s Tongue, has become an incredibly popular destination for thrill seekers. The uniquely shaped cliff was formed 10,000 years ago, and is the result of erosion. While at times risky (the hike should not be attempted in winter), the trail up to Trolltunga is scenic, passing through the forest, and by a series of blue lakes and fjords.