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A Day Off (Chapter 2)

Summary: Haven’t you every heard of the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”? Perhaps snooping on the sleeping man on the floor of the bookstore wasn’t such a bright idea.

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x reader

A/N: Chapter 1 can be found here! I apologize in advance, it is part of my writing style to hang cliff hangers. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


“A play.”

“Yes, a play!” Lin repeats giddily, eyes still bright with enthusiasm.

“Not only have you written a play about Alexander Hamilton, but you’re starring in it too?” you say incredulously. You didn’t give him a chance to answer because you bombarded him with even more questions: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you say you rap in the play?”, “There are actual rap battles?”, and “You’ve worked on this for eight years?!”

“Believe it.” He answers, grinning.

You let out a breath of disbelief, resting your back against the bookshelf behind you. “Hamilton,” You say to yourself, wracking your brain for some type of recognition of the name. Other than the actual ten-dollar bill and from history classes you’ve taken in school, you come up blank. You enjoyed all types of music, but you were never an avid listener of musicals. Even more, you always tended to be a few steps behind on trending topics and celebrity gossip because you were never entertained by it.

“Want to take a look through my notes?” Lin offers, holding up the notebook.

You nod eagerly and he scoots a bit closer, his knee bumping against yours.

“Do you mind?” he asks, gesturing at how close you two were.

You felt your heart stutter, and you willed yourself to not blush at his intense gaze. “Not at all,” You say.

He places the book between the two of you, one side of the notebook resting on your leg and the other on his. He flips to the first page, and begins to explain every word and every line he has written.

Somewhere after the first five pages, you came to the conclusion that he was a genius. After a few more pages, your mind began to drift. Instead of actually listening to Lin, you observe him. You couldn’t help but smile, finding his jittery hand movements, animated eyes, and talent of story-telling endearing.

“Oh no. I lost you, haven’t I?” Lin laughs, interrupting your thoughts.  “You have to forgive me, I tend to go on and on if no one stops me.”

You shake your head. “No please, continue! You’re brilliant, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Hamilton before. It seems wonderful.”

“Don’t apologize. You are a breath of fresh air, Y/N.” he says. “As much as I appreciate all of the accolades and recognition Hamilton has brought me, it’s nice to not be fawned after.”

“Is that why you’re here? To get away?” you ask.

“Partially,” he says, “Naturally, I found myself enjoying reading history books. That, and it helps me constantly build Hamilton’s character.”

You shake your head in amazement. “You are brilliant,” you whisper. “A rap musical about the founding father…”

“The ten-dollar, founding father without a father. Got a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter. By fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.” Lin interrupts you, breaking out into a small rap.

He lets out a chortle at your shocked face. “And that’s just a snippet of the intro, Y/N.”

“I have to listen to it.” You say, thoroughly impressed. “I’ll buy the album the minute I get home!”  

“I’ll do you one better – come to the play tomorrow night. You can hear it in person yourself.”

Inktober 21: Big

I wanted to draw something big for this piece, so I thought I’d try to draw how Datz escaped out of prison in Case 3. This piece was a big effort to draw a big leap off of a big mountain.

Most of my time was spent doing a lot of research into parachuting. To catch the wind properly, I chose to draw the base-jumping technique called ‘rollover’, which involves doing a front flip off a cliff with the parachute hanging down in front of you. This technique seemed perfect for a poorly-constructed parachute since it didn’t require any complicated unravelling sequences, and it would seem like something that Datz would pull off well because it looks cool.

Of course, Datz’s downfall was most likely the weakness of the stitching compared to how much force the air resistance would make as Datz descended, which is hopefully conveyed through this image.

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Seriously speaking here, how much money do you want to make a part 2 of that Reborntale fic? I will actually pay you HOW CAN YOU CLIFFHANGER US SO HARD

Funnily enough, the continuation is already funded? Just need to finish someone else’s commission first. I’ll try not to leave the cliff hanging too long!

If anyone still feels the burning desire to pelt me with spare change, there’s always the tip jar hanging out in the blog description. :p The description also has my commission info linked, if there’s something else I might be able to write for ya. As always, reblogs/recs/comments/likes/kudos/pouring one out for a homie are always appreciated, too. 

I love you guys. You make a marsupial feel really special. 

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The rapid rise and fall of my chest falls into rhythm with each careening brush stroke across the canvas. Had it been wrong to venture forward so blind? I know not of what our relationship should become after this exchange. My stomach twists at the thought of her response, yet even more at the possibility of no response. What could be done there? The movement of color falls off tempo. Red! So much red clouds my vision and yellow swells in my chest, bursting off the canvas. Across the room I hear


send me the last thing you had copied!

When you don’t ship Pricefield that much

You look upon the sea of pricefield while you’re scaling the edge of the cliff, you make sure you don’t fall in. Even though you’re being extra careful you somehow slip. You grab the edge of the cliff, now you’re hanging and you can’t hang forever. 

A figure walks to the edge of the cliff. It takes you a minute to recognize them but…

“AO3, Please! I need more, I need more of something else!” You plead and beg but AO3 doesn’t hear you. They kneel down to you and look you straight in the eye, they have cold dead eyes.

They grab your hands and for a second, you thought they might pull you up. Kneeling even closer now, they whisper in your ears.

“Long live the king..” They push you backwards and you fall into the sea of pricefield, with a scream.

You’re drowning in pricefield.

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Watch them next use the dogs next... I bet Cliff will play a part. Hence why all the talk about him recently.

Just let Cliff and Bruce hang out and leave all the people out of it.

nico: hey percy can you pass me the mayonnaise

percy: well i don’t know nico… i’m not really your type

nico: pERCY



percy: i don’t think i’m the one to do that though, why don’t you ask someone who’s more of your type

nico: PERCY

ugh fine i’m going

*walks over a cliff*

*literally hanging off a branch and about to fall*




Zion National Park, Utah, Part 1

Stop #3 USA

Zion National Park is truly one of the most incredible national parks I’ve ever experienced.  It’s HUGE - 593 sq. km. huge & so diverse in it’s flora & geology.  Zion has something for everyone, alien red rock landscapes, massive white sandstone cliffs, dense forests, waterfalls, hanging gardens & fields of flowers.  

Like all national parks in the US, it’s well equipped for visitors with shuttles that run around the park & excellent varied hikes, from easy (wheelchair access easy) to challenging (too scary for Vi Lu challenging).

For those who know, Zion is the site of the infamous all you can eat taco incident which meant we didn’t see anything the last time we visited. Thank god that happened because we had only planned an afternoon in the park & the incident meant that we came back.  In our 3 full days in the park this time, we barely scratched the surface.

Some stats:

- Distance from Vegas: 2hrs 43 minutes
- Cost for a vehicle entrance: $30 USD for 7 days
- The Zion cliffs were formed over 250 million years from what was once a shallow sea
- There are about 18 common hikes which range from 30mins to overnight and countless more which you can do. Some of the hikes you can easily reach from one of the 9 shuttle stops in the parks and others you would need your own car to drive to.  
- There’s a scenic drive you can do which includes two tunnels which were bored through the sandstone cliffs - both terrifying and extremely cool.

I can’t express how much I loved Zion in one post - the variation in landscape, the ease of getting around such a gigantic region, the hilariously quaint accommodation in Springdale (the closest town) & attitudes of locals (we waited for ages to pay at the local supermarket because the only attendant was outside looking at the sunset) & so I will do a couple of posts.

I also took over 1000 photos (not a joke) - these are all from day 1.


Take away - Zion is massive, beautiful & I took lots of photos

P.S. We’re safe & sound in Toronto - I’m just catching up!!

All we’ve learned about Toronto so far is that the subway system is very strange - you use tiny coins and then take a ticket to prove you’ve used your tiny coin… Canada ay


There were words
I could have unearthed
from derelict lungs
to steer you clear
from cliffs hanging
above murky depths.
Instead, I chose
to puff on packed pipe
of my finest trimmings.

From first instance
of crossed paths
I sensed your journey
was similar to mine,
hence why
our bewildered youth
was spent exploring
the shared darkness
of one another’s
ghostly presence.

You plummeted from grace
in slow motion.
A once beautiful face
contorted in horror,
by silent agony,
and all I could do
was wonder
how to go on living.

Your corpse was recovered
three days later.
They found you
in full lotus,
light as feathers
from barren trees
of plagued cities
we’d traverse,
in search of cures
for conjured up maladies.

I hope you discovered peace
at ocean’s bottom,
amongst gnarled wrecks,
entombed with lives
forgotten by time’s tide,
no longer required
to breathe.

Hushed for eternity
by solemn waves
of unmarked aquatic graves.

The Signs In A Game Of "Never Have I Ever..."

Aries: Ran from the cops.

Taurus: Jumped off of a cliff.

Gemini: “Hang on…I have to think…Oooh, this is hard…Give me a few minutes..”

Cancer: Been straight.

Leo: Drank alcohol.

Virgo: Lost my virginity. Just kidding, never have I ever peed in a pool.

Libra: Been in a relationship.

Scorpio: Liked the color pink.

Sagittarius: Gotten less than a B on my report card.

Capricorn: Been to Disneyworld.

Aquarius: Had my first kiss.

Pisces: Not been the youngest in my family.

Gemini: “I’ve got it! Never have I ever NOT had a big booty, lol.”


You Don’t Believe Me (p.6)

PART SIX – You Don’t Believe Me

Request: Yes

  • It’s Monday…where is Part 6? 
  • Can you do a part 6 pleeeaaase??? Your writing is awesome and I can’t stop thinking about the story! I gotta know how it ends so PLEASE do another part! 
  • Please!! I’m sobbing and i want to know more! 
  • Please make a sixth you don’t believe me!!!! 
  • part 6 of you don’t don’t believe me please? amazing stuff omg 
  • Please please please please do part six I don’t think I could live without part 6 

Plot Line: Y/N finds somewhere to hide while the others worry, and then another decision making circumstance arises. 

Smut: none

I hope you enjoy this! Don’t forget to request for more parts of this, or even for a future imagine/series ect! My requests are open! And I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with

 Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five

It was crazy to think that while the world was looking for me, I wasn’t lost– simply lost in my own world. At this point I didn’t actually know anyone was looking for me. But when I got home I sure would have a shock. But for now I swung back and fourth on the swings watching the night sky move as tears fell effortlessly down my cheeks. Ashton was right, what the fuck was I doing? I didn’t know, all I knew was I was in fucking love with two people, two of my best friends and my heart hurt. It felt more like physical pain that the emotional kind and that was eating me up. Running a hand down my face I cried into my hands more, and the sobs got louder. I’d been crying so hard I hadn’t even noticed the presence beside me until I heard a scuffling a little while after I’d silenced myself. Looking over I saw a man, well a teenage boy around the same age as myself staring at  me. Who was he? And why was he here? I gulped a little as he offered me a smile that was to wide. My smile that I tried to offer back was pathetic and unbelievable.

’‘Y/N, right?” the voice asked causing me to raise an eyebrow as I nodded.

“Yeah…and you are?” I asked back, confused to how this guy knew my name. He laughed lightly.

“The names Harry, I was walking home when I saw your little…altercation with Irwin” Harry said, and then it hit me– Harry Styles, the guy from our rival school; Brookway. I just shrugged at his mention of Ashton, I wanted it to disappear from my mind as if it never happened. Harry looked at me for a few seconds before he diverted his eyes to the sky.

“So are you going to tell me why a pretty girl like yourself is sobbing her heart out in a park at two in the morning alone?” Harry asked, his voice was concerned and it was nice someone seemed to care how much I was hurting.

“How does this sound for a tragic cliché high school love story” I said taking a breath before I continued “I was in love with  my best friend for six years, but he couldn’t see it and was dating a girl who was mean and my other best friend Michael said to date him to make Luke jealous…Luke being the original best friend” I paused to see if Harry was following and he just nodded for me to carry on. “So I start flirting with Michael and we go out and…then I start to develop these feelings for Michael seen as Luke hadn’t really been around much. Well anyways Luke then decided he loved me and broke up with his girlfriend…but he told me literally hours after me and Michael had lost our virginities to each other. And then tonight after me and Michael decided we were official we went to this freaking party and Luke was wasted so I put him to bed…and…me and Luke kissed and now my head is fucked up” I whisper the last part and hadn’t realised Harry had started rubbing my back as more tears spilled down my cheeks.

“well that sounds like the start of a really fucked up fanfiction or something…” Harry said causing me to burst into laughter, his eyes lit up as he laughed with me.

“What the hell is a fanfiction?” I asked creasing my eyebrows together, Harry’s eyes went wide.

“Are you serious? You have never read a fanfic?” Harry asked, almost like an excited puppy. I laughed again shaking my head. “Right give me your phone and one of these days I’m sending you some” Harry stated, I laughed again handing my phone over. For a few seconds I’d forgotten my problems while Harry made me laugh. I needed a friend away from all of this, from the drama and the boys and I think I may have just found one.

10am the next morning

Harry was walking me home as we talked about everything, and anything. He told me about this girl back at his school who he liked and how she was dating his friend. I was quick yo tell him not to date someone to make her jealous, he seemed to find it funny as he laughed with me. I walked with him until my house appeared at the end.

“This is my stop” I said with a sigh realising that I’d have to go back to normal life now. Harry seemed to sense my uneasiness as he turned me to face him.

“You have my number, if you ever  need to escape just drop me a text. OK?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, thank you. Same goes for you” I said with a small smile. Waving at him I took off in the direction of my house. Walking up the steps I groaned knowing that my mother was home; she wasn’t supposed to be here today. Sighing I looked at all the miss calls and texts that I hadn’t bothered to even open, as I pushed my key into the front door and step inside. But what I wasn’t expecting was to see my mother, Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton all in the living room mumbling between themselves. When I shut the door behind me all their heads snapped up.

Michael was the first out of his seat as he ran at me engulfing me in his arms, I barely hugged back as I felt something churning in my stomach. This hug felt wrong. Taking a step back from his grasp I heard my mother approach; great.

“I-I was so worried! Where were you?” My mother asked, instead of being stern like I expected her voice was sad and soft. I leant my body into her and sighed and from that small gesture she knew something was wrong. Turning slightly she looked at the boys

“Could you go outside and give me and Y/N some time?” My mother asked as all the boys mumbled and headed to our back yard. My mother guided me to the sofa and sat me down looking at me. “What’s happened?” she asked and I told her everything, and when I mean everything– every little detail down to me and Michael having sex and I spilt my head and my heart to her. My mother was that woman you could talk to about anything and as I finished she took me into her arms and just hugged me– this Is what I’d needed these last few days.

'I-I’m sorry I just like off loaded all that onto you’’ I whispered and she shook her head vigorusly.

“That’s what I’m here for stupid” she muttered into my hair before pulling back looking into my eyes. “Now I’m going to give you my honest opinion, about everything” she said matter-of-factly so I just nodded. “Michael is a sweet boy, but Luke? He’s been there through everything. He sat with you when you cried about your period. Luke punched the guy who pushed you over and I see the way he looks at you. I always have but you two were just too blind to say anything. But today and last night I saw the way Michael panicked, and the way he spoke about you…they both love you very much” My mother paused and I just looked at the ground. “But I know you, and I know how you see Luke Y/N. If you truly love Michael then let Luke go, but if in your heart you honestly know Luke is the one…then you need to do something about it” My mother finished my kissing my temple as she got up to tell the boys to come back in.

“MOM” I yelled as she turned to look at me. “Send Michael in…I need to talk to him” I whispered. She gave me a soft smile and nodded. I needed to tell Michael how I felt about Luke, how I’d always felt. I just didn’t know how he’d take it.

It was quiet  as Michael entered, hands in pockets quickly dropping down beside me on the sofa; knee’s touching and my heart racing. How could I break this boy’s heart after everything? Biting and nibbling on my lip I looked at him from the corner of my eye. Michael looked tired and beat as his eyes kept his gaze on his hands which were shaking. 

 ’’M-“ before I could finish he kissed me, with such ferocity and power that I was taken aback and kissed him back. It lasted a matter of seconds before he pulled away. ’'I needed to do that once more before you break my heart” Michael whispered as a single tear fell down his cheek and my heart shattered because I did love him, more than I’d been allowing myself to realise but I also loved Luke with the same power. I just began sobbing again which seemed to take Michael by surprise as his large arms and hands wrapped around my body pulling me into his lap. Kissing my hair he rocked me and I felt safe. I just kept crying as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. 

 ’'I-I hate loving the both of you Michael, because you are so good to me, and you haven’t done anything to make me doubt that but Luke’s been that guy for six fucking years’’ I cried and Michael nodded and stroked his index finger down my cheek. 

“You do what you have to do to be happy baby girl, because whether it’s me or Luke I’m going to love you and be waiting for him to fuck up” Michael stated and as I looked into his eyes I knew he’d never hurt me, he’d never break my heart. Luke? I couldn’t be so sure and I once again changed my mind as I kissed Michael. He seemed taken back but quickly responded bringing both his hands to my face. Pulling away for breath our foreheads rested together. “I will love you every day, of every fucking hour” Michael told me and I nodded. 

 ’'I love you Michael Clifford’’ I replied, bringing a hand to rest in his hair. Shaking my head Michael looked at me confused. “Me and Luke kissed last night…that’s why I ran off” I admitted worriedly and Michael laughed causing me to raise an eyebrow. 

“Luke was quick to tell me this morning, I knew it was going to happen at some point because I mean– the nature in which we got together” Michael admitted. I looked at him with sad eyes. “What?” he asked. 

“How can you be OK with what I did?” I asked my voice barley about a whisper. 

“Because I’d walk across fire for you, do you hear me?” Michael asked, shifting so I was gazing right into his eyes. “Y/N I would do anything for you, and maybe Luke would do that too but I’m telling you. I would go through fucking hell to make sure you are OK. So if it’s me or Luke then just know I will always be here” Michael stated, he was so serious his eyes were watering. He meant it. 

“it’s you” I whispered. Michael nodded placing his lips to my head, I finally felt that spark. That one I only felt with Luke, maybe it wasn’t as strong but it was there. “I-I need to talk to Luke” I grumble, burying my face in his shoulder with a sigh. Michael nodded placing his chin on top of my head. 

 ’'Want me to do it with you?“ Michael asked and I murmured a 'yes’ into him. This was going to be painful, but I could trust Michael more than Luke when it came to my heart. Luke was an amazing friend but it took someone else to love me for him to realise I was even worth it. Sighing I looked up at Michael. 

’'Oh by the way Calum met someone” Michael said and my eyes widened.

 ’'Finally? Mr playboy met someone?“ I squealed earning the laugh I loved from Michael.

’'Her name’s Kasia, she’s a half polish girl. Calum noticed her at the party and they hit it off pretty fast” Michael explained and I smiled wide. 

“About time” I murmured. 

“Tell me about it” Michael said a little too loud. 

“Michael you are yelling!” I said with a giggle. 

“Shut up you sound like Ashton” Michael whined as I once again giggle kissing his neck before I sighed. 

“Can you get Luke too come in?” I asked with sad eyes and Michael nodded. 

just so ya’ll know this isn’t near the end,  I have a lot of ideas for this if you keep requesting. Is Michael as good as he seems? What does Luke know about Michael that he’s hiding? THERE’S A LOT HAPPENING AND I HOPE YOU ARE EXCITED.