cliff fall


Tuliman Falls, Mexico

Ardyn: …I want you to say why my plan that’s taken me 2000 years of life of waiting for the Chosen has failed. Again. Slow.
Ravus: …
Ravus: The prince was posing for his blond friend nearby the lake.
Ardyn: Uh huh.
Ravus: …but the Catoblepas stepped on him.


Holy cow. 

evosia Northern lights above Haifoss waterfall in the Icelandic Highlands.

Last night I had a dream that maybe this is more than it is. We spoke about things that weren’t sending us to hell and I didn’t come round only when your parents weren’t home.

I think I’m falling in love and that is so fucking typical because I’m always falling off cliffs I should never be standing near in the first place and the first thing you said to me the first time you took everything was “don’t catch feelings”. But look, I’m catching feelings like you’d catch a cold and there’s no way back now. I’m already six feet under.

The only time you want me is when I’m giving myself up for you. So I loose myself every god damn day because it means I can have you for a little while at least. You have me. Don’t you see that? You can take anything you want. It’s yours it’s yours it’s yours.


Helmcken Falls, British Columbia, Canada

I Hope I Wish I Want I Pray TO Eat Some Fresh Greens Every Day I Want My Belly Thick And Swole So Thick And Swole That I Could Roll Across The Ground Like A Ball And Down A Cliff And Fall And Fall Right Into A Slimy Sludge And Wallow In My Paunch And Pudge Among The Dirt Among The Filth I Want To Feel The Muddy Tilth Look At My Fingers Dripping, Drenched, My Needs My Wants My Wishes Pinched My Thirst For Dirt (Wet Dirt) Drenched I Want To Pull Up Loam And Clay And Eat Some Fuck Greens Every Day!!!!!!


Horseshoe falls, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls - look how you can kinda see the rocky cliff through the water.


Ballintoy, Northern Ireland