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LGBT Pride is this month. If you’re looking for a cinematic way to celebrate, we suggest catching up with a few of the Tribeca selections about LGBT subjects that we’ve been spotlighting so far this month.

In 1970, William Friedkin, the legendary, versatile helmer of The French Connection (1971) and The Exorcist (1973), was just beginning to find his groove as a director. Two years earlier, Mart Crowley’s play The Boys in the Band, centered around a thorny, intimate circle of gay male friends in New York City, had been an Off-Broadway smash. When it came time to bring the property to the screen, Friedkin boldly took the reigns and nudged American mainstream cinema into uncharted territory with his acerbic yet moving adaptation of this game-changing gay landmark.

In An Instant (M)

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Summary: Dancing around each other for years, both you and Yoongi have resigned to stay friends, never knowing the others feelings for each other. However, an impulsive decision from Jin might finally push you two together. Yoongi really shouldn’t have trusted Jin with his phone. BFF!Yoongi, College AU.

Members: Yoongi, ft. Jin being a true bro

Word Count: 6.5k

Warning: Smut

A/N: Okay so, I don’t know if anyone else’s university/school has this but there’s a FB/Instagram account for my school where you send in a message for your crush anonymously and the account publishes it for you, sometimes with a picture and the whole thing just made wheels turn in my head so now here we are.

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Imagine going on a long drive with Calum; when you leave the sun is just setting and leaving a glow on his face making it impossible to look away. Him lip syncing to the over played songs on the radio, when he catches you his lips turn to a huge smile and he starts screaming the lyrics. His hand in yours, as he pulls up to a cliff overlooking the city you guy are in that day. Climbing into the back seat of the jeep resting your head on his chest listening to the sound of his heartbeat as you look out the window at the dark sky. Calum goes on and on about how much he’s loving this mini vacation he has with you, how he never wants this break to end. Drawing little patterns on your back, everything felt right in the world. Soon the music on the radio begun to fade out, as your eyes been to fall slowly. Thinking you were asleep Calum mumbled “I fucking love you.” A small smile formed on your lips gripping onto his shirt tighter. Falling into a gentle sleep.

I Believe//Theo Raeken (ft. brother!Stiles)

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could you do an imagine where the reader is stiles’ younger sister (by 2 years) and she is secretly in love with theo. stiles had just gotten into an argument with theo because he doesn’t trust him being around the pack, then afterwards when stiles leaves the reader confesses that she doesn’t see theo as an evil person and that she likes him

*warning: swearing??


The pack meeting was going like normal until about twenty minutes ago. Right as everyone was brainstorming ideas of how to save the city, Theo showed up. You could feel the change of mood in the room as he waltzed in, my heart swelling. Everyone made him out to be such a bad guy, when really, now, he wanted to help. He’d pleaded with Scott to give him a chance but that ended with Scott walking out of the room to go “think”. And now we’re here. Stiles yelling at Theo with such fire in his eyes, crimson covering his cheeks, and arms crossed angrily in front of him.

“How the hell do you expect us to trust you after all the shit you’ve pulled, huh? How?” snapped Stiles, venom in his voice. The room was quiet for a second as everyone turned their heads away, trying to act as if they hadn’t heard a thing. Theo stood in defeat, his voice low and sorrowful.

“I don’t know” he replied, in almost a whisper. Theo’s shoulders sank, keeping his eyes on the floor. “We can’t” Stiles retorted, “and we never will”. Without another word, Theo turned and left, his dejected figure disappearing out the door and into the dark night. I couldn’t help when my eyes began to sting with tears. He just wanted to help.

The meeting didn’t last much longer after Theo left, everyone was ready to free themselves from the awkward atmosphere that is currently still in the livingroom. I’d never seen Stiles so angry, not at me, not at anybody. As our friends piled into their cars to leave, I began cleaning up the snack bowl, drinks littering the room and escaping to the kitchen where my tears could flow without witness.

I threw the dishes into the sink without care as I gripped onto the counter, focusing on not being loud enough for Stiles to hear from the other room. Apparently I hadn’t done such a great job because before I knew it, he came through the doorway behind me. He asked me what was wrong and my response was delayed. I took a deep breath and wiped the stray tears from my face before turning to him, giving him the best fake smile I could muster.

“I’m fine” I lied, trying to avoid eye contact. His eyes examined me for a second as he stayed silent. I took the opportunity to slip past him, or at least I tried. He grabbed my arm and I spun around to face him once again “I told you I’m fine”.

“Bullshit you’re fine. What’s wrong Y/N?”. I tried to keep up the smile on my face but the mask began to crack, tears recurrently spilled from my eyes. “You wouldn’t understand Stiles, now let me go” I spat.

“Try me” he replied agitated, and still not releasing my arm from his grip. With every passing second, I became more and more angry at the familiar face in front of me. How could he possibly understand how it feels to love someone that everyone around is constantly degrading? I looked into Stiles’ eyes one more time before forcefully tearing my arm from his hand. “I love him Stiles, okay? I love Theo and what you said to him tonight wasn’t fair and you know it” I shouted before grabbing my coat and slamming the front door behind me, leaving my brother speechless and alone in the hall.

I got in my car and drove as fast as I could, tears still falling from my tired eyes. I racked my brain for where Theo could possibly be, before heading towards the edge of town. About twenty minutes later I pulled my car to the side of the road and parked. As I walked down the path, the crisp autumn leaves fell from the trees above me and crunched under my feet. I came to the end of the path and the view was breathtaking. The cliffs overlooking the city was my favorite place to be, and when I told Theo, it soon became his favorite too. The dark night sky sprinkled with stars, the cool autumn air, and the faint sounds from the city was the perfect place to come and think.

I stood alone for a few minutes, calming myself down from what had happened minutes earlier, as I heard the gravel and leaves rustling behind me. A discouraged Theo came to my side and we stood in silence. A few minutes past before either of us spoke. “What are you doing here?” he asked, his voice low and vulnerable. I turned to look at him and took his hands in mine. “I’m here for you, Theo. I’ll always be here for you” I replied, bringing one of my hands to his soft cheek.

I could see the relief in his eyes, with a hint of surprise. “I thought you wouldn’t believe me” he confessed in a whisper, “I was so scared you wouldn’t believe me”. His strapping arms wrapped around my waist as I brought my arms around his neck. “I’ve always believed you” I whispered into his neck. We stood in our embrace for what seemed like hours before I pulled my head back to look at him once more. My breath hitched as I glanced down to his plump pink lips and back up to his eyes. He gave me a soft smile before leaning in and pressing his lips to mine. The kiss was long-lived and passionate; after pulling away from each other, a soft blush came across both of our faces. “No one’s ever believed in me this much before” he said with a small laugh, his smile shining. “Oh don’t worry, I believe in you much more than that” I replied, giving him a wink.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon, I hope you like it! Requests are still closed at the moment but they should be opening back up in a couple days. Also a big thank you to @redstringlovers for beta reading my work!

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Always You- Kili (Part Three)

Pairing: Kili/OC

Prompt: sango-hentaitenshi asked:
Can I request a Kili x Reader where Kili thinks she’s into Fili and it takes someone pointing it out to him that it’s KILI the reader is really crazy for? Bonus points if Fili knows this and uses it to wind Kili up and flirts hella hard with Reader. Thank you!

A/N: Last part! Eek!

Part One  Part Two

I had known there was an entire world beyond my front door, but never had I imagined a place as beautiful as Rivendell. The word paradise had come to mind the moment we had stepped out from the cliffs to see the city waiting below us. Waterfalls, trees that twisted toward the sky, lush gardens, buildings beautifully crafted from stone. Almost as beautiful as the elves who resided there.

I sat curled up on the stone floor, my back resting against the wicker chair Kili was lounging on. The warg riders felt like a distant nightmare, now that I was safe and fed. 

“There’s part of me that wishes I could stay here forever.” I admitted, glancing up at Kili.

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For You

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1,502

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It hurt…

Oh god it hurt so much…

You watched him wrap his arms around her happily as they laughed together. You smiled and giggled along on the sidelines because that’s what you were supposed to do.

You comforted him when they fought and encouraged him to make up with her; because that’s what you were supposed to do.

You approved of the gifts he had bought for her and assured him she would love it when he was shaken with nerves because that’s what you were supposed to do.

You hid your feelings for him and buried them under fake happiness because that’s what you had to do.

He was in love with someone else. Oh god he was so deeply in love with someone else. Right now he needed his best friend to support him and be there with him through this relationship.

The boy had never been in love before…you were sure it was hard enough already, he didn’t need the struggle of knowing his best friend loved him more than she should.

You sighed deeply as you opened the door to your shared apartment.

“why don’t you just hang out with someone else?” jungkook your roommate asked. His eyes never tore away from the T.V screen but by your depressing sigh he knew what your face looked like.

“it’s not that easy, I can’t just break away with no explanation” you explained softly as you joined him on the couch.

“you need to stop doing this to yourself, maybe go on a date! Try to get over him!” Jungkook suggested as he stopped his game and turned to face you.

“I don’t know if I can…” you sighed as your hands came to cover your face in frustration.

“I have a friend? He’s a really nice guy and you two might hit if off” he offered as I sunk further into the couch.

“but what if it doesn’t work?” you asked worriedly as jimin popped into your head.

Jungkook sighed before patting your head comfortingly. Might as well give it a go…right now the possibility of jimin liking you back is pretty non- existent.

A few days later————

You smoothed your dress out nervously as you awaited your blind date set up by jungkook. It was Friday night and you deserved to have a little bit of fun after the months of heartbreak you had been going through.

As your phone light blinked on you excitedly unlocked your phone expecting a message from either your date or jungkook but instead it was another concerned message from jimin.

You probably shouldn’t ignore him but it makes this whole moving on thing a lot easier.

You took a deep breath in before checking the window again.

Outside stood a nervous looking man, he was extremely attractive, you couldn’t deny that and he looked just as anxious as you were so that made you feel a little better.

As he knocked at the door you gave yourself a mini pep talk in the mirror before opening it.

“Hi I’m Yugyeom, you must be Y/N” he smiled kindly.

“yer that’s me, nice too meet you” you smiled back as you closed your door behind you. The boy scrathed his head nervously before clearing his throat.

I loved down to his hand, where he held a single red rose.

your hearted melted a smidge as he nervously extended it out to you trying to find the words to say.

“is that for me?” you asked as you took it from his hands happily. He nodded before once again clearing his throat.

“so, er, jungkook told me you liked Italian food?” he asked as he opened the car door for you.

“yer I love Italian food” you confirmed as the two of you started driving off.

“thank god, otherwise this whole date wouldn’t have gone very well” he commented causing a giggle to escape your lips.

The night was surprisingly fun, not once did jimin cross your mind as you laughed with yugyeom. However, even though you would love to see yugueom again, it wasn’t as a potential partner…more like a potential friend.

The two of you were currently sat on top of a nearby cliff, observing the city lights in front of you.

“so how come jungkook set you up? It doesn’t seem like you’d need help finding a date” he asked as he took a corn chip from the packet you two were sharing.

You let out an uncomfortable laugh as you remembered the reason you were here.

“i…have feeling for my best friend and er..their kind of in a relationship” you laughed as your eyes landed on your hands.

There was silence from yugyeom for a brief second before he broke out in laughter.

“what! What’s so funny?!” you asked in shock as he rolled around clutching his stomach.

“me too!” he exclaimed as he brought you in for a comforting hug.

“wait actually?” you laughed as he nodded and wiped his tears of laughter.

“I guess we have more in common than we thought” he stated as his sight was brought back to the city in front of us.

“so what are you gonna do about it?” I asked him causing him to smile in my direction.

“nothing, cause that’s what we have to do” he shrugged before sighing sadly.

“that’s bullshit” you stated as you plunged for more corn chips to soothe your hatred of the situation the both of you were in.

later that night Yugyeom had dropped you off with the promise that the two of you would meet up again sometime but as friends.

You lay on your bed after a hot shower with the intention to fall asleep but the harsh knocking at the door had you shaking all thoughts of sleep instantly.

It couldn’t be jungkook because he was out of town…maybe you had left something with Yugyeom?

You opened the door to find a very worried jimin.

“oh my god! Y/N! why haven’t you been answering my calls or texts?! Are you kidding I was worried sick! Where were you! I needed to tell you something!” he exclaimed in a hasty mess.

“needed to tell me something?” you asked closing the door behind him before following him to the couch.

His cheeks were flushed and his beautiful eyes were wide and shaken.

“Y/N…I broke up with somi” he said softly as his eyes scanned my face for a reaction.

My heart sped up like 300x its normal rate, so many emotions and thoughts were running through your body.

How do you react right now?

“oh?” you asked but your voice came out shaky and weak as you tried to calm your heart down.

“where were you?” he asked curiously as his gaze travelled down to the floor sadly, your heart dropped at the thought of him being remotely let down by you.

You instantly grabbed his hand before shaking your head. “don’t worry about it, it was just a little date, are you ok?” you asked with concern.

His head shot up at the mention of a date as his face twisted with an emotion you so frequently saw but on your own face.

“who was it? Where did you go? How long were you out? Your not seeing him again are you?” he bombarded you with questions as worry quickly found its way back on his face.

“wow why do you care so much?” I asked with a slightly uncomfortable giggle.

“because…I took so long..and now I think I’m late.” he said in a softer tone then before, the disappointment evident on his face.

“jimin?” you asked softly as he removed his hand from yours and looked away almost close to crying.

“I broke up with her…because I want to be with you, I’ve wanted to be with you…for so long Y/N” he confessed as his head slowly lifted.

It was kind of like you had been blessed by god, your heart started speeding up again as his confession sunk in.

“you don’t have to like me back, I get it if-“he started but you cut him off by placing your lips on his.

It was a slow and soft kiss, your heart exploded with happiness as his arm wrapped around your waist dragging you closer towards him.

“I feel the same way, jimin” you confessed back as you pulled away from him.

He rested his forehead against yours as his smile that you loved so much graced his face.

“why didn’t you tell me before?” he asked in confusion.

“I thought you were in love with Somi, you didn’t need to be ambushed with my feelings, I did it for you” you shrugged as he placed small kisses on your cheek.

You smiled and giggled as he placed sweet kisses down your neck before pulling you down into a cuddling position.

Jimin laughed and cuddled closer, he was happy and his heart beat crazily, but this time, it was for you.