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Omg I found these babies while cleaning up files. After days of drawing Rune Factory, here’s some Harvest Moon fan art. I initially drew them as merch for last year’s con but only had the chance to sell the chibis as keychains since I got lazy with them and I kinda don’t know what to do with them :)))) I still can’t help but fan girl for Cliff asljkfhaslkjfh <3<3 and omg why do i sort of see Barrett in Cliff aaaah D: Barrett is Cliff reincarnated in rune factory in my own au hahahaha.

  • me: i should probably look over my muse roster and consider retiring the muses that i don't really feel any more
  • my brain: okay but how about we don't and instead look at new characters to take on!
  • me: that's a nice idea but--
  • brain: what about berkut?
  • me: .....
  • brain: ....
  • me: w hy
  • brain: because he is a tortured boy that needs love?
  • me: ..........f uck

Another sitcom family…. The Cosby Show…Today is Sondra’s graduation from Central State. The family gathered together at Sondra’s house after graduation. Above is Sondra, Rudy, Theo, Vanessa, Denise, Dr. Cliff, and Claire. Also pictured is Sondra’s line sister/tail duck Cleo Hawthorne and Elvin Tibideaux, Sondra’s boyfriend who is in Med School.


Fangirl Challenge # gtkm

Cliff & Claire Huxtable | Pairings (1/10)

They are the ideal couple. Do they fight? Yes. But if there’s a way to fight with love, that’s how they fight. And they are quite possibly the cutest married couple in the history of television. They keep the romance alive, even after five kids. They know how to keep things real.

And they know how to have fun.

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Tell me I’m wrong

Tell me that Domestic AU Married Arthur and Eames’s relationship/family dynamic wouldn’t be (isn’t already) a carbon copy of Clair and Cliff Huxtable lives with their children

TELL me.

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And if you dont know which one is which, ya lyinnn

I’ll wait

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