cliff and claire



Omg I found these babies while cleaning up files. After days of drawing Rune Factory, here’s some Harvest Moon fan art. I initially drew them as merch for last year’s con but only had the chance to sell the chibis as keychains since I got lazy with them and I kinda don’t know what to do with them :)))) I still can’t help but fan girl for Cliff asljkfhaslkjfh <3<3 and omg why do i sort of see Barrett in Cliff aaaah D: Barrett is Cliff reincarnated in rune factory in my own au hahahaha.

Happy 20th aniversary to my favourite game ever! 

[“Harvest Moon” First release: 9 August 1996]

It was hard to pick between so many awesome series & characters, but after a lot of thought I ended choosing these two: Claire and Cliff; from more friends of mineral town❤️ They are so cute~!

I can’t wait till I have my own
Martin and Gina love.
That Cliff and Claire love.
That Max and Kyle love.
That Whitley and Dwayne love.
That real Black love.
That ima have yo back
No matter what love.
That if you crying I’ll hold you
And you’ll still be the strongest
Man I know, love.
That we grind and come up,
Shine on the nay sayers love.
That you’ll forever be my king and
I’m always your queen love.
When I open my eyes at 65,
You still give my stomach
Butterflies, love
A love that won’t ever die
I want that, real Black Love.
—  That Black Love x KariKole

growing up, i always wanted to be a part of the huxtable family.  i thought claire and heathcliff were the perfect parents.  i was speaking to the fiancé about which tv family he would’ve wanted to be a part of when he was growing up and he said “i never really thought about that.”  as a child, i thought about that constantly.  anything had to be better than my life.  although i am grateful for my life experiences, i couldn’t help but wonder how life would’ve been like if i were a huxtable.