clif builder


It was drizzling with rain and made my hair go crazy so mind that, but i successfully took back my too-big pair of converse to the store and did a little bit of other shopping. Used some money on a giftcard to get a NYX highlighter a i’ve been wanting to get one for a while, and found this jumper in TKmaxx for only £10. Also finally checked out this all vegan store and found that they had a few Lenny & Larry’s cookies, so i channelled @oatsnjen and a got a snickerdoodle one, and also a chocolate peanut butter Clif builder bar, so i’m excited to try those!

I’m now at home relaxing with a cup (or two) of vanilla coffee, and feel proud for not letting my depression get the better of me today!!


View out if my window this morning ❤ I spent almost 11 hours in the lab yesterday, got home after 8 pm feeling completely drained and literally just ate and went to bed. I also decided to sleep an hour longer today, so that’s why the sun was coming up when I woke up 😅 it looked so pretty outside that I spontaneously went running right away instead of waiting until the evening, which I had planned. And it was so good. I ran to the track and did a little interval workout, then ran home and still had enough time for a relaxed breakfast with some reading. I tried this clif builder bar for the first time and it was quite good? Also this book is amazing.
Then after that, I went into the lab and ended up staying until 8 pm again, so now I’m on the couch almost as tired as yesterday, but I’m glad I at least got some sunlight today. Okay, Good night everyone! 😊