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Hey guys,

So this is why reposting art without credit is a shitty thing to do.

This Jonny Gordo fellow posted my Stranger Things fan art to his blog and it was picked up by the Tumblr Radar - last time I checked the post had over 75,000 notes. I’ve reported it, it’ll get removed, that’s cool. But since it’s been up it’s been shared and reposted by several Instagram accounts, a few of which have *millions* of followers. I’m a freelance illustrator, it’s how I make a living, and social media is a big part of how I find clients and work. Having my art pop up in the feeds of 4-5 million people could have been extremely beneficial to my career (some companies and creators I admire follow these accounts), if the artwork was actually credited to me, and not to Jonny Gordo, the reposter.

I’m fortunate enough to be at a place where this isn’t devastating to me, it’s just a bummer (knock on wood). But to a younger and/or struggling artist, this kind of thing has the potential to make or break them. It could be a huge missed opportunity and may result in them not getting the work they need to continue with their career. When I checked out this guy’s tumblr, I saw a bunch of reposted art without credit, so who knows how often this kind of thing is happening. 

Reblog, don’t repost. If you do need to repost, make sure you credit the artist, google image search takes two seconds. Don’t take credit for other people’s work. 


Another Finnish tradition in the more rural areas is to gather in a Kota Hut. I was obsessed with how perfect these would be back home in the rainy NW and I plan to build one someday as part of my dream cabin. The huts are a year round gathering place to cook on a wood fire and then eat, drink, and talk in the warm shelter. The various tiers of cast iron allowed for a stew to slow cook, coffee to brew, direct grilling, or indirect smoking. A wood fire cooking dream. We enjoyed this dish that included wild salmon, foraged local mushroom salad and homemade rye bread sitting on a caribou hide. Photographed for @airbnb


It was a huge honor to photograph Foster Huntington & his Cinder Cone Home for this weekends Sunday New York Times (Story Here). Foster left the hustle of NYC to live in my own home of the Pacific Northwest. His treehouse was an incredible location and I only wish I could have spent even more time there just hanging out, skating, or enjoying the wood fired hot tubs. Super huge thanks to Eve Lyons for the dream assignment and to Lauren Colton for assisting.

Finally arriving at the rough finish stage for the fourth year bald eagle illustration I’ve been working on for ages now… (SHAME!) Just waiting for feedback, and continuing to render some foreground plants hooooo boy.

Tablet brush settings are working a little better now, so let’s hope I can make some final progress before it decides to stop playing nice!

Sure, I’ll share this screenshot here, since I’m finally approaching the end of the road. Just waiting for any final feedback on the eagle; also going to throw in a couple minor tweaks here and there and slap a border down.

It’s been one hell of an adventure. And after all these months, digital media still remains elusive to my primitive brain. I’m pleased to say I’ve managed all the same, though!


New work photographed for The New York Times featuring French Choreographer/Dancer Dorothée Munyaneza. Her new work “Unwanted “presents testimonies of Rwandan women who were raped and later had children during the genocide. Her interview was inspiring to see how she could take such terrible tragedy and turn it into a creative powerful performance helping the women speak out. She says in the interview “…I want to cut through the trauma so that people can receive and understand these experiences. The body speaks when testimony has been suspended”


“you better run”

my entry for a beach themed contest on deviantart! I had so much fun drawing this asdfjkl; surprisingly, I didn’t struggle much with anatomy, shirtless guys and perspectives *A*

as for the context… I’m guessing viktor and yuuri (mainly viktor) was trying to get yurio in the water but he didn’t want to and didn’t want to get tan either so he decided to chill with otabek under the shade. But then viktor (with the help of a reluctant yuuri) dumps a giant bucket of ice water on yurio and he gets super angry and runs after them into the water (*7*) I think that’s where I was going ahaha //and phichit is taking videos while chris is just observing the scene



So were re-watching the LotR trilogy (again) & I noticed Legolas recycling bits of his dad’s old quotes.

Well obviously, I know Return of the King was released first. But it’s interesting that they’d have Thrandy use the same phrase to describe the threat of Mordor in DoS. It makes it look like Leggy is echoing his father’s words when you re-watch RotK.


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

I’m alive, but holy heck am I worn out. Here’s a snippet of proof that I’m working through it anyways: Illustration #3 for the National Eagle Center of a 4th year bald eagle is coming along alright, despite me needing to update tablet drivers again. (Always? Always.)

I’m going to try to scrape together what’s left of my free time* and try making headway on those Aequis customs this week. LET’S DO THIS.

*if that’s what you count as free time…