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Nintendask Discord Chat Invitation


Hey, Kon-mun(aka Soren) here!

I’ve been struggling recently with staying social in the community. Skype is bright and glitchy and gives me headaches. I’m not able to interact with everyone I want to for various other reasons as well, so I thought I would give this a shot.

If you have or are willing to try Discord and are willing or interested in joining a groupchat for some nintendask muns to be social and just generally meme at and get to know each other, please see below.

  • Add me on discord. My name and number are konpeitokilla and #9399.
  • When you send me an add request, please also tell me you have done so. Until I know who is adding me I won’t accept the request! Ideally message me from your askblog, and give me your preferred nickname to be addressed by.
  • Once I add you and put you in the group chat, please be respectful, don’t spam, be kind, and don’t add NSFW content to it! I can make a separate chat for adult only muns if you want to share less SFW things with a group of friends. In general, just follow common sense and get along with everyone as well as you can.
  • That’s about it. If you have any questions about working discord, I know the basics so feel free to ask for help. I hope some friends and new friends will be interested! Have a good day! owo/

Kirsten Wiig.

Of the hundreds of Polaroids I shot at Sundance this is definitely my favorite. I wasn’t even supposed to photograph Kristen this year and at the end of the day I walked into my studio to start packing up and there she was looking at the wall of polaroids. “These are cool”. “Thanks, I’m mike. Can I shoot one of you?” “Sure”. I shot two frames and then she disapeared out the backdoor into an SUV. 


Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege of working on a project for the Adobe Creative Cloud. My assignment was to create header art for tutorials surrounding Edge Reflow, Dream Weaver, Speed Grade, and Audition. The big challenge was to make images that did not literally represent the learning content but instead took on a looser interpretation of its subjects. I am pretty excited with how these came out, with how friendly the Adobe team has been, and to have gotten to work alongside some of my favorite artists and dear friends. Thank you AD Kendall Plant, the Adobe Cloud Team, and Erica Larson (my babe)!


For the Calgary Herald. 

Super, super tight turnaround on these. I think I had less than a day to do each illustration, which might have been a stressful if not for the interesting subject matter and pleasant art direction. 

The first one was for an article about eyelash extensions and the second series was for a rather humorous feature on the zodiac. 

Thanks to Vishu Mahajan!