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Hiya, I was wondering if you had any advice on getting noticed and getting freelance work for your art. Is it literally just hash tagging things on twitter or tumblr with your art? I know you have worked with some pretty cool clients like cartoon network, did you approach them or did they come to you? On top of that I know sharing art is extremely important but how can you get your art around when you are literally starting from a place with zero followers? Appreciate any words of wisdom ya got!

I am not sure I have much useful advice. Most of my client work- i was directly contacted by email. I suppose that most of people finding out abt me is from different album art, burrito galaxy and maybe a few things I helped out with on youtube. 

I think that a majority of me being able to provide for myself by doing art has come from luck, so I am very grateful to be able to do so many different projects with people who i like. 

I am sorry I do not have more useful advice. I dont really tag things on twitter, and I’m not very good at using tumblr or instagram to be honest. I learned how to do 3d art from youtube. And for my comic I use all default tools in illustrator. Feel free to email me if you have more specific questions, as I usually dont answer those on here since I dont want to flood my tumblr with simple answers, but I feel that this question has been asked here a few times. 

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I used to be into fake profiles. There are groups out there consisting of people who all have multiple fakes and create entire schemes with them. I belonged to a group of like 10 people and we maintained and controlled over 150 profiles total, invaded online spaces without being noticed, and manipulated them for our benefit. I know there are dozens of groups like this still out there and I know the game. Do you want me to send you a submission detailing how to spot a well made fake profile?

errr… i don’t know! i kind of want to but also i know people with sw profiles and i don’t know but i think that might affect them badly? i mean obviously we all (even clients) KNOW sex work personas aren’t real so maybe i’m over thinking it?


Another Finnish tradition in the more rural areas is to gather in a Kota Hut. I was obsessed with how perfect these would be back home in the rainy NW and I plan to build one someday as part of my dream cabin. The huts are a year round gathering place to cook on a wood fire and then eat, drink, and talk in the warm shelter. The various tiers of cast iron allowed for a stew to slow cook, coffee to brew, direct grilling, or indirect smoking. A wood fire cooking dream. We enjoyed this dish that included wild salmon, foraged local mushroom salad and homemade rye bread sitting on a caribou hide. Photographed for @airbnb


It was a huge honor to photograph Foster Huntington & his Cinder Cone Home for this weekends Sunday New York Times (Story Here). Foster left the hustle of NYC to live in my own home of the Pacific Northwest. His treehouse was an incredible location and I only wish I could have spent even more time there just hanging out, skating, or enjoying the wood fired hot tubs. Super huge thanks to Eve Lyons for the dream assignment and to Lauren Colton for assisting.


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now


So were re-watching the LotR trilogy (again) & I noticed Legolas recycling bits of his dad’s old quotes.

Well obviously, I know Return of the King was released first. But it’s interesting that they’d have Thrandy use the same phrase to describe the threat of Mordor in DoS. It makes it look like Leggy is echoing his father’s words when you re-watch RotK.


Tonight’s progress on the first year bald eagle illustration. Lots of work to do on the head and feet, as well as cleaning some edges and finessing some shadows/layer merging. Fresh eyes tomorrow will help with that!

Come on, self, get a move on!

Okay, all things considered, I’m not doing too badly. Just wish I was faster, but I keep too many things on my plate at any given time and that’s just to be expected. Eh!

Hoping to get those wing coverts sorted out by the end of my weekend, and ideally get the eagle to a rough polish stage by next week. Fingers crossed!

Me: (on the phone) Okay, I’ve sent you an email with a schedule. Please confirm your availability and send it back to me ASAP.  

Client: I can’t.

Me: What’s the problem?

Candidate: The sun is too bright and I cannot see the screen on my phone.

Me: …could you go into a darker room and do it?

Client: That could work. I’ll get it to you by Friday.

It was Wednesday. I guess he was miles away from any buildings. Or trees. Or shelter of any kind. 

Kirsten Wiig.

Of the hundreds of Polaroids I shot at Sundance this is definitely my favorite. I wasn’t even supposed to photograph Kristen this year and at the end of the day I walked into my studio to start packing up and there she was looking at the wall of polaroids. “These are cool”. “Thanks, I’m mike. Can I shoot one of you?” “Sure”. I shot two frames and then she disapeared out the backdoor into an SUV. 


Dark skin model of the week

Model Adut Akech 

Born December 25th, 2000 in Narus, South Sudan 

  • She was born in a refugee camp in South Sudan 
  • She has worked for brands like Yves St Laurent 
  • She has worked for clients like YSL, Vogue Magazine and Ryan Storer
  • Is managed by Elite Models in Paris 
  • Represented by Chadwick Models in Australia, where she lives  
  • Has participated in the SS17 Fashion Weeks for Paris, London and Milan
  • Her IG: @ adutakechofficial 

New work for Popular Mechanics May issue “..Field Testing” aka having a damn good time smashing around some logging roads in some spanking new @uralmotorcycles They handled the Vibey/Rainy/Snowy ️ roads just fine. Big thanks to the best Photo Editors Ally & Ida for such a fun assignment and to Matt at URAL for trusting us with the bikes.