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Phoenix Baby

This is loosely based of the season finale of MacGyver (2016).
Word Count -1348
Characters - Jack x Reader
A/N - Jack Dalton needs some love, so I thought I’d write this.

The gun shot echoed throughout he room. You looked at him with wide eyes, he dropped his gun and fell. You put your gun back in to the holster and winced. You bent down and picked up ‘The Clients’ gun, taking the mag out and seeing how many bullets were left.’  Putting it in the back of your jeans.
‘Y/N, you okay?’ Riley asked, you raised your shirt placing your hand onto your stomach and pulled it back up.
‘Yeah.’ You told her as you wiped the blood covering your hand on your trousers. You took a deep breath and dropped your shirt, you didn’t need Riley to worry about you. You walked over, your breath hitching when the wound got pulled.
‘Here.’ You said as you placed the gun down onto the desk, she froze and looked at it.
‘You need to have protection.’ You told her, she looked back at it before nodding.
‘You nearly done here?.’ You asked her as you leaned against the table, trying to keep your breath even.
‘Yeah, I have the lights…’ She said, you looked up but had to look down quickly as they went blurry
‘I need to get the systems back…’ She said, she pressed a few more keys then all the generators came back on.
‘Done.’ She said happily, you smiled even though your felt dizzy, the pain was becoming unbearable.
‘Are you ready to go?’
‘We’ve to stay here until the guys come back.’ You told her, she nodded and then sat back down. Bouncing her leg up and down, you rested your wait on the desk behind you. You could see riley glancing at you and then switching between the body and the gun.
‘So, you and Jack?’ She teased, you looked at the ground and smiled.
‘Yeah.’ You trailed out.
‘How long?’ She quizzed you.
‘Nearly a year.’ You said, she looked up shocked but both your heads turned towards the door. You quickly raised your gun shakily, when you realized it was Mac and Jack you sighed, lowering the gun and you could see Riley relaxing.
‘Everything okay?’ Jack asked as he looked at the body. Riley nodded, standing and walking to Mac, they turned to looked at you. You nodded but when you saw Jacks eyes snap down to your stomach, you looked down.
‘Y/N?’ jack asked, you looked up and smiled before dropping to your knees. He was by your side before you hit your head of the floor.
‘What happened?’ He asked frantically.
‘She was fighting… and… ehh…’ Riley said as she caught sight of Jacks bloody hand.
‘Get an ambulance.’ Jack said, pressing against the wound as Mac and Riley ran out the room, looking for the closet phone. Jack lowered his head.
‘You better be okay, I can’t handle Matty all by myself.’ He commented, you laughed but started coughing as blood dribbled out the side of your mouth.
‘You’ll be fine.’ You said to him, he smiles.
‘Yeah, she likes you better though.’ He told you, you smiled as your eyes started closing.
‘Hey, hey… don’t leave me.’ Jack said frantically, you felt a hand on your cheek.
‘Keep your eyes open.’ He said, rubbing his fingers in your cheek. You nodded but your eyes were still closed. You could faintly hear more footsteps around you, then it was the faint sirens.
‘Not long. Just hold on.’ Jack said both his hands on your cheeks as someone placed pressure on your wound.

You woke up with a pounding with a pounding in your head and a sharp pain in your side. You tried to moved but everything was stiff, you groaned and opened your eyes. You blinked a couple of times as you saw Jack sitting at the edge of your bed.
‘Hey.’ He said as he saw you, you could see a sigh of relief leave him.
‘Yeah.’ You croaked out.
‘What happened?’ You asked him he looked confused.
‘You don’t remember?’ He said with a raised eyebrow. You shook your head.
‘I remember fighting and then getting shot, but that’s it.’ You told him honestly, he nodded before grabbing your hand gently, you noticed all the tubes coming out of it.
‘You got shot in the stomach, lost a lot of blood.’ He said, you nodded but he was hesitant to say the next thing.
‘What are you holding back Jack?’ You asked him. he looked up and blinked, opening his mouth to speak but then the door opened and the doctor walked in.
‘Good news Miss Y/L/N, you and your baby are okay, close call though.’ He said, you froze so did Jacks hand.
’You lost a lot of blood so you’ll be weak for a couple of days but hopefully, all being well, you can be released tomorrow, Friday at the latest.’ He said, you numbly nodded.
‘Any questions?’ He asked you, you nodded.
‘Baby?’ You asked weakly, he looked between you and Jack.
‘You didn’t know you were expecting?’ He asked, you shook your head as your hand moved to your stomach.
˜I’ll leave you two to talk.’ He said, when he walked away, you started crying.
‘Hey, don’t cry.’ Jack said wiping the tears away with his thumbs.
‘I almost killed him.’ You sobbed, it took Jack a minute to realize who you were talking about until he shook his head.
‘No, you never. He a fighter, just like you.’ He said, you sobbed.

Once you had calmed down, you were watching Jack as he kept his eyes on your hand.
‘You know he’s yours, right?’ You asked him. He looked up, smiling.
‘Yeah, and I couldn’t be happier.’ He said as he placed a kiss on you hand, you smiled at him.
‘Good.’ You replied as rubbing your hand, placing his spare on top of yours on your stomach.
‘I can’t do this job anymore.’ You told Jack honestly, he nodded.
‘I think Matty won’t mind.’ He told you.
‘Yeah, well I’ll have to make a deal with her though.’ You said to him, the both of you never heard the door opening.
‘A deal with the devil.’ Jack sniggered.
‘Who’s the devil?’ Matty asked, Jacks head snapped up all the colour draining out of it.
‘He said you.’ You told her, his head snapped to you, he eyebrows almost touching.
‘I need to keep on her good side.’ You told him and shrugged your shoulders.
‘Why, do you need to stay on my good side?’ she asked, her eyes not leaving you.
‘I might need to leave the team for a while.’ You shyly said to her.
‘How long? She quizzed.
‘Well at least nine months.’ You said, her eyebrows creased before you saw her face change.
‘Really?’ She asked, he cold domineer changed. You nodded your head, rubbing your stomach.
‘Who’s the father?’ she asked, you and Jack looked at each other. She watched that and then her faced showed shock.
‘Really?’ She said.
‘I’m surprised you never knew.’ You told her honestly, moving to get slightly comfortable.
‘I had a feeling but I let it go.’ She told you, you smiled at her.
‘Are you still willing to work at Phoenix?’ Matty asked as she placed a gentle hand on your leg.
‘Why?’ You replied.
‘We could use your expertise with Bozer in the lab.’ She said, you looked a Jack with a raised eyebrow. He smiled and rubbed your hand.
‘Yeah.’ You said nodding your head.
‘Good, the job is yours, starting as soon as your able to be back at work.’ She told you, you smiled and nodded.
‘Thank you.’ You said gratefully.
‘I’ll let you have some alone time, I’ll tell the others that your fine but want some peace and quiet.’ She told you, you both nodded and watched as she left the room. You moved over in the bed and made room for Jack, you patted the side and he climbed in beside you, wrapping his hand around your stomach, running his fingers along it. His nose pressed into your neck.

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