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Hey guys,

So this is why reposting art without credit is a shitty thing to do.

This Jonny Gordo fellow posted my Stranger Things fan art to his blog and it was picked up by the Tumblr Radar - last time I checked the post had over 75,000 notes. I’ve reported it, it’ll get removed, that’s cool. But since it’s been up it’s been shared and reposted by several Instagram accounts, a few of which have *millions* of followers. I’m a freelance illustrator, it’s how I make a living, and social media is a big part of how I find clients and work. Having my art pop up in the feeds of 4-5 million people could have been extremely beneficial to my career (some companies and creators I admire follow these accounts), if the artwork was actually credited to me, and not to Jonny Gordo, the reposter.

I’m fortunate enough to be at a place where this isn’t devastating to me, it’s just a bummer (knock on wood). But to a younger and/or struggling artist, this kind of thing has the potential to make or break them. It could be a huge missed opportunity and may result in them not getting the work they need to continue with their career. When I checked out this guy’s tumblr, I saw a bunch of reposted art without credit, so who knows how often this kind of thing is happening. 

Reblog, don’t repost. If you do need to repost, make sure you credit the artist, google image search takes two seconds. Don’t take credit for other people’s work. 

Leverage episodes I wish we saw:

  • the everyone meets hardison’s nana job 
  • the accidental acquisition of a baby job
  • the canon OT3 we’re not being coy like in the Rundown Job job
  • the one-off not quite canon within the story supernatural/fantasy elements job
  • the fake a cryptid (either bigfoot or el chupacabra) job 
  • the circus job (I really want to see Parker the acrobat)
  • the explain how their clients even find them job. Like seriously do they advertise??? How does this work???
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➤ Character: Min Yoongi x reader

➤ Genre/words: Arranged Marriage! AU, Smut, Angst / 16,742 words

➤ Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

➤ Warning: Mentions of death, major character death, smut/mature scene

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Your Sugar Baby Over Night Bag : Tips and Tricks

Your SD has asked you to sleep over and to pack an over night bag. What do you bring? The last time I brought an overnight bag, I forgot a very simple item. A brush. lol So here’s some tips, tricks and items it’s always good to have in an overnight bag. 

1. Know his patterns. 

Hopefully by now that you’re sleeping over at his place you have an idea of his patters. Where he likes to go, how he likes to dress and the activities he likes to participate in. This is key to packing your wardrobe. For example, my SD is a socialite. He loves to go out to nice restaurants, preferably with live music so he can bring me to dance while everyone is watching. Aka, anywhere where he can find potential clients and be the limelight. 

2. Know his timing. 

Is your SD an early riser or does he like to lounge around with you in the morning? My SD is a get up and go kind of guy. So lingerie really isn’t an option. I do pack my makeup in a convenient that I can hang on a towel rack that was it’s easily accessible and everything is organized. Your SD wants to have fun, he’ll get frustrated if he has to sit and wait for you to dig through your bag to find things. Be clean and respectful.   

3. Pack light but efficiently. 

Just like my makeup bag. It’s clean, out of the way and on a towel rack. I pack my essentials. Get travel size containers to put shampoo and conditioner in or lotion. If you bring full bottles of thing your bag will be heavy and bulky. He’ll think you want to live with him, not just stay the night. lol 

Checklist :

Makeup: Again, my essentials.
-Small eyeshadow pallet (ONE)
-Highlight and Contour pallet
-EYE LASH GLUE (Super embarrassing if you forget this) 
-Nude lipstick (one)
-Essential Brushes I keep to a minimum. 
-Perfume - my SD loves smells

Toiletries :

-Tampons, even if you don’t need them, mother nature can be weird so just have them. 
-Baby wipes. It’s a really quick way to clean “down there” Without taking a shower.  Not to mention they can take your makeup off easily too. 
-Hair Brush. Yes, please don’t forget this. 
-Hair tie. Also a super important thing to have. How can you wash your face when your hair is in the way? Using a towel to wrap your dry hair in is not fun. (Been there) 
-Face wash
-Toothbrush and toothpaste 
-Cotton pads
-Your own small face towel. Don’t wipe your mascara on his towel. lol 
-Contact solution
-Contact case 
-Bobi pins 

Clothes :

-A really nice dress - What if he doesn’t tell you where you’re going? I always have a dress and heels on hand.
-Dark wash jeans. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about dark wash jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down. 
-Nude heels. I usually bring nude that way i can wear them with my dress, jeans whatever and match no matter what. 
-A casual outfit that looks nice. I always bring a dress then a casual outfit for the next day just incase we go to breakfast. 
-COMFORTABLE lingerie. Is that even a thing? If you don’t sleep naked but don’t want to wear your regular Mickey Mouse Pjs, then get soft comfortable lingerie that isn’t uncomfortable to sleep in. Not to mention, if you do sleep naked but are casually hanging around the house, it’s fun to walk around in. 
-Extra underwear. 2 pairs. 
-Nude bra or sports bra
-Cute sandals 
That’s basically it! Hope it Helps. 
-Samantha N.B. 

Motivation is broken into two parts: wanting something and believing you can achieve it; you need both to be successful in whatever it is you’re aiming for. Always believe in yourself. Call me crazy, but I think that is more powerful than anything.
—  one of my doctoral supervisors when discussing the importance of helping our clients find their strengths 

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Any tips for anyone who wants to wants to sell commissions?

  • Don’t undersell your work but don’t overcharge either. Your prices should be based on how good your drawings are and how much time it takes to make them. Look at artists who are at the same level as you,see if they do commissions and how much they charge to get an idea of how much you can sell your work for
  • Have samples of your work on your commission info. I know this might be a given but honestly I’ve seen people that only have a written list of what they’re offering but no actual examples
  • Make a list of what you’re willing to draw and what not
  • Ask for the payment upfront. Or if it’s a big commission you can ask for half of the payment beforehand and half of the payment once the commission is complete. This is just so people don’t request a piece and then run away without paying you for your work
  • Don’t take on too many commissions if you don’t have time for them. It’s ok to say no or keep a  waiting list
  • Ask your friends to reblog/share your commission info! No matter how good your art is,it’s always hard to get your stuff out there especially when it comes to commissions. Having a decently sized following would be ideal cause that way more people see and reblog your commission info and that makes it a lot easier to find new clients ( I’m not saying you need like 10k followers. But honestly having at least 100-200 followers would help a lot)
  • Share your commission info on other social media! Instagram,Facebook,deviantART! Just advertise your work however you can!
Healing Touch

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel Novak, Gabriel Novak, Balthazar Novak, Hannah Novak, chatty portier.   

Pairing: Destiel AU

Warnings: Innocent state of undressed, innocent touching, flirting - nothing but fluff and cuteness here y’all.   

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I am not sure I am completely over my writing/posting hiatus but here goes. It has also been way too long since I have written for my babies <3 Thanks to Jay aka @i-dont-know-how-to-write for yet again giving me an excuse to write Destiel. It is done for her Cutie Challenge and my prompt is At First Sight (after I pleaded with Jay if I could change it).

I kept parts of it really close to the movie, while other things are completely spun out of my own mind. I borrowed a bit of dialogue which I do not claim any ownership off.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @deansleather for betaing this big ball of fluff for me :D

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Castiel was stressed. Running an advertisement business with his two brothers and sister after their dad left it to them was hard work. Balthazar and Gabriel didn’t take the work serious, at least not in Castiel’s opinion. They liked going out and finding new clients and coming up with new groundbreaking ideas, but doing the hard work it was to keep the ones the company already did have happy bored them. So Castiel and Hannah were stuck with all the hard work.

Long days at the office and even longer nights at home were starting to weigh down on him. Castiel sometimes wondered if he was even happy doing what he did. He had wanted to design houses when he went to college, not crunch numbers fighting to keep his father’s business afloat because his brothers liked spending more money that they earned.

It had taken Castiel almost collapsing in his office one afternoon before he started listening to his sister, who had been telling him for months to take a vacation at the very least. Hannah knew he wasn’t happy at the New Heavens. She knew this place never was his dream. It was hers and as much as she appreciated his help, she wanted her brother to be happy. The buzz and noise of New York never made him happy and New Heavens was nothing but stressful to him.

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Comfort | Jughead Jones

Hi everyone! 

So here is one more Jughead imagine! I know you’re all waiting for Neglected part 2 and just so you know, it’s almost done. I need to do some editing and add some things but it’s almost there 💕 

I really hope you like it and stay tuned for Neglected part 2 💕 

Anon request: can u please do a jughead x reader where y/n has panic attacks & one day she has one while she’s with veronica & kevin while they r all at the mall & so she runs into the bathrooms & V comes after her & V calls jughead (who is y/n’s boyfriend) to come & help her because he’s the only one who can calm her down & he gets there & holds her in his arms&calms her & then takes her home, leaving V & kevin, & they cuddle & kiss & he makes dinner for her & does everything for her & it’s super fluffy xoxo

Warnings: panic attacks, anxiety. 

Flashbacks are in italics.


Everything was going perfect. The entire day had been full of laughs and chattering, accompanied by nice tops and fitting jeans. Kevin made his cheeky comments as always, and Veronica carried around her warm and friendly aura.

She was having so much fun hanging around her two best friends, feeling so carefree and cheerful.

Anyone would think nothing could go wrong…right?


All it took was entering a crowded store with sales. That was all it took for everything to go to waste.

The entire place was filled with loud yells and the music playing from the speakers. People were frantic inside, searching for the lower prices and bargains. The workers were running around the store, helping clients to find a clothing item or fixing things out of place. And the line for the cash register was so long it actually snaked around the place.

It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar pressure in her chest, her breathing already quickening. She placed her hand over her heart, closing her eyes while trying to put her brain at ease. But she was so concentrated on calming herself down, she didn’t notice when Kevin and Veronica lost themselves into the clothes, losing sight of them.

Her anxiety level rose to outrageous levels at the absence of her friends. Everything was crumbling in front of her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

She felt herself losing a grip from reality as her eyes clouded with tears and her hand tugged at her hair. Her lungs were not getting the oxygen she needed and her chest was burning with the fast beat of her heart. Her body was aggressively shaking, barely standing up on its own.

She desperately looked around for an escape route, before it was too late.

She ran to the door, stumbling with some people in her way, but she didn’t stop. Not even when he heard Kevin’s voice calling her name. She just ran, looking for a shelter in the bathroom around the corner.


Veronica walked around the packed store, looking for a nice dress or a skirt with no luck yet. It was very hard to find something when people were practically ripping the clothes from its hangers before someone else took them.

She had to admit it wasn’t such great idea to look around that specific store, at least not that day.

“Veronica!” She turned around at the mention of her name, finding a very agitated Kevin.

“Hey what’s wrong?” she asked concerned at the sight of Kevin’s pale face. “Where’s Y/N?” she questioned, as she wasn’t behind Kevin.

“She ran into the bathroom, it happened again.” Veronica’s face fell at Kevin’s simple response, already knowing what went down.

They were both already sprinting out of the store, desperate to find Y/N. They had to make sure she was safe and help her to pull through this breakdown.

“You go in, I’ll wait here.” Veronica nodded and without a second thought she entered the room.

She instantly recognized the sobs and short breaths that echoed in the room. She didn’t need to look around for her as she found her on the floor, next to the sinks.

By just taking a look at her, Veronica knew this was one of the worst episodes she has had in the last months.

She was zoned out completely, not able to control her sobs and her hand was desperately clutching her throat. Her cheeks were red and stained with tears, combined with her almost plum colored swollen lips. Her hair was all out of place and she was uncontrollably shaking.

“Y/N…Y/N I need you to listen to me.” Veronica said, kneeling in front of her, squeezing her shoulders.

“I-I ca-can’t breathe.” she whimpered, her eyes roaming around the room.

“No, no. Everything’s fine, just take slow deep breaths.” Veronica took her hands trying to comfort her but nothing was working. “C’mon, I know you can do it.”

Y/N was not listening and certainly, she was not calming down. Veronica didn’t know what to do and feared that Y/N’s health was at risk because of this breakdown.

The only thing she could think of was Jughead. He would know what to do. He always knew how to act in this cases.

She picked up her phone, one of her hands still grabbing Y/N’s, and dialed his number hoping he would answer at the first tone.

“Hello?” his deep voice greeted from the other end making Veronica sigh in relief.

“I need you to come to the mall right now.” Veronica instructed, skipping all formalities.

“What’s wrong? Is Y/N hurt?” he asked, his mood drastically changing.

“She’s having a panic attack. It’s really bad.” Veronica explained as her heart broke at the sight of her friend suffering. It was even worse because she was so powerless in this situation.  

“I’m on my way.” he stated before hanging up.


In no time, Jughead was bolting out the door and towards the mall. He was eager to get to her and make everything okay. He knew how bad her panic attacks could get. Sadly, after years of suffering them he got used to her having them and eventually he learnt how to help her during her breakdowns.  


The sun shone bright in the sky with the warm summer breeze invading every single corner of the place. Kids were outside playing, enjoying their free time before they had to go back to school for the next year.

Betty, Jughead, Archie and Y/N were happily running around, the air filled with laughter and cheerful screams. The group of kids were concentrated on a game of “tag”, chasing each other and trying their best to be the fastest of the group.  

However, few moments later, the game stopped as little Y/N had stopped chasing around. Instead, she shrunk into the grass, full on sobbing with her arms wrapped around her knees.

The kids gathered around her, curious and worried as they had no clue on what had happened and what caused her crying. They even spent some time asking her multiple times what was wrong, but she didn’t give them an answer. She just kept crying, barely able to breathe.

Once the grown ups noticed the change of mood, Y/N’s mom went to her daughter in the blink of an eye, rubbing her arms in an attempt to comfort the girl.

“What’s wrong with her?” Archie asked playing nervously with his hands.

“She’s having a panic attack.” the mother replied, focused on calming Y/N down.

“What’s that?” Jughead asked this time.

“She feels scared and unsafe in some situations, without her being able to control it.” She hesitantly said, not really knowing how to explain panic disorder to children. “But don’t worry kids, she’ll be okay. I’ll go get her some water.” The woman went inside the house as the kids kept and eye on her distressed friend.

“Why does she feel unsafe?” Betty inquired confused. “There’s nothing here that can hurt us.”

Jughead, young as he was, put two and two together, thinking hard of what he could possibly do to help his friend. He thought of all the times he felt scared and unsafe and what made him feel better in those situations.  

Soon, he found the answer when he tried to rub his head.

He suddenly took off his characteristic beanie, causing a mop of hair to fall on his forehead. He roughly brushed the hair out of his face before carefully placing the beanie on Y/N’s head. It look much too big on her head and it covered her entire forehead but nonetheless, Jughead looked satisfied.

“What are you doing?” Archie asked surprised by his friends actions.

“When I feel scared or uncomfortable, I put my beanie on and I feel better.” he explained. “So now that she’s wearing it, it will make her feel better.”

He then remembered what his mom usually did whenever he cried or felt sad and tried to imitate her actions.

He gently rubbed Y/N’s back while he whispered comforting words.  

“It’s okay Y/N. There is nothing around to harm us. It’s okay, don’t cry.” The little boy repeated over and over with a soft voice, always being patient with her. He hoped it would work as it did when his mom comforted him, wishing for her to stop crying.  

And she eventually did.

Her tears stopped falling, leaving her rubbing her nose and hiccuping the rest of her cries. She had puffy eyes and stained cheeks but the important thing was that she had stopped crying.

When Y/N’s mom retuned with a bottle of water, she was surprised not only by the sweetness of the little boy taking care of her daughter, but also by his ability to manage the situation with calm and kindness just like any other adult.    

She kneeled in front of Y/N and offered her the bottle. She dried her wet cheeks and kissed her head, before turning around to smile to the raven haired boy.

“Thank you for calming her down Jughead.” She sincerely said, earning a smile from him, happy that he was able to make Y/N feel better.  


Jughead got to the mall in just a few minutes. Thankfully, Kevin had been waiting for him on the entrance, saving him time from looking around for them. He ran until he collided with the bathroom door, ignoring that it was in fact a women’s bathroom. He went inside, finding a very worked up Y/N and a desperate and concerned Veronica, trying her best to soothe her with kind words and a sweet voice.

Veronica turned around at the sound of the door opening, instantly sighing in relief at the sight of him.

“Oh thank God!” she exclaimed, backing up some steps to give him room to be with Y/N. Jughead gave her a short nod, before focusing his gaze on Y/N.

“Hey love.” Jughead said in a calm casual voice avoiding to startle her. He sat next to her, wrapping his arms around her body in order to place her in his lap. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here, you’re safe.”

He could tell she was past the point of self control, not really knowing what to do with herself anymore. He had to ground her before anything else, otherwise everything he said would be useless.

So starting with that, he took her hand in his and placed it on the floor, making sure her palm was flat against the white tiles covering the concrete.

“Feel the floor beneath us Y/N. Feel how it’s supporting our weight and how soft and cold it feels compared to your hand.” Jughead moved her hand around, caressing the floor with slow movements. Once she opened her eyes, he took the chance and placed that same hand on his chest.

“Now you feel that?” he asked before taking a deep breath. His chest swelled under her hand, as the air filled his lungs. “I want you to take deep breaths with me and try to match your breathing to mine okay?” She didn’t give him an answer but she closed her eyes once again replicating his actions and taking her first deep breath. “That’s it, keep going.” he smiled proudly as she repeated the process.

The new intake of oxygen made its way into her system, slowly getting rid of the red tint of her skin and her purplish looking lips. The sobs became silent tears, the lump on her throat disappearing completely.  All in all, she was coming back to him as she had found some stability to hold onto.

“I’m here.” Jughead said, placing both of her hands on his cheeks. “You’re here too.” he reassured while he dragged one of his fingers all over her face, trying to make her aware of her body and her surroundings.

Encouraged by his actions, she gently mapped his face, feeling the warmth emanating from his skin. She traced every little spot and freckle she could find, giving her mind something else to think about.

“See?” Jughead asked once she was done tracing his features. He placed a kiss on her palm, holding it close to him. “I’m here, you’re safe and everything is okay.”

Y/N nodded and breathed relieved, hiding her face on her boyfriend’s chest. Jughead smiled a bit while brushing her hair with his hand, placing sweet kisses on her forehead. He was happy and beyond proud that she was able to pull through one more time.

“C’mon, let’s get you home.” He helped her up with careful moves, adapting to her own pace, making sure to keep his hand attached to hers at all times. “Thank you Veronica, I’ll take it from here.”

“Thank you. I’ll call later to see how she’s doing.” she replied, gently fixing a strand of Y/N’s hair. “Take care of her, please.” Jughead nodded, guiding Y/N out of the bathroom.

The way home was filled with silence. Jughead knew she needed space to ease her brain and he didn’t want to put pressure on her by starting a conversation. Struggling with panic disorder was something really hard for her and after being strong for so long, the only thing she needed was rest. Especially considering the battle she fought moments prior. Jughead knew he was walking on eggshells after an episode, but still, he wanted to be there because that’s when she needed him the most.

When they arrived at her house, Jughead took her to her room, both of them taking off their shoes and laying down on the bed. She scooted closer to him, silently requesting for him to cuddle her. Jughead instantly wrapped one of his arms around her waist while his other arm supported her head acting as a pillow. Y/N closed her eyes and sighed in contentment at the comforting feeling invading her senses.

“Why don’t you take a nap to reset your mind?” he suggested, holding her a tad bit closer. “I’ll be here the entire time.”

“I’m not tired.” she replied, but a yawn escaped her lips, betraying her previous complaint. Jughead chuckled amused and pulled the duvet to cover their bodies.

“Trust me, you need some rest.” she gave a little whine but he ignored it, reluctant to get her to sleep for a bit.

Her brain was like a little kid’s brain, needing to hear something in order to fall asleep. So he thought of an old trick that always worked when she needed to rest but she didn’t want to.

“You know the other day I was watching “12 Angry Men” for the thousandth time and I still can’t believe how underrated it is.” he commented.

“How so?” Y/N asked with a husky voice, fatigue laced in her voice. Jughead smiled satisfied as she snuggled to him, ready to listen to his story.

“You see, it is a great movie with a brilliant plot and well thought arguments that change the whole dynamics of the lawyers every once in a while. It has the perfect amount of cliffhanger to leave all the viewers at the edge of their seats.”

“Then why do you think it is underrated?” Her eyes shut closed, sleep taking over her body.

“It was a failure at the box-office. People was not interested enough because of its lack of color. It was only until it was aired on TV that people started to like the movie…” And he kept going. Talking about how the movie criticized the court system and how it displayed its rejection to the ignorance and stubbornness of some people in charge of the system.

He knew she was listening, but he also knew she was surely falling into a deep slumber. He could go on forever, giving his critical opinions on cinematographic matters just to lull her to sleep. He didn’t care if she was not awake to listen to his rants, as long as she was safe and calm, he didn’t care about anything else.


The smell of cooked vegetables and chicken invaded the house, hitting Y/N’s nose and pulling her out of her dozed off state. She patted the place next to her, realizing she had woken up to an empty bed. She rubbed her eyes and stretched a bit before standing up, her bare feet hitting the carpeted floor.

She followed the light and noise coming from downstairs, ending up in the kitchen. Jughead was in front of the stove, concentratedly stirring a pot while pouring a bit of salt into it. A grin bloomed on her face at the sight of him.

He turned around once he heard the footsteps approaching him and offered her a warm smile.

“Hey! I was about to wake you up.” he excitedly greeted her. “Come here, I made you some soup. Eating makes everything better.” he declared, earning a sincere laugh from her. She went to him and wrapped her arms around his torso, holding him tight against her.

“I’m really sorry Jug. I didn’t want to cause so much trouble.” she apologized with muffled words as her face was buried in his chest.

“Don’t be sorry.” he quickly replied taking her face in his hands. “This is a rollercoaster. Some days we’re up and some days we’re down. It’s okay to have bad days babe, so don’t apologize for not being okay.” She felt the tears gathering up in her eyes but she swallowed the lump in her throat as she had had enough crying that day.

“I love you.” Y/N whispered with her eyes closed, leaning into his touch and letting herself melt in his hands.

“I love you too.” he said with a smile before pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

“Now let’s eat some chicken noodle soup and we’ll both move past this okay?” he asked, pecking her nose.

“Okay.” she replied with a content mind and a warm lifted spirit.

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melliaze  asked:

Hello, I'd like to request RFA reacting + Minor Trio reacting to Lawyer!MC. Keep up the great work, your posts are really enjoyable to read!

Everything written below is based on the K-drama Suspicious Partner and Legally Blonde :)) Huhu sorry guys, I’m really not familiar with this one but I tried my best ;;; I’m assuming MC is a criminal defense lawyer, I hope you like it! ^^

Note: To any lawyers/future lawyers out there please don’t hate me hahaha and feel free to correct my mistakes :))


  • W H O A
  • Respect
  • He saves animals while you put the bad guys behind bars
  • Yoosung is really proud of you and is your number one supporter
  • He gets interested in your job and browses through your law books when he has free time
  • Remember, Yoosung is really smart
  • So one day when you’re telling him about a case you’re handling
  • He totally understands all your law terms and he can keep up with everything, even asking questions or citing certain cases
  • And you are more in-love with him more than ever
  • Because this guy not only took interest in what you did, he learned about it so he can understand you better
  • When you’re stressed with work, he cooks you something nice and even makes you coffee for when you have to work late
  • He always makes it a point to pick you up from work since you finish later than him
  • And if he sees that you’re overwhelmed with work, he tries to help you
  • He really looks up to you and he loves that you’re trying to make the world a safer place
  • But he makes sure you guys have dates every now and then and makes sure you don’t live on instant noodles and 4 hours of sleep everyday


  • He’s played a lawyer before but he still wants to know everything about what you do
  • And he loves that you’re so dedicated to your job and he can see how hard you work
  • Just like him
  • He can watch you talking to yourself about your case and debating with yourself for days
  • Honestly, Zen loves watching you work
  • He goes to one of your trials and he just loves how brilliant you are and how confident you are
  • When he gets free time, he studies up on your cases and pretends to be the other lawyer or the judge so you can practice your arguments
  • And at first it you just laughed at him because he’s so cute and adorable and supportive
  • But when you guys get into it, you realize how good Zen is as a lawyer/judge
  • Lol he watched a LOT of court dramas just so he can pull this off
  • And his arguments actually made sense so you got a chance to prepare for other angles of the case
  • Your female co-workers would always swoon over him when he visits you or picks you up from the office
  • He always reminds you to be careful and he worries endlessly over you
  • But he loves the fact that his girlfriend is so smart and badass


  • He can respect that you want to continue working despite not needing the money anymore
  • Because you truly wanted to do what’s right and help other people
  • He would, of course, help you in any way he can
  • This guy is very powerful and has a lot of connections so if you needed information, you will have it
  • Insists that you have a bodyguard with you at all times because he knows lawyers can get threats too
  • You work as hard as he does so you two barely get enough sleep
  • He sets up a home office for you so you can continue working at home; Jumin doesn’t like it when you stay late at your office
  • And when you lose track of time and stay in the office past midnight
  • He will pick you up personally and carry you home if he has to
  • He’d watch you in court when his schedule will allow it and he will glow with pride at his wife in action
  • He knows about law of course, but reads up on criminal law so he can understand you better
  • And you often see him slumping against the headboard of your bed with one of your law books in his hands, his eyes closed
  • He’s very much enamored with you and always takes you out for celebratory dinners whenever you win your cases


  • Oh my God his girlfriend defends people in court
  • He totally wants you on his side
  • Especially when Vanderwood comes over and starts nagging him
  • And you come to his defense and Vanderwood would always lose the argument
  • Of course, you also put the bad guys in jail
  • Ehem he’s a hacker ;;;
  • Not that he’s a bad person, it’s just he’s done a lot of illegal bad things for his job
  • You accept him and love him all the same
  • And he helps you in any way he can
  • “MC, I can hack into his laptop for you~”
  • “Saeyoung, no”
  • Whenever you have to go to the crime scene to investigate or meet up with potential leads, he makes sure to watch you through CCTV cameras
  • You bring home so much paperwork ;;; Saeyoung can’t really cook for you but he buys you decent meals and drags you away from work (LITERALLY) just so he can feed you~
  • You have come home to him dressed in your corporate attire more than once
  • Never misses an opportunity to use legal jargon with you
  • “Saeyoung, are you wearing my shoes?”
  • “Careful MC, false allegations can get you in trouble~”
  • “…Saeyoung.”
  • He would grin and swivel in his chair, showing you his feet
  • “Alright, guilty as charged,” he would say, grinning
  • “You have to admit though, I look good in your shoes.” 😉


  • He’s more into the creative stuff —photography, the arts, performance arts, music —but he will learn as much as he can about your job
  • He’s a very good listener and he pays attention to every detail whenever you tell him about your case or rant about your job
  • But he can tell you’re very passionate about what you do
  • And he will always try to support you
  • He attends most of your trials and you see him give you encouraging smiles whenever you look in his direction
  • Also has an album in his phone of you in action and you keep wondering how he manages to get good angles of you
  • You take clients who have been wrongly accused and your goal is to clear their name, at the same time try to find the culprit
  • V accompanies you to client meetings and as he listens to your conversation with your client, he finds himself more drawn to you
  • Because you have such a good heart and pure intentions
  • He’s so lucky to have someone like you as his girlfriend
  • You work hard and always end up bringing work home
  • He always makes you a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and plays soothing music in the background
  • When it’s past midnight and you’re still working, he will persuade you to go to bed with him
  • And if you insist on staying up
  • He will legit carry you into his arms and shower you with kisses and hold you in his arms until you fall asleep
  • He understands hard work, but he won’t let you value work over your health


  • Researches what being a criminal defense lawyer is
  • Asks you questions about your job every now and then
  • You’re actually a pretty good lawyer and he comes across several articles of the cases you’ve won and innocent people you’ve freed
  • And Saeran’s respect and adoration for you grows
  • You’re working on a new case where your client is someone who got framed and you’re trying to prove his innocence
  • When you get threats from an “anonymous” person telling you to drop the case you’re currently working on
  • He realizes that your job isn’t as safe as he thought it was
  • And he gets mad
  • You have to calm him down and make sure he doesn’t do anything that would land him in jail ;;;
  • Saeran becomes your bodyguard, making sure to send you to work and pick you up afterwards
  • He doesn’t tell you but he also uses his hacking skills to look for the killer
  • And the evening before the trial, you receive a usb containing surveillance footage of the murder
  • You win your case and the killer gets a life sentence
  • And when you come home you kiss Saeran’s cheek
  • You tell him all about the trial and he smiles, seeing how happy you are
  • Neither of you acknowledge the USB, but you know it was him and he’s just glad he was able to help you keep the bad guys off the street


  • He’s not supposed to exist or have relationships
  • But when you guys fall in-love and he discovers you’re a criminal defense lawyer and your goal is to put as much bad people in jail as possible…
  • Baby if only you knew how many people I’ve killed with my gloved hands ;;;;
  • But you love him all the same
  • You guys would get into arguments a lot, mainly because Vanderwood would push you away
  • He feels guilty that you’re with him, a criminal, when your job is putting criminals in jail and letting the innocent ones walk free
  • He doesn’t want you to go against your morals for him, he feels like he doesn’t deserve it
  • You don’t believe he’s a bad person though
  • And you stand by your decision to love him
  • You volunteer to be his lawyer in case anything ever goes wrong
  • But since he doesn’t technically ‘exist’, there’s nobody there to sue him
  • The people in his line of work would probably kill him than sue him ;;;
  • He makes sure you’re always safe though
  • Because you get threats a lot
  • Vanderwood cooks you decent meals whenever you work late and he will carry you to bed when you fall asleep on the table on top of your notes
  • Teaches you basic self defense in case he has to go away for a mission and can’t be there to protect you
  • He gives you his taser too, just in case

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Forty Tarot Business Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Starting a Tarot or soul centered based business is hard work. Throughout my time as a professional Tarot reader, I’ve made countless mistakes, been in tricky situations and learned many things about myself and the way I like to work. Running a Tarot business isn’t always glamorous. It can be frustrating and lonely. I wanted to share with you all some Tarot business tips I wish someone had told me.


You are the only one who can decide if you are ready to start a Tarot or soul centered business. There is no grand proficiency test you can take. If you want to start your own Tarot business you either take the plunge or play the waiting game. I played the waiting game and I really regret it.  I sought so much validation in others that I forgot to validate myself. Once I gave myself the permission to go on the journey of starting my own Tarot business, everything changed. Taking the steps to start my Tarot business was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding.


Know your local, state and federal laws. Starting any business, let alone a soul centered or Tarot business is hard work. I encourage you to do your homework when it concerns your business type, liability, the laws that proceed how you are conducting your business online versus local, etc. If you can afford it, I would highly suggest obtaining legal advice before proceeding. Please do not try to mirror someone else’s business or think that just because someone is doing something in their business it is okay for you to do it too. Keep in mind that there are various different rules, regulations, disclaimers, and laws that precede your location, state, country and the businesses in your area that can and will differ from someone else’s location.


Write a business plan. I know it sounds a bit scary or intimidating but before starting any business, really sit down and think about why you want to be in this business. The next question you should ask yourself is how you would like to help others with your business. Think about what you would like to offer in said business. Do you want to sell readings, courses, printable content, a membership?  What are your goals for your business? Who is your ideal client? What is your niche? These are important questions.


Pick a name. Do not take this lightly. Your business name will be a reflection of you and your services. Switching your business name mid business can be a difficult situation in regards to branding yourself, but not impossible. Try to pick a name that is easy to spell and memorable. Once you’ve chosen a name search to see if the domain name is available and if social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Gmail, etc are also available for that business name. If all is good, I highly recommend purchasing the domain name and signing up for social media websites and obtaining those usernames.


Create a website.  Although this is not for everyone, it looks very professional when presenting your business to others. Gone are the days of needing to know complex coding and HTML. You can get a website up and running with web services like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly,, and Sitebuilder. Your website will be the central hub for you to showcase your services and what your business is all about.


Pick a platform or online e-commerce system to sell your readings and services. For those who own websites that lack e-commerce functionality, Many online and in person readers like myself use external websites to sell our services. There are websites like Etsy, Storenvy, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCartel, Squareup, Paypal etc where you can list your offerings to clients. *Each respective website or service has their own fees and rules you need to be accountable for.


Start a blog. Starting a blog helped me not only connect with my business peers but allowed me to share my experiences, much like I am doing in this post. Blogging also helps to create a community of people with like minded interests. Running a blog helps to create a personal connection between you, your readers and potential clients.


Provide services that excite you. You do not need to sell a particular type of reading just because it is popular. Be unique in your offerings. What I think about when coming up with a new service or reading is what would be something I would love to purchase myself.


Have a clear and simple way for potential clients to find your services. The purchase process should be safe, secure and seamless.


Stay organized. My first few years of business were a wreck. I learned quickly that organization could become my best friend instead of my worst enemy with some simple tricks.

  • Create a separate user account on your computer for your business and business related content. Keeping your personal files away from your business files is half the battle.
  • Use folders both on your computer and in your work space. 
  • Create folders for spread offerings (sort them by card number, topic, etc.) Create a folder for reading templates, business ideas, previous client readings, etc.
  • Start a business journal for business ideas, traffic stats and do some book keeping.  Keep records and logs of readings you have done, the income you have made, expenditures, incoming and outgoing payments, bills, etc. Keeping track of your sales is also beneficial when filing your taxes.


Create a separate e-mail account you only use for when you get paid. I had my PayPal account hacked and someone tried to clear out my funds. Thankfully PayPal noticed the suspicious activity and stopped the transaction. Ever since then, I have a separate e-mail address that I only use for when I send out invoices or charge for a service. This limits the number of people knowing that e-mail address and keeps things a bit more secure.


Obtain a separate phone number for your business. I use to give out my cell phone number to clients. Many clients abused this privilege and because of this, I sought out a separate number. I utilize google voice as it works seamlessly with my phone. A few friends of mine have also used MagicJack, Skype Voice, Call centric and YouMail with great success. With these such services, you can enable do not disturb settings when you are off call. *Each respective service has their own fees and rules you need to be accountable for.


Have business hours. As I mentioned above, many clients abused the privilege of having my personal number. I would receive calls all hours of the night. After having a business number I made it clear what my hours of operation were and placed it on my website, blog and social media accounts. You can also mention your business hours in your voicemail greeting for your business number. Setting business hours also helps you to manage your time.


Use a scheduling application or keep a daily work schedule for when you do readings, appointments, etc. I learned very quickly that having a clear way to share with clients my availability made the purchasing process easier. It also allowed me to allot a specific time in my day for a reading without losing track of time.


Back up your files and computer often. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dealt with computer crashes and corrupted files. Backing up your content on a continuous basis. It would be ideal to invest in an external hard drive to keep your business files and personal files backed up in case of hardware or software failure. I once had a computer malfunction and lost a forty minute video reading. Since then, I back up my computer all the time. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Create templates. Before implementing templates in my Tarot business workflow, I spent so much unnecessary time designing each reading one by one. I now have set templates for each reading that I offer. I am able to drag and drop photos of the custom reading after taking them and also insert the typed out portion from my word document into the reading template when it is all done.


Create product and service listing that are easy to understand and compelling. Some things you may want to include in your reading listings are:

  • Subject of Tarot reading or service.
  • Who the ideal client is for the reading or service is.
  • What divination tool will be used. (Tarot, Oracle, Runes, a combination?)
  • How many cards?
  • Estimated delivery times.
  • Previous testimonials from previous clients who purchased said product or service.
  • A link with an example of the reading.
  • Reading or service format (Audio, typed, snail mail, video, live, skype, recorded call, etc)
  • Spread positions (If using a spread)
  • Deck choices (If using decks)
  • Any addons (Extra cards, rush delivery, etc)


Set clear boundaries, ethics, and policies in your business. Also, it is okay to say no. I think it is important to be upfront with who you are, what you do and what you don’t do. This will help prevent being put into situations where you would rather not be put in. Remember that there is nothing wrong with saying no. It is okay to not read for everyone who wants a reading or service from you. I ensure that every client knows my ethics and policies beforehand. Some policies I have in place for my business are payment policies, privacy policies, disclaimers, refund policies, rescheduling and cancellation policies.


Set small goals for yourself (daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) Being a reader with chronic illness, I like to set monthly goals as it helps with my energy management and I also do not feel rushed. I also like to hold myself accountable for my goals by tracking my progress and either changing or evolving a goal if it no longer feels right to me. Some goals you may want to consider are how many sales you want to make a day, week, a month? How can you make X amount of money each quarter of the year?


Comparing your business to someone else’s is the quickest way to discourage yourself. How you measure the success and lessons in your business should not be put against someone else’s. Remember that we all started somewhere. Focus on how you can better your business instead of putting it down.


Be patient. I know this one is easier said than done but rushing to try and make money isn’t the way to go, at least for me it wasn’t. Growing a business takes time. Overnight successes are few and far between.


Find your people. During the first years of business, I found it significantly more important to build an audience and a following before trying to sell to people who had no clue who I was and what I was about. Build your own community of clients and like minded people. Creating authentic interaction, and building trust helped me so much and I highly suggest trying it.


You and your services are not meant for everyone and they shouldn’t be either. Not every client and service provider can be a perfect match. That is okay. Focus on those who find value in your services and who you are.


Do not be afraid to market yourself. With the power of the internet, you can use social media and old school marketing like business cards, fliers, to promote yourself, your content and your business. I know it can be easy to be scared of feeling scammy or annoying but if no one knows who you are or what your business is about, how can you connect with those who are searching for a business like yours? I like to promote by teaching things. This helps create an even exchange of promotional material and digestible content for my viewers. Something that I also like to do is to create a marketing plan and use social media apps to automate the process. This helps take the guess work out of marketing and it is done for a month in advance. Don’t fear doing what you can to put yourself out there. Marketing is essentially a call to action. You are allowed to take up space. There is no shame in that. People need a way to learn about you, your business and if they want to support you. Marketing helps with that.


Engage and collaborate with your peers. I used to be so scared to talk to some of the Tarot readers and diviners in my same field but quickly learned that interacting with one another created awesome friendships and helped us learn from one another in the process. Networking is key. I cannot tell you how many times one of my peers have highlighted me on their blogs or sent a reading referral my way. I have also done the same.


If you primarily sell readings, your income will fluctuate on a consistent basis. You will find that some weeks you will book out, and others you won’t make any sales at all. It was so difficult for me to understand this. Something that may help you obtain a more stable stream of income would be providing self-sustaining services and products like courses, e-books, decks, and mentorships.


Expect naysayers and doubters. Try not to take it personal. Not everyone is going to believe in your business or services and that is okay. You are not there to prove your worth to someone who has already made up their mind that you aren’t worth their time or respect. There are going to be those who want nothing more than to discourage you. Spend time bettering your business, and silence the noise of those who want to see you fail.


Be consistent with your service rates and what you are offering. While you are growing your business it is okay to do rate increases sporadically but having inconsistent rates can put off potential and returning clients. The same can be said for your services. If you drastically change your business model or offerings, it can leave clients feeling insecure with doing business with you. Making changes when necessary and ensure a seamless process for your clients.


Have a working Tarot deck. I had a client of mine bend one of the cards in my favorite deck while they were shuffling. I was horrified. From that moment on I used to never allow the client to shuffle my deck out of fear, but it always felt wrong to me. I now use a working deck or a deck that I use just for clients that if damaged I can easily replace.


Be consistent with self-care and have a plan for it. I cannot tell you how much having a self-care plan has helped me during those days when everything becomes too much for me to handle. Being a Tarot reader who is also diagnosed with anxiety and depression, taking care of myself and having a self-care plan has saved me from potentially detrimental situations. Being a serviced based business, we are used to putting the needs of others before our own. Remember that you deserve the same care, if not more, that you give to your clients. Some things I like to do is paint, write songs, turn off my phone and computer, treat myself to a nice cup of chai tea and take a long walk to help clear my mind. I also have a Feel good file on my computer. This file includes letters and positive testimonials from clients, pictures of cute puppies and successes I’ve had in my business. *Everyone’s self-care plan will be different. Do what works for you.


Refresh your learning. Take some time to read new material, take a seminar, sign up for a local class, meet up with a local group, enroll in a self-study course, watch videos or find blogs in your niche. This will not only help you stay current but also help you grow your business and knowledge.


Learn your reading style and use it to your advantage. Are you a predictive type reader or a holistic spiritual counselor? Are you a psychic medium or fortune teller? Use your unique way of doing things to tailor your reach to potential clients who are looking for your services. Do not be afraid to think outside the box.


Recognize your limiting beliefs and work at chipping them away. One of the hardest parts of starting my Tarot business was accepting that my worth as a reader was not determined by the amount of sales I made. It was difficult at first but I did some proactive journaling and set some time weekly to address the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my business and how I could help alleviate those things. It took some intense work but I am finally at a point where that particular limiting belief no longer affects my work and business.


Make a budget for your business and determine where your money is going? It is important to be accountable for things like taxes, insurance, liability, licenses, book purchases, deck purchases, copyright and trademark registrations, business registrations, domain registrations, web hosting fees, etc.


Celebrate your successes and goals. There is nothing vain about being happy for selling one hundred readings. Pat yourself on the back and realize that your hard work and dedication is paying off.


If you are a Tarot professional who has to hide their practices from their everyday job, like I am, keep your main work life and your Tarot life as separate as you can. Being someone who works in a business where I could be fired and shunned for doing Tarot, I do all that I can to keep my Tarot life private. You may want to use an alias, not show your face or not provide voice readings, etc. It is all up to you and what you are comfortable with. You may be more comfortable conducting your business online versus in person. * Having to hide your tarot reading business to protect your main business does not make you any less of a professional reader. You are just as valid.


Running a Tarot or soul centered business can be lonely. I found that my first few years of launching my business, I didn’t really have a social life in person or online. I spent and devoted a lot of my time to helping my business grow and succeed. While I appreciate the hard work I put in back then, I always felt sad because I felt isolated from the world. When I was working, especially on holidays, everyone I knew was having fun and I resented it a little.  Something that helped me tremendously was to visit local metaphysical shops and attend some of their hosted events. I started to make friends with other Tarot learners and business professionals and it helped fill the void I had in my life.


There is no room for drama, gossip, and bullying in your Tarot or soul centered business. What you say, do or allow in regards to your business speaks volumes for your business, clients and potential clients. I had another tarot business bully me and I promptly blocked them. I didn’t want their negativity in my space or the space of my clients and peers. No one wants to find out that they are supporting a bully because of a tweet, blog post or facebook post you made about someone else. The quickest way for a business to be tainted is if its business owner is involved in drama, gossip, and bullying. Your priority should always be to handle even the most negative situations with the utmost professionalism. If you focus on bullying or negativity, all it shows clients that that is your main focus.  If someone is being disrespectful or hurtful to you or your business, do not stoop to their level. It will only reflect badly on you and your business. Have a plan of action and handle the situation as best as you can.


Remember that set backs happen. It is okay to have a bad week or month. The important thing to do is analyze how you can improve, what you can change and ultimately what lessons you can take from this situation. We all have set backs in our business. Give yourself time to regroup and evolve your business from this situation. I like to get out of my comfort zone a bit and try something new and sometimes that causes a creative spark that I implement in unique services and offerings for my clients.


Take accountability for your actions, your mistakes, and failures in your business. None of us are perfect. Mistakes happen. Did you forget to pay your taxes? Did you forget to send out a reading? Are you behind on several of your services? It is important to understand that if something you have done or said in your business has negatively affected you, your life or someone else, you need to address it and make it right. Hiding behind your mistake and trying to escape from your responsibility does nothing good for your business.

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Title: Forty Tarot Business Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Deck: Rider Waite Smith
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Disclaimer: This post in no way, shape, or form is intended to tell you how you must go about being a Tarot reader and starting your own business. What may work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. The intention of this post is to share my experiences with having a Tarot business. I can only speak from personal experience and what has worked for me for countless years. I encourage you to do your own research, to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation. Also please keep in mind that there are various different rules, regulations, and laws that precede your location, state, country and the tarot reading guidelines in your area that can and will differ from those in my location. I encourage and open up this conversation to respectful debate and added commentary to supplement this post of any kind. 
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A Latté and a Black Coffee

Originally posted by opalcrystals

Originally posted by kurtweller

A/N: Hi all, I’m back!! I was inspired for this one by a post by @imagine-x-everything. This is going to be a 3 part story. I want to make this a series with different Marvel characters; same coffee shop, different story lines. Let me know what you think. If you want to see more, follow my blog or let me know if you want me to tag you :)

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader, Matt Murdock x Reader

Tags- I tagged based on previous requests, or if I saw you comment on imagine-x-everything’s post: @atari-writes @sistasarah-sallysaidso @tanovic54321 @willowtighe @xoxoaudreymarie @romiet-juleo @maddybeck01 @tachibubu @cuddleskitty @thisusernamehasbeentaken @marvel-11 @rimaris

You stared blankly at your coffee, pondering how you let things get this far. You are pretty sure if you searched the bottom of the river, you’d find that asshole. You took a shaky breath and retraced your steps to the beginning.


All you wanted was to have your own coffee shop. But, you struggled to find clients. Not many people wanted to go to Hell’s Kitchen for a cup of joe. That was until Matt, the blind lawyer. He referred all his clients to your small establishment. You appreciated that more than words could express. Because of this, Matt would get his medium latté for free. And the slow trickle of customers snowballed into early morning rushes, late morning commuters, midday lunch meetings and the late night insomniacs.

Matt was part of the late morning commuters. You could tell he stayed up late at night, with the dark circles under his eyes. But he always came in charming and cheerful. He would get his coffee, insist on paying, which you always refused, and he would put the cost of his coffee in the tip jar with a devilish smirk on his handsome face. Matt had a way of making feel like a school girl again. You could swear that even though he was blind, he could tell when your heart fluttered when he walked in the door. You could almost see his head tilt to the side, as if he was listening for you. It’s what you looked forward to in the mornings.

But there was always something to anticipate closer to closing. He would come in, order a large black coffee in a soft, gruff voice, then sit at the corner table. You didn’t need ask for his name, you recognized his strong profile and tell-tale bruising on his face and knuckles. Frank was a loyal customer since you first opened. He came in at 8pm, on the dot and always tipped extra.

You remembered how nervous you were when you first met him. You weren’t sure if you wanted him in your shop- a criminal and all. At the same time, you didn’t blame him for the crimes that he committed. Hell, you even admired the fear he instilled in the thugs in the neighborhood. And it didn’t escape your notice the sudden lack of petty crime that took place on the block of your coffee haven. Your street was noticeably safer than others in Hell’s Kitchen.

Until that asshole walked into your shop. It was 9am, you and your employee Sarah whizzed around filling people’s orders for coffee and pastries. You heard the ding of the bell and looked up to see Matt walking in.

“Hey Matt! There’s an open table to your right. I’ll bring you your coffee after we fill these orders,” you shouted over the line. Matt smiled and took a seat. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell if the uptick in your heart rate was because of him, or your increased working pace. After a few minutes, you walked up to him with a mug filled with a freshly made latté.

“Sorry for the wait,” you apologized, feeling bad for the several minute wait.

“No worries, Y/N. Its good to see this place so busy” Matt replied, handing over a five dollar bill.

“You know I don’t charge you,” you scolded.

“I know, it’s Sarah’s tip,” he replied with a smirk. You smiled and took the bill and went to the tip jar. There was enough of a lull for you to empty most of the tip jar out, save for Matt’s bill and a couple of one’s. That’s when he walked in.

You could smell the booze coming off of him the moment he stepped in. It made you want to vomit. You glanced at Sarah to see she felt the same way. But the petite redhead smiled and asked what she could get the drunkard.

“Whatever your sweet little ass feels like making,” he slurred to her, staring at her chest the whole time. You felt a fire flare up in your chest. No one was going to harass anyone in your establishment. You calmly pulled Sarah aside and looked up at the gentleman calmly. You didn’t notice Matt lean forward to listen behind the customer.

“Hello, sir,” you said in a terse tone. “We offer a variety of beverages so unfortunately, you need to give us a specific request as to what you’d prefer.” You forced yourself to smile, trying to be diplomatic. His smile dropped slightly, and replied, “Whatever’s cheap.”

You turned to fill his order, glad Sarah had left to the supply room. The last thing you wanted was for him to continue to sexually harass your employee. You made a small drip with 1 cream and 1 sugar. You turned and gave him his coffee. He sipped it and then spat it out on the floor.

“What the fuck is this shit?” He exclaimed.

“You wanted our cheapest coffee, so that’s what I made. That will be $2.00 please.”

“I ain’t paying for this shit, bitch!”

“That’s fine. You can leave, and not come back.”

“Listen here, you cu-”

“Excuse me, sir” Matt appeared out of nowhere next to the belligerent man. “You asked for a coffee, she gave you a coffee. Pay her what you owe, and don’t return.” You felt the blood drain from your face at Matt’s dark tone. You’ve never seen him like this.

“I ain’t paying for shit, you blind asshole! If anything, this bitch owes me for harassing a good customer.” The man then reached into the tip jar and pulled all the money that had been left there. Before you could blink, Matt’s hand wrapped around the man’s wrist and he slammed it into the counter.

“You are going to put the money down and leave,” Matt growled. The man glared at Matt’s glasses. You heard the bell of the door ring and you looked up to see the Punisher walk in.

Frank immediately assessed the situation, and his hand quickly reached for his belt. Your heart rate skyrocketed. You didn’t want your little shop destroyed in a hail of bullets over seven dollars.

“Just leave! Take the damn coffee and leave!” You shouted. A tense moment filled the air; Matt’s hand tightened around the man’s wrist, Frank’s jaw twitched and his hand tightened it’s grip around his glock and the drunk glanced between you and Matt.

“This place is a dump anyway.” He wretched he hand away from Matt, grabbed his coffee and stormed past Frank out the door. But before you could breathe a sigh of relief, you heard the thump of the coffee cup hitting the front of the store. Coffee was splattered across the window and sidewalk.

You closed your eyes, took a deep breath and counted to ten, calming your nerves. When you opened your eyes, Frank was gone. You were alarmed for a moment before Matt spoke.

“Are you alright?” He inquired. You gave Matt a small smile. “I’ve dealt with worse. You didn’t have to intervene. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” Matt scoffed before a small scowl appeared.

“He shouldn’t have spoken to you like that; you or Sarah.” Before you could respond, Matt continued. “This is one of the few nice places in Hell’s Kitchen. I’ll do whatever I need to to help keep it that way.” You were so touched by his words you were speechless. You felt tears of appreciation form as Matt weaved through the tables back to grab his cane. As he walked to the door he turned slightly.

“I hope your day goes a lot smoother, Y/N.” And the little bell rang as he left your shop.

And your day did go by better. But Frank never showed up. When 9:30 pm rolled around, a wave of disappointed filled your gut. You shrugged it off, locked up the store, and headed up the stairs to your apartment above. As you layed in bed, contemplating the day, a thought hit you- did Matt walk through the tables of the lobby as if he could see??

You shrugged off the thought, you were stressed out, not remembering things clearly. You closed your eyes, blissfully unaware of the moral turmoil you would be faced with.

The next morning was like any morning, but sadly, absent Matt. You were getting annoyed with how disappointed you were getting over your customers lack of attendance. Then, it was 8:00 pm.

The door bell chimed as heavy boots thumped into your dining area. You turned after a moment to see Frank standing there, watching you with soft eyes.

“Perfect! Your normal brew should be just about done.” You said cheerfully. You heard Frank chuckle as he headed to his usual spot. You grabbed his normal mug and the filled carafe and walked over to his table. As you filled his cup, you noted the bruise on his cheek and his damaged knuckles. One looked like it was about to start bleeding.

“Missed you last night,” You mused. “You cheating on me with a better coffee spot?” Frank smiled and let out a gruff laugh.

“Ain’t no place better than this, ma'am.” You smiled, but before you could reply, Frank continued. “I had some business to take care of.” He carefully watched your face fall slightly. You felt a punch to your gut. Surely, he didn’t do something.

“Nobody disrespects you, Y/N. Ever.” Frank finished with a sip of his coffee. Though you loathed the thought of what happened to that drunk, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of safety and security wash over you. A feeling of contentment knowing that you have someone watching over you.

“You need a bandage,” you said, indicating his hand. Frank looked down, brows furrowed. “Let me get the first aid kit.” You smiled and walked away. Frank’s eyes never left your figure.

You reached under the counter to grab the little white box when you overheard the reporter on the TV.

“… man’s been missing. His wife reported seeing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen lurking around their apartment last night. Other eyewitnesses claim that they heard gunshots as saw the Punisher walk down a back alley and disappear.”

You glanced up to see a photo of the same customer from yesterday grace the screen. His smiling face was between his wife and what looked like his son. A powerful wave a nausea hit you. You looked over at Frank. He was looking right back at you, eyes cold.


You didn’t know how to feel. You could have sworn Frank did something, but maybe not. Maybe it was the Daredevil. That man was a father and a husband. He was most likely dead. How could you live with yourself knowing he could be dead?

It wasn’t your fault he was an asshole. He was a predator, leering at poor Sarah like a prize to be won. Maybe it was good he was gone.

You didn’t have time to ponder. You heard the door ring as your first wave of customers started coming in.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

this is a little Drabble i wrote for the Drabble Game se have with @xerxia31 And @litlifelover. This time’s prompt is “flowers” Go check my fellow drabblers for their entry!. Thanks @xerxia31 for beating!

Roses are red, Violets are blue
I suck at poetry, What about you ?

Two lines. That’s what Peeta finds under the door of his bakery, early, one morning of March.

No name, no signature.
Just black ink on the paper. Cursive writing, no embellishments, nothing to point out who wrote it.

Two lines. That’s all.

Those two lines carried Peeta all through his day, his thoughts going from wondering who could have sent it to thinking it must have been a mistake. Or maybe intended for Rue, the shy teenager who worked after school to help him.

Definitely, it was for Rue. He would give her the message the next day.

Cherries are red, Irises are blue,
These messages are for you.

Peeta looked at the message, stunned. What the hell was happening?

Who was sending him messages in riddles ? Most importantly, how could he reply ?

An idea formed, making him grab a bit of paper and a pen, quickly scribbling down a few words.

Who are you ? What do you want?

He folded the bit of paper, putting it under the door of the bakery, half expecting it to still be there the next morning.

It wasn’t.
But another paper was.

Lilies are red, bluebells are blue,
Find my name, and I’ll come for you

He hadn’t talked to anybody
Find my name ? was that a … game ?

The bells over the door made him shove the note in the pocket of his jeans, where it joined the other ones, as a large smile spread across his face.
His favorite customer. The dark haired beauty that bought cheese buns three times a week, settling for cinnamon rolls the other days. His secret crush. Or maybe not-so-secret, as Rue liked to tease him.

They exchanged polite words, as usual, not getting at anything more personal than giving her the change, before she left, glancing at him over her shoulder, like she always did.

Peeta only talked about the first lines to Rue between clients, trying to find out who these could be coming from. He started to worry when he didn’t find another one the next morning. Or the morning after.

They just stopped. As quickly as they had started.

He knew deep down an answer was expected from him. He spent hours looking at the lines on the papers, trying every combination he could find, without success.

Unitl the solution came to him, on a Friday.

“Mr M? Is it okay if I leave a little early? My friend Prim is coming to pick me up…” Rue asked, smiling.

“Prim? That’s her first name?”

“No, she’s Primrose, like the flower …”

He never heard anything else - something had clicked in his mind.
First names. Flowers.

He looked at the papers. It fit. Every single one of them was a flower.

He quickly agreed to Rue leaving, searching for the words he would put on the paper.

Flowers bloom, With the light
I hope I got it right.

He put the folded paper on the floor, under the bakery mat, hoping for an answer.

He wasn’t disappointed.

In the meadow, when the day closes,
Flowers in the wind.
I will come.

In the meadow - he knew exactly where that was.
He could barely wait until it was time to close, until it was time to go.

In the meadow, when the day closes … As he approached the place, he saw a thin silhouette, leaning against the trunk of an old oak tree. Waiting.

Dark hair.
In a braid.
With tiny locks escaping. Swaying in the wind, with the dandelions in front of her.

His heart skipped a beat in his chest.

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Determining if a Healing is Beneficial

Not all healings are beneficial. Even energy sent in someone’s “highest good” can be damaging if it is an energy they do not get along with well, or if it is not integrated properly. This is because certain energies inherently do not get along well and thus can cause damage, even when sent with healing intent. This is why it is important to know what element of energy you are wielding to heal, and what the elemental alignment of your client is.

To find out what someone’s energetic alignment is, click here. Other resources I have written on healing may be accessed here.

This is primarily about direct energy sends and not spells. Energy sends interact with the energy body in a very direct way which is why bad energy healings are more apparent, while spells are indirect and thus can tolerate not being the best alignment for your client. However, the principles behind this may be applied to spells as well.

As with all posts on energy healing, please check that your issues are from physical or mental reasons before jumping to magical conclusions. Healing magic shouldn’t replace therapy, especially because with a good therapist you should feel comfortable talking about your spirituality where applicable (relevant example: someone wanted to use energy blockages in their system as an entry tool to self-reflecting and wanted to bring that up with the therapist). .

Signs of a Not-So-Great Healing:

The body does not automatically integrate the healing energy, even after being informed the energy is healing (though not total rejection, which is detailed in the following section).

This could be due to any/a mix of the following: 1) it’s the first time the body is being healed with a certain energy, 2) the person doesn’t do energy work at all so the body is unfamiliar with integrating different energies, 3) it’s not the worst element you could use on your client, but it’s not the best either. When healing, this will look like the energy is simply sliding off, or it gathers where it was sent but does not move or ‘dissipate’ into the client’s body. If it’s due to 2), you will have to actively integrate the energy yourself for the best results. Using a sentient healing energy (such as reiki) may prevent 2 from happening as sentient healing energies are often self-integrating. If it’s due to 3), try switching to an element the client works better with and see if it still persists. If it’s due to 1), keep in mind you’ll have to do far more work with integrating the healing energy.

It doesn’t do the healing job.

You send the energy and then it just sits there, doing nothing (until it is eventually broken down by the person’s body). Example: You sent some energy to a center to dissolve a blockage, but the energy just entered the center and is now just sitting there, doing nothing.

Signs That The Healing is Damaging (STOP IMMEDIATELY):

The body completely rejects any attempts to integrate the energy, in most if not all of the body. 

What this looks like: any time you attempt to send energy to any portion of the body, not only does it simply slide off the person, the energy body seems to be actively trying to flush it out as well. Centers may suddenly start generating more energy to wash it out, channels where energy is discarded from the body may widen suddenly. If this happens no matter where you attempt to send the energy, your healing is probably damaging and you should stop.

Even after the person has made an exception in their protections for the healing, the healing energy seems to re-activate the protections.

Your client makes an exception for you in their protections, however when you start sending the energy, their protections spring right back up again! The protections then actively attempt to block the continued flow of the healing energy. If your healing seems to be activating the person’s natural magic defenses (especially if the healing is consensual and they made a temporary exception for you in their defenses), then there is a high chance that it was damaging and you should stop.

The healing is irritating the energy system to a large degree. 

If you send energy to a center in the system and it immediately swells to three times it’s size, it’s probably extremely irritating and you should stop.

The healing energy creates any sort of damage, such as burns, irritation, destroying points/channels, etc. 

Self-explanatory. If this happens, you should stop.

The healing energy causes blockages and/or other issues to worsen. 

Self-explanatory. If this happens, you should stop.

Harmful side-effects outweigh the positive ones. 

Some potential side-effects that may be felt energetically/astrally are pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue, literally if you can think of a shitty feeling, it can be a side effect a bad healing may cause. As with all energetic healing posts, please make sure the side-effects are not from any physical or mental issues before jumping to magical conclusions. Astral/energetic issues feel different from mundane issues. 

The healing is extremely painful, and the pain is lasting. 

While mild amounts of pain during healing may be acceptable, pain that is 1) very high, 2) has other unpleasant symptoms, and 3) lasts for a long time after the healing, means that the healing is probably extremely damaging and you should really stop.

What to do when a healing is damaging:

1. Stop Immediately.  

Stop sending whatever energy you are currently sending. If using energy threads, cut the links as well.

2. If you can, switch to a different energy. If not, end the healing.

Having a second healing element you may call upon is extremely useful, especially in a damaging healing scenario. If the new healing is not damaging, you may attempt to reverse the initial damage you caused. If you do not have a different energy to call on/the second energy is rejected as well, DO NOT CONTINUE. END THE HEALING NOW. Do not try to fix your mistake by throwing even more energy at it. If the energy was hurting them do you think throwing more will somehow fix everything? The answer is no.

However, even if the alternative energy is not damaging, I do not think the healing should continue. After the shock of discovering a bad healing, the healer will likely not be in the correct mindset to perform a healing (panicky, guilty, surprised) and the client likely won’t be in the correct mindset to receive a healing (panicked, hurt, surprised, maybe even angry). Therefore, the healer is at risk for sending yet another bad healing due to emotions and confirmation bias. The client may subconsciously reject the new energy as well due to being in a shocked and therefore defensive state. So again, I recommend ending the healing the first time.

3. Cleanse the client or have them cleanse out the damaging healing energy. 

If you will cleanse the client, use a different energy from the one you used in the healing. However, I think it would be much better to let the client cleanse themselves as it is unlikely a client will pick a cleansing energy they find damaging.

4. Apologize and admit your mistake.

Accidents happen. There was never any way for either side to know if a healing will be damaging until you perform the healing (assuming you listened to your client’s knowledge on what energies work well/not so well for them). However, that doesn’t mean your hands are entirely clean. Work up the guts to apologize and admit your mistake. This may have been a negative experience, but even negative experiences can still be learning ones.


If in doubt about your abilities of sending energy directly, a healing spell would be a better bet. Healing spells operate indirectly, and thus are easier to integrate than a direct energy send.

Note: So far in my studies I have found the notion of a “universal healing energy” to not exist. As a reiki II attuned student, I can confirm that reiki is not universal; in particular it harms most if not all void-aligned beings, and is irritable to some death-aligned beings. If I find a healing energy that is truly universal, then I will post about it but for now I have not.

“Weh weh I thought I was suddenly a morally perfect and superior being by healing everyone, why do you have to burst my uwu love and light bubble?? ;;(((“

  • You can make blockages worse with bad healings.
  • You can destroy energy points with bad healings.
  • Overall you could severely fuck someone up with a bad healing.

The worst healers are those who think they can heal everyone.

There are a lot of blog posts going up about tarot certification at the moment and I just want to give my two cents.

Tarot certification can be really great for some people. If you’re really drawn to the reader whose course it is and you think you have a similar audience to them, taking their certification course can help you find your ideal clients. These courses really can give you valuable information and can be a confidence boost for readers who want to start offering readings. They can help you grow your tarot business. If a tarot certification course calls to you and you really want to take it, go for it.


Tarot certification is not necessary in order to read tarot. At all. Not being certified has never prevented me from offering readings or finding clients. 

The beauty of tarot is that there’s no right or wrong way to read the cards. Every reader is different and had their own journey they underwent in order to learn the cards, and these individual journeys are part of what makes every reader unique.

Because of that, it’s impossible to presume that one person or collective should be the gatekeeper to offering readings, the one to decide whether you can do it or not. How can one person or group be the expert on every single style of tarot reading out there? And if they’re not, how can anyone say that their style is the one “right” way to do things?

I don’t have a problem with tarot certification courses, but I do have a problem with anyone who wants to take such a beautiful, deeply personal tool and make it less accessible to those who use it differently or can’t afford the certification. The tarot industry doesn’t need that kind of restriction or regulation. 

tl;dr If you want to take a tarot certification course, that’s great. If you don’t want to or can’t afford it, that doesn’t make your reading style any less valid. Please don’t feel less than because you haven’t taken some arbitrary certification course. You do you, bb. 

I love the parallels between the first and the last episode. The way they come together when they say goodbye and Nate and Sophie walk away hand in hand, passing in the work to Parker, Elliot and Hardison who stand together. And if course Parker using Nate’s mum in the clients. Also I find noteworthy how nobody takes on the role of Sophie when she consoles the client in the first episode. Because they will continue on the work, but the trio will will do it in their own unique way and not by simply replacing people in the old dynamic